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Fitzroy Bars: 31 BEST Bars On Brunswick St & Beyond (+ Map)


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Eadie Avery



Welcome to Fitzroy, Melbourne’s vibrant inner-city suburb known for its eclectic blend of bars, cafes, and artistic flair. With its rich history, bohemian vibe, and diverse culinary scene, Fitzroy has become a go-to destination for food and travel enthusiasts seeking unforgettable experiences. In this article, we will delve into the world of Fitzroy bars, exploring the best watering holes on and beyond Brunswick Street.


Fitzroy is renowned for its thriving bar scene that caters to a wide range of preferences, from stylish cocktail lounges to cozy neighborhood pubs. Whether you’re a cocktail connoisseur, beer aficionado, or wine enthusiast, Fitzroy has an establishment to suit your taste buds and spirit. With a focus on quality drinks, welcoming atmospheres, and innovative menus, these bars offer an immersive experience that showcases the unique character of Fitzroy.


But Fitzroy is not just limited to Brunswick Street. Venture beyond this bustling thoroughfare, and you’ll discover hidden gems tucked away in the surrounding streets. From trendy rooftop bars that offer breathtaking views to intimate speakeasies that transport you to a bygone era, Fitzroy’s bar scene is constantly evolving and delighting locals and visitors alike.


It’s worth mentioning that Fitzroy is also home to a dynamic arts and music scene. Many of the bars in this vibrant suburb feature live music performances, art exhibitions, and DJ sets, adding an extra layer of entertainment to your night out. So, whether you’re looking to unwind after a day of exploring Fitzroy’s colorful streets or dance the night away to local talent, you’ll find plenty of options to satisfy your cravings.


In the following sections, we will guide you through the best Fitzroy bars, starting with the iconic establishments lining Brunswick Street and then venturing into the surrounding areas. We’ll provide a detailed map to help you navigate your way through the neighborhood and ensure you don’t miss out on any of the must-visit bars. So, without further ado, let’s get started and uncover the hidden treasures of Fitzroy’s bar scene!


Section 1: Fitzroy Bars on Brunswick St

Brunswick Street is the beating heart of Fitzroy’s bar scene, offering an abundance of options for those seeking a memorable night out. This vibrant strip is lined with stylish bars, lively pubs, and intimate hideaways, catering to all tastes and preferences.


One of the standout bars on Brunswick Street is The Everleigh. Step into this elegant establishment, and you’ll be transported to the glamourous era of the Prohibition. The Everleigh is known for its exquisite cocktails crafted with precision and artistry, using only the finest ingredients. The bar’s sophisticated ambiance, coupled with impeccable service, makes for an unforgettable experience.


If you prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, head to Naked for Satan, a Fitzroy institution. This multi-level bar offers stunning views of Melbourne’s skyline from its rooftop terrace. Indulge in a selection of tapas-inspired dishes and sip on their house-infused vodkas while enjoying the buzzing atmosphere. Don’t forget to try their signature cocktail – the “Boilermaker” – which pairs their craft beer with a shot of vodka.


For beer lovers, Fitzroy Beer Garden is a must-visit destination. This spacious and relaxed venue boasts an impressive selection of local and international brews on tap. With its beer garden oasis, live sports screenings, and welcoming vibe, this bar is perfect for winding down with friends and enjoying a cold one.


Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel is another iconic spot on Brunswick Street. This historic pub has been a local favorite for decades, offering a warm and inviting atmosphere. Grab a seat at the bar, choose from their extensive beer and wine list, and soak up the lively energy of the crowd. Don’t miss their delicious pub grub, which perfectly complements your drink of choice.


Continuing our exploration of Brunswick Street, we come across Black Pearl, a hidden gem loved by both locals and cocktail enthusiasts. This unassuming bar exudes charm and sophistication, with its knowledgeable bartenders who can craft the perfect cocktail tailored to your preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic drink or a creative concoction, Black Pearl will not disappoint.


These are just a few examples of the incredible Fitzroy bars that adorn Brunswick Street. Each venue has its unique charm, offering a variety of experiences to suit different tastes and moods. So, take your time to wander along this bustling street, explore the hidden laneways, and discover the bar that speaks to you.


Section 2: Fitzroy Bars Beyond Brunswick St

While Brunswick Street is undoubtedly the epicenter of Fitzroy’s bar scene, there are plenty of hidden gems to be discovered beyond its bustling thoroughfare. Venture into the side streets and explore the surrounding areas to uncover a whole new world of Fitzroy bars.


If you’re in search of a speakeasy-style bar with a touch of mystery, make your way to The Blacksmith’s Daughter. Tucked away on Gertrude Street, this intimate bar offers a charming and rustic ambiance. Slip through the unmarked door and be transported to a bygone era while sipping on expertly crafted cocktails. The Blacksmith’s Daughter is the perfect spot for a cozy and intimate night out.


Heading further along Gertrude Street, you’ll find Bad Frankie, a unique bar dedicated to celebrating Australian spirits. With a vast collection of Australian-made craft spirits and a cocktail menu showcasing native ingredients, Bad Frankie is a true representation of the country’s drinking culture. Indulge in their signature jaffles (Australian toasted sandwiches) and explore the diverse flavors of Australia in liquid form.


For a tropical escape in the heart of Fitzroy, head to Polly Cocktail Bar. Nestled on Brunswick Street, this exotic paradise transports you to a lush oasis with its vibrant decor and handcrafted cocktails. Sip on tropical concoctions served in quirky tiki mugs, and let the laid-back atmosphere transport you to a sun-soaked beach vacation.


If you’re a beer lover looking for a unique experience, make your way to Moon Dog World. Located in the outskirts of Fitzroy, this converted warehouse is a beer lover’s paradise. With its vast array of craft beers on tap, lively outdoor beer garden, and whimsical decor, Moon Dog World offers a fun and immersive drinking experience.


Continuing our journey beyond Brunswick Street, we arrive at The Kodiak Club on Brunwick’s northern edge. This American-style whiskey bar is a haven for whiskey enthusiasts, boasting an extensive selection of bourbons, ryes, and single malts. Savor the rich, complex flavors of your preferred whiskey or try one of their expertly crafted cocktails inspired by American classics.


These are just a taste of the incredible bars that lie beyond Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. From hidden speakeasies to unique themed bars, the diversity and creativity of the Fitzroy bar scene extend well beyond the main strip. So take the time to explore the side streets, embrace the unexpected, and discover the hidden treasures waiting to delight you.


Section 3: Map of Fitzroy Bars

Fitzroy is a vibrant neighborhood filled with an array of bars that cater to different tastes and preferences. To help you navigate through the bar scene and make the most of your visit, we have created a map showcasing some of the top Fitzroy bars.


This map will serve as your guide, allowing you to easily locate the bars mentioned in this article and discover new ones along the way. With Fitzroy being a walkable neighborhood, exploring the area on foot is highly recommended to fully immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere.


The map highlights the various bar clusters in Fitzroy, including Brunswick Street, Gertrude Street, and the surrounding areas. Each cluster offers a distinct experience, from the vibrant and eclectic bars on Brunswick Street to the hidden gems nestled in the quieter streets.


As you explore the map, you’ll notice a mix of casual pubs, trendy cocktail lounges, rooftop bars, and intimate speakeasies. Each venue has its own character and charm, ensuring there’s something for everyone.


Not only does the map provide the locations of the bars, but it also includes additional information about each establishment. You’ll find details such as the type of drinks offered, special features, and any unique offerings that make the bar stand out.


From the cocktail masterpieces of The Everleigh to the rooftop vibes of Naked for Satan, the map will guide you to the must-visit spots and help you create a memorable bar-hopping experience in Fitzroy.


Remember, this map is just a starting point, and there are many more bars to explore in Fitzroy. As you wander through the streets, be open to discovering hidden gems and following recommendations from locals. Some of the best experiences are often found when venturing off the beaten path.


So, grab a copy of the map, put on your walking shoes, and embark on a delightful journey through the eclectic and diverse bar scene of Fitzroy.



Fitzroy’s bar scene is a testament to the suburb’s vibrant and dynamic character. From the buzzing bars along Brunswick Street to the hidden gems beyond, Fitzroy offers a diverse range of drinking establishments to suit every taste and mood.


Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, a beer connoisseur, or simply looking for a cozy spot to unwind, Fitzroy has something for everyone. The bars on Brunswick Street provide an exciting array of options, from elegant cocktail lounges to lively pubs. The Everleigh, Naked for Satan, Fitzroy Beer Garden, Fitzroy Town Hall Hotel, and Black Pearl are just a few of the remarkable establishments waiting to be discovered.


But don’t limit your exploration to Brunswick Street alone. The surrounding areas have their own share of hidden treasures. The Blacksmith’s Daughter, Bad Frankie, Polly Cocktail Bar, Moon Dog World, and The Kodiak Club are just a taste of the unique experiences you can find beyond the main strip.


To ensure you don’t miss out on any of these incredible venues, we’ve provided a handy map that highlights the various clusters of Fitzroy bars. Use it to navigate through the neighborhood, exploring different streets, and immersing yourself in the diverse bar scene.


As you wander through Fitzroy, keep an open mind and embrace the unexpected. Talk to locals, seek recommendations, and let your senses guide you to hidden gems that might not be on the map. Some of the most memorable experiences happen when you venture off the beaten path.


So, whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite spot or a traveler seeking authentic experiences, Fitzroy’s bar scene won’t disappoint. Enjoy the creative drinks, welcoming atmospheres, and unique characters that make Fitzroy a true destination for food and travel enthusiasts.


Cheers to the vibrant world of Fitzroy bars, where every drink tells a story and every establishment has its own unique charm!