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Who Owns Azamara Cruise Line


by Pegeen Rey



Azamara Cruise Line is a popular choice among travelers looking for an unforgettable cruise experience. With its commitment to providing luxury, personalized service, and immersive itineraries, Azamara has become a leading name in the world of cruising. This article will delve into the history of Azamara Cruise Line, explore its ownership, highlight its cruise ships and itineraries, discuss partnerships and alliances, and shed light on its future plans and expansion.


When it comes to cruising, Azamara stands out for its unique approach. The cruise line aims to create a boutique hotel-like experience on the high seas, catering to the discerning traveler seeking authentic and immersive experiences. From carefully crafted itineraries that span the globe to its commitment to exceptional service, Azamara is dedicated to going above and beyond to exceed guest expectations.


Azamara Cruise Line was founded in 2007, but its history can be traced back to a much earlier time. It emerged as a result of the Royal Caribbean Group’s effort to expand its presence in the luxury cruise market. The company saw an opportunity to create a cruise line that would differentiate itself by focusing on destination immersion and personalized experiences.


Since its inception, Azamara has carved a niche for itself by providing longer stays and overnight stays in ports, giving passengers the opportunity to explore each destination in-depth. This emphasis on destination immersion sets Azamara apart from other cruise lines, allowing guests to truly connect with the cultures, traditions, and people of the places they visit.


With its unique approach and dedication to customer satisfaction, Azamara Cruise Line has gained a loyal following of cruisers who appreciate its intimate ships, immersive itineraries, and outstanding service. In the following sections, we’ll dive deeper into the history, ownership, cruise ships and itineraries, partnerships, and future plans of Azamara Cruise Line.


History of Azamara Cruise Line

The history of Azamara Cruise Line dates back to 2007 when the Royal Caribbean Group decided to establish a new brand that would cater to the luxury cruise market. The company recognized a growing demand for cruise experiences that focused on destination immersion and personalized service, setting the stage for the birth of Azamara.


Azamara’s roots, however, can be traced back further to two other well-established cruise lines – Renaissance Cruises and Pullmantur Cruises. Renaissance Cruises, known for its small luxury ships, ceased operations in 2001. At the time, Royal Caribbean acquired eight of Renaissance’s vessels, two of which would later become part of Azamara’s fleet.


After acquiring the ships, Royal Caribbean proceeded to create a new brand that would embody the qualities it envisioned for a luxury cruise experience. In 2007, Azamara Club Cruises was launched, with the Azamara Journey and Azamara Quest as its initial ships.


Azamara set itself apart by offering longer stays in ports and overnight stays, allowing passengers to have a more immersive experience in each destination. The focus on destination immersion, combined with exceptional service, quickly gained the attention of travelers seeking a more intimate and authentic cruise experience.


In 2010, Azamara Club Cruises embarked on a rebranding phase to further refine its image and appeal. The company dropped the “Club” from its name and became simply Azamara, signaling its commitment to luxury and exclusivity.


Over the years, Azamara continued to expand its fleet and refine its itineraries, offering cruises to all corners of the globe. The cruise line introduced its third ship, the Azamara Pursuit, in 2018, further enhancing its capacity to cater to more passengers.


Under the leadership of its president and CEO, Carol Cabezas, Azamara focuses on delivering a personalized and intimate cruising experience. The company strives to create a sense of community onboard, fostering connections among passengers and crew members and ensuring that every guest feels valued and well-cared for throughout their journey.


Azamara has earned a reputation for its commitment to excellence, garnering numerous industry awards and accolades along the way. The cruise line’s dedication to offering unique itineraries and providing impeccable service has solidified its position as a top choice for luxury cruising enthusiasts.


Ownership of Azamara Cruise Line

Azamara Cruise Line is currently owned by Sycamore Partners, a leading private equity firm based in New York City. The acquisition of Azamara by Sycamore Partners took place in early 2021, marking a significant milestone in the cruise line’s history.


Prior to being owned by Sycamore Partners, Azamara Cruise Line was a subsidiary of the Royal Caribbean Group. The Royal Caribbean Group, one of the world’s largest cruise companies, is known for its portfolio of renowned cruise brands, including Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea Cruises.


The decision to sell Azamara to Sycamore Partners was driven by the Royal Caribbean Group’s strategic goals and focus on its core brands. By divesting Azamara, the Royal Caribbean Group aimed to streamline its operations and concentrate its efforts on its other cruise lines.


Sycamore Partners, known for its expertise in retail and consumer investments, saw the potential in Azamara Cruise Line and recognized the value of the brand. With its deep industry knowledge and proven track record of successful investments, Sycamore Partners saw an opportunity to further enhance and expand Azamara’s offerings.


With the transition to new ownership, Azamara Cruise Line continues to operate as a distinct brand, maintaining its focus on providing an exceptional luxury cruise experience. The change in ownership brings new opportunities for growth, investment, and innovation for the cruise line.


Under the leadership of Sycamore Partners, Azamara aims to build upon its strong foundation and solidify its position as a leading luxury cruise brand. The new ownership is committed to enhancing the guest experience, investing in the fleet, and expanding the range of itineraries and destinations.


Despite the change in ownership, Azamara continues to prioritize its core values of destination immersion, personalized service, and creating memorable experiences for its passengers. The cruise line remains dedicated to delivering exceptional service, captivating itineraries, and fostering a sense of community onboard.


As Azamara Cruise Line enters this new chapter under the ownership of Sycamore Partners, passengers can expect a continued commitment to excellence and an unwavering focus on creating unforgettable luxury cruise vacations.


Cruise Ships and Itineraries

Azamara Cruise Line offers a fleet of three intimate and luxurious ships: the Azamara Journey, Azamara Quest, and Azamara Pursuit. These mid-sized vessels are designed to provide an intimate and comfortable cruising experience, accommodating between 690 and 777 passengers.


The ships of Azamara are renowned for their elegant design and a host of amenities that cater to the discerning traveler. From the spacious staterooms and suites to the variety of dining options and relaxing spa facilities, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to create a luxurious and memorable onboard experience.


Azamara Cruise Line offers a range of itineraries that span the globe, allowing passengers to explore fascinating destinations on different continents. The cruise line focuses on destination immersion, offering longer stays and overnight port visits to give passengers ample time to explore and experience the culture, history, and attractions of each location.


The itineraries of Azamara include popular destinations such as the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, South America, Asia, and the Pacific. Passengers can embark on a journey across the sparkling Mediterranean, visiting iconic cities like Barcelona, Rome, and Santorini. Alternatively, they can set sail for the picturesque fjords of Norway or the adventure-filled waters of Alaska, immersing themselves in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature.


For those seeking exotic experiences, Azamara offers cruises to explore the vibrant cultures and stunning landscapes of Asia, including destinations like Japan, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Passengers can also venture into the heart of South America, discovering the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru or exploring the vibrant cities of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro.


Azamara Cruise Line also offers themed cruises, catering to specific interests and passions. These include wine-themed voyages that take passengers through renowned wine regions, allowing them to indulge in tastings and vineyard visits. Additionally, there are culinary-focused cruises that provide the opportunity to savor local flavors and partake in cooking demonstrations led by renowned chefs.


Regardless of the itinerary chosen, Azamara ensures that guests have a seamless and enriching experience both on and off the ship. The cruise line is committed to curating unique shore excursions that offer authentic and immersive experiences, allowing passengers to connect with the local culture, history, and natural wonders of each destination.


With its fleet of intimate ships and diverse itineraries, Azamara Cruise Line offers a truly exceptional cruising experience, providing passengers with the opportunity to create cherished memories as they explore the world in style and luxury.


Partnerships and Alliances

Azamara Cruise Line has established strategic partnerships and alliances with various organizations to enhance the guest experience and offer unique opportunities both on and off the ship. These partnerships range from collaborations with renowned brands to affiliations with local communities in destination ports.


One notable partnership that Azamara has entered into is with PerryGolf, a leading provider of luxury golf travel experiences. Through this collaboration, Azamara offers immersive golf cruises that combine exceptional golfing opportunities with exceptional cruise experiences. Passengers have the chance to play at world-class golf courses in stunning destinations, all while enjoying Azamara’s luxury amenities and personalized service.


Azamara has also partnered with renowned travel companies to offer exclusive experiences and benefits to its passengers. For instance, through its partnership with Cox & Kings, a luxury travel company, Azamara offers access to unique pre-and-post cruise land tours, providing passengers with the opportunity to further explore the destinations they visit in greater depth.


Another partnership that enriches the guest experience is Azamara’s collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF). As part of this alliance, Azamara promotes sustainable travel practices and supports WWF’s conservation efforts. Passengers can participate in onboard educational programs and initiatives that raise awareness about environmental protection and wildlife conservation.


Azamara Cruise Line has also formed alliances with local communities in destination ports to deliver authentic and immersive experiences for its guests. Through these partnerships, Azamara ensures that passengers have access to unique cultural events, local guides, and off-the-beaten-path experiences that showcase the true essence of each destination visited.


Furthermore, Azamara is a member of the Royal Caribbean Group’s family of brands and benefits from synergies with its sister companies. This partnership enables guests of Azamara to take advantage of shared resources and services, enhancing the overall cruise experience. For instance, passengers may have access to joint loyalty programs, shared amenities, and the ability to seamlessly transfer between different brands within the Royal Caribbean Group.


These partnerships and alliances reflect Azamara’s commitment to providing exceptional and enriching experiences for its guests. By collaborating with leading names in the industry and fostering relationships with local communities, Azamara Cruise Line ensures that passengers can immerse themselves in the destinations they visit and create lasting memories during their cruise journeys.


Future Plans and Expansion

Azamara Cruise Line has exciting plans for future growth and expansion to further enhance its offerings and meet the evolving needs and desires of its passengers. Under the new ownership of Sycamore Partners, Azamara is focused on building a brighter future for the cruise line.


One of the key areas of focus for Azamara’s future plans is fleet enhancement and modernization. The cruise line is committed to investing in its current ships and exploring opportunities to add new vessels to its fleet. This will allow Azamara to expand its capacity and offer even more diverse itineraries to passengers seeking immersive and luxurious cruise experiences.


In addition to fleet expansion, Azamara is dedicated to continuously improving onboard amenities and services. This includes enhancing the dining experience with new culinary concepts and partnerships with renowned chefs, as well as enhancing the overall guest experience through enriched entertainment options and luxurious accommodations.


Azamara also seeks to expand its global reach by exploring new destinations and ports of call. As part of its commitment to destination immersion, the cruise line is continually researching and developing itineraries that delve into lesser-known and off-the-beaten-path destinations. This allows passengers to uncover hidden gems and indulge in unique cultural experiences during their voyages.


Furthermore, Azamara aims to leverage its partnerships and alliances to offer exclusive access and curated experiences for its guests. The cruise line will continue to collaborate with renowned travel brands, destination communities, and cultural organizations to bring passengers one-of-a-kind encounters and enriching experiences both on and off the ship.


As the cruise industry evolves, Azamara recognizes the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation. The cruise line is committed to implementing eco-friendly practices and adopting technologies that reduce its ecological footprint. Azamara plans to further integrate sustainable initiatives and support local communities in the destinations it visits to ensure a positive impact on both the environment and the people who call these places home.


Lastly, Azamara Cruise Line aims to strengthen its position as a leader in luxury cruising by focusing on exceptional service and personalized experiences. The cruise line will continue to invest in training and development programs for its dedicated crew members to deliver unparalleled service that exceeds guest expectations and creates unforgettable memories.


With its ambitious future plans and commitment to excellence, Azamara Cruise Line is set to continue providing extraordinary cruise experiences that captivate and inspire travelers from around the world.



Azamara Cruise Line has established itself as a leading name in the luxury cruise industry, offering a unique and immersive experience for travelers seeking unforgettable adventures. With its focus on destination immersion, exceptional service, and intimate ships, Azamara has captured the hearts of cruisers around the world.


Throughout its history, Azamara has evolved and expanded, constantly striving to exceed guest expectations. The recent acquisition by Sycamore Partners has brought new opportunities for growth and innovation, ensuring a bright future for the cruise line.


From the luxurious accommodations and dining options to the carefully crafted itineraries that explore diverse destinations, Azamara Cruise Line takes pride in delivering an extraordinary experience at every turn. Passengers have the opportunity to discover hidden gems, connect with local cultures, and create cherished memories, all while being pampered with personalized service.


The partnerships and alliances formed by Azamara further enhance the guest experience, providing access to exclusive opportunities and unique encounters. From golf cruises to collaborations with renowned travel brands and a commitment to wildlife conservation, Azamara goes above and beyond to deliver unforgettable moments for its passengers.


Looking ahead, Azamara plans to continue its expansion by investing in fleet enhancement, onboard amenities, and global destinations. The cruise line is dedicated to providing exceptional service, curating enriching experiences, and embracing sustainability to minimize its ecological impact.


As Azamara Cruise Line embarks on this exciting journey, passengers can expect to be transported to captivating destinations, immersed in vibrant cultures, and treated to a luxury experience like no other. Whether it’s exploring ancient ruins, teeing off at breathtaking golf courses, or simply relaxing onboard in pure indulgence, Azamara promises an unforgettable voyage that will leave a lasting impression.


For those seeking a luxury cruise experience that combines world-class service, immersive itineraries, and unparalleled attention to detail, Azamara Cruise Line offers an extraordinary journey that will create memories to last a lifetime.