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What To Expect And Prepare When Travelling With A Toddler


Modified: March 16, 2023

by Cherin Ng

Image by Andrei Miranchuk on Unsplash
A back view shot of a mother carrying her toddler while overlooking a sunset view.

Traveling with children, no matter their age can be difficult, and understandably so. A few days away from home can prove taxing for us adults, how much more are our children who are more susceptible and sensitive to changes? While we cannot change or determine how our children are on trips, as parents, we can learn what to expect and prepare. 


Research For Travel Supplies 

Running out of essential supplies can be a nightmare when traveling with a toddler. Especially things like diapers, formula, wipes, etc. Types and designs of products may differ from country to country. So it can be tricky to find specific things, such as the right diaper size for your baby,  or the exact medicine the pediatrician prescribed. Carve out time to research and pack sufficient supplies. You never know how extra diapers, appropriate clothes, and even toddler beds can come in handy. 

Monitoring Your Child’s Health

Traveling can take a toll on children, from ruining their appetite to messing up their sleep schedules. It can completely throw them off course and affect them heavily. A happy-go-lucky toddler’s demeanor can change when they are stressed from traveling. When traveling with a toddler,  always monitor their health. How they’re behaving, how they’re eating, how they’re sleeping, all of these will indicate if their health has been compromised. 


Monitor your toddler’s health before you travel. Pack necessary medicines and equipment in your carry-on, and keep them close at hand at all times. 


Managing Your Toddler’s Diet During Traveling 

Eating properly may not always be possible when traveling with a toddler. They’ll lose their appetite and want to eat junk food; it’s part of the deal! Toddlers may refuse to eat their recommended vegetables and fruits and instead dive into all the sugary-fatty goodness. While it is alright to allow them some sugary indulgence, when on vacation however, be mindful and observe their intake of junk food so they don’t go overboard and become sick.

What Snacks Do I Pack When I’m Traveling With A Toddler?

When you’re traveling with your toddler, remember to pack some snacks. Now, these snacks can be some of their favorites and healthy ones. You can pack some chips, cookies, gummies, or homemade goodies. For healthy snacks, you can make cereal or granola bars, fruit roll-ups, cucumber or carrot sticks, apple slices, and grapes. It is best to avoid processed plain foods as this can make your child sick and cause tummy aches. Also, remember not to overfeed them with snacks, as this may ruin their appetite and make them feel worse once you reach the destination. Happy travels!


Expect A lot Of Mood Swings

Toddlers can be subject to mood swings and easy irritability. You can’t expect them to behave like adults. Moreover, even the happiest toddler’s mood can change when they’re away from home. So keep some toys, books, or other favorite things of your toddlers on hand to keep them busy on flights or cars to manage their boredom.


What Can I Do To Keep My Toddler Busy On The Plane?

Long flights can be pretty boring for us adults, so it can be even more irritable for toddlers. Pack their favorite toys and books, or keep them occupied with screens on the seats or your phone. You can download their favorite cartoons and movies on your phone, so they can enjoy them uninterrupted. One great way to keep your toddlers entertained is with drawing books. Carry a drawing book and color pencils with you so they can pass the time coloring pictures. You can also give your toddlers candies or cookies to pass out to other toddlers and babies on the plane.

Prioritise Safety

The biggest challenge of them all is keeping your toddler safe when you’re traveling with them. Toddlers will want to run around and be free, and keeping them close to you can prove tricky in crowded situations. If they’re traveling in strollers or bassinets, making your way through crowds with one can be difficult. It can freak out your toddler as well. Keep a close eye on them at all times, and allow them to move freely except in crowds. Don’t let them out of your sight for once. 


Plan Your Expenses In Advance

It is no surprise that traveling with toddlers can be expensive. You’ll have to pay more for everything from flights to accommodations, thinking of your child. In addition, when you’re on holiday in a different country or state, your toddlers may throw tantrums to buy a toy or ice cream, which you’ll buy for them. Although these expenses seem minor, they can add up to a large amount.


You will want to ensure a fun vacation for your family, so you’ll take your toddler to amusement parks, aquarium parks, and gift shops, and treat them to other forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, these can be pretty costly. So, consider the costs and plan accordingly; you don’t want to encounter embarrassing financial situations. Read on to find out how you can stick closely to your travel budget