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4 Tips For Planning A Trip To Georgia


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Cherin Ng

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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Whether you live in the United States or are an international traveler, there are a lot of places where you can decide to travel to in this country. One that may not pop into your head at first is the state of Georgia. A trip to this part of the country can be very rewarding for multiple reasons, but only if you know how to make the best of your vacation.


A great trip is not just about the destination. Knowing how to vacation well is the key to having a blast during your trip. And to do that you’ve got to plan — plan well.  So here are five quick tips to help you get planning an amazing trip to the state of Georgia.


1. Do Not Get Carried Away With Planning Too Much 

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One of the biggest temptations when planning a vacation is trying to hit as many attractions as possible. While there are tons of things to do in Atlanta as well as the rest of the state, it is unreasonable to try to fill up your weeklong trip with endless drives, walks, and visits to various spots around the state. Filling up your itinerary to the brim with activities will probably send you home feeling more tired than you were when you left for the trip. If a trip is meant to rejuvenate then allow yourself to rejuvenate and feel rested. 


Instead, make plans for each day but leave good chunks of time open in your schedule. This will give you more time to recuperate from the day’s activities, but it will also allow for improvisation if you discover something worth checking out that you didn’t plan for. It pays to be flexible and easygoing to explore some hidden treasures in Georgia. 


2. Conversely, Do Not Plan Too Little And Find What Interests You 

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This goes for any trip that you plan — plan to learn new things and have fun. And this only happens when you’ve got attractions that truly interest you. Any vacation that is worth going on is centered around a few destinations or activities that excite you. Since you should be leaving some free time in the schedule to rest or improvise, the other time blocks should include your top priorities for the vacation. Things that you would regret missing out on if you left town without getting a chance to do them. 


Maybe you are a huge baseball fan and would love to see an Atlanta Braves home game. Perhaps your children dream of going to the Legoland Discovery Center to capture their imaginations and creativity. If you love wildlife, then the famous Georgia Aquarium is a must-see. This aquarium is one of the best aquariums in the world and it leads the pack by a mile. Or two. Landscape fans have to plan a stop at Rock City Gardens which offers incredible rock formations and expansive views of seven states from one location. The places that truly interest you are your cornerstone. Identify them and build from there. 

3. Find the Right Accommodations

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A significant factor in planning a successful vacation is the right accommodation. Where will you be staying during your trip? Are you just passing through on a road trip down the East Coast? Then you might look for some small motels or a place to park your RV. Planning to stay in populated areas like Atlanta or Columbus? Then you’ll want to look into hotels or Airbnb. If not, then check out the best resorts in Georgia to maximize your trip. Depending on your tastes, choosing the right place to establish as a home base can make a big difference in how your vacation goes. Strategic locations will put you within reach of numerous attractions. As you plan your trip, choose your accommodations wisely and determine what kind of situation you want to return to at the end of each day.


4. Prioritize Safety

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Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

When people travel, they tend to let down guards that they have up naturally when they are in familiar settings. You are so concerned with experiencing new things and looking around that you may not be as concerned about your safety. Try to keep those “vacation goggles” off as much as possible so you have a clear sense of your surroundings and how to stay safe. Just because you want to experience new things does not mean that you shouldn’t stay wary of danger, either from the environment or the people around you. It pays to be vigilant and insured to vacay well with peace of mind.