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10 Ways To Make Your Time In Iceland Memorable


Modified: August 28, 2021

by Julia R.

Alt picture - 10 Ways To Make Your Time In Iceland Memorable

Are you planning to spend time in Iceland, the most visited tourist destination in Europe? Iceland is a Nordic nation found in Europe. It is famous for its unique physical features, landscape, volcanoes, and population. Iceland capital, Reykjavik is home to a majority of the locals in the country. Before you plan to have time in Iceland, you should research widely to find out more about this country. Knowing the best time to visit Iceland is of great importance. The weather and climate in this country are things to note before you start parking. This article gives you some tips that will help you enjoy your visit to Reykjavik, Iceland.



Enjoy The Late-Night Sightseeing

Aurora borealis on a night sky

Photo by Anton Nikolov on Unsplash


We have no nights in Iceland! It sounds funny, right?. You can enjoy the midnight sun in Iceland and view some of the breath-taking and captivating landscape in the country. During the day, some of the popular attractions in the country can be a bit crowded. You can therefore easily find your way through the city and feel the nature in some of the famous destinations here during the night when everyone is asleep, and the roads are quiet.


If you are afraid of walking in the night alone, you can hire some experienced guards in tour companies to guide you in the process. However, do not forget to carry your sleeping mask just in case you start dozing.



Be A Chef When You Spend Time In Iceland

Woman standing in front of cooking range holding flower's leaves

Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash


Ideally, cooking your meals while on a trip is the most economical way of spending time in Iceland. You don’t have to frequent the restaurants in Iceland if you are looking forward to getting the best out of your travel budget. The country is home to some of the best five-star restaurants and hotels in Europe that will have you spending more on meals. Hence, you can buy fresh vegetables and meat from the local farmers and prepare your favourite meal more comfortably.


However, when travelling on a strict budget, you can survive on a meal a day and never forget to accept the free lunch that the locals are willing to offer you. Eating out once in the restaurants will not cost you much, but you must not be fond of eating in high-end restaurants throughout the day if you intend to save some money for your return trip.



Ride-On The Local Roads

The landscape of asphalt road

Photo by Matt Palmer on Unsplash


Iceland is the best place on the planet to take a ride. You can spend time in Iceland away from the noise in the busy capital. Rent a car from one of the reputable tour companies and ride along the open country road. When Iceland weather allows you to take a ride, do not hesitate to travel throughout the country. Visit every place on the Iceland map from the secret lagoon Iceland to the famous Blue Lagoon.


You can cover the Icelandic ring road and explore the entire Iceland country to get to know every corner in the country. Some extraordinary sites in Iceland are far away from the capital city. Note that you can drive and cover the whole country in just two days. And be on the lookout for some of the most breath-taking waterfalls in Iceland. By the end of your stay in Iceland, you should be proud of spending time in Iceland to the fullest.



Always Go For The Fresh Food

When you travel to spend time in Iceland, you should be ready to dig deep into your pockets. Junk food here is a bit expensive. An alternative to the junk food is buying directly from farmers and local traders who have established self-service huts along the roads. You can, therefore, buy fresh meat, fruits, and vegetables straight from the farm and avoid the overpriced junk food in the service stations found along the streets.



Stay Outdoors And Enjoy Camping

Camping in tents is the best way of spending your time in Iceland. By camping, you get to feel nature at night when you retire to bed. Camping also complements night sightseeing. You can have a rest in your camping tent when you are exhausted, and you can no longer strain your eyes in the midnight sun. Trust me. Nothing comes close to the feeling you get whenever you sleep in a tent while camping.


You can swim in one of the Iceland hot springs before you retire to bed. Note that wild camping is never allowed in Iceland. You can, therefore, camp in any of the designated campsites in the villages and towns. Erect your tent in these locations to spend a night away from the busy city. When you decide to camp in farms, you may, however, pay the local farmers some small amount to be hosted there. While camping, you should always keep the environment clean and better than you found it.



Visit The Famous Blue Lagoon In Iceland 

Ice bag mountain in Iceland

Image by Sebastian Schellbach-Kragh on Pixabay


There is no better way to spend time in Iceland than visiting the Blue Lagoon Iceland. The Blue Lagoon Iceland is some miles away from Keflavik International Airport, and the country’s capital, Reykjavik. As soon as you land in the country, you can take a taxi to this place and enjoy yourself all day. Begin your journey to witness the beauty of this country. Start by visiting sites with favorable Iceland weather. The secret lagoon Iceland is an excellent destination for first-time visitors in Iceland.



Interact With The Locals

Iceland is home to friendly and kind people. Despite living in an unforgiving environment and harsh climate round the year, the locals here will however still welcome you with a smile on their face when you come to spend time in Iceland. They are willing to offer you a helping hand and a place to spend your night. The report by the World Economic Forum can testify to this. Iceland is known to be the most friendly and peaceful place to live on the planet.


You will not get lost when you decide to spend time in Iceland. The locals will guide you when you are stuck on the way to keep you going. Feel free to interact with the locals. You can always start the conversation when you meet an Icelander since most of them speak English as their second language. Conversing and interacting with Icelanders will, therefore, help you understand the hidden attributes of the people living here.



Sleep In A Local Farmhouse

When you visit Iceland, you don’t have to worry about where you will spend the night. You can sleep in the local farmhouse to get the feeling of being an Icelander. You can have a taste of the local foods from the lodging facilities provided by the local farmers. Some of the lodgings are large enough to accommodate you and your friends. Otherwise, you can also go for private cottages and huts to spend your night there.


Apart from spending your night in the farmhouse, the local farmers will give you the chance to ride on their horses and enjoy walking around the beautiful landscape with the Icelandic sheepdog. You can visit some of the places on the Iceland map without worrying about your security. The Icelanders will keep you company as you explore the beauty of nature hidden in this fascinating part of the world and spend your time in Iceland.



Try Some ‘Near Beer’

Drinking beer or other alcoholic drinks in Iceland is prohibited. However, this does not mean that the supermarkets here do not have beers. The local supermarkets stock soft drinks – what the locals call “near beer.” These drinks are cheap, and if you don’t realize it, you may end up filling your shopping cart. You will never get drunk with these drink brands no matter how much you drink. If you visit,  try not to shop for beer in the supermarkets.


The drinks will otherwise leave you with no hangovers the following morning but can keep the party going lively. As an “alcohol-free country,” you have a reason to spend time in Iceland.  The drinks have almost zero alcohol content, and the locals know it better than you do. To get a pure beer therefore, you will have to visit Vinbudin, which are state-run stores that sell alcoholic drinks to the local people and visitors.



Soak Into Iceland’s Hot Springs

Two women sitting on a stream leading to a mountain in Iceland

Photo by Jordan Donaldson on Unsplash


You can visit the Iceland hot springs and take a shower with your friends. Icelanders take outdoor bathing in hot springs an essential and cultural activity. At the hot springs, people from different places and professions come to relax with their friends and spend their time in Iceland. When you visit Iceland, do not go back home before you visit a public bath point during your stay. Bathing in the hot springs is a feeling you will never forget. You leave the water relived and lighter to face the day ahead. You can take a public bath at the famous Reykjadalur River.


Final Thoughts

When you arrive in Iceland by plane, you can take a taxi to the city’s capital Reykjavik, which is just 50 km away from the famous Keflavik International Airport. It will only take you 45 minutes to get to the country’s capital from Reykjavík airport. If you are travelling in a group, you can get to various destinations in the country with a taxi. You can get a cab from Reykjavík airport. You will spend some thousand Kronur to get to most places close to the country’s capital and spend your time in Iceland.


Ultimately, Iceland is the world’s best tourist destination in the world to spend your long vacation and meet the famous Icelandic sheepdog, given the variety of physical features and the rich diversity that people witness when they visit the country.