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5 Best Airlines Food & Meals To Enjoy While Flying


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Pavneet Kaur Lobana


The first inflight food was served almost a hundred years ago, on a London to Paris flight. It was an excellent sandwich accompanied by some fruits, just like many of us crave for in one of the best airlines. But over the years, in-flight meals, have just been a mere formality. Free or not, there’s one thing most passengers complain of and that’s the quality and taste of food.


However, with the advancements in air travel, people travel more frequently and for a variety of purposes. So, the best airlines have tried to catch up with their client’s expectations. As a result, the standard of inflight foodservice has come a long way over the years. So onboard meals have graded up from processed food to culinary delights.



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But first…

Do you know why inflight food is so important in a journey? It’s not all about taste buds after all. When on a flight, passengers lose 30% of their taste sensation, due to the high latitude. So not every food and recipe works wonders at 30,000 feet, even for the best airlines. One way to compensate for this is by adding more quantity of spices. This, however, ain’t a healthy entrant into any of the airline policies. The other is by using stronger herbs, which will only enhance the taste, without disturbing the digestive system. However, only a few best airlines go for the latter and offer a variety in their cuisine besides signature dishes and optimal hospitality. So, as they say, ‘happiness is good food and good company’, it’s one essential step of your journey that is not worth neglecting.


Anyhow, another saying goes that you get what you pay for, which translates into the fact that if you buy expensive tickets, you will get lavish food in flight. True, but that’s not always the norm. So, to give you an idea, here’s a list of five best airlines that provide good food, even in economy class.


Best Airlines to enjoy good food in flight


Etihad Airways – The one with good food repute


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UAE based Etihad Airways offers complimentary in-flight meals across all classes of cabins. You’ll also get to choose from the three meals, besides an elegant bar service that’s replete with wines, beers, and spirits. Apart from this, you can satiate your hunger on delicious snacks and beverages. Moreover, brace yourself to relish in the Emirati cuisines in addition to their international recipes. 


You’ll be glad to know that, in April 2019, Etihad Airways introduced a brand new in-flight meal concept, which entails larger meals, by excluding salads and appetizers for the economy class riders. Therefore, passengers will now be served with the main meal, following gourmet beverages like tea and coffee with their new airline policies. Also, if you are on a short route, you’ll get the desserts right after the main meal. While you can also buy additional branded snacks on board. So isn’t Emirates Airways one of the best airlines to fly with?



Turkish Airlines – best airlines for Mediterranian delights




Turkish Airlines is another best airlines that offer ultimate inflight foodservice. The meals you will get served depends on the duration of your flight. Subsequently, you’ll get more to choose from in a long haul flight. But nevertheless, their quality and variety of food are top notches, and you will relish in every bite. So if you book your flight with Turkish Airlines, you’ll be pampered with Turkish delights, including Mediterranean sandwiches, satay chicken with grilled zucchini and tomato, greek coffees and much more. Simply the best airline food!


As per their airline policies, the best part is that they maintain the same exquisiteness, all the time, across every flight. Their amazing meals are, in fact, better than those offered by other airlines at the same price level. Another point to note though is the generous amount of food that will be served on your platter. While the quality, taste, freshness are collateral.



Cathay Pacific Airways – best known for exotic noodle soups




Treat your taste buds to the exotic Hong Kong cuisine, with the signature noodle soups, which is their main highlight. Cathay Pacific Airways is another best bet for having good food during your air voyage. In fact, they claim to be the first airlines to have cooking equipment onboard to cook and serve fresh and hot food in flight. They are always considered as one of the best airlines and also allow passengers to pre-book their meals for a personalized experience. 


Specialities have always been the main trait of Cathay Pacific, as you can ask for Hindu meals or Halal certified meats, in addition to Vegan, child meals, or even diabetic and gluten-free food in flight. All in all, they serve the best airline food that’s hard to beat in terms of taste and freshness. With one of the premium airline policies, you’ll be treated nothing less even in economy.



Singapore Airlines – the best variety in cuisine




Singapore Airlines know how to get fliers excited before landing in their country and is always popular as the worlds most award-winning airline. Singapore Airlines is always considered as the best airlines for in-flight food. Their variety in food such as low fat, baby meals, etc are easily counted among the best airline food. Moreover, they have collaborated with not some regular inflight food operators, but with two Michelin star chefs, for designing and preparing their culinary treats.


For an exquisite inflight food, you can also reserve your meals beforehand by using their ‘book the cook’ service, for business and first-class. While for economy people, potato salads with baby shrimp and wok-fried chicken, plus, bamboo shoots in sesame oil are great delicacies.


All in all, embrace yourself for a world-class gourmet food experience, with their ultimate airline policies with respect to food.



Lufthansa Airlines – international beverages and delicacies


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The world-renowned German airlines, Lufthansa is one of the best airlines. Popular for serving visually appealing food in flight, they offer you one of the best airline food. They offer a great culmination of European and Mediterranian cuisines. So expect to be served with crispy croissants, Bavarian beers and much more. Besides, their food is also rich in tastes and nutrients.


Plus, they are all ears for special inflight food needs for diabetics, vegetarians and those with allergies etc. In addition, you can also pamper your self to international cuisines like the Mediterranean, Japanese, and many more. They have partnered with one of the best inflight food operators. Which, in turn, help them deliver fresh and hot meals on the go.


So for the best airline food, just reserve your seat with one of these best airlines and see the difference they make to your journey. Bon Voyage!