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Things To Do In Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Vivette Kajal

The sky diving at palm islands, Dubai
Photo by Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai is a strip of land in the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf. It continues to attract millions of tourists every year as it is famous for its stupendous architecture, artificial islands, and amazing local cuisine.


This Arabian land needs to be visited at least once in a lifetime to understand what the raves are all about. You will surely have memories to cherish for a lifetime! 


The Top Tourist Attractions


Get Mesmerized By the Burj Khalifa

With a height of 828m and a total of 163 floors, Burj Khalifa is the pride of Dubai. Now the world’s tallest tower, this magnificent building is open to the public since January 2010.


What Is Inside The Burj Khalifa?

The inside of the Burj Khalifa features an array of restaurants, a hotel, and observation decks. However, the restaurant bar on the 122nd floor gives you a stunning experience when you look down to see the brightly lit Dubai at night.


There are two observation decks in Burj Khalifa — one on the 124th and the other on the 148th floor. The world’s highest observation deck is situated on the 148th floor at 555m.


Here, you get treated like a celebrity upon being welcomed by an ambassador who serves you drinks and refreshment snacks. Moreover, this place also gives an out-of-this-world experience with an interactive screen that lets you fly to another city by hovering your hands.


Another fact about the Burj Khalifa is the extravagant fireworks that will make you speechless during new year’s eve. Above all, this is also another record-breaking fireworks display in the world.


Burj Khalida Dubai

Photo by Hans-Jürgen Schmidt on Unsplash


Where To Get The Tickets Of Burj Khalifa?

Tickets are available for both of the observation decks in the Burj Khalifa. The first observation deck runs you through the multimedia exhibits which show the meticulous construction of the Burj Khalifa.


The lift inside this stunning tower is a terrific experience as it takes you to the floors with a speed of 10m per second.


Burj Khalifa’s ticket prices can go really high after sunset when the top view from the Burj can be a visually magical experience. Generally, the price of the Burj Khalifa Sky Top is $45 and the At the Top Burj Khalifa is $54.


If you want a package that allows you to access every minute detailing of the mighty Burj Khalifa, then the prices may go up to $100 and above.


Remember how one of the most famous Hollywood actors, Tom Cruise, made us sit on the edge of our seats in Mission Impossible 4 in the Burj Khalifa?
If you have been wanting to spend a night in the building, you can stay in the Armani Hotel Dubai inside the Burj Khalifa. However, if you don’t have the budget to stay in such an expensive hotel, there are other hotels near the Burj. So, go ahead and book months prior to your stay, so that you don’t end up splurging a lot.


How To Get To Burj Khalifa?

The Burj Khalifa is located in downtown Dubai next to the Dubai Mall. It is accessible by public buses as well as taxis. The Dubai Metro is also a convenient mode of transportation to reach the attraction.



Explore The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall

Photo by David Mark on Pixabay


The shopaholic in you will get excited once you step inside the Dubai Mall. This is in close proximity to the tallest tower of the world, the Burj Khalifa. Did you know that an entire day spent inside this mall wouldn’t be enough to get acquainted with all the shops and amenities within?


I wonder how one Dubai destination accommodates an indoor waterfall, a fountain, a giant-sized aquarium, an underwater zoo, and much more. If you are looking for an Apple store in Dubai Mall, a ski resort, or movie theatres, you can find them all here!
People mainly come here to visit the Dubai mall aquarium and underwater zoo. This is one of the biggest aquariums in the world. Again, Dubai comes with another record for having the world’s largest indoor aquarium.


You literally get to feel how life is underwater when you walk through the tunnel. They have so many different species here. The largest crocodile in the world, King Croc, is found here in the Dubai underwater zoo.


The Dubai Aquarium and the underwater zoo are considered as one of the best aquariums in the world. The underwater zoo and Dubai Aquarium tickets can be availed for an entire day as well.
Bored at your hotel room in Dubai? Go on a food trip inside Dubai Mall and devour different kinds of food from the vibrant food court in Dubai Mall. Spend numerous hours just exploring the unexplored because it’s such a huge mall!



Get To Know The Old Dubai At Bastakia

Do you know how old Dubai is? It came into existence in the 18th century. Before the tall skyscrapers, mighty malls, and well-maintained fountains, Dubai was a land of fishermen who lived around the creek.


For some tourists who would love to know about the history of Dubai, Dubai’s Old Quarter is the best place to get a better understanding of it.


Bastakia is the place to go to reminisce the past of modern Dubai.


Dubai Souks

Photo by Zosia Korcz on Unsplash


The old quarter is littered with spice souks and gold souks (also known as Deira) and scented with Dubai coffee museums. The place is also adorned with museums for display and art cafes for traditional Arabic lunch.


Spend your entire day here and live like Arabs in the Old Quarter of Al Bastakia. Get some good souvenirs at the Dubai souvenir shops lined at the Bastakia quarter. Also, witness how the locals pack and unpack their Dubai export and import goods.


You can also take a boat ride for 1 AED to experience the unwritten history of Dubai merchants and local workers in Bastakia Dubai.

What Is Sheikh Saeed Al- Maktoum At Old Dubai?

The Sheikh Saeed Al- Maktoum house in the old quarter is the oldest building of Bastakiya. Therefore, try not to skip this building of historical importance. This was Sheik Saeed Al Maktoum’s house for more than 40 years in the early 20th century. The peculiarity of this building is that it has natural cooling wind towers.



Connect With Emirates Culture At Heritage & Diving Culture

Heritage and Diving Village

Photo by Guilhem Vellut on Flickr


If Bastakia is the place to know about the history of old Dubai, then the Heritage & Diving Village in Dubai provides meaningful insights into the rich culture and heritage of the Emirates.


The Heritage Village has a wide variety of craftsmen, potters, and weavers, whereas the diving village gives us a chance to understand more about the pearl industry.


Get a taste of the vibrancy in the Heritage Village of Dubai! The best time to set your foot there would be during the Dubai Shopping Festival. From cooking to desert life, they have different demonstrations taking place in this heritage center every day. 



Behold The Dubai Museum


Dubai Museum is the oldest building in Dubai. There are so many historical exhibits in the museum that take you back to the life of Dubai.


To get the nostalgic experience of Old Dubai, the Dubai Museum in Al Fahidi Fort is a must-visit. There are galleries that give us a glimpse of the mosques, date farms, desert life, and much more. 


Dubai Museum

Photo by Michael Coghlan on Flickr


The Al Fahidi Fort that houses the Dubai Museum is the most ancient of the Arabic forts. There are quite a number of small wooden boats in the courtyard. This is a reminder that Dubai was a fisherman village once upon a time.


The multimedia presentation in the Dubai Museum provides insights on how Dubai got transformed into the record-breaking hub from the fisherman phase.


The Al Fahidi district where the Dubai Museum is located is in close proximity to Dubai Creek and Old Dubai’s traditional souks.



Behold The Beauty Of Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque

Photo by Susanne Nilsson on Flickr


With its off-white exterior and ornate design, the Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai is one of the beautiful mosques in the world.  Even non-muslims can visit and pay their respects.


Jumeirah Mosque is considered as one of the famous mosques in Dubai. But don’t get it confused with the grand mosque of Abudhabi. The grand mosque of Abudhabi is called the Sheikh Saeed Grand Mosque Centre which is much mightier than the Jumeirah Mosque.
If you have always been curious to know what’s inside a mosque, you can avail a one-hour guided tour inside. Also, delicious local pastries are served for visitors of Jumeirah Mosque.


Visitors can also ask questions regarding the Islamic culture by the end of the tour.



Get A Splendid Vacation At Palm Jumeirah


Palm Jumeirah

Photo by Nicolasspie0 on Pixabay


The Palm Jumeirah is one of the biggest man-made islands in the world. Also known as the Palm Islands, this stunning attraction is in the shape of a palm tree and juts out towards the Arabian Gulf.


Did you know this giant beauty is clearly visible from space? Because of this, people consider it as the eighth wonder of the world!


The artificial palm trees that have been aligned beautifully around Palm Jumeirah gets illuminated at night. This is a perfect haven for tourists who have been yearning for fun-filled experiences in a gorgeous attraction.


Palm Jumeirah From The Top

Photo by Richard Schneider on Wikimedia Commons


How To Plan A Vacation In Palm Islands?

So, do you want to indulge in some great fun? Then, head to Palm Islands to have a wonderful time! Here are some of the things that you can do:


a) Have a great stay in The Atlantis. Grab your brunch at the renowned restaurant, Nobu High Brunch where they serve free cocktails.


b) Get yourself a tan in the Chic Beach Club.


c) Have fun with some splash tours in the speed boat ride.


d) If you are really daring and adventurous, experience the thrill of the lifetime — the free fall from Palm Jumeirah!


This beautiful man-made island even accommodates houses, restaurants, metros, and boats. A man-made island as mighty and dense as it could ever be, the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is truly a sight to behold!


Atlantis Dubai

Photo by Pixabay



Forget the usual drab hotel room. Book your stay at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai!


Situated within the Palm Jumeirah, the underwater hotel is famous among sea lovers. The underwater suite is known as the first underwater vessel resort, or at least they claim so! If you are lucky, then you may get a room here since it’s fully booked almost every day.


Almost 65,000 marine inhabitants swim around just beyond your glass window in the underwater suite. If you want to stay in this unique room, be prepared to shell out AED 30,000 a night!



Take A Stroll In Dubai Miracle Garden

Out of all the tourist attractions in Dubai, my heart pounds faster at the sheer sight of Dubai Miracle Garden. It has more than 150 million flowers decorated in colorful arches and different patterns.


The Dubai Miracle Garden holds a Guinness world record for housing the largest flower structure in the shape of an Airbus A380! Additionally, this massive garden covers 780,000 square feet and contains around 50 million flowers and 250 million plants!


Dubai Miracle Garden

Photo by Валентина Цибульская on Pixabay


As you stroll along the park, you will feel as if you’ve stepped into a fairytale. You can marvel at the flower structure displayed from November to April. Organizers of this attraction make sure to change the flower structure yearly.


Aside from the plants, the Dubai Miracle garden also has a prayer room, carts for handicapped visitors, first aid rooms, and all that is required to make it a visitor-friendly place.


Perched in the heart of Dubai, filled with the fragrance and beauty of millions of flowers, the Dubai Miracle garden is a miracle in itself.


Visiting hours are from 10 AM to 10 PM. The entrance fee for adults is 40 AED and 30 AED for children aged 3 to 12.


Where Is The Dubai Butterfly garden?

Butterfly on a red flower

Photo by Tung Minh on Unsplash


Of course, you can’t have a garden without butterflies, right? Inside the Dubai Miracle garden, you will find the Dubai Butterfly Garden which houses more than 15,000 butterflies of 26 different kinds.


The moment you step into the garden, you will see colorful butterflies of different sizes, flying in and around the garden. There are guides who help you take pictures with butterflies. They assist you in providing information about the evolution and the different stages of butterflies. 


You will have to pay a separate fee to enjoy this garden. The rates are as follows: 50 AED for adults and children below 3 can enter for free.



Fall In Love With Dubai Marina


Another man-made wonder in Dubai is the Dubai Marina. It is an upscale residential district where the affluent relax and have fun.


Known for The Beach at JBR, the Dubai Marina is built along a two-mile stretch along the Persian Gulf shoreline. Above all, this is the best area for luxury. With its beach resorts, luxury apartments, five-star restaurants, and fancy boutiques, the Dubai Marina is a place filled with activity.


Explore the area using a jet ski or speed boat. The latter offers views of the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, highlighting the beautiful skylines of Dubai Marina. There is a trained tour guide for every speedboat to give you details on the sites and landmarks.


The Dubai Marina Walk is certainly famous for people who love to go for long walks. Along this paved walkway, there is a long stretch of a variety of shops and restaurants. The pedestrian walkway is well-maintained, and it gets really crowded during the weekends.


How To Get The Perfect Evening In Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina

Photo by Hachim.Pi on Flickr


If you are looking for the perfect dinner with a touch of magical view, do not miss the Sunset Dinner Cruise in Dubai Marina. It is a two-hour luxury tour which offers you live pasta stations, different international cuisines, and a dessert bar with unlimited soft drinks, coffee, tea, and water.


Enjoy the spectacular night views from the open deck of the cruise or in the air-conditioned lower deck. However, pre-book a ticket from the Dubai Marina Yacht club which gives you detailed information on how to plan your dinner cruise.
If you have not had enough with shopping, then the Dubai Marina Mall comes to the rescue. This mall isn’t as huge as other malls, yet it offers a variety of shops for all the major and small purchases. Above all, the hotels in Dubai Marina are aplenty. From Marriot to Intercontinental at Dubai Marina, the options are wide, and you can choose whichever catches your fancy.



Go Kite Flying At Kite Beach

Kite Beach

Photo by Desislava Ignatova on Unsplash


Kite Beach Dubai is a sight to soothe our eyes. Its pristine white sand and clean surroundings make it the favorite of many. Anyone who wants to have fun under the sun should visit this place.


With a wide array of beach activities to choose from, you surely would never get bored here. You can choose to go kitesurfing or kayaking, play beach volleyball or tennis, or simply sunbathe.


The place also boasts of an impressive jogging track and an area where kids can play. This Dubai beach can give you a great view of Burj Al Arab.


Kite Beach is decorated with great food trucks and cafes to fill your tummy with delicious sandwiches and ice cream from SALT after your activities. Aside from this, Kite beach also provides so many other facilities for visitors such as Wifi, toilets, changing rooms, and shower rooms.


Weekends can get crowded, but you can marvel at the huge number of kites in the sky! It is Kite Beach after all.
This beloved beach also hosts the International Kite Festival. Different kite-flying activities and competitions take place on the beach during this time. Kids and families are equally happy and entertained during the Kite festival.



Birdwatching At Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary


Photo by Matt Tillett on Flickr


Is there a wildlife sanctuary in Dubai? Of course!


Always known as the land of shopping malls and record-breaking facts, Dubai isn’t known for its wildlife sanctuary. But if you want to take a break from the malls and the big buildings, pay a visit to the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary.


It is home to more than 20,000 water birds and also known as the amazing wetland wildlife heaven. This attraction is heaven to migratory birds that arrive in Dubai during the winter.
If you are a bird lover, this place is a must-visit. Be amazed at the sight of hundreds of flamingos flying and transforming the sky to a soothing pink. Be sure to carry binoculars with you for close observation of the birds.


Most importantly, amid the hustle and bustle of the city and the glamour of the tall towers, this beautiful ecosystem can help you unwind from stress.


There are two hide-viewing areas in Dubai’s Wildlife Sanctuary: one is the Mangrove hide and the other is the Flamingo hide. They are open to visitors from 9 AM to 4 PM.



Snowfall At The Mall Of The Emirates

Mall of Emirates

Photo by Arne Bevaart on Flickr

Mall of the Emirates encompasses all the major five-star restaurants. It has the famous Ski Dubai, a massive cinema complex, a family entertainment center, and plenty of shopping centers too. You name a world cuisine and it’s almost impossible not to find it in the Mall of Emirates.


Ski Dubai is well planned and designed with a constant temperature of -4 degrees Celsius. People are so keen to get into the snow park which gives you a real experience of snow. In fact, it is the largest indoor snow park, covering an area of 3,000 square meters!


The Dubai indoor ski cost varies, depending on which amenities and features you want to enjoy. Try to get the best time of your life in Ski Dubai with penguin encounters, winter sports, and snowboarding.


Above all, during the festival period, one can easily sneak inside Ski Dubai with great coupon discounts.



Visit The Popular Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach

Photo by Mostafa Meraji on Unsplash


Out of all the Dubai beaches, Jumeirah beach is certainly the most famous and the most visited beach by tourists.


The best hotels to stay in Dubai are very close to Jumeirah beach. But if you want to have the complete experience, stay in one of the hotels near the beach area to enjoy a perfect sea view.


Unlike Kite beach, Jumeirah beach offers a limited number of activities such as jet skiing and other types of water sports.


But if you’re not the active type, you can simply sunbathe on one of the many sun loungers and grab a meal in the restaurants in the area. Above all, see the splendid sunset in Jumeirah Beach.



Stay In The Largest Hotel — Burj Al Arab

Burj lit up at dusk

Photo by Pixabay


Dubai is known for its huge building structures, and here’s another one in the list — the Burj Al Arab! It is the largest hotel in the world with a height of 321m.


The Burj Al Arab is located in Jumeirah which is constantly swarmed by tourists. Designed by architect Tom Wright, this is certainly one of the most expensive hotels in the world.


Likewise, people who can afford a stay here are in for a treat. You will get world-class treatment in this luxurious hotel.


But take note: a night in one of the luxurious suites can coax you to shell out as much as $24,000 a night. The cheapest room in Burj AL Arab is $1000 and above.



Most importantly, enjoy the splendid view from the top of Burj Al Arab and relish on a sumptuous dinner from the world-famous underwater restaurant in Dubai, the Al- Mahara restaurant. 


For a great panoramic view, book a Burj Al Arab afternoon tea at the Skyview Bar. Here, you can enjoy the best of the best cuisines.


Try to book a stay with complimentary access to Wild Wadi waterpark and its spa facilities. The Burj Al Arab room reservations have to be done well in advance since it’s always flooded with VIP and officials from all over the world.


The rooms inside this stunning hotel can give you the feel of a mansion. The 7-star hotel is the epitome of affluence and elegance!



Experience The Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If you’re in Dubai but not planning to visit its desert, you are certainly missing out on one of the best attractions in the world. The Dubai Desert Safari is an experience of a lifetime.


It’s not something you will see in your hometown. Thus, grab the opportunity to explore this area of Dubai and marvel at its beauty.


The Dubai Desert Safari can be pre-booked from several online travel sites. Subsequently, there is a pick-up from your hotel and the entire duration of this tour is 6 hours.


The Dubai Desert Safari offers you unique activities that will surely astound you. Ever wanted to ride a camel? Well, here’s your chance! Explore the sand dunes on the back of a camel. Likewise, visitors can try a hand in sandboarding or hold a falcon in their arms.


Get enthralled in the desert camps with hearty Arabian barbecues and Arabian coffee. You will also be entertained with belly dancers. You can even get henna designs on your feet and hands.

Camels on Dubai Desert

Photo by Fernando Jorge on Unsplash


If you have a concern about the safety of desert safari, do not worry. Bear in mind that the Dubai Desert safari is safe. Land cruisers specially designed for the safari are driven by professional and licensed drivers.


All the drivers are given training in first aid, and the cars are even fixed with roll cage to protect tourists from accidents.


So, there you have it! Dubai is certainly a place of luxury and man-made wonders. The next time you visit, try to cover all these attractions to get the full experience! And if you need ideas on a weekend getaway from Dubai, check them out here