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10 Must-Haves In Your Travel Bag


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Preeti Dhakappa

Fea 1 - 10 Must-Haves In Your Travel Bag

Travelling the world is an experience like none other. Faraway lands and new sights- what’s not to love? But as you begin your journey, you find that it is not all rosy. Packing is every traveller’s nightmare and more often than not, your travel bag never seems to have all the essentials to make those dreaded long flights just a bit more bearable.


Sling on a duffel bag and you are ready to take over the world. But this only stands true when the travel bag- your home away from home- has all the necessary items. Be it in the flight itself or when you are finally out and about, a well-packed travel bag unlocks the perfect trip. If you are looking forward to a holiday of a lifetime, planning will only make it better. Prepare a travel checklist, particularly for travel bags, and make sure to get every item on the list. After all, the best trips begin with careful trip planning.


While one may understand how important cabin luggage is for a good holiday, knowing what to pack can still be confusing. Here’s a little travel checklist of ours for your travel bag. This is all you need to need to pack up and go. Coming up are the top 10 must-haves in your travel bag!



A Travel Pillow 

Comfortable travel pillow

Photo by amazon.co.uk


Feel Rested and Ready To Go

Long flights can seem even longer when you can’t get some shuteye. Cramped seats and the pillows provided by airlines certainly don’t help. Besides, if you are a frequent flier, neck pain can put a damper on any holiday. This is why it is very important to pack your trusty travel pillow into your duffle bag.


Pro Tip

When choosing a travel pillow, comfort, support and durability is the trifecta to live by.



The Water Bottle

The much needed Water Bottle

Photo by Pixabay

Stay Hydrated, Folks!

It is no secret- flying is severely dehydrating. A person can lose up to 4% of their body’s water content on a 10-hour flight. But not to worry; drinking water profusely can more than just make up for the lost water content. Carry a water bottle and fill it up at water stations to hold on to every drop of moisture.


Pro Tip

Get a collapsible water bottle for your travel bag to save more space.



A Laptop Case

Get yourself a cool laptop case

Photo by thoughtsideasandsparklythings

Travel Stylish and Smart

Even the most avid travellers like to keep their gizmo close in their cabin luggage. Treat your laptop like the precious cargo it is and place it in a case inside the duffel bag.


Pro Tip

Use a laptop case with multiple compartments. You can insert magazines, boarding passes to save additional space in the travel bag.



An Eye Mask

Buy cool eye masks for better sleep

Photo by Etsy

Sweet Dreams Everywhere You Go

Airplanes can be uncomfortable and the lights can hurt. Why not create a restful haven right in your seat? Nothing beats the soft darkness of a silky eye or sleep mask as you lay back, enjoying the beginning of your holiday. You can choose from a wide variety of sleep masks. Know all about them here


Pro Tip

Throw in your eye mask in the freezer before packing it for the flight for a more restful sleep.



Compression Socks

Compression socks keep DVT at bay

Photo by Manuel Vincent on Unsplash

Happy Feet For Happy Flights

Long flights can cause your feet to swell- the condition is known as Deep Vein Thrombosis. Thankfully, compression socks hug your feet, nice and warm, maintaining the blood flow. Be sure to include this lifesaver in the travel checklist for your travel bag!


Pro Tip

For longer, more stressful flights, get compression socks of a higher level.



Charger and Headphone

Headphones; a must-have for travel

Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

Always Stay Energize

The most commonly forgotten items, keep extra reminders for these in your trip planning. Also, do not put them in the cabin luggage or underseat luggage. Place them in a pouch in your carry-on travel bag to retrieve them easily.


Pro Tip

Using noise-cancelling headphones on a flight can make a world of difference to your travel mood.



Sanitizing Wipes

Always carry wet wipes or tissues in your travel bag

Photo by Brittany Colette on Unsplash

Be Squeaky Clean

Airports and airplanes are a hoarding nest of harmful germs. And the last thing you want on a trip is to catch the dreadful norovirus. Remember to stock your travel bags with packets of sanitizing wipes and use them generously to clean the airplane seats, tray table- anything you come into contact with.


Pro Tip

Use sanitizing wipes which can also double as a hand sanitizer. Two birds with a stone!



A Compression Bag

Compression bags save space in your travel bag

Photo by amazon.com

Pack Up and Go

If you travel with only one bag, the compression bag will change your life. These bags squeeze out air and volume, making more space for all your travel goodies. Simply roll your holiday outfits into a compression case and stuff them into your duffel bag. You are now ready to go!


Pro Tip

Compression bags work for clothes only. Don’t use it for structured objects such as shoes, jewellery, etc.



The Scarf

Scarves keep you warm on your travels

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Stay Warm & Snuggled

Not only do scarves make a great addition to any outfit, but it can also keep you nice and warm as well. Airplanes can get unpredictably cold. So, it is best to come prepared. Besides, you might just want to wrap yourself in a familiar fabric for a comfortable flight. Having this in your travel bag certainly won’t hurt.


Pro Tip

Make your little tent during the flight to shut out the glaring lights inside the plane.



Pen and Paper

Always carry a notebook to pen your thoughts

Photo by Mike Tinnion on Unsplash

The Basics

These might seem fairly obvious but they are often forgotten. Carrying a pen is important during travelling- you never know when you will need to fill up some form. Besides, it can always come in handy for some mindless doodling during a long flight.


Pro Tip

Carry these in a separate pouch bag inside your travel bag.


And, you’re ready to go with your travel bag! Here are all the travel essentials you need to flaunt your travel bag like a pro. We didn’t list sleep masks in our basic 10, but you so need them for great sleep. Packing is certainly a hassle but when you plan, you can take on the world with your travel bag. Pack in these smart necessities and stay comfortable and equipped no matter where you travel to!  If you’re about to brave a long layover, read this to handle the red-eye flight better.

We wish you safe and happy travels! Cheerio.