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Where To Park In Long Beach For A Cruise


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Thekla Gress



Embarking on a cruise from the beautiful city of Long Beach, California is an exciting and memorable experience. But before you can set sail, one important aspect to consider is where to park your vehicle. With a variety of options available, finding the right parking spot can sometimes be a daunting task.


The Port of Long Beach, located in southern California, is the second busiest container port in the United States and serves as the gateway to popular cruise destinations such as Mexico and the Hawaiian Islands. The convenience and accessibility of the port make it a favored departure point for many cruise enthusiasts.


In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the different parking options available in Long Beach for cruisers. Whether you’re looking for public parking or prefer the convenience of parking near the cruise terminal, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we’ll provide helpful tips to make your parking experience hassle-free, ensuring a smooth start to your cruise vacation.


Before we dive into the parking options, it’s important to note that Long Beach offers numerous parking facilities that cater to both daily visitors and long-term parkers. From public parking lots to dedicated cruise terminal parking, there are choices to suit every budget and preference.


So, let’s embark on this parking adventure and discover the best places to park in Long Beach for a cruise!


Port of Long Beach

The Port of Long Beach is not only a major commercial port but also serves as a popular departure point for cruise ships. It is located in the heart of Southern California, offering convenient access to the Pacific Ocean and various cruise destinations.


With its state-of-the-art facilities, the Port of Long Beach provides a seamless and efficient experience for cruisers. The terminals are equipped with modern amenities, including check-in counters, security screening, and baggage handling services.


While the primary focus of the port is cargo operations, it has dedicated areas for cruise ships. The Long Beach Cruise Terminal, located near downtown Long Beach, is where most cruise ships dock. The terminal is easily recognizable for its iconic geodesic dome, which houses the Queen Mary, a legendary ocean liner turned hotel and museum.


Many popular cruise lines, including Carnival Cruise Line and Princess Cruises, operate out of the Port of Long Beach. Whether you’re embarking on a short getaway to Mexico or a longer voyage to Hawaii, the port offers a wide range of itineraries to choose from.


Aside from its excellent cruise facilities, the Port of Long Beach boasts stunning views of the coastline and the city skyline. It’s a great place to soak up the sun, take a stroll along the waterfront, or indulge in some delicious local cuisine before or after your cruise.


When planning your cruise from Long Beach, be sure to consider the unique attractions and activities the city has to offer. From exploring the Aquarium of the Pacific to enjoying the vibrant nightlife of downtown Long Beach, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


As you embark on your cruise adventure from the Port of Long Beach, it’s important to consider your parking options. Let’s explore the different parking facilities available to make your journey as seamless as possible.


Public Parking Options

If you’re looking for affordable and accessible parking options in Long Beach for your cruise, public parking lots are a great choice. These parking facilities are conveniently located near the cruise terminal and offer a range of amenities for cruisers.


One of the popular public parking options for cruise passengers is the Public Parking Lot at the Long Beach Convention Center. This secure parking facility is just a short distance from the cruise terminal and offers both daily and long-term parking options. The lot is well-maintained and provides 24-hour security for your peace of mind.


Another public parking option is the Pike Parking Garage, located adjacent to the Pike Outlets. This multi-level parking structure provides ample parking spaces and is within walking distance of the cruise terminal. It also offers convenient access to shopping and dining options, allowing you to indulge in some retail therapy or enjoy a delicious meal before or after your cruise.


If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, the City Place Parking Lot is worth considering. Located near the downtown area, this parking facility offers affordable rates and a complimentary shuttle service to the cruise terminal. It’s a convenient choice for those looking to save some money without compromising on convenience.


It’s important to note that public parking facilities may have limited availability during peak cruise seasons, so it’s advisable to arrive early to secure a spot. Additionally, be sure to check the parking rates and any parking restrictions in advance to avoid any surprises.


When parking your vehicle in a public lot, it’s always a good idea to secure your belongings and ensure your vehicle is locked. While these lots are generally safe and well-monitored, taking precautions will give you added peace of mind during your cruise.


Overall, public parking options in Long Beach provide a convenient and cost-effective solution for cruise passengers. With their proximity to the cruise terminal and competitive rates, you can enjoy a stress-free parking experience as you embark on your cruise adventure.


Long Beach Cruise Terminal Parking

If convenience is your top priority when it comes to parking for your cruise, then the dedicated parking options at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal are your best bet. These parking facilities are located right next to the cruise terminal, ensuring a quick and seamless transition from your vehicle to the ship.


The Long Beach Cruise Terminal offers two main parking areas. The first is the “Queen Mary Lot,” located adjacent to the Queen Mary ship. This parking lot provides easy access to the cruise terminal and offers both covered and uncovered parking options. The rates are competitive, and the lot is well-maintained and secure. Plus, parking in the Queen Mary Lot gives you the opportunity to explore the historic Queen Mary ship before or after your cruise.


The second parking area is the “Cruise Terminal Parking Structure.” This covered parking facility is directly connected to the cruise terminal via a pedestrian bridge, making it extremely convenient for passengers. The structure offers ample parking spaces and provides 24-hour security for added peace of mind. The rates for parking in the Cruise Terminal Parking Structure are usually slightly higher than the Queen Mary Lot, but the convenience and accessibility make it worth considering.


It’s important to note that parking at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal can fill up quickly during peak cruise seasons. To secure your spot, it’s recommended to book your parking in advance through the cruise line or the Port of Long Beach’s official website.


Additionally, some cruise lines offer parking packages that include the cost of parking with your cruise fare. This can be a convenient option as it eliminates the need for separate payment and ensures a guaranteed spot in the designated cruise terminal parking areas.


No matter which parking area you choose at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, you can expect a hassle-free parking experience with easy access to the terminal and the convenience of being just steps away from your ship.


Off-Site Parking Options

If you’re looking for alternative parking options outside of the official cruise terminal parking areas in Long Beach, there are off-site parking facilities available that offer convenience and competitive rates.


One popular off-site parking option is the Park ‘N Cruise facility. Located just a short distance from the cruise terminal, Park ‘N Cruise provides secure parking with 24-hour surveillance. They offer both uncovered and covered parking options, and complimentary shuttle service to and from the cruise terminal. This allows you to park your vehicle in a safe and affordable location while having the convenience of a shuttle to transport you and your luggage to the terminal.


Another off-site parking facility to consider is the EZ Cruise Parking lot. Situated near the cruise terminal, EZ Cruise Parking offers both covered and uncovered parking spaces. They provide a complimentary shuttle service for convenient transportation to and from the cruise terminal. With competitive rates and a well-maintained facility, EZ Cruise Parking is a popular choice for many cruisers.


It’s worth noting that off-site parking facilities may require advance online reservations to secure your spot, especially during peak cruise seasons. By booking in advance, you can guarantee a parking space and potentially take advantage of discounted rates or promotional offers.


Many off-site parking facilities also offer additional services such as luggage assistance, car washes, and even vehicle maintenance options. These extra amenities can enhance your overall parking experience and add convenience to your journey.


When choosing an off-site parking facility, be sure to consider factors such as security, shuttle service frequency, and proximity to the cruise terminal. Additionally, check the operating hours of the facility to ensure they align with your cruise departure and arrival times.


Off-site parking options in Long Beach provide a viable alternative for cruisers who prefer to park their vehicles in a secure location outside of the official cruise terminal parking areas. With competitive rates and convenient shuttle services, these facilities offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for parking during your cruise vacation.


Shuttle Services to the Cruise Terminal

For added convenience and ease of transportation to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, there are shuttle services available that can take you from various locations to the terminal.


One of the most popular shuttle services is the Long Beach Transit Passport. This free shuttle service operates in the downtown area and provides easy access to the cruise terminal. The Passport shuttle conveniently stops at multiple locations, including hotels, restaurants, and popular tourist attractions. It’s a great option for those staying in the downtown area or wanting to explore the city before embarking on their cruise.


Many hotels near the Long Beach Cruise Terminal also offer complimentary shuttle services to transport their guests to and from the terminal. This service is often provided as an added amenity for hotel guests, making it a convenient choice for those who prefer to stay near the terminal and not worry about parking their vehicle.


If you choose to park your vehicle at an off-site parking facility, they typically offer complimentary shuttle services as well. These shuttles are specifically designed to transport guests from the parking facility to the cruise terminal and vice versa. The shuttle service usually runs on a regular schedule to ensure you arrive at the terminal in a timely manner.


It’s important to check the shuttle service availability and schedule in advance, especially if you’re relying on it for transportation to the cruise terminal. Some shuttles may require reservations or have limited capacity, so it’s wise to plan accordingly and allow enough time for travel.


Using a shuttle service eliminates the need to worry about parking or navigating the busy streets around the cruise terminal. It allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey to your embarkation point, knowing that transportation is taken care of.


Whether you’re taking advantage of the Long Beach Transit Passport, hotel shuttle services, or the complimentary shuttles provided by off-site parking facilities, utilizing a shuttle service to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal is a convenient and stress-free transportation option for cruisers.


Tips for Parking in Long Beach for a Cruise

Parking for your cruise in Long Beach can be a smooth and stress-free experience with the right preparation and knowledge. To help you make the most of your parking experience, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind:

  1. Book in advance: If you decide to park in the official cruise terminal parking areas or off-site parking facilities, it’s advisable to make a reservation in advance. This guarantees you a parking spot and allows you to take advantage of any discounts or promotions.
  2. Arrive early: To ensure you have ample time to park your vehicle and complete the necessary check-in procedures, it’s recommended to arrive at the parking facility or terminal with plenty of time to spare. This way, you can avoid any last-minute rush or stress.
  3. Follow parking instructions: Whether you’re parking in a public lot, the cruise terminal parking areas, or an off-site facility, make sure to follow the parking instructions provided. Pay attention to any signage, designated parking areas, and any specific regulations that need to be followed.
  4. Secure your belongings: When parking your vehicle, ensure that all valuable items are out of sight or locked away securely. It’s also a good idea to remove any GPS devices or mounts to reduce the risk of theft. Taking these precautions provides added peace of mind while you’re away on your cruise.
  5. Keep important documents with you: As you exit your vehicle, make sure to have your cruise documents, identification, and any other essential items readily accessible. This will streamline the check-in process and minimize any delays or challenges.
  6. Consider alternative transportation: If you live within proximity of the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, you may want to consider alternative transportation options such as rideshare services or public transportation. This can help avoid parking fees altogether and simplify the process of getting to and from the terminal.
  7. Label your luggage: If you’re dropping off your luggage at the cruise terminal before parking, ensure that each bag is properly labeled with your contact information and cabin number. This will enable a smooth transition and ensure your bags are delivered to the correct location on the ship.
  8. Keep track of parking details: Take note of the location and parking level where you parked your vehicle. It’s easy to forget these details after a long cruise, and it will save you time and frustration when it comes time to retrieve your vehicle.
  9. Be mindful of parking restrictions: If you choose to park in a public parking lot or on-street parking, be aware of any parking restrictions such as time limits or street cleaning schedules. Violating these restrictions can result in fines or towing.
  10. Plan for traffic delays: When driving to the Long Beach Cruise Terminal, keep in mind that there may be traffic congestion, especially during busy cruise seasons or peak travel times. Allow extra travel time to account for potential delays.

Following these tips will help you navigate the parking process in Long Beach with ease and ensure a stress-free start to your cruise vacation. With careful planning and attention to details, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is parked securely while you embark on a memorable cruise adventure.



Parking in Long Beach for a cruise doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With a variety of public parking options, dedicated cruise terminal parking, off-site parking facilities, and shuttle services, you can find the perfect parking solution to suit your needs and preferences.


Whether you choose to park in the convenient and secure Long Beach Cruise Terminal parking areas, opt for affordable public parking lots, or take advantage of off-site parking facilities with complimentary shuttle services, planning ahead and following the provided tips will ensure a smooth and stress-free parking experience.


Remember to book your parking in advance, arrive early to avoid any last-minute rush, and follow the parking instructions provided at the facility. Securing your belongings, keeping important documents with you, and considering alternative transportation options are additional steps to enhance your parking experience.


Choosing the right parking option can significantly impact the overall convenience and enjoyment of your cruise vacation. So take the time to research and plan accordingly, ensuring that you have a secure parking spot and a seamless transition from your vehicle to the cruise terminal.


With the proper preparations and knowledge, you can embark on your cruise from the beautiful Port of Long Beach with peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is parked safely and you’re ready to embark on an unforgettable cruise adventure.