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35 Irresistible Travel Gifts For Men In Every Occasion


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ray Angeles

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©Photo by Bob_DMYT on Pixabay

Finding the perfect gift for that special man in your life can be daunting. You only want the best gifts for your boyfriend or husband, for your dad and for your brothers. However, you’ll never know whether he’ll like the gift you got him before giving it to him. But if you know he’s an avid traveler, we have good news for you. Here are some of the best travel gifts for men for any occasion.


Bags, Luggage, Organizers, And Kits

front and back view of the nomatic travel bag

©Photo by Nomatic’s Official Facebook Page



Nomatic Travel Bag 

Every well-traveled man needs a good travel backpack to put his personal belongings in. One backpack we recommend for this year is the carry-on-sized Nomatic Travel Bag. Designed with sleekness and performance in mind, this backpack has a lot of useful features. Some of these include multiple pockets and compartments, cord organizers and numerous adjustable straps for support. It’s made with a tarpaulin or ballistic weave material, and it can contain 40L worth of items.



Aluminum Suitcase

Some trips go on for multiple days, and any man who loves to travel needs to have a trusty checked-in luggage bag. For any occasion, giving any well-traveled men in your life a good suitcase would be greatly appreciated. So, why not get him an Aluminum Suitcase? This bag is made with an aluminum-magnesium alloy body, with its corners reinforced, so it can withstand any rough tumbles during your travels. It also has 104.5L worth of packing capacity and a base weight of just 14 lbs. It’s one of those travel gifts for men that can definitely last and stay useful for years to come.



Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack

Every travel-junkie needs a fanny pack or a hip pack for a day of walking. If you’re thinking of giving one as a gift, make sure to get a heavy-duty one, such as Herschel Supply Co.’s Seventeen Hip Pack. It’s made of resilient, easy to clean, 100% Polyester fabric, lined with weather-agent-resistant nylon fabric. Apart from being made with heavy-duty materials, Hershel’s Seventeen Hip Pack also has multiple pockets and compartments, along with an adjustable strap. It’s the perfect item for any traveler on the go.



The North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag

Avid travelers go on both long and short trips, so any man in your life who’s a travel junkie will definitely appreciate a good weekender duffel. If you’re thinking of giving one to your significant other, brother, dad, or friend, why not give them the stylish yet durable duffle bag? It’s not too big but it has up to 50L to 90L worth of packing space depending on your preference. It’s also made of sturdy, waterproof, laminated fabric that can withstand a lot of rough handling on a good weekend trip.



Earth Pak Waterproof Drybag

A lot of trips would call for people to get wet. This is especially true for kayaking trips or remote island holidays. If a man you know loves taking such trips, a thoughtful gift idea would be the Earth Pak Original Waterproof Drybag. This drybag is available in 10L and 20L and it has a roll-top closure. Additionally, its made from waterproof 500D PVC fabric, so you’ll be sure that it’ll protect his things from the harshest outdoor conditions he can encounter.


Useful Organizers And Travel Kits

three packing cubes stacked on top each other with the smallest on top

Read More Reviews ©Official photo from Lean Travel



LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes

If you want to give one of the most useful travel gifts for men, one thing that they’ll definitely appreciate is a set of LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes. Its a set of organizers for all their packing troubles. LeanTravel Compression Packing Cubes are available to purchase as a set of six. It comes in three sizes — from small to medium, to large — with a set containing two of each size. Made from high-quality polyester, these compression cubes will help in minimizing the wrinkles on clothes. It also helps in protecting packed items and keeping them odor-free.



Brigs & Riley BRX Express Toiletry Kit

Every travel junkie knows how important a toiletry kit or Dopp kit is. So, for an upcoming occasion, you can give your man a toiletry kit you’ve assembled yourself. Place them in a good, sturdy toiletry bag. We recommend using the Brigs & Riley BRX Express Toiletry Kit. The bag is cylindrical, with a spacious interior, along with wet and dry pockets. It has straps you can use and it’s also easy to pack.



Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Starter Kit

Apart from toiletries, men need another essential kit when they’re on the go — a shaving kit. There are many ready-made shaving kits you can buy and wrap up from stores, but we recommend Dollar Shave Club’s Ultimate Shave Starter Kit. This kit includes a 6-blade Executive razor along with their pre-shave scrub, shave butter and post-shave dew in trial sizes. Dollar Shave Club also has a subscription pricing plan, which the person you’re gifting this kit to can choose to get.



I Go Compact First Aid Kit

An emergency or first-aid kit is something all of us need while traveling in many different places. However, a lot of people forget or overlook bringing one. One of the most extremely valuable travel gifts for men on any occasion is a ready-made emergency kit that they can just put inside their bags without any fuss. A good emergency kit that you can give anyone is the I Go Compact First Aid Kit. It contains up to 85 individual first-aid items without taking too much space in any suitcase.


Useful Travel Accessories

Travelrest nest memory foam pillow

Read More Reviews © Photo by Travelrest Offical Webpage



Lethnic Bifold Men’s Organizer Wallet

From banknotes to train cards, a travel junkie needs something to organize all the little bits of paper they need for exploring a new place. So, for the holiday season, why not give the men in your life a sleek and stylish organizer wallet? Try giving him the Lethnic Bifold Men’s Organizer Wallet. It has a long and slim construction but equips anyone using it with up to 18 card slots, six different compartments, and one zipper pocket. It also uses RFID blocking technology, so it prevents any private information from cards and the like from getting stolen.



YOMO RFID Passport Holder

For men who frequently travel abroad, it goes without saying that they would need to have their passport with them at all times. If you know someone who travels abroad all the time, why not help them protect their passports from wear and tear? Give them a stylish and durable passport holder like the YOMO RFID Passport Holder. It’s made up of water-resistant canvas and is equipped with RFID blocking technology. It also provides space for other travel documents your man may need.



Sisma Travel Cord Organizer

Modern and working travelers will always have their gadgets with them. This means they’ll also have all kinds of chargers, wires, and cords with them. So, one of the greatest gifts for men who travel for work is a set of cord organizers, like the Sisma Travel Cord Organizer. It’s compact, and it has multiple compartments, and it’ll protect all your cords from any damage. If the person you’re gifting this to wants more compartments, the Sisma Travel Cord Organizer also has additional inserts and straps for him to use.



Survimate Filtered Water Bottle

While many places in the world are beautiful, many of them still don’t have access to 100% clean water. A unique gift idea to keep your men’s health safe while they frequently travel is a Survimate Filtered Water Bottle. As its name suggests, it’s a water flask with four layers of built-in, medical-grade filters. These filters make sure that the water that anyone drinks from it is safe to consume. This is a perfect gift for anyone traveling abroad or for hiking and camping trips.



Zojirushi 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Mug

Who doesn’t like coffee or tea? Sometimes, these two drinks are hard to carry on the go, but with a good coffee or tea flask, your man can take it anywhere. Why not give him Zojirushi’s 16 Ounce Stainless Steel Mug. Apart from having an anti-spill lid, it also guarantees to keep any drink hot all day long. And you know it’s a great product if the maker of this steel mug offers a 5-year warranty for it!



Travelrest Nest Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Any long ride you take sitting down, whether it be a plane ride or a bus ride, will be uncomfortable. To lessen the burden on any traveler you know, give them a high-quality neck pillow as a gift. Our recommendation is the Travelrest Nest Ultimate travel pillow, which is made of memory foam. It also has rubber grip dots, which help prevent slipping. These maximize comfort, helping anyone using to get enough rest even while in a 12-hour plane ride.



Moleskine Voyageur Travel Journal

A good way of documenting any trip is by writing about it. So, if your man likes to do this, they’ll surely appreciate the Moleskine Voyageur Travel Journal. It’s a compact, 4″x7″ notebook with a pocket compartment and a combination of lined, gridded and dotted pages. It also has a sticker page for labels. Here, he can keep logs of places he’s visited, food and drinks he’s tried, and travel plans for the future.



Gerber Dime Travel Multi-tool

Giving a man an extremely useful multi-tool is one gift idea we need to mention. For any upcoming special occasion, think of giving him the Gerber Dime Travel Multi-tool. It features up to 11 different tools in one compact package. Another great thing about this is that it’s portable as it’s only around 3 inches long and 63 grams heavy. It’s also airport security friendly!



Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer

Walking around all day can cause shoes to stink. As gross as this may sound, it happens, whether it be because of feet sweating or shoes getting wet from outside elements. So, to help him get rid of bad shoe odor, why not try giving him the Lumi Outdoors Natural Shoe Deodorizer as a present? Apart from helping to freshen up your footwear, it also helps fight any bacteria or fungi growing in them. Additionally, it’s made from natural ingredients, so using it would do no harm to the environment at all.


Techie Travel Gifts For Men

front view of the Sonos Move speakers

©Photo by Sonos Official Webpage



Spigen Slim Armor CS

Another unique gift idea for any well-traveled man in your life is this quirky phone case. The Spigen Slim Armor CS phone case may look like an ordinary phone case before you open it. It doubles as an organizer where you can hide your cards in. It’s a convenient item, perfect for travelers who want to get around with all their cards and paper stubs in one place.



Anker Power Core 26800 Portable Battery Pack

Travelers of the 21st century won’t likely leave their houses without their phones. However, not all destinations will have charging stations. Additionally, if they’re on a scheduled tour, they won’t have time to stop and charge their gadgets. So, one of the best gift ideas for men who travel is a good, high-capacity battery pack.


For this, we recommend Anker’s Power Core 26800 portable battery pack. As its model name suggests, it has a capacity of 26,800mAh, which can charge a phone’s battery to full for up to 10 times. It also features fast-charging technology and three USB charging ports.



Rav Power 16 Watt Solar Phone Charger

In tandem with a good battery pack, another great travel gift idea you can give out is a solar power battery charger. It’s perfect for when your man likes to travel to remote nature reserves where electricity is not easily accessible.


For this category, we recommend getting him the Rav Power 16 Watt Solar Phone Charger. Its design makes it easy to position to receive the optimum amount of sunlight. It also features two protected USB ports and enough waterproofing to let its users charge in a light shower.

Black color Bose noise cancelling 700 bluetooth headphone

Read More Reviews ©Photo by official Bose



Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

Any long road trips call for entertainment. A sweet gift idea for men that would help them enjoy movies, songs, and other media in peace is the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700. The brand is world-renowned for the sound quality its audio products provide. This particular model features top-class noise cancellation. It’s also portable and wireless, with over 20 hours of uptime from one full charge. A perfect gift if your man prefers to travel in peace whether it’s during a flight or on a bus. With Bose, anyone can say ‘Bye’ to those annoying noises while listening to your favourite travel podcast and music. 



Sony Alpha A6000 Digital Camera

If the men in your life love capturing memorable moments, a good gift to give him is Sony’s Apla A6000 Digital Camera. It’s mirrorless and less bulky compared to DSLRs, but it lets anyone capture high-quality pictures anytime. It’s perfect for capturing high-resolution images and videos to keep precious moments last, all while being compact and easy to pack. Additionally, the Sony Alpha A6000 can connect to WiFi, making it possible to instantly share photos from this camera.



Unidapt Travel Adaptor

Different countries use different electric sockets, so one of the best tech gifts for men who have everything is a universal electric socket adaptor. We recommend the travel adaptor made by Unidapt. It’s a compact universal travel adaptor that allegedly works in more than 160+ countries. Apart from being able to work with different sockets, this keeps its users’ gadgets protected with one main fuse and one spare fuse built-in.



DJI Mavic Mini Drone

For anyone who wants to capture precious moments while on vacation and take it to a higher level, the DJI Mavic Pro drone is one of the most amazing travel gifts for men you can give. It stays on the air for up to 30 minutes, taking 12MP pictures or 2.7K Quad HD videos. Additionally, the Mavic Mini drone is also lightweight and compact. It fits at the palm of your hand when folded, so he doesn’t have to fuss about finding space for it in his bag. You’ll have to splurge to get it for a special man in your life; however, we have a feeling it’ll all be worth it.



Sonos Move

Whether it be to play songs or play ambient sounds to relax, one of the best cool gifts for guys is the Sonos Move. It’s a portable speaker small and light enough to not take too much space in your man’s luggage. Apart from that, Sonos designed Move to be both an indoor and an outdoor speaker. This speaker is also sturdy, being waterproof and being able to do withstand a drop from a few feet.


Paper white waterproof and lightweight Amazon Kindle

Read More Reviews ©Photo by Amazon



Kindle Paperwhite

Long plane rides, train rides or car rides can get boring, especially if you have nothing to do. Help save a significant man in your life from such boring trips by gifting them with a Kindle Paperwhite.


In case you didn’t know, a Kindle an e-book reader that can store hundreds of digital books that can be found on Amazon’s website. This e-book reader features an anti-glare screen, adjustable lighting, and even waterproofing. Additionally, this can run for up to a week on a full battery charge. Apart from its core function and its awesome features, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite also stays slim and lightweight, so finding a place for it in his bag won’t be a hassle.



Joby GorillaPod

If he loves taking his camera on his trips, a wonderfully useful item you can give him is Joby’s GorillaPod, but what is a GorillaPod? To put it simply, it’s a portable tripod with flexible legs. It helps stabilize footage on camera whether he’s holding the tripod or setting it up in a corner for long exposure shots. It’s popular among video creators, specifically due to its sturdiness, stability, and flexibility as a portable camera accessory.



Tile Mate

What’s one of the best gifts for men who have everything? Something that’ll keep track of all those things! There are times when bags get lost in the airport or in a hotel, and finding them would seem impossible. To avoid this, get him a Tile Mate set. It’s a device used to track misplaced items via BlueTooth. He can simply place one Tile Mate tracker inside his luggage, and it’ll be trackable using any smartphone.



Apple Watch

For anyone on the go, the great thing you can gift is an Apple Smart Watch. Apart from being extremely fashionable, these watches have numerous functions that are extremely convenient for an avid tourist. Apart from telling time, being able to search on the web and listen to music, he’ll be able to get directions for when he’s exploring a new place. He’ll also be able to receive messages and calls right from the Apple Watch.


Stylish Travel Gifts For Men

Man wearing teal Patagonia Nano Puff jacket

©Photo by Official Patagonia Webpage



Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket

Some famous tourist havens experience harsh weather conditions, but travel junkies still want to visit them. If you know a special man in your life who’s that kind of travel junkie, why not help to protect them during such trips? If you want to give him something stylish to wear, one of the best travel gifts for men you can get is the Puff Jacket by Patagonia.


The Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket helps keep its wearer comfortably warm, even in temperatures reaching -5ºC. It’s insulated, waterproof, and windproof. It’s also equipped with two hand-warmer pockets and a zippered chest pocket to store things in. Additionally, the jacket remains lightweight and easy to store.



Nike Men’s Air Monarch

Exploring new places requires tourists to walk for hours at a time. Make your man’s experience more comfortable and memorable by giving him great walking shoes.

Nike’s Air Monarch IV shoes for men is one such shoe, designed to keep its wearer’s feet comfortable for hours. Its upper is made with a light, breathable leather material. The design for this shoe is constructed to prioritize feet support and walking stability. Additionally, it’s a great walking shoe to use on all terrains.


It’s also very stylish, so we imagine that he’ll definitely appreciate getting these.



Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses

Whether you want him to look cool or help him protect his eyes from the sun, a cool and stylish gift you can give your man is a pair of Rayban Wayfarer sunglasses. Apart from being a timeless fashion staple, authentic Raybans are sturdy, so we feel like he’ll be able to use these on trips for years to come.


Quirky Travel Gifts For Men

Scratch off world map in golden wax

©Photo by Amazon






The Solo Travel Handbook

If you know a man who loves going solo on vacation, giving him a reference or guide to planning his trip is always a great gift idea. The Solo Travel Handbook made by Lonely Planet is one such guide, and it’s a reference that can help both new and experienced solo travelers. It offers itinerary ideas, budget guides and other pieces of useful information along the way.



Scratch Off Map

If you like giving special people in your life fun and quirky things, a scratch-off travel map is the perfect gift idea. Give this to a well-traveled man, and help him keep track of the countries he’s already ticked off his bucket list of places to visit.


Thoughtful Gifts For Him

If you want to show appreciation to your life’s most significant men, gifts are a good way to go. Great travel gifts for men are the thoughtful ones — those that let them feel that you know their needs. If they love traveling, give them stuff that they’ll use. So, for any upcoming special occasion, let them know you appreciate them by giving them one of these irresistible items.