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5 Reasons To Buy Moroccan Lanterns In Rabat


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Tabinda M.

Featured Photo - 5 Reasons To Buy Moroccan Lanterns In Rabat

Moroccan lanterns are the most aesthetically pleasing piece of decoration you can own. They’re not your average lantern. Moroccan lanterns provide a perfect combination of rustic and ambient. Whether you hang one in your living room or sling one out on the porch, Moroccan lanterns will fit right in and offer just the right amount of ambiance. Even though Moroccan decor is rare, Moroccan lanterns stand out as very appealing. This is because of their unique design and artistic structure. Most of these designs are rooted in Moroccan art. Others are inspired by Moroccan history and traditional culture. And you can find plenty of these in Rabat. 


Moroccan lanterns come in different geometric shapes, sizes, colors, and forms. From henna lamps made from goat skins to glass stained lanterns, you’re bound to find a Moroccan lantern that suits your needs when you’re shopping and spending time in Rabat. Here are 5 reasons to buy Moroccan lanterns in Rabat.



They Create A Romantic Ambiance That Is To Die For

Several different kinds of lanterns  in a shop

Photo by Word English on Pixabay


Picture yourself hanging out with your family and friends on your porch, with a light breeze blowing and a warm glowing ambiance of a Moroccan lantern surrounding, almost cocooning you on all sides as you sit and spend quality time with those you love. It’s a pretty nice atmosphere if you ask us.


Moroccan lamps have a warm, ambient effect. Although almost all Morocco cities sell Moroccan lamps, Rabat is probably the most popular for it. And if you’re spending even a little time in the capital city of Morocco Rabat, be sure to get your hands on these beauties. Morocco lanterns are designed to reflect the culture, art, and tradition of Morocco itself.


So not only do you get to buy a great piece of decor for your home, but you also get to take a piece of Morocco itself. Every time you sit under the warm glowing ambiance of your Moroccan lanterns, you’ll be reminded of your trip to Rabat, Morocco.



Moroccan Lanterns Go Well With Any Design Theme 


Grey candle lantern

Photo by Vladimir Mokry on Unsplash


Moroccan lanterns are excellent at blending in with any design theme at all. So if you’re worried about whether that Moroccan lantern (you’ve been eyeing at a shop in the capital city of Morocco Rabat) would fit your house decor theme or not, you can rest assured that it will.


Whether you have a modern minimalist design theme or a vintage one, a Moroccan lantern will fit right in. You’ll come across several options to choose from at the shops in Morocco capital. With different geometric shapes and sizes, you’ll easily find a piece that fits your house theme well.


And if you’re in Morocco capital and thinking of passing up on the opportunity to buy a Moroccan lantern, just know that you won’t find this kind of quality anywhere else in the world. Morocco cities are the only places you can get an authentic, long-lasting and durable Moroccan lantern. And with the added benefit of simply blending in anywhere alongside the design theme of your home, a Moroccan lantern should definitely be a priority in the list of things you are planning to buy from Rabat.




They Make For Exotic Gifts & Long Lasting Souvenirs

Yellow lantern

Photo by Kerstin Riemer on Pixabay


Moroccan lanterns provide both rustic and a modern look at the same time, giving them this unique exotic appeal that is hard to match. And with unique traditional Moroccan designs, vivid geometric patterns, and long-term durability, Moroccan lanterns make for excellent gifts for family and friends.


They also offer a great deal of practicality. They are designed to provide the perfect ambient light to any room or place. So, if you’re looking for practical gift ideas while you’re in Rabat, make sure you check some of these Moroccan lanterns out.


They can also be used for a wide variety of occasions including holidays, events and family gatherings. For example, hanging these lanterns in your home during the Christmas holidays can add festivity to your house. Or perhaps you could use them during a birthday party of a dear friend giving the whole event a unique flair. Moroccan lanterns definitely offer value for money. If you invest in one, whether to get one yourself or to get it as a gift for a close friend, you won’t regret your decision.



Perfect For Both Indoor And Outdoor Space

Moroccan lanterns hanging in Rabat

Photo by Pixabay


Moroccan lanterns are highly flexible when it comes to using them as decorating pieces around the house. Their rustic and diverse geometric design gives them a unique quality of blending in almost anywhere. So, regardless of what the rest of the home looks like, these lanterns will fit right into the theme. And its durable nature makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor space.


You can decorate your front porch with them. Hang them in the backyard or sling them in your room. Do whatever you like. And you won’t have to worry about messing up the rest of your house theme at all. The fact that you can use them almost anywhere makes them irresistible.  In fact, many wedding planners now use these lanterns as their go-to decoration pieces at wedding events.



They Come In Different Shapes & Sizes

Lantern sitting at the edge of a balcony in Rabat

Photo by Ma Esch on Pixabay


Different geometric patterns and diverse shapes and sizes provide additional options to those buying Moroccan lanterns in Rabat. You’ll find that you have plenty of options to choose from and you’ll have an easy time finding a piece that suits your house theme.


One popular type of Moroccan lantern is known as henna. This lantern is made from goatskin and is hand-painted with traditional Moroccan designs. Overall, this combination gives the Moroccan lantern a rustic touch that makes them the ultimate decoration pieces. Stained glass Moroccan lanterns are pretty popular in Rabat too and definitely worth checking out.


What Are Moroccan Lanterns & Where To Buy Them in Rabat?

Moroccan lanterns are basically lamps that are designed to reflect traditional Moroccan art, architecture, and culture. The result is a beautiful and exotic-looking fluorescent lantern that makes for an excellent house decoration piece. They have gone through many changes over the years. Initially designed from stained glass and traditional metalwork, these lanterns now come in different shapes and sizes with diverse patterns, sometimes hand-painted.


And if you’re wondering where is Rabat and where you can find a lantern while you’re there, read on! Where is Rabat? Well, Rabat is the capital of Morocco is located on the Atlantic Coast. Finding these lanterns in Rabat is fairly easy. You’ll find plenty of shops selling these beautiful lanterns but Fes and Marrakech are good locations to keep an eye out for them. Look for 33 Rue Majorelle. This is a great souvenir shop in Marrakech and you’ll find good lanterns there. There are so beautiful places to visit in Morocco, but Rabat definitely stands out from them all. So be sure to make the most of your time and maybe grab one of these beautiful lanterns too?