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Tips to Feel Good on a Red Eye Flight


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Preeti Dhakappa

Featured - Tips to Feel Good on a Red Eye Flight

Red-eye flights stress a vast number of air travellers. Red-eye refers to the feeling you experience after spending overnight travelling. By now you should have probably figured out that fatigue is a common repercussion after an overnight journey.


Sometimes an overnight journey is unavoidable and we are forced to undertake one. When you have an important business meeting abroad or a family ceremony to attend abroad, a red eye flight often is the only thing that can make all this happen.


The Red Eye Syndrome 

Overnight air travel would be convenient if only sleeping would be easy. Having a comfortable sleep while on a red eye flight is a rare thing to most of us. It’s uncomfortable to take a nap while travelling by plane.


But how can you be able to handle a painful night journey and fatigue associated with the red eye flight? This question has been posted and remains unanswered to many travellers.

Here are some tips on how to deal with the red eye flight syndrome:


Drink More Water

A glass of water is much needed

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash


Most medical and travel professionals advocate for proper hydration before embarking on a flight journey. But, if you want to sleep on red-eye you will need to check this. Limit your fluid intake an hour or two before the flight.

The most nagging and frustrating thing is to wake in the middle of the flight due to a call of nature. Importantly, drink an adequate amount of water when nearing your destination. It will help reduce dehydration which worsens the signs of a jet lag.


Wear Comfortable Clothing

Here we are not suggesting sporty clothing attire while you are on an important journey. Choosing comfortable clothing is paramount to get the best of red eye flight. They will help greatly to keep you at ease especially in the sleeping process.

Tight clothing like jeans look amazing but are uncomfortable when on the red-eye flight journey. Choose loose clothing that makes you feel free hence a comfortable journey and sleep. Once you have boarded, take off your shoes to enhance more comfort.


Eat Less

An in-flight meal

Photo by Henrique Félix on Unsplash


Several blog posts have advocated for full pack diet while taking a flight. The only concern here is that meals alert your body it’s time to be active when you eat while taking a red-eye flight. This surely is the last thing you would wish for while taking the red-eye. The more you pretend to fall asleep the easier it is for your body to adjust to a different time zone.


Avoid Flight Connections

Connections are the worst thing while you are trying to get sleep on red eye flights. Trying to catch sleep on a three-hour flight later to be connected to a 7-hour flight, later on, is a hustle to be realistic. Direct connections flights sometimes are handy to find, but if you can manage one, then book for a continuous red-eye flight.


Beware Of The Blue Light

Blue light emitted by phones

Photo by Dmitriy Be on Unsplash


Our tech entertainment gadgets and aeroplane movie screens exhibit a blue light which disrupts the production of melatonin. This makes it harder for one to fall asleep. The aeroplane and its seats create an uncomfortable feeling and you need not add more stress. Furthermore, red-eye flight by itself is a tiresome journey to take.


While different people have different views concerning flight entertainment, red-eye-flights are not the time for such. Do you have trouble sleeping and you need some fun? Opt for audio or print form of entertainment. Remember to set your tech device to “night mode” to limit the lighting while you make your searches.


Choose A Seat At The Back

There are diverse advantages of taking the back seat of the plane. One, you get to be more close to the bathroom compared to the front seaters. Here you do not have to worry about disrupting people while going to the loo. This is common especially for people taking cheap airline flights.

The back seat tends to have more open sits where you could take an extra seat for comfort. You can lie comfortably from the back sit hence countering the side effects of eye-red. Besides, you get to be close to the flight attendants who can assist you in case of any problem.


Take It Easy

Listening to music during air travel

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash


Being vigorous after red eye flight lenders you to the loose. You will surely burn much fast. Go easy and open after you have landed from a cheap airline flight. While taking the red-eye flight ensure you are real with your psyche levels. Avoid scheduling major appointments the day you have landed.

The moment you have landed take care of your energy levels by eating well and hydrating yourself properly. Ensure you have adequate sleep to minimize any norm associated with night travelling.


Pack A Breakfast Meal

It is rare to get a morning meal while taking the red eye flight. This is made more difficult especially if you are travelling between different continents. The trick is to carry a breakfast snack which can fit in your mini backpack. A morning meal uplifts your energy levels by far. What more could you ask for while taking the red-eye flight?
An early breakfast sets you on the right path towards a successful and robust day. Pack your breakfast snack in your mini backpack and you will reap great benefits later on.


Take a Cold Shower After You Land

A cold shower after a long flight

Photo by Pixabay


You certainly could be feeling heavy and wasted after a red-eye flight. Take a cold shower – you will be refreshed and awaken again. The cold chills activate your body hormones to be alert hence a change in your mood. Altogether you will be awoken and refreshed at the same time.


A red eye flight is one of the most tiresome and uncomfortable sought of the journey. Long hours of late night endured usually take a big toll on your overall enthusiasm and personality. You ought to prepare and devise a mechanism to combat the side effects associated with a red eye flight.


Fly Away With A Smile

You need not struggle or become disappointed while trying to mitigate the side effects of a red eye flight. The above tips will surely be helpful while maintaining your true personality and charisma after a red eye flight.


Happy and safe travel! Now you can enjoy those long red-eye flights!