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Hostel Review: Jose @ Mama’s Home, Tulum


Modified: September 26, 2023

by Josefa Wingfield




Welcome to my hostel review of Jose @ Mama’s Home in Tulum. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and comfortable accommodation option in one of Mexico’s top destinations, then this hostel might be just what you’re looking for. Situated in the heart of Tulum, this hostel offers a convenient location, cozy accommodations, and a range of amenities to make your stay enjoyable.


Whether you’re a solo traveler or exploring Tulum with friends, Jose @ Mama’s Home provides a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where you can meet fellow travelers from around the world. With its affordable prices and excellent services, this hostel has gained quite a reputation among budget-conscious travelers.


Located just a short walk away from the bustling downtown area, this hostel allows easy access to popular attractions, local markets, and vibrant nightlife. You’ll also find numerous restaurants, cafes, and shops within close proximity, making it convenient to explore everything Tulum has to offer.


What sets Jose @ Mama’s Home apart from other hostels is its unique decor and laid-back vibe. The hostel combines traditional Mexican elements with modern touches, creating a vibrant and inviting ambiance. Whether you choose to relax in the communal lounge area, hang out in the courtyard, or enjoy a drink at the on-site bar, you’ll feel right at home.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I was impressed by the friendly and helpful staff. They were always available to answer questions, provide recommendations on local attractions, and ensure that guests had a comfortable stay. Additionally, the security measures in place, such as key card access and lockers in the dorm rooms, provided peace of mind.


In the following sections, I will delve deeper into the different aspects of this hostel, including the accommodations, common areas, amenities, cleanliness, staff, security, and overall value for money. So, let’s explore why Jose @ Mama’s Home could be the perfect choice for your next stay in Tulum!




Located in the heart of Tulum, Jose @ Mama’s Home offers an ideal location for travelers who want to explore all that this charming town has to offer. Situated just a short walk away from the bustling downtown area, the hostel provides easy access to local markets, restaurants, shops, and vibrant nightlife.


Tulum is known for its stunning beaches and ancient Mayan ruins, and staying at Jose @ Mama’s Home will put you just a stone’s throw away from these attractions. The hostel is conveniently located near the main road that leads to the Tulum ruins, allowing you to easily access this impressive archaeological site.


If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, you’ll be delighted to know that some of the region’s most beautiful cenotes and eco-parks are within a short drive from the hostel. Spend a day exploring these natural wonders, swimming in crystal-clear waters, and diving into underground caves.


Transportation options are plentiful near the hostel. Many guests choose to rent bicycles, which is a popular mode of transportation in Tulum. Cycling around town and to the nearby beach is not only convenient but also an enjoyable way to soak in the scenery. If you don’t fancy cycling, taxis and colectivos (shared vans) are readily available and can take you to various destinations in and around Tulum.


One thing to note is that Tulum’s popularity has led to increased traffic and congestion in recent years, especially during peak tourist seasons. However, the central location of Jose @ Mama’s Home allows guests to easily navigate the town and avoid some of the main traffic areas.


Overall, the location of Jose @ Mama’s Home is one of its biggest advantages. With its proximity to downtown Tulum, easy access to attractions, and various transportation options, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach, explore ancient ruins, or experience the vibrant local culture, this hostel’s location makes it a great choice for your stay in Tulum.




Jose @ Mama’s Home offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re traveling solo or with a group, you’ll find the perfect room for your needs.


The hostel features dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds, ideal for budget-conscious travelers who want to meet fellow adventurers. The dorms are clean and comfortable, equipped with sturdy bunk beds, individual lockers, and fans to keep you cool during hot Tulum nights. The beds come with fresh linens and a curtain for added privacy. The dormitory bathrooms are shared, but they are well-maintained and cleaned regularly.


For those seeking a bit more privacy, private rooms are also available at Jose @ Mama’s Home. These rooms come in various sizes and can accommodate solo travelers, couples, or small groups. They are thoughtfully decorated and provide a cozy and comfortable environment, ensuring a good night’s sleep after a day of exploration.


All the rooms at Jose @ Mama’s Home are designed with the guest’s comfort in mind. They are well-ventilated and have ample natural light, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. The beds are comfortable, and the furnishings are simple yet tasteful.


In terms of amenities, each room is equipped with individual reading lights, power outlets, and storage space. The hostel also provides free Wi-Fi, allowing guests to stay connected during their stay. Although air conditioning is not available in all rooms, the fans provided are usually sufficient to keep the space cool and comfortable.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I found the accommodations to be clean and well-maintained. The staff ensures that the rooms are tidy and the bedding is fresh. The common areas of the hostel, such as the lounge and kitchen, are also kept clean and organized.


Overall, the accommodation options at Jose @ Mama’s Home offer a comfortable and affordable stay in Tulum. Whether you choose a dormitory or a private room, you can expect a clean and cozy environment where you can relax and recharge for your adventures in Tulum.


Common Areas


Jose @ Mama’s Home boasts a variety of inviting common areas where guests can relax, socialize, and make new friends. These communal spaces add to the vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of the hostel.


The main common area of the hostel is the spacious lounge. It is a cozy and comfortable space with plenty of seating options, including comfy couches and bean bags. The lounge is tastefully decorated with colorful cushions and local artwork, giving it a vibrant and bohemian feel. It is the perfect spot to unwind after a day of exploring, read a book, or chat with other travelers.


Adjacent to the lounge, you’ll find the communal kitchen. This well-equipped kitchen provides guests with the convenience of preparing their own meals. It offers a range of cooking utensils, appliances, and ample storage space for groceries. Whether you’re preparing a quick breakfast or a full dinner, the kitchen has everything you need to satisfy your culinary cravings.


The hostel also features a charming outdoor courtyard where guests can relax and soak up the sunshine. This peaceful oasis is beautifully landscaped and adorned with tropical plants, creating a tranquil environment. The courtyard is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or unwind with a drink in the evening. It is also a popular gathering spot for socializing and meeting other like-minded travelers.


In addition to the lounge, kitchen, and courtyard, Jose @ Mama’s Home offers a rooftop terrace with stunning views of the surrounding area. It provides the perfect vantage point to admire Tulum’s beautiful sunsets or simply take in the panoramic views. The rooftop terrace is a favorite spot among guests for sunbathing, enjoying a drink, or simply relaxing while enjoying the breeze.


Overall, the common areas at Jose @ Mama’s Home provide a welcoming and comfortable space for guests to relax, socialize, and create memorable experiences. Whether you choose to cozy up in the lounge, prepare a meal in the communal kitchen, unwind in the courtyard, or take in the views from the rooftop terrace, these common areas enhance the overall hostel experience.




Jose @ Mama’s Home goes above and beyond to provide guests with a range of amenities to enhance their stay and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience in Tulum.


One of the standout amenities at the hostel is the on-site bar. This lively and vibrant space offers a great selection of drinks, including local beers, refreshing cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages. It’s the perfect spot to relax with a drink, socialize with fellow travelers, and immerse yourself in the hostel’s friendly and inclusive atmosphere.


The hostel also offers a free breakfast to all guests, providing a great start to the day. The breakfast includes a variety of options, such as toast, cereal, fresh fruit, yogurt, and hot beverages. It’s a convenient and delicious way to fuel up before heading out to explore Tulum’s attractions.


In addition to the bar and breakfast, Jose @ Mama’s Home provides free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. This allows guests to stay connected, share their travel adventures with loved ones, and easily plan their itinerary while in Tulum.


To enhance guest convenience, the hostel provides a range of practical amenities, including luggage storage facilities, laundry services, and 24-hour reception. The luggage storage is particularly useful for those arriving early or departing late, allowing them to explore Tulum without the burden of carrying their bags. The laundry services come in handy for travelers on longer journeys who may need to freshen up their clothes. And the round-the-clock reception ensures that there is always someone available to assist guests with any queries or concerns.


For guests who prefer to relax and unwind on the premises, Jose @ Mama’s Home offers a selection of books and board games. These provide entertainment and a chance to disconnect from technology while engaging in some old-fashioned fun.


Overall, the amenities provided at Jose @ Mama’s Home cater to the needs and preferences of travelers seeking comfort, convenience, and a touch of entertainment. With an on-site bar, free breakfast, Wi-Fi, luggage storage, laundry services, 24-hour reception, and recreational options, guests can focus on enjoying their time in Tulum without any worries.




One of the important aspects that contribute to a pleasant stay at any accommodation is cleanliness, and Jose @ Mama’s Home excels in this regard. The hostel maintains high standards of cleanliness throughout its premises to ensure that guests have a comfortable and hygienic environment during their stay in Tulum.


The dormitory rooms, private rooms, common areas, and shared bathrooms are all regularly cleaned by the dedicated housekeeping staff. This attention to cleanliness is evident in the well-maintained and tidy appearance of the hostel. The staff takes pride in ensuring that the facilities are spotless and inviting.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I found the bathrooms to be particularly clean, despite being shared among guests. They are regularly cleaned throughout the day, ensuring that they remain in a hygienic condition for all guests to use.


It’s worth noting that cleanliness is a shared responsibility, and the hostel encourages guests to be mindful of their surroundings and keep the common areas clean and tidy. There are designated areas for guests to dispose of trash and recycling, making it convenient to maintain a clean environment.


In addition to regular cleaning, the hostel also takes measures to maintain a pest-free environment. This includes regular pest control treatments to ensure that guests are not inconvenienced by any unwanted visitors.


The cleanliness and hygiene practices adopted by Jose @ Mama’s Home contribute to the overall comfort of guests. It creates a fresh and inviting atmosphere, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their stay without any concerns about cleanliness.




The staff at Jose @ Mama’s Home plays a crucial role in creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. From the moment you arrive until the time of your departure, the friendly and attentive staff members are dedicated to ensuring that your stay in Tulum is enjoyable and memorable.


The hostel staff is fluent in English and Spanish, making communication easy and convenient for international guests. They are knowledgeable about the local area and can provide valuable recommendations on dining options, attractions, and transportation.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I found the staff to be incredibly helpful and approachable. They went out of their way to assist guests with any inquiries or requests, offering guidance on the best places to visit, organizing tours, and helping with transportation arrangements.


What sets the staff apart is their genuine enthusiasm and passion for creating a positive guest experience. They are always ready with a friendly smile, eager to engage in conversation, and provide assistance whenever needed. Whether you need directions, advice on local customs, or simply want to chat about your travels, the staff at Jose @ Mama’s Home is there to make you feel welcome.


In addition to being friendly and knowledgeable, the staff is also committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for all guests. They are diligent in monitoring access to the hostel and ensuring that only authorized individuals enter the premises. This attention to security gives guests peace of mind during their stay.


Another factor that impressed me about the staff at Jose @ Mama’s Home is their responsiveness to feedback. They genuinely value guest input and constantly strive to improve their services based on guest suggestions. This shows their dedication to providing the best possible experience for every visitor.


Overall, the staff at Jose @ Mama’s Home is a standout feature of the hostel. With their friendly and helpful demeanor, local knowledge, and commitment to guest satisfaction, they contribute significantly to creating a positive and memorable stay in Tulum.




When choosing accommodation, it’s essential to consider the security measures in place to ensure a safe and worry-free stay. At Jose @ Mama’s Home, the safety and security of guests are of utmost importance, and the hostel takes several measures to provide a secure environment.


One of the key security features of the hostel is the 24-hour reception. There is always a staff member available at the front desk to assist guests and monitor access to the premises. This ensures that only authorized individuals can enter the hostel, creating a sense of security among guests.


In addition to the 24-hour reception, Jose @ Mama’s Home uses a key card system to control access to rooms and common areas. Each guest is provided with a key card upon check-in, which they use to access their room. This system adds an extra layer of security and helps to prevent unauthorized access.


The hostel also takes measures to safeguard guests’ belongings. In the dormitory rooms, there are individual lockers for each guest to store their valuables securely. This provides peace of mind, knowing that personal belongings are protected during the stay.


Furthermore, the hostel collaborates with local authorities to ensure the safety and well-being of guests. The staff members are knowledgeable about the local area and can provide guidance on safe transportation options, areas to avoid, and general safety tips.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I felt secure and at ease knowing that there were robust security measures in place. The presence of staff members, the key card access system, and the availability of personal lockers all contributed to a secure environment.


It’s important to note that while the hostel takes various security measures, guests should also take personal precautions and be mindful of their belongings. It is always advisable to use the lockers provided, keep valuable items secure, and be aware of their surroundings, particularly when venturing out at night.


Overall, Jose @ Mama’s Home prioritizes the safety and security of guests. The 24-hour reception, key card access system, personal lockers, and collaboration with local authorities all contribute to creating a secure environment for a worry-free stay in Tulum.


Value for Money


Jose @ Mama’s Home offers excellent value for money, making it a popular choice among budget-conscious travelers. The hostel provides an array of amenities, comfortable accommodations, and a prime location in Tulum, all at affordable rates.


One of the main advantages of staying at Jose @ Mama’s Home is the budget-friendly prices. The hostel offers dormitory rooms and private rooms at competitive rates, allowing guests to choose the option that best fits their budget and travel preferences. The affordable prices make it an attractive choice for solo travelers, backpackers, and those looking to make the most of their travel budget.


The hostel also includes a complimentary breakfast, which adds to the value of the stay. Starting the day with a filling meal allows guests to save on additional expenses while exploring Tulum.


Moreover, the amenities provided by Jose @ Mama’s Home, such as the on-site bar, free Wi-Fi, communal kitchen, and luggage storage facilities, further enhance the value for money. These amenities not only save guests money but also contribute to a more comfortable and convenient stay.


In terms of location, the hostel’s proximity to downtown Tulum and key attractions means guests can save on transportation costs. Many of the town’s main attractions, restaurants, and shops are within walking distance, reducing the need for taxis or additional transportation expenses.


During my stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, I found the overall experience to be well worth the price. The cleanliness, comfortable accommodations, friendly staff, and various amenities provided exceeded my expectations, especially considering the affordable rates.


Of course, value for money is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and budgets. However, Jose @ Mama’s Home consistently delivers a high level of quality and service, making it a great option for travelers seeking a balance between comfort, convenience, and affordability.


Whether you’re a backpacker on a tight budget or a traveler looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay in Tulum, Jose @ Mama’s Home offers exceptional value for money, allowing you to make the most of your travel experience without breaking the bank.




After experiencing a stay at Jose @ Mama’s Home, it’s clear that this hostel offers a fantastic option for travelers seeking budget-friendly accommodations in Tulum. With its prime location, cozy and clean accommodations, friendly staff, and value-for-money amenities, this hostel provides everything you need for a memorable stay in this vibrant Mexican town.


The convenient location of Jose @ Mama’s Home allows easy access to downtown Tulum, popular attractions, local markets, and vibrant nightlife. Whether you’re exploring ancient Mayan ruins, swimming in cenotes, or simply enjoying the lively atmosphere of the town, everything is within reach when staying at this hostel.


The accommodations at Jose @ Mama’s Home, including both dormitory and private rooms, provide comfortable and inviting spaces to rest and recharge after a day of exploration. The cleanliness and attention to detail in the rooms and shared bathrooms contribute to a pleasant stay.


The common areas, such as the lounge, kitchen, courtyard, and rooftop terrace, enhance the overall experience with their inviting atmosphere and opportunities for socializing and relaxation. The on-site bar, free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and other amenities further add value to your stay.


One of the standout features of Jose @ Mama’s Home is the friendly and helpful staff. Their local knowledge, dedication to guest satisfaction, and commitment to maintaining a safe and secure environment set this hostel apart from others in the area.


When considering the value for money, Jose @ Mama’s Home truly delivers. With its affordable rates, complimentary breakfast, and range of amenities, guests can enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay without stretching their budget.


Overall, Jose @ Mama’s Home provides a welcoming, comfortable, and affordable accommodation option for travelers exploring Tulum. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a group of friends, or a budget-conscious traveler, this hostel offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make your experience in Tulum truly memorable.


Next time you’re planning a trip to Tulum, consider staying at Jose @ Mama’s Home for an enjoyable and affordable experience.