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ICE At Gaylord Palms – Orlando, Florida


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Myrta Santacruz



Welcome to the enchanting world of ICE at Gaylord Palms, one of the most magical winter attractions in Orlando, Florida. Nestled in the heart of Central Florida, Gaylord Palms is a premier resort that combines luxury accommodations, state-of-the-art amenities, and unparalleled entertainment. Within this magnificent resort lies ICE, an awe-inspiring journey through a frozen oasis that will leave you spellbound.


With its year-round tropical climate, Florida may not often experience a true winter wonderland. However, ICE at Gaylord Palms transports visitors into a whimsical winter realm, complete with dazzling ice sculptures, breathtaking displays, and thrilling activities. Whether you’re a local resident seeking a unique experience or a visitor from afar looking to escape the ordinary, ICE at Gaylord Palms promises an unforgettable adventure for the whole family.


As you step into the Gaylord Palms Resort, you’ll be greeted by its stunning architecture, reminiscent of old-world Florida charm. The resort’s distinct sections showcase different regions of the state, such as St. Augustine, Key West, and the Everglades, immersing guests in the beauty and diversity of the Sunshine State. With its grand atrium filled with lush gardens, tranquil waterfalls, and towering palm trees, Gaylord Palms offers a serene atmosphere that sets the stage for an extraordinary experience at ICE.


ICE is an annual winter event at Gaylord Palms, transforming an enormous exhibition space into a world of ice and snow. Each year, a dedicated team of skilled artisans from Harbin, China, meticulously carve over two million pounds of ice into stunning, larger-than-life sculptures. These talented craftsmen bring to life beloved characters, iconic landmarks, and captivating scenes using their exceptional talent and creativity.


From the moment you step inside the temperature-controlled room, you will be greeted by a blast of icy air and a breathtaking sight. The entire space is kept at a chilly 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 degrees Celsius) to ensure the preservation of the delicate ice sculptures. As you explore the intricate displays, you’ll be amazed by the incredible attention to detail and the vibrant colors that illuminate the translucent ice.


The journey through ICE is not just a visual feast; it’s an interactive experience that engages all your senses. From ice slides that offer exhilarating rides to ice sculptures that you can touch and feel, there are plenty of opportunities for hands-on fun. Capture the perfect selfie with your favorite ice characters or take part in snow tubing for a thrilling adventure.


ICE at Gaylord Palms is a popular attraction that draws visitors of all ages, from young children with wide-eyed wonder to adults seeking a unique and immersive experience. It’s not just about the ice; it’s about the sense of wonder, the joy, and the memories created within the frozen world.


History of the Gaylord Palms Resort

The Gaylord Palms Resort has a rich history that dates back to its opening in February 2002. Located in Kissimmee, just minutes away from the renowned Walt Disney World Resort, this sprawling property quickly became a beloved destination for travelers seeking both luxury accommodations and immersive experiences.


The Gaylord Palms Resort was developed by Gaylord Entertainment Company, a renowned name in the hospitality industry known for its exceptional properties across the United States. With the mission to create a distinct resort that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of Florida, Gaylord Entertainment set out to bring a unique and immersive experience to visitors.


The resort’s architectural design draws inspiration from historic Florida landmarks, combining elements of Spanish Renaissance, Key West, and St. Augustine styles. From the moment guests enter the grand atrium, they are transported into a world of elegance and charm, reminiscent of old Florida at its finest.


The Gaylord Palms Resort offers over 1,400 guest rooms and suites, each exquisitely designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious stay. The spacious accommodations are equipped with modern amenities, including flat-screen TVs, high-speed internet access, and plush bedding, ensuring that guests have everything they need for a memorable vacation.


Throughout the years, the Gaylord Palms Resort has continued to evolve and expand its offerings. It became a part of the Marriott International portfolio in 2012, further enhancing the resort’s reputation for exceptional service and world-class amenities.


In addition to its luxurious accommodations, the Gaylord Palms Resort offers a wide range of dining options, spa services, and recreational activities. Guests can indulge in delicious cuisine at one of the resort’s several restaurants, relax and rejuvenate at the on-site spa, or take advantage of the fitness center and outdoor pool facilities.


Beyond the resort’s exceptional amenities, it is perhaps best known for its commitment to providing unforgettable and immersive experiences. Alongside ICE, the resort features other seasonal attractions such as the popular “Summerfest” and “Christmas at Gaylord Palms,” each offering its unique blend of entertainment and enchantment.


With its dedication to preserving the legacy and beauty of Florida, the Gaylord Palms Resort has become a staple in the Central Florida hospitality scene. It continues to attract visitors from near and far who seek a one-of-a-kind getaway that celebrates the state’s culture, history, and natural splendor.


Overview of ICE at Gaylord Palms

ICE at Gaylord Palms is a dazzling winter attraction that takes place annually at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. This extraordinary event showcases a frozen wonderland created entirely out of ice, offering visitors a chance to experience the magic of winter in the heart of sunny Florida.


The centerpiece of ICE is its awe-inspiring ice sculptures, meticulously crafted from over two million pounds of ice by skilled artisans from Harbin, China. These talented craftsmen transform the exhibition space into a breathtaking display of frozen art, featuring intricate sculptures that range from beloved characters to iconic landmarks.


Upon entering the icy wonderland, guests are greeted by a blast of frigid air, designed to maintain a frosty temperature of 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 degrees Celsius). This ensures that the delicate ice sculptures remain intact, allowing visitors to marvel at their beauty and intricacy.


ICE at Gaylord Palms is not just a visual spectacle; it’s also an interactive experience. The attraction features ice slides that offer thrilling rides, allowing visitors to zip down the frozen slopes with exhilaration. Guests can also engage in snow tubing, gliding down the icy tracks for a memorable adventure.


One of the highlights of ICE is the opportunity to meet and interact with the ice characters that come to life in the frozen wonderland. From beloved Disney characters to holiday-inspired figures, these ice sculptures provide the perfect backdrop for capturing memorable photos and creating lasting memories.


Another remarkable feature of ICE is the intricate themed displays that transport visitors to different imaginary worlds. From enchanted forests to winter wonderlands, each display is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of wonder and delight. A walk through these enchanting scenes is like stepping into a storybook come to life.


In addition to the stunning ice sculptures and themed displays, ICE at Gaylord Palms offers a range of activities and attractions for all ages. Visitors can sip on hot cocoa, engage in holiday crafts, and even watch ice carving demonstrations by the talented artists themselves.


ICE at Gaylord Palms is a popular attraction that draws tourists and locals alike. With its unique combination of artistic brilliance, interactive elements, and immersive experiences, it has become a must-visit destination during the winter season. Whether you’re seeking a fun family outing or a romantic winter escape, ICE at Gaylord Palms delivers a truly magical experience that captures the essence of the winter season, even in the warm Florida climate.


Attractions and Features at ICE

ICE at Gaylord Palms offers a wide array of attractions and features that captivate visitors of all ages, creating a truly unforgettable winter experience. From stunning ice sculptures to interactive activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy within this frozen wonderland.


The centerpiece of ICE is undoubtedly the breathtaking ice sculptures. These magnificent creations are meticulously carved by skilled artisans from Harbin, China, using over two million pounds of ice. From Disney characters to holiday-themed displays, each sculpture showcases intricate details and vibrant colors, drawing in visitors with their mesmerizing beauty.


One of the most exhilarating features at ICE is the ice slides. Guests can embark on an exciting adventure as they zip down the frozen slopes on these slippery chutes. It’s a thrilling activity that adds an extra element of excitement to the icy experience. Riders of all ages can enjoy the slide, making it a perfect activity for the whole family.


In addition to the ice slides, ICE offers snow tubing, inviting visitors to glide down ice tracks on inflatable tubes. This thrilling activity provides an exciting way to experience the wonders of winter and enjoy the slippery fun in a safe and controlled environment.


The interactive nature of ICE continues with the opportunity to take part in a variety of hands-on activities. Guests can engage in holiday crafts, such as decorating gingerbread cookies or creating winter-themed ornaments. These activities allow visitors to unleash their creativity and take home a personalized memento of their ICE experience.


ICE at Gaylord Palms also provides the chance to get up close and personal with the ice sculptures. Unlike traditional art exhibits, guests are encouraged to touch and feel the ice sculptures, allowing for an immersive experience unlike any other. This unique feature enables visitors to truly appreciate the intricate craftsmanship and marvel at the impressive details up close.


Throughout ICE, visitors will encounter themed displays that transport them to different imaginary worlds. From an enchanted ice forest to a bustling holiday village, these immersive scenes evoke a sense of wonder and magic. Each display is carefully crafted to provide a captivating backdrop for guests as they journey through the icy wonderland.


As visitors make their way through the ICE attraction, they are treated to a light show that illuminates the ice sculptures in vibrant colors. The combination of icy brilliance and dazzling illumination creates a mesmerizing spectacle that adds a touch of enchantment to the entire experience.


At the end of the ICE journey, visitors have the opportunity to witness the captivating process of ice carving. Talented artists showcase their skills in live ice carving demonstrations, offering a glimpse into the intricate techniques utilized to bring these frozen masterpieces to life.


ICE at Gaylord Palms is an attraction that combines visual splendor, interactive experiences, and captivating activities. It’s a place where imagination comes to life and cherished memories are made, providing a winter wonderland adventure in the heart of Florida.


Themes and Displays at ICE

Each year, ICE at Gaylord Palms showcases a variety of mesmerizing themes and displays that transport visitors into whimsical worlds made entirely of ice. From beloved characters to imaginary landscapes, these elaborate creations offer a truly immersive and enchanting experience.


One of the recurring themes at ICE is the magical world of Disney. Guests can embark on a journey through the icy kingdom of Disney characters, with sculptures depicting iconic figures like Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Elsa from “Frozen.” It’s a delightful opportunity for Disney fans of all ages to be enchanted by their favorite characters in a frozen setting.


Another popular theme at ICE is the celebration of Christmas. Decorative displays adorned with intricate ornaments, sparkling lights, and holiday cheer immerse visitors in the festive spirit. Guests can walk through a winter wonderland, surrounded by majestic Christmas trees, joyous snowmen, and cheery elves, capturing the essence of the holiday season.


ICE at Gaylord Palms also takes visitors on a journey through time with its historical themes. From Ancient Egypt to the Roaring Twenties, these displays feature detailed ice sculptures that pay homage to significant moments in history. Guests can marvel at the grandeur of ancient civilizations or indulge in the glamour of bygone eras, admiring the craftsmanship and artistry that brings these historical periods to life.


For nature enthusiasts, ICE offers displays inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Guests can explore frozen forests adorned with intricate ice flora and fauna, surrounded by magical creatures like frosty butterflies and ice-covered trees. These nature-themed displays evoke a sense of serenity and awe, reminding visitors of the wonder and majesty of the natural world.


Additionally, ICE at Gaylord Palms features imaginative and whimsical displays that ignite the imagination. From fantastical castles to enchanted lands, these displays create a fantastical atmosphere where visitors can let their imaginations run wild. Each whimsical scene is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, ensuring a magical and immersive experience for all.


Themed displays at ICE are not only visually stunning, but they also capture the spirit and essence of the theme they represent. Whether it’s the joy of the holiday season, the enchantment of Disney, or the wonders of history and nature, each display tells a captivating story through the medium of ice.


ICE at Gaylord Palms takes pride in creating immersive environments that transport visitors to a different world. The combination of intricate ice sculptures, thematic displays, and ambient lighting creates a truly enchanting experience for guests of all ages. Each year brings a new array of themes and displays, ensuring that there is always something fresh and exciting to discover at this extraordinary winter attraction.


Experience and Activities at ICE

ICE at Gaylord Palms offers a unique and unforgettable experience that goes beyond simply admiring the stunning ice sculptures. From interactive activities to immersive attractions, there are plenty of ways for visitors to engage and create lasting memories within this frozen wonderland.


One of the most exciting activities at ICE is experiencing the ice slides. These frozen chutes offer a thrilling adventure as visitors slide down the slippery slopes, providing a rush of adrenaline and laughter. Guests of all ages can enjoy the slides, making it a popular activity for families looking for a fun and exhilarating experience.


Another highlight of visiting ICE is the opportunity to engage in snow tubing. Visitors can grab an inflatable tube and zoom down the specially designed ice tracks, gliding with ease and excitement. It’s a perfect activity for those seeking a bit of winter thrill and laughter.


Throughout the ICE attraction, guests can participate in various hands-on activities that add to the overall experience. Holiday-themed crafts, such as decorating gingerbread cookies or creating personalized ornaments, allow visitors to tap into their creativity and bring home a unique keepsake from their ICE adventure.


For those looking to interact with the ice sculptures in a more personal way, there are designated areas where visitors can touch and feel the frozen artwork. This offers a rare opportunity to truly appreciate the intricate details and craftsmanship of the sculptures up close, enhancing the immersive nature of the experience.


Guests can also embark on a magical journey through the themed displays, immersing themselves in enchanted forests, winter wonderlands, and other imaginative settings. These displays serve as backdrops for incredible photo opportunities, allowing visitors to capture stunning memories and create picture-perfect moments.


ICE at Gaylord Palms provides additional activities and experiences that vary from year to year. Visitors may have the chance to witness live ice carving demonstrations, where skilled artists transform blocks of ice into intricate sculptures before their eyes. The mesmerizing process showcases the artistry and skill needed to create such breathtaking frozen works of art.


To complete the immersive experience, visitors can warm up with a cup of delicious hot cocoa or browse through the ICE gift shop, where a variety of souvenirs and holiday-themed merchandise are available for purchase. It’s a great way to bring a piece of the ICE magic home and continue reliving the memories long after the visit.


Visiting ICE at Gaylord Palms is not just about admiring the ice sculptures; it’s about actively engaging with the frozen wonderland. From the exhilarating ice slides to the hands-on crafts and immersive displays, there are countless opportunities for visitors to create unforgettable moments and immerse themselves in the enchanting winter experience.


Tips and Recommendations for Visiting ICE

To make the most of your visit to ICE at Gaylord Palms, consider these helpful tips and recommendations:

  • Bundle Up: The temperature inside the ICE exhibit is kept at a chilly 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-13 degrees Celsius), so be sure to dress warmly. Wear layers, hats, gloves, and closed-toe shoes to stay comfortable during your visit.
  • Plan Your Arrival Time: ICE can get crowded, especially during peak times. To avoid long lines, consider arriving early in the day or booking tickets in advance to secure your preferred time slot.
  • Allot Ample Time: Plan to spend at least 45 minutes to an hour exploring the ICE exhibit. This will give you enough time to marvel at the ice sculptures, participate in activities, and fully immerse yourself in the experience.
  • Stay Hydrated: Despite the chilly temperature, it’s important to stay hydrated. Consider bringing a water bottle to sip on during your visit or take advantage of the beverage stations available inside the ICE attraction.
  • Charge Your Devices: If you plan on taking photos or videos, make sure your camera or smartphone is fully charged. Capture the magic of ICE and create lasting memories to share with family and friends.
  • Follow COVID-19 Protocols: Check the current safety measures and guidelines in place at ICE and Gaylord Palms Resort due to the ongoing pandemic. Be prepared to wear face masks, maintain social distancing, and follow any additional guidelines for a safe and enjoyable visit.
  • Take Advantage of Combo Packages: Consider bundling your ICE ticket with other attractions or events at Gaylord Palms. Combo packages may offer discounted rates and allow you to experience more of what the resort has to offer.
  • Explore the Rest of Gaylord Palms: Along with ICE, the Gaylord Palms Resort offers a variety of dining options, shopping, spa services, and entertainment. Take the time to explore the resort’s other amenities and make it a full day or weekend getaway.
  • Check the Schedule: ICE is a seasonal attraction, typically running from November through January. Before visiting, check the schedule and hours of operation to ensure the exhibit is open during your intended visit.

By following these tips and recommendations, you’ll be well-prepared to enjoy your visit to ICE at Gaylord Palms. Remember to embrace the magic, have fun, and create lasting memories in this wintery wonderland.


Ticket Information and Pricing

When planning a visit to ICE at Gaylord Palms, it’s important to be aware of the ticket information and pricing to make the most of your experience. Here is an overview of what you need to know:


Tickets for ICE can be purchased online in advance or on-site at the Gaylord Palms Resort. It is recommended to book your tickets in advance, especially during peak times, to secure your preferred date and time slot. Online booking also allows for a contactless and convenient entry process.


There are different ticket options available, including general admission, Fast Pass, and combo packages. General admission tickets provide access to the ICE exhibit and all the included attractions and activities. Fast Pass tickets offer expedited entry and reduced wait times, allowing you to make the most of your visit. Combo packages often bundle ICE with other attractions or events at Gaylord Palms, providing a more comprehensive experience at a discounted rate.


It’s important to note that ticket prices can vary depending on the date and time of your visit. Peak times, such as weekends and holidays, may have higher pricing compared to off-peak periods. Additionally, prices may differ for adults, children, and seniors, so be sure to check the specific pricing details when purchasing your tickets.


In addition to regular admission tickets, Gaylord Palms offers special packages and offers throughout the ICE season. These may include packages that combine ICE with accommodations at the resort, dining vouchers, or other exclusive perks. Keep an eye out for these promotions to enhance your overall experience and save on your visit.


For those planning on visiting ICE as a group or with a large party, group discounts may be available. Group rates often require a minimum number of participants and advance reservation, so be sure to reach out to the Gaylord Palms Resort directly for more information and to secure your group booking.


Parking at Gaylord Palms Resort is typically available for an additional fee. However, some ticket packages may include complimentary or discounted parking. Be sure to check the parking details when purchasing your tickets to plan accordingly.


It’s essential to review the cancellation and refund policies before purchasing your ICE tickets. In case of unforeseen circumstances, it’s good to know the options available for rescheduling or obtaining a refund for your purchased tickets.


By understanding the ticket options, pricing, and any available promotions, you can plan your visit to ICE at Gaylord Palms more effectively and ensure a seamless entry into the winter wonderland of ICE.


Accommodations and Dining Options at Gaylord Palms

Gaylord Palms Resort offers luxurious accommodations and a variety of dining options that complement your visit to ICE, ensuring a complete and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re staying overnight or just popping in for a meal, the resort caters to a range of tastes and preferences.


The resort boasts over 1,400 stylish and comfortable guest rooms and suites, each thoughtfully designed to provide a relaxing retreat after a day of exploring ICE. From spacious guest rooms to expansive suites, you’ll find accommodations that suit your needs, whether you’re traveling as a couple, a family, or a group of friends. The elegantly appointed rooms feature modern amenities, plush bedding, and stunning views of the resort’s breathtaking atrium or the surrounding area.


In addition to the cozy accommodations, Gaylord Palms offers an array of dining options that cater to diverse palates. The resort is home to several restaurants and lounges, each offering a unique culinary experience.


Villa de Flora: This upscale buffet-style restaurant serves a delectable variety of international cuisine. Featuring Mediterranean flavors, fresh seafood, and a tempting dessert spread, Villa de Flora offers a vibrant and memorable dining experience.


MOOR: If you’re looking for a more refined dining option, MOOR is the place to go. This farm-to-table restaurant focuses on sustainable and locally sourced ingredients, showcasing the diverse flavors of Florida’s bountiful culinary offerings. From fresh seafood to tender steaks, MOOR delights with its creative and artfully presented dishes.


Wreckers Sports Bar: For a more relaxed and casual dining experience, Wreckers Sports Bar is the perfect spot. With numerous flat-screen TVs broadcasting live games and a menu featuring classic pub fare and craft beers, it’s a great place to catch a game and enjoy a laid-back meal.


SandBar: Situated poolside, SandBar offers a tropical and refreshing atmosphere where you can unwind and enjoy a poolside snack or cocktail. Sip on a refreshing drink, indulge in light bites, and soak up the Florida sunshine in this serene and relaxing setting.


In addition to these dining options, Gaylord Palms also features various grab-and-go outlets, coffee shops, and bars throughout the resort, catering to different preferences and offering quick and convenient options for a bite to eat or a caffeine fix.


With its diverse range of accommodations and dining options, Gaylord Palms provides the perfect complement to your visit to ICE. Whether you choose to stay at the resort or simply indulge in a delicious meal, you’ll find yourself immersed in a world of luxury, comfort, and culinary delights.



ICE at Gaylord Palms is a one-of-a-kind winter attraction that brings the magic of the season to sunny Orlando, Florida. This enchanting experience takes visitors on a journey through a frozen wonderland, filled with magnificent ice sculptures, interactive activities, and immersive themed displays. It offers a unique opportunity to escape the warmth of Florida and step into a winter paradise.


From the moment you enter the Gaylord Palms Resort, you’ll be captivated by its grandeur and beauty. The resort’s stunning architecture and lush atrium set the stage for the magical experience that awaits within ICE. As you explore the exhibition, you’ll be amazed by the intricate craftsmanship and vibrant artistry of the ice sculptures.


ICE is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a place of adventure and wonder. Slide down the ice slides, glide through the snow tubing tracks, and engage in hands-on activities that ignite your creativity. Marvel at the themed displays that transport you to different imaginary worlds and let your imagination run wild.


Whether you’re visiting with family, friends, or as a couple, ICE at Gaylord Palms offers something for everyone. It’s a place where cherished memories are made, laughter fills the air, and the spirit of the winter season comes alive.


While at Gaylord Palms, take advantage of the resort’s exceptional accommodations and dining options. Stay in one of the luxurious rooms or suites that provide a comfortable and relaxing retreat after a day of icy adventures. Indulge in the diverse culinary offerings, from international buffets to farm-to-table delights, and savor the flavors of Florida.


Before your visit, be sure to plan ahead and check for any special promotions, book your tickets in advance, and consider adding on additional experiences or attractions to enhance your stay. Dress warmly, stay hydrated, and arrive early to make the most of your time at ICE.


ICE at Gaylord Palms is a truly extraordinary winter experience that brings joy, wonder, and a touch of frost to the Sunshine State. Whether you’re a local resident looking for a unique outing or a visitor seeking a memorable vacation, ICE promises a magical adventure that will leave you with lasting memories. Come and immerse yourself in the beauty of the ice, embrace the spirit of the season, and create your own winter wonderland at Gaylord Palms.