5 Must-Visit Waterfalls In Iceland

July 23, 2019

by Angelo Schneider

Iceland's Beautiful Waterfall
Photo by D L on Pixabay

Iceland, the land of Fire and Ice, as it is known, is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Although the country is tiny, Iceland holds many of the world’s natural beauty.


The Icelanders are known to have a very deep relationship with their natural surroundings. Who can blame them? They have everything from the amazing northern lights to the roaring active volcanoes, to the thousands of waterfalls that are scattered all over the country. Waterfalls in Iceland are amongst the most beautiful in the world, and if you’re coming to the country, you better not miss it! A trip to the waterfalls is more than just the stunning view. It’ll be an adventure like you haven’t experience before. Don’t forget to pack your best hiking shoes and get ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime.


Check Out Our Top 5 Must-Visit Waterfalls In Iceland Below


The Breathtaking Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

Seljalandsfoss during sunset

Photo By David Mark on Pixabay


Located just 90 minutes away from the capital, Reykjavik, is the Seljalandsfoss, one of the most beautiful and famous waterfalls in Iceland.


The Seljalandsfoss waterfall has a height of around 60 meters with water plunging from an ancient cliff.


Many visitors have fallen in love with this waterfall. Why? Because here you can actually walk behind it! There is a wide cavern behind the falls, which allows visitors to go all the way around it. Go inside the falls and have a spectacular view of the water cascading with the horizon in the background! The view most people dream of seeing. With that in mind, we recommend going early to beat the crowds. Who doesn’t want to enjoy this beautiful view to themselves?


A trip to Seljalandsfoss waterfall will be one for the books. Don’t forget to take the perfect photo of this unique waterfall!

Be advised that the paths inside the falls can be slippery, so mind your steps!




The Popular Gullfoss Falls

The powerful Gulfoss of Iceland

Photo by Arnaud STECKLE on Unsplash


In Icelandic, Gullfoss translates to “The Golden Waterfall.” This is because, in the right lighting, the colour of the water can look as if it’s gold. Who knows, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see this magical moment. The Gullfoss falls in Iceland is located close to the tourist route called the Golden Circle, making it one of the most visited waterfalls in Iceland. With the massive area surrounding the fall, you don’t have to worry about the crowds. There are many viewpoints to see this famous waterfall up close.


Another reason for its popularity is that Gullfoss is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Iceland. Its 32 meters high and surrounded by untouched nature, giving visitors a majestic view like no other. It is so powerful that the government attempted to harness the power to create hydroelectric power. But don’t worry, it’s not going to happen. Remember we said that the Icelanders have a deep connection to their nature? Yep, thanks to them, Gullfoss waterfall will still be there when you visit.



The Picturesque Skogafoss

Skogafoss in Iceland

Photo by Rio Hodges on Unsplash


If you’re looking to get up and close to a waterfall and really soak up the moment, Skogafoss is a perfect choice! It’s a big waterfall with a 60-meter drop, causing a large number of sprays. Stand next to the fall and let yourself covered by it. It’ll be the wettest waterfalls experience in Iceland. If you don’t like to get wet, you can enjoy the view from the top. The challenge is, however, you’ll have to walk up around 500 steps. The choice is yours.


On sunny days, you’ll have the chance to see rainbows and even double rainbows displayed here. A view just like you see in a painting.


Skogafoss is also located close to Seljalandsfoss waterfall, so a trip to both beautiful waterfalls in one day is possible! However, if a one-time journey to Skogafoss is not enough for you, a camping site is available here. If you have the time, why not? Hike the beautiful surroundings and watch Skogafoss one more time before on to your next adventure to see the amazing waterfalls in Iceland.



The Mighty Dettifoss

Iceland's Powerful Dettifoss

Photo by Ben Klea on Unsplash


Let us present to you the most powerful waterfall in Europe. Your trip to see the waterfalls in Iceland wouldn’t be complete without witnessing one of the most powerful acts nature has to offer. Dettifoss stands large at 44 meters and 100-meter wide. This beautiful beast is located in the north of Iceland, with water flowing from one of Iceland’s many glaciers, the Vatnajökull, also the largest glacier in Europe.


With the massive amount of water plunging down the fall, you’ll feel the ground beneath you trembling.

There are two viewing points that you can take. Getting from one side to another will take around an hour drive, so if you don’t have the time, you’ll have to choose. The west side of Dettifoss offers a closer view and the full view of the waterfall. On the east side, you won’t be able to see the whole picture, but it’ll give you a closer look to the drop itself.



The Beautiful Glymur Waterfall

Iceland's Finest the Glymur

Photo by Alexander Milo on Unsplash


Last but not least, is Glymur, the second-highest waterfall in Iceland. You might be wondering why the tallest waterfall in the country, Morsafoss is not mentioned here. Well, this is because Morsafoss is extremely dangerous and hard to reach if you want to see it up close. So, Glymur, with easier accessibility and almost as high (a staggering 196 meters), is another option and by no means, less beautiful.


A trip to Glymur will be the most adventurous journey you’ll do here in Iceland. The one where you’ll need to work hard to get the reward. Yes, we’re talking about a long 2-hour hike (4 hours round trip) before you can see the stunning up-close view of Glymur. The hike itself is an attraction. It offers gorgeous scenery, but keep in mind that it’s also challenging. If you’re afraid of heights, this one might not be for you. You’ll need to climb up many steep paths, looking down the cliffs.


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