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Taverna Trips Group Trip: Tulum 2019


by Maris Steger



Welcome to the magical destination of Tulum, where ancient Mayan ruins meet turquoise Caribbean waters. Tulum is located on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico and has become a popular travel destination for its stunning beaches, rich history, and vibrant culture.


Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a relaxing beach getaway, Tulum has something for everyone. This article will guide you through a group trip to Tulum, including the must-see attractions, hidden gems, and insider tips to help you make the most of your visit.


Tulum is known for its archaeological ruins, which date back to the 13th century and are perched on a clifftop overlooking the Caribbean Sea. This iconic site provides a glimpse into the ancient civilization that once thrived in the region. Beyond the ruins, Tulum offers breathtaking white sandy beaches, crystal-clear cenotes, and the opportunity to explore the unique flora and fauna of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.


Throughout your trip, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the local culture by tasting traditional Mexican cuisine, exploring the vibrant street art scene, and shopping for handmade crafts at the local markets. Tulum’s bohemian and eco-friendly atmosphere creates a truly unique and laid-back experience, perfect for those seeking a break from the bustling city life.


So pack your sunscreen, grab your camera, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Tulum. From ancient ruins to pristine beaches, this group trip is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


Day 1: Arrival in Tulum

Welcome to Tulum! Today marks the beginning of your exciting group trip to this beautiful destination. After arriving at the Cancun International Airport, you’ll make your way to Tulum, which is approximately a 90-minute drive away. Whether you choose to rent a car, take a taxi, or arrange for a private transfer, the journey to Tulum will be filled with anticipation.


Once you arrive in Tulum, check into your accommodation and take some time to unpack and settle in. Tulum offers a wide range of accommodation options, from boutique hotels to eco-friendly resorts, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste and budget.


In the afternoon, take a leisurely stroll along Tulum’s picturesque beach strip. The powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters will instantly captivate you. Enjoy the warm breeze and soak in the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. You can choose to relax on the beach, take a dip in the refreshing water, or simply marvel at the beauty of your surroundings.


As the sun begins to set, head to one of Tulum’s famous beachfront restaurants to indulge in a delicious dinner. Tulum is renowned for its delectable culinary scene, offering a variety of cuisines ranging from traditional Mexican dishes to international fusion. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor authentic tacos or fresh seafood while enjoying a front-row seat to the stunning sunset.


After dinner, take a stroll around Tulum’s vibrant town area. Visit the local shops and boutiques to discover unique souvenirs, handmade crafts, and trendy fashion items. Tulum is known for its bohemian style and eco-conscious mindset, so you’ll find plenty of sustainable and ethically sourced products to choose from.


End the day on a relaxing note by enjoying a refreshing cocktail at one of Tulum’s stylish rooftop bars or beach clubs. Sit back, unwind, and soak up the laid-back atmosphere while reflecting on the amazing adventures that lie ahead in the coming days.


Day 1 in Tulum sets the stage for an incredible group trip filled with relaxation, exploration, and cultural immersion. Get ready for an unforgettable experience in this tropical paradise.


Day 2: Exploring Tulum’s Ancient Ruins

Embark on a journey back in time as you explore the fascinating ancient ruins of Tulum. After breakfast, make your way to the Tulum Archaeological Site, which is located just a short distance from the town center.


As you enter the site, you’ll be greeted by the breathtaking view of the ancient Mayan ruins perched on a cliff overlooking the sparkling Caribbean Sea. Take a moment to appreciate the intricate architecture and imagine what life was like for the ancient Mayans who once inhabited this magnificent city.


Wander through the well-preserved ruins and discover the Temple of the Frescoes, which showcases stunning murals depicting Mayan mythology and daily life. Marvel at the iconic El Castillo, a pyramid-shaped structure that served as a ceremonial center and offers panoramic views of the coastline.


Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and towel, as one of the highlights of visiting the Tulum ruins is the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters below. Follow the trail down to the stunning Tulum Beach, also known as Playa Ruinas, located just below the ruins. Spend some time sunbathing on the picturesque beach or go for a swim in the crystal-clear waters.


After exploring the ruins, head to one of the nearby beachfront restaurants for a well-deserved lunch with a view. Indulge in traditional Mexican cuisine or opt for international dishes while enjoying the cool ocean breeze.


In the afternoon, you have the option to explore some of the nearby attractions. Visit the Tulum Monkey Sanctuary, a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates primates, where you can observe and learn about these fascinating creatures up close. Alternatively, you can visit the Gran Cenote, a natural sinkhole with crystal-clear waters, perfect for snorkeling or swimming.


As the sun begins to set, head back to Tulum town and explore the bustling Main Avenue. Browse through the local shops and art galleries, and perhaps pick up some unique souvenirs or handcrafted jewelry. End the day with a delicious dinner at one of the many charming restaurants in town, where you can savor Mexican specialties or international cuisine.


Day 2 in Tulum will leave you in awe of the ancient Mayan civilization and offer a glimpse into the region’s rich history. From exploring the archaeological site to relaxing on the pristine beach, this day will be filled with unforgettable experiences.


Day 3: Relaxing at Tulum’s Beaches

Get ready to unwind and bask in the beauty of Tulum’s stunning beaches on Day 3 of your group trip. Today is all about relaxation and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of this tropical paradise.


Start your day by indulging in a leisurely breakfast at your accommodation or one of the beachfront cafes. Fuel up with delicious Mexican delicacies or opt for a healthy and refreshing smoothie bowl.


Once you’re ready, head straight to the beach and find your spot on the soft white sand. Take off your shoes, feel the warm sand between your toes, and let the soothing sound of the waves wash away any stress or worry.


Whether you prefer sunbathing, reading a book under a palm tree, or building sandcastles with your travel companions, Tulum’s beaches offer the perfect backdrop for relaxation. Find a shady spot or rent a beach umbrella to stay protected from the sun’s rays while enjoying the cool ocean breeze.


If you’re in the mood for some adventure, consider trying out water activities such as snorkeling or paddleboarding. Tulum’s clear waters are home to vibrant coral reefs and diverse marine life, making it an ideal place to explore the underwater world.


When you start to feel hungry, there’s no need to venture far from the beach. Tulum’s beachfront restaurants and bars offer a wide range of dining options, from casual beach clubs with tasty snacks to upscale restaurants serving gourmet dishes. Treat yourself to a delicious lunch while savoring the ocean views.


As the day progresses, take a leisurely walk along the beach and admire the bohemian-chic beach clubs and boutique hotels that line the shore. Keep an eye out for unique photo opportunities, such as swinging hammocks, colorful beach swings, and hand-painted murals.


In the late afternoon, find a cozy spot to enjoy the magical sunset over the Caribbean Sea. Watch as the sky transforms into a vibrant palette of oranges, pinks, and purples, creating a truly mesmerizing spectacle.


In the evening, treat yourself to a memorable dinner experience. Dine al fresco under the stars, surrounded by the flickering glow of candlelight. Taste the flavors of the sea with fresh seafood dishes or savor the unique tastes of Mexican cuisine.


Day 3 in Tulum is all about embracing the beach lifestyle and allowing yourself to fully relax and rejuvenate. Soak up the sun, enjoy the cool ocean breeze, and let the worries of everyday life drift away. It’s time to embrace the essence of paradise.


Day 4: Cenote Diving Adventure

Prepare for a thrilling and unforgettable day as you embark on a cenote diving adventure on Day 4 of your group trip to Tulum. Cenotes, natural sinkholes filled with fresh groundwater, are unique geological formations found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.


Start your day by joining a guided tour or hiring a certified diving instructor who will take you on an exploration of some of the most breathtaking cenotes in the area. These crystal-clear pools of water offer a unique underwater world to discover, with intricate rock formations, stalactites, and stalagmites.


Put on your scuba gear and dive into the cenotes, immersing yourself in the surreal beauty beneath the surface. Explore the intricate cave systems and swim alongside mesmerizing rock formations that have been sculpted by thousands of years of dripping water.


One of the most famous cenotes in the Tulum area is the Gran Cenote, located just a short distance from the town. This cenote offers a magical experience, where you can dive among fish, turtles, and even spot the occasional bat hanging from the cave ceiling.


For those who prefer snorkeling, there are plenty of cenotes that offer shallow depths, allowing you to witness the stunning underwater world without having to dive deep. The crystal-clear waters of the cenotes provide perfect visibility, making it an ideal snorkeling experience for all skill levels.


After your cenote diving adventure, take a break and enjoy a picnic lunch surrounded by the natural beauty of the cenotes. Recharge your energy while soaking up the tranquility of the surrounding jungle.


In the afternoon, continue your exploration by visiting another cenote or venture into the nearby Tulum jungle. Get an adrenaline rush by zip-lining through the treetops or exploring the hidden caves and cenotes that are nestled in the lush greenery.


As the day comes to an end, return to Tulum and relax at your accommodation. Take some time to reflect on the incredible underwater world you witnessed during your cenote diving adventure. Share stories and photos with your travel companions, cherishing the memories you’ve created on this remarkable day.


Day 4 in Tulum offers an exhilarating experience as you delve into the mystical cenotes. Immerse yourself in nature’s wonders and witness the unique beauty that lies beneath the surface.


Day 5: Visiting the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

Embark on a journey of ecological discovery as you explore the breathtaking Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve on Day 5 of your group trip to Tulum. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, this vast nature reserve is home to diverse ecosystems, including wetlands, mangroves, and lush tropical forests.


Start your day early and make your way to the entrance of the biosphere reserve. Join a guided tour or hire a knowledgeable local guide who can provide insights into the flora, fauna, and conservation efforts in the area.


Set off on a boat excursion along the winding channels of the reserve’s natural waterways. Marvel at the stunning mangrove forests that line the banks, providing a crucial habitat for numerous bird species, including herons, egrets, and roseate spoonbills. Keep your eyes peeled for crocodiles sunning themselves on the riverbanks as you navigate through this unique ecosystem.


As you explore the biosphere reserve, you’ll also have the opportunity to spot dolphins and sea turtles in their natural habitat. Witnessing these magnificent creatures in their pristine environment is truly a memorable experience.


Stop at one of the secluded beaches within the reserve for a picnic lunch, surrounded by the untouched beauty of nature. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters and soak in the serenity of your surroundings.


Continue your adventure by venturing into the jungle and embarking on a scenic hike or a birdwatching excursion. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to spot rare and colorful bird species, such as toucans, parrots, and hummingbirds. Immerse yourself in the sounds of nature and take in the sights of vibrant tropical flora.


While exploring the biosphere reserve, take a moment to appreciate the importance of conservation and sustainable tourism practices. Sian Ka’an is a protected area that aims to preserve its unique ecosystems and biodiversity, ensuring future generations can continue to enjoy its natural wonders.


As the day comes to a close, bid farewell to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, taking with you a newfound appreciation for the fragile balance of nature and the need to protect our planet.


Day 5 in Tulum allows you to connect with nature and witness the incredible biodiversity of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Take this opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world and gain a deeper understanding of the importance of conservation efforts.


Day 6: Shopping and Dining in Tulum Town

Spend Day 6 of your group trip in Tulum exploring the vibrant town area, where you can indulge in a day of shopping, dining, and soaking up the local culture.


Start your day by enjoying a leisurely breakfast at one of the charming cafes in Tulum town. Savor a cup of freshly brewed coffee or try a traditional Mexican breakfast like chilaquiles or huevos rancheros to fuel up for the day ahead.


After breakfast, head to the main avenue of Tulum, where you’ll find a variety of shops and boutiques offering a unique selection of clothing, accessories, and handmade crafts. Browse through the array of bohemian-inspired clothing, artisanal jewelry, and locally made souvenirs. Whether you’re looking for a traditional Mexican sarape, a colorful woven bag, or an intricate piece of Mayan-inspired artwork, Tulum provides ample opportunities for finding the perfect memento of your trip.


Take a break from shopping and stop by one of the local cafes or juice bars for a refreshing midday snack. Sample delicious tropical fruit smoothies or try a traditional Mexican snack like elotes (grilled corn) or empanadas.


As the day progresses, continue your shopping spree or venture off the beaten path to explore the side streets and hidden alleys of Tulum town. Here, you’ll find unique concept stores, designer boutiques, and art galleries showcasing the work of local artists. Take your time to discover one-of-a-kind treasures and support the local artisans and creators.


In the evening, Tulum town comes alive with its vibrant culinary scene. From street food stalls to upscale restaurants, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. Indulge in authentic Mexican cuisine such as tacos al pastor, mole enchiladas, or fresh ceviche prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Alternatively, there are international options available, including Italian, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines.


After dinner, explore the lively nightlife of Tulum town. Enjoy live music performances, sip on craft cocktails at the trendy bars, or dance the night away at one of the beach clubs. Tulum’s nightlife scene is lively and diverse, catering to different tastes and preferences.


Day 6 in Tulum town offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, indulge in shopping, and tantalize your taste buds with the flavors of the region. Embrace the bohemian spirit and take home memories that will last a lifetime.


Day 7: Farewell to Tulum

As your group trip to Tulum comes to an end, Day 7 is a time to reflect on the incredible experiences you’ve had and bid farewell to this enchanting destination.


Start your day with a leisurely breakfast and savor your last moments in Tulum. Enjoy the tropical flavors and aromas, knowing that each bite is a farewell to the culinary delights that make this place so special.


After breakfast, take some time to relax and soak up the laid-back atmosphere of Tulum’s beaches. Whether you choose to lounge on the soft white sand, take a refreshing swim in the turquoise waters, or simply enjoy the picturesque views, make the most of your final moments in paradise.


If you’re craving adventure, you can squeeze in one last activity before departing. Take a bike ride along the beach strip, explore nearby cenotes, or try stand-up paddleboarding for a unique perspective of the coastline.


As the day progresses, it’s time to pack your bags and check out of your accommodation. Take a moment to say goodbye to the hotel staff who have made your stay memorable and express gratitude for their hospitality.


Before leaving Tulum, consider visiting a local market to pick up some souvenirs and mementos to take home with you. From handmade textiles to locally produced crafts, these treasures will serve as reminders of your time in Tulum and the unique culture you’ve experienced.


As you make your way back to the airport or continue your onward journey, take one last look at the mesmerizing beauty of Tulum. Reflect on the memories you’ve created, the friendships you’ve formed, and the adventures that await you in the future.


Although it’s time to say goodbye, know that Tulum will always hold a special place in your heart. The magic of this destination will continue to inspire and captivate you, beckoning you to return and create new memories in the future.


As you look back on your group trip, cherish the connections you’ve made, the sights you’ve seen, and the moments of joy and relaxation you’ve experienced. Farewell, Tulum, until we meet again.



Your group trip to Tulum has come to an end, but the memories and experiences you’ve gained will last a lifetime. From the ancient ruins to the pristine beaches, the cenote diving adventures to the exploration of the biosphere reserve, Tulum has captivated your senses and left an indelible mark on your heart.


Tulum’s unique blend of rich history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture has made it a sought-after destination for travelers from around the world. The town’s bohemian atmosphere, eco-conscious mindset, and culinary delights have created a truly magical experience.


Whether you were lounging on the pristine beaches, immersing yourself in the history of the ancient ruins, exploring the underwater wonders of the cenotes, or discovering the diverse ecosystems of the biosphere reserve, Tulum offered something for everyone in your group.


As you reflect on your time in Tulum, take a moment to appreciate the connections you formed with your travel companions. The shared experiences and adventures have surely strengthened your bond and created lifelong memories.


While saying goodbye to Tulum may be bittersweet, know that the lessons learned and the beauty witnessed during your group trip will stay with you forever. Carry the eco-conscious mindset, appreciation for nature, and respect for the local culture and communities with you as you continue to explore the world.


Whether this was your first visit to Tulum or one of many, this tropical paradise has a way of captivating the hearts of all who visit. From its ancient ruins that whisper stories of the past, to its pristine beaches that provide moments of pure tranquility, Tulum has left an unforgettable impression.


As you depart from this enchanting destination, take with you the memories, the laughter, and the sense of wonder that Tulum has gifted you. And remember, wherever your future travels may take you, the magic of Tulum will always be waiting to welcome you back.