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Who Owns Dig Inn?


by Blondy Cogan




Dig Inn is a popular fast-casual restaurant chain that has gained a strong following for its commitment to serving locally-sourced, seasonal, and sustainable food. With a focus on providing wholesome and nourishing meals, Dig Inn has carved a niche in the highly competitive restaurant industry. As the demand for healthy and responsibly-sourced food continues to grow, Dig Inn has positioned itself as a frontrunner in meeting these evolving consumer preferences.


Founded in 2011, Dig Inn has expanded its presence in major cities, offering a diverse menu that showcases the vibrant flavors of fresh produce and high-quality ingredients. The company's dedication to fostering a transparent and ethical food system has resonated with a broad customer base, contributing to its success and widespread acclaim.


In this article, we will delve into the ownership structure of Dig Inn, shedding light on the individuals and entities that play key roles in steering the company's vision and growth. By understanding the ownership landscape of Dig Inn, we can gain valuable insights into the driving forces behind the brand's mission, values, and strategic direction. Moreover, exploring the ownership structure provides a glimpse into the network of investors and stakeholders who have contributed to shaping Dig Inn into the esteemed culinary establishment it is today.


The Founding of Dig Inn

The Founding of Dig Inn

Dig Inn, originally known as The Pump Energy Food, was founded by Adam Eskin in 2011. Eskin, a former private equity investor, was inspired to create a dining concept that would offer an alternative to traditional fast food by providing fresh, locally-sourced, and nutrient-dense meals. With a vision to revolutionize the way people eat on the go, Eskin set out to establish a restaurant that would prioritize sustainability, transparency, and community engagement.


The first Dig Inn location opened its doors in New York City, quickly gaining traction for its innovative approach to fast-casual dining. Embracing the farm-to-table philosophy, Dig Inn forged partnerships with local farmers and purveyors, ensuring that each dish celebrated the flavors of seasonal produce and responsibly-raised proteins. This commitment to supporting regional agriculture and promoting food education has been a cornerstone of Dig Inn’s identity since its inception.


As the concept gained momentum, Dig Inn expanded its footprint, opening additional locations across New York City and later venturing into other major metropolitan areas. The company’s emphasis on culinary creativity, nutritional integrity, and environmental stewardship has continued to define its evolution, earning it a loyal following of health-conscious diners and advocates of sustainable food practices.


Today, Dig Inn stands as a testament to Eskin’s dedication to redefining the fast-casual dining experience, offering a menu that reflects a deep appreciation for the origins of food and the interconnectedness of local food systems. The founding principles of Dig Inn serve as the guiding force behind its ongoing commitment to providing accessible, nourishing, and thoughtfully-sourced meals to its patrons.


Ownership Structure

Ownership Structure

The ownership structure of Dig Inn reflects a blend of internal leadership and external investment, underscoring the collaborative approach taken to propel the company’s growth and innovation. At the helm of the ownership hierarchy is a team of seasoned executives and culinary experts who steer the brand’s strategic initiatives and operational endeavors. This internal leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping the overarching vision and ethos of Dig Inn, ensuring that its core values permeate every aspect of the business.


Complementing the internal leadership are external stakeholders who have contributed to the expansion and sustainability of Dig Inn. These stakeholders, ranging from individual investors to venture capital firms, have infused the company with the resources and expertise needed to navigate the competitive landscape of the food industry. The partnership between internal leadership and external stakeholders has been instrumental in fostering Dig Inn’s continued success and relevance in the market.


Furthermore, the ownership structure of Dig Inn reflects a commitment to transparency and accountability, aligning with the brand’s emphasis on ethical sourcing and community engagement. This commitment extends to the relationships forged with investors and partners, emphasizing a shared dedication to the values that underpin Dig Inn’s culinary philosophy.


As Dig Inn continues to expand its presence and influence, the ownership structure remains a dynamic framework that encapsulates the collaborative spirit driving the company forward. By maintaining a balance between internal leadership and external investment, Dig Inn sustains its mission to offer wholesome, responsibly-sourced food while fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity within its ownership ecosystem.


Key Investors

Key Investors

Dig Inn has attracted a diverse array of key investors who have played instrumental roles in fueling the company’s expansion and strategic initiatives. These investors, comprising individuals and investment firms, have demonstrated a shared commitment to advancing Dig Inn’s mission of offering fresh, sustainable, and locally-sourced cuisine while contributing to its growth trajectory in the competitive restaurant landscape.


Among the notable key investors is Enlightened Hospitality Investments (EHI), a venture capital fund founded by renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer. EHI’s investment in Dig Inn underscores the alignment of values between the two entities, as both prioritize culinary excellence, hospitality, and ethical business practices. The partnership with EHI has not only provided financial support to Dig Inn but has also facilitated access to industry expertise and strategic guidance, bolstering the brand’s position in the fast-casual dining sector.


Additionally, Dig Inn has garnered support from prominent individual investors who recognize the potential for impact and innovation within the food industry. These investors, often with backgrounds in entrepreneurship and sustainable ventures, have infused Dig Inn with a blend of capital and visionary insight, contributing to the company’s ability to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics.


Moreover, Dig Inn’s key investors encompass a spectrum of stakeholders who are deeply committed to advancing sustainable food systems and promoting culinary diversity. Their collective involvement has not only propelled Dig Inn’s expansion into new markets but has also reinforced the brand’s position as a trailblazer in the realm of farm-to-counter dining experiences.


As Dig Inn continues to thrive and evolve, the contributions of its key investors serve as a testament to the collaborative spirit that underpins the company’s journey. The strategic partnerships forged with these investors exemplify a shared vision for redefining the intersection of food, sustainability, and community, positioning Dig Inn as a beacon of culinary innovation and social responsibility.




In conclusion, Dig Inn has emerged as a trailblazer in the fast-casual dining landscape, driven by a steadfast commitment to offering wholesome, locally-sourced cuisine and fostering a transparent, sustainable food ecosystem. The founding principles of Dig Inn, rooted in the vision of its founder Adam Eskin, have laid the groundwork for a culinary enterprise that transcends traditional dining paradigms.


Through a carefully crafted ownership structure that harmonizes internal leadership with external investment, Dig Inn has cultivated a dynamic environment that champions innovation, culinary integrity, and community engagement. The collaborative synergy between internal stakeholders and key investors has propelled Dig Inn’s expansion and fortified its position as a vanguard of responsible dining practices.


Furthermore, the support of key investors, including Enlightened Hospitality Investments and influential individuals, has not only provided financial backing but has also enriched Dig Inn’s journey with a wealth of expertise and strategic guidance. This collective investment in Dig Inn’s vision has amplified the brand’s impact, enabling it to resonate with a diverse and discerning clientele seeking fresh, sustainable dining experiences.


As Dig Inn continues to chart a path of growth and influence, its ownership structure stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and shared values in propelling culinary innovation. The fusion of internal leadership, external investment, and a steadfast commitment to ethical sourcing underscores Dig Inn’s unwavering dedication to redefining the intersection of food, community, and sustainability.


In essence, Dig Inn’s ownership landscape mirrors its culinary ethos: a tapestry of diverse perspectives and shared aspirations woven together to create a dining experience that transcends nourishment, embodying a profound connection to the origins of food and the communities it serves.