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Why You Need A Selfie Stick For Your Trip


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Preeti Dhakappa

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All the enthusiasm and absolute excitement, which comes along with any adventurous travelling, create a world most of us would wish to live in forever. Better enough if it involves complete fun with friends, colleagues, or family who admires the YOLO way of living. Travel photography is amazing and now with selfies among smartphone owners, the entire idea bring one in another world of full fun. However, taking these selfies haven’t been convenient enough, until the new smartphone tool commonly referred to as a ‘Selfie Stick’ which work with the current digital camera.


What Is A Selfie Stick?

A Selfie Stick

Photo by Steve Gale on Unsplash


A selfie stick is a special kind of monopod meant to offer convenient support to your smartphone when taking selfie snapshots. In most cases, it will be just a stick but some a Selfie stick tripod – though not very common. A typical Selfie stick comes with a phone holding end and another free end for your grabbing. You can extend its arm’s length to suitable sizes for better shots. Thus, you can position it in your preferred angle/ distance and take as many photos or videos as you wish just with a click of a camera button on that very holding end.


Selfie stick tripod on the other hand simply composes of the stick but now mounted on a Bluetooth Selfie stick inform of a tripod stand.

Selfie sticks are one of the new gizmo everybody is talking about when it comes to selfies. It is a move that has as well propelled other camera manufacturing companies to produce their own like the GoPro selfie stick from the Gapro – enhancing the enjoyment lifestyle of the YOLO people.

Top 5 Reasons To Pack A Selfie Stick For Your Trip

Travel photography is a great hobby lots of people enjoy out there. Now that supporting and efficient tools exist, the entire activity can indulge you in another world with your smartphone.



When You Want A WeFie (Group Selfie)

A WeFie

Photo by Pasja from Pixabay


Typically it is ultimate fun taking a group photo where everyone appears, and their smiles are vivid enough. Well, in cases that you are in solo travel and you have to take a selfie, it is ultimately convenient since you only have to outstretch your hands just a little. The trouble only comes when you got travel mates around you to have to capture every one of them in that single snap.


Your hands’ extension length is of precise limits, and therefore, the very best alternative will be the use of a selfie stick or a GoPro selfie stick. They both work effectively. With it, you can fully outstretch it to the appropriate length and take your selfies with ease featuring everyone. No need for people standing far behind or beside you stretching their necks unnecessarily trying to fit in their head – a selfie stick does all the stretching and extending.



To Capture Breathtaking Backgrounds 

Breathtaking background selfie

Photo by Andy Falconer on Unsplash


For a solo traveller, it might be difficult capturing some of the beautiful scenery you see in the background. Typically, with your smartphone, you can do it by having the camera pointing away from you. But what if, you want to appear too in the footage or the photo? Or what if you are a solo-traveller just enjoying precious moments alone?Well, here is where best selfie stick comes in to offer you the best service. A selfie stick will allow you to extend its hand length to capture a more extensive background with you in it. Therefore even in your solo travel, you can still conveniently record relatively long video footage or take lots of photos.



You Don’t Need To Ask For Help

Posing for a photo

Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash


Very typical this is. When travelling solo or in a group, especially for a trip in the old days you would stop a stranger alongside and ask them to help you take a photo. It occurred then but even up-to-date some people do not mind doing it. The main problem with it is, first of all, you become a bother, second of all, it could be that the stranger is not the right camera person.


Hence, they may give you the very wrong capture or flaw photo without proper adjustment made in its taking – It could be a blurred image at worse. However, having a selfie stick or better enough a Bluetooth Selfie stick saves you all these hustles and inconveniences. Whether solo or in a group, you can still take good photos without bothering anyone around you.



No Extending Arm In All Photos

Taking a Selfie

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


A good picture in your mind is that decent one that gives you a satisfactory capture of you in your most prefer posture and facial expression. In most cases, people take several snaps with different posturing so that they would select the very best. What happens then when your selfies have your extending arm interfering with the decency of it? It all discourages in simple terms. Some hate seeing their outreaching arms so much that they hate taking selfies. However, their selfie stick has all the solution for this.


You no longer have to pose funnily, especially when trying to capture everyone in your background. Another thing it helps with is that you can hold it much longer than you would extend your arm. It is tiresome if you have to keep your arms up, recording a video – you can’t have it long enough up there. However, with a selfie stick, this is all easy and effortless. You can, therefore, take as many photos as you would wish and record many videos as well.



You Can Enjoy Creative Photography 

Good view selfie

Photo by James Frid on Pexels


Selfie sticks have made things better for those who would wish to have more captures of varied exquisite viewpoints and creative angles for more photo editing features. With proper positioning of your stick, you can achieve ultra-wide-angle covering and come up with either an extended hemispherical or panoramic image. With a unique viewpoint, high-quality camera lens and proper positioning of your selfie stick, you can take excellent selfies those that you can develop into actual photos if you so wish. To have this done correctly, you can set the camera stabilization settings to only capture when it is right.



As much as a selfie stick can be of an outstanding essence when it comes to taking selfies, you need still to be accurate and keen while you use it for better results. Do not stand under deficient light conditions or hold it in an angle and expect to have the best capture – no, it doesn’t work that way. Also, when buying choose the very best selfie stick in the market; according to your budget. Also, finding a digital camera with high resolution is appropriate. These two considerations will automatically indulge you in another world with your smartphone – that with the ability to take stunning photos wherever you go. No matter where you travel to, be it Phuket, Dubai, Peru or Singapore, now you’ll have amazing selfies alway! Travel safe, click away and share your captures with us.