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An Evening In Logroño, La Rioja, Spain’s Beautiful Wine Region


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Harri Ebersole



Welcome to Logrono, the vibrant capital of La Rioja, Spain’s renowned wine region. Nestled in the heart of northern Spain, Logrono is a charming city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and gastronomy. With its rich heritage, picturesque landscapes, and warm hospitality, Logrono offers visitors an unforgettable experience.


Logrono is often referred to as the gateway to La Rioja, a region famous for producing some of the finest wines in the world. As you stroll through the city, you’ll be greeted by quaint streets lined with wineries, tapas bars, and traditional bodegas. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply appreciate a glass of vino, Logrono is the perfect destination to delve into the enchanting world of Spanish wine.


Beyond its wine culture, Logrono is a city steeped in history. It dates back to the Roman times and boasts a wealth of architectural wonders. From the impressive Santa Maria de la Redonda Cathedral to the iconic stone bridge, Puente de Piedra, the city showcases a captivating mix of medieval and contemporary architectural styles.


What sets Logrono apart is its culinary scene. As the birthplace of the world-famous Spanish tapas tradition, the city is renowned for its gastronomic delights. Wander through the streets of Calle del Laurel, lined with bustling tapas bars, and soak in the tantalizing aromas of freshly cooked delicacies. From succulent grilled mushrooms, mouthwatering chorizo, to perfectly paired local wines, Logrono offers a culinary journey that will leave your taste buds wanting more.


Logrono is also a cultural hub, hosting a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. The San Mateo Festival, celebrated in September, is the city’s most important cultural event. This week-long fiesta is filled with processions, concerts, fireworks, and traditional dances, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant local traditions and customs.


For outdoor enthusiasts, Logrono offers plenty of opportunities to explore the stunning landscapes of La Rioja. From hiking and cycling through vineyard-covered hills to picnicking by the Ebro River, nature lovers will find solace in the region’s natural beauty.


In this article, we will take you on a journey to discover the hidden gems of Logrono and the captivating wine region of La Rioja. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a history buff, or a food lover, Logrono has something to offer every visitor. So, sit back, relax, and let’s embark on an unforgettable evening in this remarkable Spanish destination.


Exploring Logrono

Once you arrive in Logrono, you’ll be enchanted by its picturesque streets, inviting squares, and lively atmosphere. Start your exploration by taking a leisurely stroll through the city’s historic center. As you wander through the narrow cobblestone streets, you’ll come across charming plazas adorned with fountains and surrounded by historic buildings.


One of the highlights of Logrono is its tapas culture. Head to Calle del Laurel, the city’s gastronomic heart, and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere. The street is lined with a myriad of tapas bars, each offering a unique selection of mouthwatering dishes. Join the locals in a tradition known as “El Rastro,” where you can hop from bar to bar, sampling an array of delicious bites paired with local wines.


Make sure to visit the Mercado de San Blas, a bustling market where you can purchase fresh local produce, meats, and cheeses. Take a moment to soak in the vibrant atmosphere and even grab a quick bite to eat at one of the market’s food stalls.


No visit to Logrono would be complete without exploring its stunning parks and gardens. Head to the park along the Ebro River, where you can enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the riverbank. Take in the breathtaking views of the city’s skyline and the lush green landscapes that surround it.


If you’re a history enthusiast, be sure to visit the Santa Maria de la Redonda Cathedral. This impressive Gothic cathedral dates back to the 16th century and is known for its intricate architecture and stunning interior. Climb the bell tower for panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.


For art lovers, the Rioja Forum is a must-visit. This modern cultural center hosts art exhibitions, concerts, and performances throughout the year. Marvel at the contemporary works of local and international artists and immerse yourself in the vibrant art scene of Logrono.


As you explore Logrono, you’ll be captivated by the city’s blend of old-world charm and modern sophistication. From its historic sites to its lively tapas scene, Logrono offers a truly immersive experience that will leave you with lasting memories.


Wine Tasting in La Rioja

La Rioja is synonymous with exceptional wine, and a visit to Logrono would be incomplete without indulging in some wine-tasting experiences. The region’s unique microclimate, fertile soil, and dedication to winemaking have earned it worldwide recognition.


Start your wine journey by visiting some of the renowned wineries in the area. Many vineyards offer guided tours where you can learn about the winemaking process, from grape cultivation to bottling. Take a stroll through the vineyards, marvel at the rows of grapevines, and breathe in the aroma of the ripe berries.


During your winery visit, indulge in wine tastings led by knowledgeable sommeliers. They will guide you through the different varieties produced in La Rioja, including the popular Tempranillo, Garnacha, and Mazuelo grapes. Learn about the characteristics that make La Rioja wines unique, such as their intense flavor profiles, well-balanced tannins, and aging potential.


For an enhanced wine-tasting experience, consider pairing the wines with local gastronomic delights. Many wineries offer food and wine pairings, where you can savor traditional Spanish dishes that perfectly complement the flavors of the wines. Indulge in savory Rioja-style lamb, grilled vegetables, or Iberian ham while sipping on a glass of exquisite wine.


If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of La Rioja wines, don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Dinastia Vivanco Museum of Wine Culture. Located in the town of Briones, a short drive from Logrono, this unique museum showcases the history, art, and science of winemaking. Explore the extensive collection of wine-related artifacts, artworks, and even a vineyard and winery on-site.


La Rioja is also home to the Wine Route, a scenic road that winds through the picturesque landscapes of vineyards and wineries. Drive along this route to discover hidden gems, stop for tastings, and enjoy the breathtaking views of the rolling hills covered in grapevines.


Immerse yourself in the world of La Rioja wines and let your taste buds savor the exquisite flavors. Whether you’re an experienced oenophile or just beginning your wine journey, La Rioja will leave you with a deeper appreciation for the art of winemaking.


Gastronomic Delights

Logrono is a paradise for food lovers, offering a wide array of gastronomic delights that will tantalize your taste buds. The city is renowned for its tapas culture, allowing you to indulge in a culinary adventure like no other.


Head to the vibrant streets of Calle del Laurel, Calle San Juan, and Calle San Agustín, where you’ll find a plethora of tapas bars serving up delectable bites. Each bar specializes in its own unique delicacies, ranging from succulent grilled mushrooms known as “champis” to flavorful chorizo cooked to perfection.


As you navigate through the streets, be sure to try the local specialty known as pinchos. These bite-sized morsels are typically served on a slice of bread and topped with a combination of ingredients such as cured meats, cheeses, and marinated vegetables. Pair them with a glass of Rioja wine, and you’re in for a culinary delight.


In addition to tapas, Logrono boasts a thriving restaurant scene. From traditional taverns to Michelin-starred establishments, there is something to suit every palate. Indulge in hearty dishes like Rioja-style lamb, grilled prawns, or patatas a la riojana, a delicious potato and chorizo stew.


To truly immerse yourself in the local food culture, consider taking a cooking class. Learn how to prepare traditional Spanish dishes under the guidance of skilled chefs and gain insights into the culinary techniques and ingredients that make Spanish cuisine so special.


Don’t forget to explore the local markets, such as the Mercado de San Blas, where you can sample and purchase fresh regional produce, cheeses, and meats. Engage with the friendly vendors, indulge in tastings, and discover unique ingredients to take home as a delicious souvenir.


Logrono offers a gastronomic experience like no other, combining rich flavors, fresh ingredients, and a vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re a foodie or simply appreciate good cuisine, the city will leave you craving for more of its mouthwatering delights.


Historic Landmarks

Logrono is a city steeped in history, with a rich heritage that is reflected in its impressive collection of historic landmarks. As you wander through the streets, you’ll encounter architectural gems that showcase the city’s past.


A must-visit landmark is the Santa Maria de la Redonda Cathedral, an iconic symbol of Logrono. This magnificent Gothic cathedral dates back to the 16th century and boasts stunning architectural details, including intricate carvings and beautiful stained glass windows. Step inside to marvel at its grandeur and tranquility.


Continue your historic journey by visiting the Church of Santiago el Real. This Romanesque church, with its striking façade and ornate portal, is a true gem of architectural beauty. Step inside to admire the impressive altarpiece and soak in the serene atmosphere.


As you explore the city, you’ll come across the Puente de Piedra, the iconic stone bridge that spans the Ebro River. Dating back to the 12th century, this bridge offers breathtaking views of the river and the city skyline. Take a leisurely stroll across the bridge and imagine the history that has unfolded beneath your feet.


If you’re interested in learning more about Logrono’s history, be sure to visit the Museum of La Rioja. Housed in a 16th-century palace, the museum offers a fascinating insight into the region’s rich cultural heritage. Discover archaeological artifacts, artworks, and exhibits that depict the history and traditions of La Rioja.


While exploring the city, keep an eye out for remnants of the medieval walls that once surrounded Logrono. These ancient walls, such as the Revellin Wall and the Cubo del Revellin, serve as a reminder of the city’s fortification and provide an interesting glimpse into its past.


Logrono’s historic landmarks offer a captivating journey through time, allowing you to immerse yourself in the city’s fascinating history. From awe-inspiring cathedrals to ancient bridges, each landmark tells a story and adds to the charm and character of this remarkable Spanish destination.


Festivals and Events

Logrono is a city that knows how to celebrate. Throughout the year, the city comes alive with a variety of festivals and events that showcase its vibrant culture and traditions. Immerse yourself in the local festivities and experience the true spirit of Logrono.


One of the most significant events in Logrono is the San Mateo Festival, celebrated in honor of the city’s patron saint. Held in late September, this week-long fiesta is a lively extravaganza that attracts visitors from near and far. The festival is filled with processions, music concerts, fireworks, and traditional dances, offering a unique opportunity to witness and participate in the local traditions.


Another festival that should not be missed is the Batalla del Vino, or Wine Battle, which takes place on the 29th of June. Participants gather on a hillside outside the city, armed with buckets filled with red wine, and engage in a friendly battle, dousing each other with the delicious beverage. It’s a fun and memorable experience that showcases the city’s love for wine.


In addition to these major events, Logrono hosts a variety of cultural festivals throughout the year. The Jazzalo Festival, held in July, brings together renowned jazz musicians from around the world to perform in the city’s squares and venues. The Logrostock Music Festival, held in October, showcases local and national bands across various genres, creating a vibrant and energetic atmosphere.


For art enthusiasts, the Concéntrico Festival is a must-see. This annual event, held in April, brings contemporary art installations to the city’s streets and public spaces, transforming Logrono into an open-air museum.


Logrono’s festivals and events offer a glimpse into the city’s cultural heritage and provide an opportunity to celebrate alongside the locals. Whether you’re dancing in the streets during the San Mateo Festival or immersing yourself in the world of contemporary art during the Concéntrico Festival, these events will create memories that will last a lifetime.


Outdoor Activities

Logrono and its surrounding region of La Rioja offer a wealth of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure-seekers. From beautiful hiking trails to picturesque cycling routes, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors.


One of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of La Rioja is through hiking. Lace up your boots and explore the stunning landscapes of the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park, located just a short drive from Logrono. This protected area is home to diverse flora and fauna, and offers a range of trails suitable for all levels of difficulty. Admire panoramic views, tranquil streams, and forested valleys as you immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature.


Cycling enthusiasts will find a paradise in La Rioja. The region’s rolling hills, vineyard-covered landscapes, and well-maintained bike paths make it an ideal destination for cycling. Rent a bike and peddle your way through the charming medieval villages, passing by vineyards and wineries along the way. Explore the Wine Route, a scenic cycling route that showcases the region’s wine culture and offers breathtaking views of the countryside.


The Ebro River, which flows through Logrono, provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as kayaking and paddleboarding. Navigate the river’s gentle currents, taking in the picturesque surroundings and enjoying the peacefulness of the water. Alternatively, simply relax on the riverbank, go for a leisurely stroll, or have a picnic with a view.


Golf enthusiasts will be pleased to know that La Rioja boasts several top-notch golf courses. Tee off amidst stunning landscapes, surrounded by vineyards and rolling hills. Improve your swing while taking in the natural beauty of the region.


For a truly unique outdoor experience, consider visiting the Rioja Alta Adventure Park. Located in the nearby town of Ollauri, this adventure park offers thrilling zip lines, suspended bridges, and tree-top obstacle courses. Challenge yourself and enjoy an adrenaline-pumping adventure among the trees.


Logrono and La Rioja offer endless opportunities for outdoor activities, allowing you to connect with nature and experience the region’s beauty in a variety of ways. Whether you prefer hiking, biking, kayaking, or simply enjoying a peaceful walk along the river, there’s no shortage of outdoor adventures awaiting you in this picturesque Spanish destination.



Logrono, nestled in the heart of La Rioja, is a city that captivates visitors with its rich history, world-class wines, and gastronomic delights. From exploring its charming streets to indulging in the tapas culture, there is something for everyone in this vibrant Spanish destination.


Wine enthusiasts will be in paradise in Logrono, as it serves as the gateway to the renowned La Rioja wine region. Take a journey through the vineyards, visit wineries, and savor the flavors of the world-famous Rioja wines. Pair the wines with delectable local dishes and immerse yourself in the culinary traditions that make Logrono a gastronomic paradise.


But Logrono is not just about wine and food. The city boasts a rich history, reflected in its stunning architecture and historic landmarks. Marvel at the grandeur of the Santa Maria de la Redonda Cathedral, stroll across the iconic Puente de Piedra, and delve into the city’s past at the Museum of La Rioja. Each corner of Logrono tells a story, offering a glimpse into its fascinating heritage.


Throughout the year, Logrono comes alive with vibrant festivals and events. Whether you’re dancing during the San Mateo Festival, enjoying live music at the Logrostock Music Festival, or immersing yourself in contemporary art at the Concéntrico Festival, these events showcase the city’s cultural traditions and provide an opportunity to celebrate alongside the locals.


For outdoor enthusiasts, Logrono and its surrounding region offer a wide range of activities. Explore the natural beauty of La Rioja by hiking through the Sierra de Cebollera Natural Park, cycling along picturesque routes, or enjoying water sports on the Ebro River. Embrace the outdoors and experience the serenity of nature.


Logrono is a city that will enchant you with its blend of history, culture, wine, and gastronomy. Whether you’re exploring the historic landmarks, indulging in tapas and wine, or immersing yourself in the local festivities, Logrono promises to create lasting memories. Come and experience the magic of this beautiful Spanish wine region for yourself.