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How To Plan A Girls’ Road Trip


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Cherin Ng

a back view shot of a girl sticking her hand out of a car during a road trip
Image by Averie Woodard on Unsplash

Girlfriends are for life – there’s no denying that. And while true friendships don’t require high maintenance and luxurious exchange, creating unforgettable memories strengthens them. So why not do so with a girls’ road trip? 

Carve a few days out of your busy schedule in advance, plan a fun trip away, and catch up on everything happening in each other’s lives. If you’ve never planned a girls’ road trip before, here are a few helpful tips for getting started. 

Plan Activities But Don’t Go Overboard 

Figure out the overall vibe of your group beforehand. Chill or enthusiastic? Foodies or thrill-seekers? Wine lovers in your friend group might enjoy Tastes of the Hunter Wine Tours, while adventurers might be eager to try skydiving, bungy jumping, or abseiling. Plan a couple of activities, preferably one to two per day. It is key to not go overboard with the activities. Shelf away some time to have deep intimate heart-to-heart conversations, and just play catch up.

Book Your Accommodations Early

Accommodation can be among the costliest parts of any trip, so consider booking your accommodation early and planning your activities around it. Discuss the type of accommodation you’d prefer. Would you want to rough it out in an RV? If not, then perhaps a holiday home or Airbnb will better suit your tastes. Perhaps you might want to also consider glamping.


Schedule The Driver

If you are going on a road trip, then you should discuss the driving schedule with your girlfriends. Driving long hours can be pretty draining, especially you have all had your fun and you are driving back to your campsite or accommodation. Create a schedule to rotate amongst yourselves. Give each other ample time to recover from the “driving hangover”. 

Don’t Forget Snacks

Road-tripping is as much about the journey as it is about the destination. As you enjoy the sights, stock up on snacks to ensure everyone’s hunger is satiated along the way. Of course, when you stop for gas you could always grab the goodies but nothing tastes better and fresher than homemade brownies and cookies. And you can also save up a bit of money that may just allow you to splurge more on an expensive meal or a more luxurious accommodation. 

Discuss Everyone’s Preferences, Set Rules 

When you’re planning a road trip with multiple people, you won’t please everyone all of the time. However, you might stand a better chance of achieving a thoroughly happy group if you discuss what you do and don’t want to happen on your upcoming trip. 

You may be girlfriends but your tastes may still differ greatly. Some may want to enjoy nature activities like hiking and swimming, while others want to meander through vineyards, relax on beaches, and soak in hot tubs. So get together and discuss your girlfriends’ goals for the trip. Do you want to do everything together or allocate pockets of time so everyone gets to do what they want? 

Most importantly, you also have to set rules. These rules are not to meant to restrict anyone but they are simply safety nets to ensure that lines are not crossed and feelings are not hurt. 


Planning a girls’ road trip can be essential for reconnecting with your friends and making new memories. Once you take care of these tasks above, you might be well on your way to being road trip-ready.