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15 Best Costa Sunglasses in 2022


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Angela Magsajo

Woman wearing Costa sunglasses with another woman fishing reflected in the lens.
Photo from Costa del Mar official website

Daytona Beach, Florida isn’t just home to the sandy beaches, water parks, and the Daytona Flea Market. It’s also where an iconic brand of sunglasses was born. Costa Del Mar has been producing some of the best-polarized sunglasses since its establishment in 1983. Fondly dubbed as simply Costa by many, the brand’s collections of eyewear are more than just fashion accessories, but one with advanced functionality. Boasting superior lens technology, each pair of Costa sunglasses for men and women comes in an array of different colors and styles, with each lens color serving a different purpose to match your environment and activity.


Truly, this USA sunglasses manufacturer provides outdoor adventure seekers a way to shield their eyes from the sun, while still looking stylish. Ready to take shade in the best pairs of Costa sunglasses? Here are our top picks worth buying!

Best Costa Sunglasses for Men

1. Costa Fantail

Fantail sunglasses from Costa del Mar in black with blue mirrored lenses.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Fantail sunglasses are a fantastic outdoor companion! This pair may be smaller compared to other options out there. However, they certainly get the job done of protecting your eyes from the blinding glare of the sun, which you’ll definitely need if you’re into water sports. These fishing glasses come in a mirrored option that not only looks cool but also adds another layer of protection against glares.


While it comes in a variety of lens options, the blue mirrored lenses on these Costa Fantails provide optimum protection against bright light with blinding glare when on the open water. As such, you won’t have trouble jet skiing or wakeboarding on the waters of the best lakes in Texas. And since it’s equipped with Hydrolite nose pads, you never have to worry about them ever slipping while in the water!


Moreover, the Fantail is among the few Costa del Mar sunglasses that come in a rugged camo-inspired design. The brand teamed up with Realtree, the country’s leading manufacturer of camouflage clothing and gear, in creating a line of camo Costa sunglasses that performs just as effectively in the woods as it does on the water.  



  • Comes in mirrored options
  • Available in a camouflage print
  • Variety of lens colors to choose from 


  • Available in medium frame fit only

Get the Costa Del Mar Fantail on Amazon.

2. Costa Tuna Alley



Costa sunglasses from the Tuna Alley line with sunrise silver mirror lenses.

Photo from Amazon

Want a pair of shades that can enhance ambient lighting at night yet still protect you from unwanted glare? If that’s the case, opt for sunglasses with sunrise silver mirror lenses. One of the Costa sunglasses that boast this type of lens is the Tuna Alley. 


The lens color not only brightens shadows but also heightens contrast. As such, it’s the ideal pair for watching the sunrise while sprawled out on your favorite beach blanket. You may think they’re a bit dark upon first use, but once you get used to them, nothing will stop you from enjoying a wild night out partying on the beach! Besides sunrise silver, the Costa Tuna Alley is also available with green, blue, and gray-colored lenses options. 


Constructed from high-quality nylon, the frame of these fishing sunglasses is made to last. They are significantly heavier than other Costa eyewear models, though. Other notable features include integral hinges and a patented vent system that prevents fogging.



  • Equipped with anti-fog vent system
  • Stays snug on the face without bouncing or slipping


  • Heavy to wear for extended periods 
  • Not all frames have lenses suitable for all lighting conditions 

Get the Costa Del Mar Tuna Alley on Amazon.

3. Costa Reefton

Costa sunglasses from the Reefton line with black with red detailing frames and gray lenses.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Reefton takes inspiration from a small New Zealand town that is renowned for its proximity to 12 different river systems. Admittedly, you won’t find the area in most lists of the popular cities and towns in New Zealand. However, any committed angler knows it’s a top destination for freshwater fishing. And what better pair of sunglasses to take with you when fishing than the Costa Reefton? With its wide lenses, they’ll surely block out any glare or light leaks while you cast out your fishing rod. With its combination of co-molded temples, cam-action spring hinges, and Hydrolite nose and temple pads, you never have to worry about it slipping down your face.


Since it does lean towards the larger side, it may not be the most flattering for people with smaller face shapes and sizes. What’s more, while it is one of the men’s Costa sunglasses that come with more unique frame designs, its colored lens selection is rather limited.



  • Wide lenses 
  • Secure fit


  • Limited lens color selection 
  • Spring hinges hard to replace or repair 

Get the Costa Del Mar Reefton on Amazon.

4. Costa Blackfin

Black framed Costa sunglasses from the Blackfin line.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Blackfin sunglasses are a classic pair of shades that any serious angler needs in their arsenal. The large lens design will shield your eyes from any harsh glare while you’re reeling in the catch of the day. Despite this, though, it’s still lightweight enough to wear comfortably all throughout the day. Furthermore, the Hydrolite nose and temple linings of the frame will likewise ensure that this pair of men’s Costa sunglasses will never slide off your face. A downside to the Blackfin is that it’s not available as prescription sunglasses. Similar to the Fantail, the Blackfin is also part of the brand’s collaboration with Realtree. So you can find all these awesome features in a camo print. 



  • Large lenses 
  • Snug fit 
  • Available in a camouflage print


  • Not available as prescription Costa sunglasses

Get the Costa Del Mar Blackfin on Amazon.

5. Costa Rincon

Costa Rincon sunglasses in black and tort with gray lenses.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Rincon sunglasses scream West Coast with their oh-so-casual and laid-back style. It is one of the biggest sunglasses from the brand, with its generous square lenses, measuring about 63.4 mm wide. The oversized lenses won’t have problems blocking out the sun’s UV rays while you lounge on the best California beaches. Despite its size, the bio-based resin frame makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear from sunrise to sundown. Admittedly, its rectangular shape may not be the most flattering shape for all faces. The selection of frame design lacks variety as compared to other models.



  • Extra-large sunglasses
  • Lightweight


  • Limited selection of frame design

Get the Costa Del Mar Rincon on Amazon.

6. Costa Brine

Costa sunglasses from the Brine line with a patterned frame and blue mirror lenses.

Photo from Amazon

Who says fishing glasses are only reserved for fishing trips? You don’t have to store the Costa Del Mar Brine sunglasses in a tackle box until your next adventure. With its trendy and modern look, you can wear this on a day-to-day basis to show off an athletic yet professional style. What’s more, since it’s available in gray or copper lenses, both of which work well during cloudy and sunny days, they’re the best choice for everyday activities. Although, these colors are only available as polycarbonate lenses (580P). If you prefer Lightwave glass lenses (580G), this is something you will need to consider. 



  • Chic and modern design
  • Lightweight and comfortable everyday wear


  • Copper and gray lens colors are available only as 580P lenses.

Get the Costa Del Mar Brine on Amazon.

7. Costa Diego

Costa Diego sunglasses with black frames and copper lenses.

Photo from Amazon

Want a pair of extra-large sporty men’s Costa sunglasses? Don on a pair of Costa Diego sunglasses and you will instantly achieve an extra sporty look. It’s not a favorite among Costa fans just because of its robust and snazzy aesthetics, though. In fact, it’s one of the most advanced models of eyewear from the brand.


Named after America’s Finest City, these shades come equipped with a vented spring hinge system. This not only provides a more secure fit but acts as the ultimate anti-fog system, as well. Accompanied by its sweat management channels, it guarantees you remain cool and comfortable all day, no matter how rigorous your schedule is. Whether you’re fishing or pedaling across the best mountain bike trails in the U.S., you don’t have to worry about them slipping off. However, note that spring hinges are harder to repair when damaged.


It also comes with strap-ready hydrophilic temple tips that easily let you attach eyewear retainers. What’s more, its acetate frame comes with top and side shield details that will minimize any light leaks. Truly, this line of sunglasses is the ultimate companion for people with active lifestyles. 



  • Extra-large lenses
  • Sweat management channels
  • Strap-ready temple tips


  • Spring hinges are hard to replace or repair  


Get the Costa Del Mar Diego on Amazon.

8. Costa Cat Cay 

Costa Del Mar sunglasses from the Cat Cay collection.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Cat Cay’s namesake is the sleepy islands in the Bahamas that the legendary Blackbeard himself used as a hideout. And we can certainly see the inspiration in this eyewear with its rugged look. This line of big sunglasses features a vented system. As such, it will not only keep you cool and comfortable all day but will also prevent the lenses from fogging up when reeling in the catch of the day. Just like other Costa sunglasses for men made from nylon, its frame is durable yet lightweight, making it an ideal accessory for any outdoor adventure.


You can choose from four colored lens options, all providing 100% UV protection and superior clarity, as well as five different frame designs. Though some frame designs come in just glass or just polycarbonate lenses, not like other models where you can choose either.



  • Unique selection of frame and lens combination
  • Available in mirrored options


  • Heavier than other models

Get the Costa Del Mar Cat Cay on Amazon.

9. Costa Rinconcito

Costa Rinconcito sunglasses in matte tortoise with green mirrored lenses.

Photo from Amazon

If you love the look of the Rincon but want something more flattering for smaller face shapes, opt for the Costa Rinconcito sunglasses. This medium sunnies is complete with everything that makes the Rincon great. From its bio-resin construction and integral spring hinges to its non-slip nose and temple pads. With that in mind, it also features similar drawbacks — including its lack of unique frame designs. In fact, the Rinconcito comes with even fewer design options. Nevertheless, just like other Costa eyewear, it will still provide you with crisp clarity on a sunny day out. 



  • Great option for people with smaller faces
  • Lightweight


  • Limited frame design selection
  • Spring hinges are hard to replace or repair

Get the Costa Del Mar Rinconcito on Amazon.

10. Costa Spearo

Costa sunglasses from the Spearo line in matte tortoise frames and blue mirrored lenses.

Photo from Amazon

The sleek design of the Costa Spearo takes inspiration from the gear used in spearfishing. The bio-resin frame comes with vented nose-pads for better airflow, so you don’t have to worry about the lenses fogging up. Its temple tips feature small openings wherein you can easily attach straps. As such, you can let this pair of Costa sunglasses hang around your neck.


Just like most models from the brand, it’s available in both Lightwave glass lenses or polycarbonate lenses, but the color selection is limited to either blue mirror, green mirror, and gray options. It has a medium fit that would suit most people, but if you are looking for an oversized version, you’re in luck because the Spearo XL boasts the same style as the original but is nearly 10% larger.



  • Strap-ready temple tips
  • Vented nose pads
  • Comes in an extra-large version


  • Limited selection of colored lenses

Get the Costa Del Mar Spearo on Amazon.

Best Costa Sunglasses for Women

11. Costa Ballast


Costa Ballast sunglasses with a shiny black frame and gray polycarbonate lenses.

Photo from Amazon

Looking for extremely lightweight women’s Costa sunglasses? Why not opt for the rimless sunnies? The Costa Ballast boasts a timeless look with clean lines that sit comfortably on the face. Despite being almost weightless, it is still durable since it’s made from the same sturdy material as the rest of the other models. Unlike other shades from the brand, though, it is only available with polycarbonate lenses. It’s also one of the few models that don’t come as Costa prescription sunglasses.



  • Extremely lightweight
  • Clean streamlined design 


  • Only available with 580P lenses
  • Not available as prescription sunglasses

Get the Costa Del Mar Ballast on Amazon.


12. Costa South Point


Costa sunglasses from the South Point line in rose gold frames with copper lenses. 

Photo from Amazon

A modern take on aviator sunglasses, the Costa South Point shades is exactly what you need to experience life’s great adventures in cosmopolitan style. Boasting an old-school yet timeless look, this pair of Costa aviator sunglasses come with metal frames constructed from lightweight and hypoallergenic titanium. It’s available in six unique frame designs, all with double bridges, ensuring a secure fit while exuding a retro feel. Although, not all frame designs are available with either polarized glass or polycarbonate lenses. It has a narrow fit perfect for people with narrow face shapes. Despite its snug frame, its lenses are still large enough to provide superior light coverage that the brand is famous for.



  • Hypoallergenic metal frames
  • Unique frame designs
  • Double bridged frames


  • Some frame designs only have one polarized lens option
  • Narrow fit not suitable for all face shapes

Get the Costa Del Mar South Point on Amazon.


13. Costa Panga


Costa sunglasses from the Panga line in matte seafoam crystal with gray silver mirror polarized polycarbonate lenses.

Photo from Amazon

The Costa Panga is a pair of large sunglasses that exudes a classic West Coast style with winding curves reminiscent of the ocean waves. Adding a womanly elegance to it, the selection of frames comes with designs distinctive only to the model. Each design complements the square-shaped style and adds an even more casual appearance. Like other Costa sunglasses for women, the lightweight bio-resin frame promises flexibility and durability. Moreover, its integral hinge provides a secure fit, making it the ultimate companion for surf and sand. You can choose among a number of lens color combinations and frame designs to fit your style. However, some frames are only available in either Lightwave glass lenses or polycarbonate lenses. 



  • Casual style 
  • Unique lens and frame combinations


  • Not all frames come in both 580P and 580G lenses
  • Not suitable for smaller face shapes

Get the Costa Del Mar Panga on Amazon.


14. Costa Whitetip


Women’s Costa sunglasses from the Whitetip line.

Photo from Amazon

For a pair of women’s Costa sunglasses that flatter small faces, look no further than the Whitetip. The narrow frame fit and medium-sized lenses complement a woman’s petite face. But just because they come in small sizes, it doesn’t make them any less robust and durable. Named after the fierce sharks found in the warm waters of tropical beaches, it has a wrap-around frame construction made from bio-based resin. It features flexible CAM action pin hinges that will keep its shape and strap-ready temple rubber temple tips. Furthermore, thanks to its vented front, you don’t have to worry about the lenses fogging up when partaking in watersports or other beach activities. 



  • Flatters smaller face shapes
  • Anti-fog vent system
  • Strap-ready temple tips


  • Not suitable for larger face shapes

Get the Costa Del Mar Whitetip on Amazon.

15. Costa Sullivan

Costa del Mar Sullivan with green mirror polarized glass lenses.

Photo from Amazon

Boasting ocean-inspired designs, the Costa del Mar Sullivan is the pair of shades you’ll certainly want with you when sunbathing. This medium pair of women’s Costa sunglasses are made from custom-fit acetate frames. Despite its lightweight frame material and sleek design, the Sullivan is heavier than other models since it’s only available in Lightwave glass lenses. You can choose between three different colored lenses — silver, blue, and green — all of which come with a mirrored finish. The large rounded lenses are not only great for total UV protection but they will also up your style game.



  • Comes in mirrored options
  • Stylish round edges 


  • Heavier than other models. 
  • Only available in 580G lenses with limited color selection.

Get the Costa Del Mar Sullivan on Amazon.

Understanding Costa Sunglasses Unique Features

Lens Material

Costa Del Mar offers a plethora of lens options that provide UV protection and reduce eye fatigue. The company utilizes two distinct materials in creating its collection of outdoor and fishing sunglasses. Costa glasses with Lightwave glass lenses (580G) offer clarity like no other. These types of sunglasses are likewise thinner and lighter than the options available in the market. Plus, the encapsulated mirrors between the layers of glass are scratch-resistant. Meanwhile, polycarbonate lenses (580P) are even lighter than Lightwave ones. The material is more durable, as well. There’s an option to include a mirror layer, which helps further block glare away from your eyes.


Regardless of which material you choose, all Costa sunglasses for women and men can filter out harsh yellow light, thus improving the colors and contrast of your surroundings. They also block blue light from the sun, which can cause eye diseases. What’s more, each pair features a C-Wall layer that is water, oil, and sweat-repellent. 

Lens Color

Costa glasses come in seven different lens colors that are not just for aesthetic purposes. Each color works best in different situations, ranging from low-light settings to extremely bright situations with blinding glare.


Blue mirrored lenses block out the harsh glare from the sun and water when out in the open sea. Meanwhile, if you’re sight-fishing on inshore waters, opt for green lenses since they provide better contrast. Fly-fishing enthusiasts may want to go for copper-silver lenses since they excel flawlessly in environments with varying light. 


If you’re looking for Costa sunglasses to wear for everyday activities, lenses with gray or copper bases are great choices. Lastly, if you’re on the hunt for sunnies you can wear from dusk till dawn, sunrise silver lenses are the one for you! Just note, however, sunrise silver lenses are not the best option when driving, since they can heighten a person’s contrast sensitivity.

Frame Material

Costa del Mar offers frames in different materials that cater to people’s needs. The brand’s nylon frames are made from durable yet flexible TR-90 nylon, which is both resistant to heat and cold. Thus, this makes them a popular option for individuals looking for top-performing sports sunglasses. If you want custom-fit Costa glasses for everyday wear, opt for ones made from acetate. Not only do they provide a luxurious feel, but over time, the material actually molds into the shape of your face.


Meanwhile, the corrosion-resistant metal frames are the ones to get if you want to enjoy life out on the water for years to come. Costa sunglasses are also available in combination frames that come in a wider variety of styles and patterns. Lastly, if you’re looking for something ultra-lightweight, you can always go for rimless specs. No matter what material you choose, though, you’ll always find the iconic C logo on the side of the frame.


Furthermore, in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint and the ocean’s plastic pollution, the US glasses brand utilizes eco-friendly bio-based resin in creating the frames for a number of its sunglasses. Therefore, unlike shades from fast fashion brands, you’re not only getting a pair of comfortable and stylish sunnies, you’re owning a sustainable pair as well!

Size and Fit

When choosing the best Costa del Mar sunglasses for you, don’t forget to consider their size and fit. Large sunglasses provide more coverage and protection against harmful UV rays but don’t just get the biggest sunglasses you can find. Choose one that sits on your head comfortably. Costa glasses come in narrow, regular, and wide frame fits, while its lenses come in small, medium, large, and extra-large. Both size and fit will determine how comfortable the glasses will be to wear.

Sweat Management

Costa del Mar continues to prove itself as one of the top leaders in innovation in the realm of performance sunglasses. The company’s innovative sweat management systems allow for maximum airflow, which keeps its wearer cool and reduces lens fogging. This is possible with the ventilation ducting at the end piece and the thinned-out inner bottom eyewire of each frame.


Furthermore, there are also Costa sunglasses — like the Diego — that feature sweat management channels that wick away sweat for all-day comfort. Meanwhile, the textured Hydrolite nose and temple pads are not just to keep your shades in place. They also help manage sweat and heat by wicking away any moisture and draining them through the openings on the temple tips.

Costa Sunglasses: Shades of Brilliance 

Producing water sports eyewear that is performance-driven, durable, and eco-friendly, Costa is clearly a cut above the rest of sunglasses brands. The quintessential pair of shades for outdoor activities, each pair of Costa sunglasses offers a strong protection from glare and side reflections. Most importantly, their lightweight frame is remarkably comfortable to wear that you’ll forget you were even wearing them! And the fact that purchasing a pair will help reduce the amount of single-use plastic that ends up in the ocean, is for sure a fantastic bonus! Truly, Costa is a brand of sunglasses men and women who love spending time near the water will certainly appreciate.