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Treat Yo’self: My Lufthansa Business Class Flight Review


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Ferdinande Oglesby



Welcome aboard! Today, I am going to take you on an exhilarating journey with me as I recount my experience flying in Lufthansa Business Class. As an avid traveler with a passion for luxury, I had high expectations for my flight, and Lufthansa did not disappoint. From the moment I stepped foot on the aircraft, I was greeted with warm smiles and impeccable service, setting the stage for an extraordinary travel experience.


Flying business class with Lufthansa is like stepping into a whole new world of comfort and exclusivity. With spacious seating, delectable cuisine, top-notch amenities, and attentive service, it is undoubtedly a treat that every traveler should indulge in at least once in their lifetime. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, Lufthansa Business Class offers the perfect blend of luxury and functionality.


In this comprehensive review, I will delve into each aspect of my Lufthansa Business Class experience, from the seamless booking process to the in-flight entertainment options. So fasten your seat belts and get ready for a captivating journey through the skies with Lufthansa.


Booking Process

Booking a Lufthansa Business Class ticket is a hassle-free process that can be done online or through a travel agent. The airline’s user-friendly website allows passengers to easily search for flights, select their preferred dates, and choose the Business Class cabin option.


One of the notable features of the Lufthansa website is the ability to view a comprehensive overview of the available flights along with their respective prices. This enables passengers to compare different options and choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.


As a bonus, Lufthansa offers a frequent flyer program called Miles & More, allowing passengers to earn miles that can be redeemed for future flights or other benefits. This program adds value to the booking process, giving passengers a chance to earn rewards for their loyalty.


For a more personalized booking experience, passengers can also reach out to a Lufthansa representative or visit one of their booking offices. The staff members are knowledgeable and ready to assist in ensuring a seamless booking process.


Additionally, Lufthansa partners with other airlines in the Star Alliance, creating a vast network that offers numerous flight combinations and connectivity options. This means that even if Lufthansa does not fly to your destination directly, you can still enjoy the luxury of their Business Class by taking a connecting flight.


Overall, the booking process with Lufthansa is efficient and user-friendly, providing passengers with a range of options to suit their preferences. From online booking to personal assistance, Lufthansa ensures that passengers have a smooth experience from the very start of their journey.


Lounge Access

The Lufthansa Business Class experience begins even before boarding the aircraft, with access to the exclusive Lufthansa Business Class lounges. These luxurious spaces provide a haven of relaxation and comfort, allowing passengers to unwind before their flight.


Upon entering the lounge, I was immediately impressed by the elegant and modern design. The soothing color scheme, comfortable seating options, and ambient lighting created a tranquil atmosphere that set the tone for a blissful pre-flight experience.


The lounge amenities are designed to cater to the needs of business travelers and those seeking a moment of relaxation. High-speed Wi-Fi is available, ensuring seamless connectivity for work or leisure purposes. Private workstations with charging ports allow passengers to catch up on last-minute tasks or prepare for their next business meeting.


The food and beverage offerings in the lounge are exceptional. From delicious hot and cold dishes to a wide selection of beverages, there is something to satisfy every palate. I particularly enjoyed the made-to-order food stations, where skilled chefs prepared delectable meals right in front of me.


In addition to the culinary delights, the lounge also features a well-stocked bar, offering a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you prefer a glass of champagne or a refreshing mocktail, the attentive lounge staff is always ready to serve with a smile.


For those seeking a moment of relaxation, the lounges also offer spa and wellness facilities. From rejuvenating massages to refreshing showers, these amenities provide a valuable opportunity to revitalize before a long journey.


One of the highlights of the lounge experience is the personalized service provided by the dedicated lounge staff. From assisting with travel arrangements to answering any inquiries, their commitment to customer satisfaction is evident.


In summary, the lounge access offered with Lufthansa Business Class is a true reflection of the airline’s commitment to luxury and comfort. It elevates the travel experience, making it more than just a means of transportation. The lounge amenities, personalized service, and inviting ambiance create a memorable pre-flight experience that sets the stage for the exceptional journey ahead.


In-Flight Amenities

Once onboard, the pampering continues with an array of amenities provided by Lufthansa Business Class. From comfortable bedding to premium toiletries, these amenities are designed to enhance the travel experience and ensure maximum comfort throughout the flight.


One of the standout features of Lufthansa Business Class is the fully flatbed seats, which provide an unparalleled level of comfort for long-haul flights. The seats are ergonomically designed and come with various adjustments, allowing passengers to find their preferred position for relaxation or sleep. The bedding provided, including a plush pillow and cozy blanket, adds an extra touch of luxury to ensure a restful journey.


To keep passengers refreshed throughout the flight, Lufthansa provides a comprehensive amenity kit filled with high-quality skincare products from renowned brands. From moisturizers to lip balms, these amenities help passengers combat the dryness often associated with long flights.


For entertainment, Lufthansa offers a state-of-the-art entertainment system with a wide selection of movies, TV shows, music, and games. The large personal screens and noise-canceling headphones guarantee an immersive and enjoyable entertainment experience in the air.


An additional amenity that enhances the comfort of the journey is the presence of power outlets and USB ports at each seat. This allows passengers to stay connected, charge their electronic devices, and work efficiently throughout the flight.


Lufthansa also pays attention to the smallest details when it comes to in-flight amenities. From warm towels to freshen up before meals to an assortment of snacks and drinks available on-demand, every aspect is carefully considered to ensure a pleasant and enjoyable flight experience.


Finally, Lufthansa Business Class passengers also have access to spacious and immaculately maintained lavatories, equipped with toiletries and other essential amenities for a quick refresh.


In summary, the in-flight amenities offered by Lufthansa Business Class elevate the travel experience to new heights. The combination of comfortable seating, premium bedding, high-quality skincare products, entertainment options, connectivity, and attention to detail ensures that passengers are well-looked after and enjoy every moment of their journey.


Seat and Cabin Space

When it comes to seat and cabin space, Lufthansa Business Class goes above and beyond to provide passengers with a comfortable and spacious environment throughout their journey. The cabin layout is designed to maximize personal space and privacy, ensuring a relaxing and peaceful flight.


The seats in Lufthansa Business Class are thoughtfully designed with the utmost comfort in mind. Each seat comes with ample legroom and the ability to recline to a fully flatbed position, allowing passengers to stretch out and find their ideal position for rest or relaxation. The seats also offer various adjustments, including a lumbar support cushion, to provide customized comfort.


In terms of privacy, the cabin is intelligently designed with a staggered seating configuration. This means that each seat is slightly offset from the one in front and behind it, creating a sense of privacy and minimizing any disturbances from other passengers. Additionally, a cleverly designed divider provides an additional level of privacy between seats.


The cabin itself is spacious and well-designed, with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Soft lighting and muted colors create a calm and soothing atmosphere, making it the perfect space to unwind and enjoy the journey. The cabin is also impeccably maintained, further enhancing the overall sense of luxury and comfort.


One of the standout features of Lufthansa Business Class is the dedicated storage options. Each seat has ample storage compartments and a large side table, allowing passengers to keep their belongings close at hand and neatly organized throughout the flight. This eliminates the need to constantly get up or disturb neighboring passengers to access personal items.


In addition to the individual seat space, Lufthansa Business Class also offers communal spaces within the cabin. This includes a spacious bar area where passengers can socialize, enjoy a drink, or have a chat with fellow travelers while stretching their legs. These communal spaces add an extra element of relaxation and socialization during the flight.


In summary, Lufthansa Business Class excels in providing generous seat and cabin space, ensuring passengers have the utmost comfort and privacy throughout their journey. The well-designed seats, ample storage options, and spacious cabin layout create an environment that is both functional and luxurious, allowing passengers to truly enjoy their time in the air.


Dining Experience

The dining experience in Lufthansa Business Class is a gastronomic delight that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. From the moment the meal service begins, passengers are treated to a culinary journey that showcases the finest in-flight dining.


Prior to takeoff, passengers are welcomed with a refreshing pre-departure beverage, allowing them to relax and set the tone for the exceptional dining experience ahead. Once cruising altitude is reached, the attentive cabin crew graciously presents the extensive menu, featuring a variety of appetizers, main courses, and desserts.


One of the highlights of the dining experience in Lufthansa Business Class is the ability to select from a range of gourmet dishes inspired by international cuisines. Whether you have a preference for European classics or exotic flavors from around the world, there is a culinary masterpiece to suit every taste bud.


The exquisite presentation of each dish is a testament to Lufthansa’s commitment to providing a first-class dining experience. The use of fine china, elegant cutlery, and artistic plating techniques adds an air of sophistication to every meal. It truly feels like dining in a five-star restaurant, but at 30,000 feet in the air.


In addition to the delectable main courses, Lufthansa also pays special attention to the accompanying side dishes and appetizers. From fresh salads to artisanal bread and an assortment of gourmet cheeses, every aspect of the meal is carefully crafted to create a harmonious and satisfying culinary experience.


To complement the flavors of the meal, Lufthansa offers an extensive selection of premium wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages. The dedicated cabin crew members are knowledgeable in recommending the perfect pairing to enhance the dining experience further.


For those who prefer lighter meal options or have specific dietary requirements, Lufthansa offers a range of healthy and vegetarian dishes. Passengers can also pre-order special meals to cater to their specific needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a meal suited to their preferences.


To round off the dining experience, a range of delectable desserts and hot beverages are served. From decadent desserts to indulgent cakes, these sweet treats provide the perfect ending to the culinary journey.


In summary, the dining experience in Lufthansa Business Class is nothing short of exceptional. The gourmet dishes, elegant presentation, extensive beverage selection, and personalized service elevate the in-flight dining experience to new heights. It is truly a feast for the senses that leaves passengers fully satisfied and impressed.


In-Flight Entertainment

Lufthansa Business Class takes the in-flight entertainment experience to a whole new level, offering a wide range of options to keep passengers entertained throughout their journey. Regardless of your interests, there is something for everyone to enjoy.


The highlight of the in-flight entertainment system is the large, high-resolution personal screens located at each seat. These screens provide a crystal-clear viewing experience, allowing passengers to fully immerse themselves in their chosen entertainment.


The extensive selection of movies and TV shows caters to all genres and languages, ensuring that passengers can find something to suit their preferences. From the latest Hollywood blockbusters to international award-winning films, there is a diverse range of options available.


In addition to movies and TV shows, Lufthansa also offers a vast library of music for passengers to enjoy during their flight. From top hits to classical compositions, there is a wide variety of genres and artists to choose from.


Sports enthusiasts need not worry about missing out on their favorite games or matches. Lufthansa provides live sports coverage, including popular sporting events, allowing passengers to stay up to date with the latest scores and highlights.


To keep the little ones entertained, Lufthansa offers a dedicated selection of children’s programs, including cartoons, movies, and interactive games. This ensures that even the youngest travelers are engaged and entertained throughout the flight.


For those who prefer to unwind with a good read, Lufthansa offers a digital library of newspapers and magazines, covering a wide range of topics from fashion and lifestyle to business and current affairs. Passengers can browse and download their favorite publications to enjoy during the flight.


Moreover, Lufthansa continuously updates its in-flight entertainment offerings, ensuring that passengers have access to the latest and most popular content. This commitment to providing a diverse and up-to-date selection ensures that every flight feels fresh and exciting.


With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation system, Lufthansa’s entertainment system is easy to use and provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for passengers of all ages.


In summary, Lufthansa Business Class offers a comprehensive in-flight entertainment system that leaves passengers spoilt for choice. The extensive selection of movies, TV shows, music, live sports, and reading materials ensures that there is never a dull moment during the flight. Whether you’re looking to relax, be entertained, or catch up on the latest news, Lufthansa has you covered.


Service and Staff

The level of service and professionalism demonstrated by the staff in Lufthansa Business Class is truly exceptional. From the moment I stepped onboard, I was greeted with warm smiles and a genuine sense of hospitality, setting the tone for an extraordinary flight experience.


The cabin crew members in Lufthansa Business Class are not only highly trained professionals but also passionate about providing top-notch service. They exude a sense of genuine care and attentiveness, making passengers feel valued and well taken care of throughout the flight.


One of the standout qualities of the staff is their knowledge and expertise. They are well-versed in the features and amenities of the aircraft, as well as the extensive menu, allowing them to provide informed recommendations and address any inquiries or concerns that passengers may have.


Furthermore, the staff members demonstrate remarkable attention to detail. They anticipate the needs of passengers and proactively offer assistance, whether it is providing a refreshing towel, ensuring a comfortable seating arrangement, or promptly attending to any requests. Their seamless coordination and efficiency contribute to a smooth and delightful journey for passengers.


What truly sets the service in Lufthansa Business Class apart is the personalized touch. The staff members take the time to address passengers by name and establish a rapport, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Their genuine interest in ensuring passenger comfort and satisfaction is evident in every interaction.


Whether it is fulfilling special dietary requirements, accommodating individual preferences, or going above and beyond to exceed expectations, the staff in Lufthansa Business Class consistently deliver exceptional service with a smile.


It is worth mentioning that the service does not just end once the flight is over. Lufthansa goes the extra mile to ensure passengers have a smooth transition upon arrival, whether it is providing assistance with connections or offering guidance on ground transportation. This attention to detail reflects their commitment to providing a seamless travel experience from start to finish.


In summary, the service and staff in Lufthansa Business Class elevate the overall travel experience to new heights. Their professionalism, attentiveness, and personalized approach create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere throughout the journey. The service provided by the staff is a true testament to Lufthansa’s commitment to customer satisfaction and ensuring that every passenger feels valued and well-cared for.


Overall Experience

My overall experience flying in Lufthansa Business Class can be summed up in one word: exceptional. From the moment I booked my flight to the final moments of disembarkation, every aspect of the journey was executed with precision, luxury, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.


The booking process was seamless, allowing me to select my preferred dates and cabin class with ease. The lounge access provided a serene haven of comfort, filled with amenities that catered to every need. The in-flight amenities, from the fully flatbed seats to the premium toiletries, created a sense of relaxation and indulgence.


The dining experience was a highlight of the journey, with gourmet dishes that showcased culinary excellence. The in-flight entertainment options were diverse and extensive, keeping me entertained throughout the flight. The service and staff surpassed expectations, demonstrating professionalism, attention to detail, and a genuine passion for creating a memorable experience.


What truly sets Lufthansa Business Class apart is the seamless integration of luxury, functionality, and personalized service. The spacious cabin, comfortable seating, and thoughtful design elements create an environment that feels both exclusive and welcoming. The attention to detail, from the small gestures to the big picture, creates a sense of being cared for and valued as a passenger.


Overall, Lufthansa Business Class provides an unparalleled travel experience that exceeds expectations in every aspect. From the booking process to the in-flight experience and beyond, Lufthansa consistently delivers on its promise of luxury, comfort, and exceptional service. It is an experience that not only ensures a comfortable journey but also leaves a lasting impression and a desire to fly with Lufthansa again in the future.



Flying in Lufthansa Business Class is a journey that goes far beyond simply getting from one destination to another. It is an experience that exudes luxury, comfort, and exceptional service, making it truly worth every penny.


From the seamless booking process to the exclusive lounge access, Lufthansa leaves no stone unturned in providing a premium travel experience. The in-flight amenities, including spacious seating, fully flatbeds, and premium toiletries, ensure maximum comfort throughout the journey.


The dining experience in Lufthansa Business Class is a culinary journey that showcases the finest flavors from around the world. The in-flight entertainment options are extensive and engaging, catering to all entertainment preferences. The service and staff consistently deliver personalized and exceptional service, making passengers feel valued and well taken care of.


Overall, Lufthansa Business Class embodies the perfect blend of luxury, functionality, and personalized service. The attention to detail, from the carefully designed seats to the expertise of the cabin crew, creates an atmosphere of elegance and comfort.


Whether you are flying for business or leisure, choosing Lufthansa Business Class ensures a journey that is truly special. It is an experience that leaves a lasting impression and a desire to experience it again.


So, treat yourself to the indulgence and luxury of Lufthansa Business Class, and embark on a journey that will exceed your expectations and create unforgettable memories. It’s time to elevate your travel experience to new heights and enjoy every moment in the air with Lufthansa.