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How To Choose An RV For Your Next Road Trip


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Preeti Dhakappa

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RVing is the best way to travel. Not only is the Recreational Vehicle aka RV motor home, comfortable and convenient, but they’re also very affordable! Zeroing in on an RV motor home best suited for your travel needs is the first step to having a great road-trip! So, it’s important to know a little about the RV motorhome before you rent one.

Most RV Motor homes are referred to with so many names, in addition to having different class categories, so choosing the ideal RV can seem confusing at first. But, our RV guide will surely ease that for you.If you’re new to the world of RV, read on to know RV motor home and RV Classes better.  Let’s start with the basics.

What is an RV?

RV aka Recreational Vehicle is simply a motor vehicle, that looks like a trailer. Almost all RVs are self-contained, meaning the drive-in and live-in kind. Thereby, an RV rental saves you the cost, you spend on hotel rooms during your travels!

What are the Types of RV Motorhomes?

Recreational Vehicles or RVs are known by many names; Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans, Fifth-Wheel Trailers, Pop Up Campers, and Truck Campers. Also, Travel Trailers and Camper Trailers are similar to RVs. Now, so many names for RVs may seem overwhelming at first, but the above are just alternate names of just two variants. To simplify the RV for you, all you need to remember is that RVs are categorized into two usage models. The Motorized RV and the Towable RV! Because the Motorized RV Motorhomes are the popular choice, let’s explore those features and variants first!


An RV parked under the stars

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Motorized RV Motorhomes

The Motorized RV is not just perfect for utility or flexibility, it also offers a stylish lifestyle on the road! Motorized RVs, like other passenger vehicles, also come in upgraded versions for more luxury and better performance. Motorized RVs come in three class variants, so you can pick the size that fits your needs the best. These variants are listed as Class A RV, Class B RV, and Class C RV.

Class A RV – Biggest RV Motor Home

Undoubtedly, one of the best RV motorhomes sizes out there. Luxurious, hence expensive. The Class A RV stands tallest at 45 feet, it is fully loaded with home amenities and, is ideal if you want to explore one destination for an extended period. The Class A RV can sleep up to 8 people and is easy to rent on a regular driving license.


Class B RV – Smallest RV Motor Home

Yep, it’s weird that Class B is smaller than Class C RV, but that’s just how they’re classified! The Class B RV is the smallest enclosed motorhome, that only 19 feet in height. But, it’s versatile, easy to operate and the best of all, highly affordable! Within your Class B RV, you can comfortably sleep up to 4 people. In here, you have all the basic home amenities placed sensibly within the limited space. Sometimes, this variant also comes with a self-contained toilet and a water tank.


Class C RV – Mid-Sized RV Motor Home

At 31 feet, the Class C RV is a smaller version of the RV Class A Motor home. It can comfortably sleep up to 6 or, 8 people. The living area in this model is at the back and also, above the vehicle, helping you extend the rear into a sleeping quarter when your Class C RV is parked! RV Class C is also self-contained like its Class A variant. Do remember that Class C RVs are also popular as Campervans or Conversion Vans.



A Towable RV riding away on a sunny day

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Towable RV Motorhomes

The Towable RV is simply a living unit fixed to your car, that trails behind your car in motion. The Towable Air-steam RV Class further breaks down into class variants like the RV Class Foldable Trailers, RV Travel Trailers, and RV Class Fifth-Wheel Trailers.Let’s get an overview of these Towable RV Class variants.


RV Class Folding Trailers

Also popular as Pop-Up Campers, the RV Class Folding Trailers are easily towable by an SUV car, because of their small size. This variant is mostly inexpensive as compared to the other RV variants. This Motor Home comes fully-loaded with basic living amenities. Well, most of the necessary ones at-least. What’s more, the sides are changeable for easy storage, and this class helps an enhanced outdoor camping experience.


RV Travel Trailers

This class variant is towable with a special hitch, in addition to your pickup truck, SUV or even a Van. You and 5 other people can comfortably sleep inside RV Travel Trailers. RV Travel Trailers are also loaded with basic living amenities. Also, this motor home variant is available in sizes ranging from 10 feet, which lets you have a smaller bedroom to a massive 35 feet long master room!


RV Fifth-Wheel Trailers

This variant gets its name because of its appearance. An extension on the front comes with a plate, that looks like a wheel. Because the ‘wheel’ attaches to your tow vehicle, it’s important to ensure it fits right.The RV Fifth-Wheel Trailers are so fully loaded, they almost seem home-like! And, that’s precisely why these trailers are top picks in the Towable RV segment. However, it’s way cooler and more comfortable to choose a Motorised RV motor home, though. Just saying.


A Motorized RV parked near the edge of a cliff

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All About RV Licensing

The license you use for driving a car is all you need, as long as it is valid, naturally. You can drive most RV Classes with your regular International Driver’s License or International Driving Permit.


A valid license means:

Your driver’s license has been in use for more than 12 months.

Your driver’s license is in the Latin alphabet either in English, French, etc.

You must be 25 years or above to rent an RV in the USA.


If you’re driving outside of the United States of America, do note that some countries may insist that you obtain a special license for larger RVs.

Road conditions, laws, and driving norms in other countries can be very different from those in the United States. 

So, when you get to your road trip destination, remember to check about licensing and validity with the RV Rental agency at the pick-up destination, before you rent one.


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About RV Rental

Renting an RV is super easy. Exploring around in an RV is definitely my favorite way to travel because of the flexibility and privacy it brings to my trips. If you want more company, you can also RV Share, instead of renting your own. Figuring out an RV rental cost requires some math. And, the numbers vary according to the RV Class and features. But, you can expect to pay at max $275 per night, for the best Class A RV, to as low as $75 per night for a Towable Camper-Van in the USA. The RV rental costs vary depending on the country you’re renting it.


But, there are some things to consider before you decide on an RV rental agency. Like the RV rental cost (mostly country-specific), the RV Insurance cost, overnight RV Parking, and also details on RV Resorts and RV Site Park. If you want to know about how to rent an RV and all of the above, read our RV Rental guide to know pro tips that make your first RV rental easy.


Happy RV Travels

And, there you have it! We have broken down the huge world of RV motor homes into simple terms, so choosing the ideal RV motor home, best suited to your needs is effortless.

I hope you are able to wrap your head around the RV better now. Don’t forget to share all about your RV motorhome experience with us. Have a wonderful road trip and safe travels!