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10 Best Aruba All-Inclusive Resorts and Hotels


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Hillary Anne

nipa huts in Aruban shores
A photo by Paulo Evangelista from Unsplash

Aruba entices travelers by offering an all-inclusive picture-perfect Caribbean vacation in its impressive white-sand beaches lined up with luxurious hotels and casinos. Aside from the expansive list of amenities that guests will enjoy in the hotel, Aruba is a tourism-oriented country that gives travelers boundless things to do in Aruba. Beyond the extensive choices of shopping malls, there are plenty of museums for travelers to learn about the humble beginnings of Aruba behind the lavish lifestyle it portrays. And the Aruban cuisines came in as a bonus for you to indulge in the outstanding Dutch-influenced cuisine with Caribbean spices.


But what truly attracts more travelers to visit Aruba is the all-inclusive holiday packages.

What is an All-Inclusive Aruba Vacation?

Aruba’s main source of income is its tourism industry. There is a rigid competition among the hotels, that most of them have the same amenities and offer the same perks to be at par with the industry standards. Since most of them have the same amenities, they devised a way of how they can further create a niche. That’s where the all-inclusive packages came in.


Once you’ve signed up for the holiday package, you will no longer have to worry where you’re going to eat every day or how are you going to spend the day. Instead, the only thing you should be worrying about is if you’re mentally and physically fit for all the activities. The upshot? You’ll get to fuel up with food and drinks without worrying about the bills. 


When you get the all-inclusive package, you can skip the stress from planning the trip because from your transportation from the airport to the hotel to your daily meals, snacks and drinks, to your hotel accommodation, and your daily activities, they already arranged them for you. Some hotels also include your roundtrip flight like the Divi Properties, Tamarijn, and Renaissance Aruba Resort.


When is the cheapest time to visit Aruba?

The best time to visit Aruba is from January to March. It has pleasant weather with small chances of rain, but the hotel rates can be quite steep.


To score a good deal, try visiting the country during the low seasons from April to December. While the cheapest time to visit Aruba can be either in September or October.


For this article, the following price ranges per hotel are based on the lowest category rooms for two adults as of the published date, which is the cheapest time to go to Aruba based on Skyscanner.


Here are the 10 Best Aruba All-inclusive Hotels waiting for you:

a room with patio overlooking the Caribbean ocean

A photo from Booking


1. Holiday Inn Aruba Resort & Casino

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 370-470 for two adults per night

Holiday Inn Aruba, a reputable international hotel chain, can be found in the spread of Palm Beach. Their all-inclusive package includes daily full board meals, unlimited resort brand liquors & soft drinks, use of hotel amenities, resort activities, 25% discount at Pelican Adventures for activities such as sailing & snorkeling, sunset cruise, Tres Playa Beach Safari, kayak rentals, and paddleboat rentals, and credit of US$75 in Etnika Spa.


the vast pool area in Divi Dutch Village's Resort

A photo from Divi Dutch Village’s website


2. Divi Dutch Village Resort

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$425-525 for two adults per night

The Divi Dutch Village Resort is located across the Central Bank of Aruba and beside the Tamarijn Aruba. This beachfront hotel gives you an idyllic Caribbean vacation with their all-inclusive package that allows you to access three freshwater pools, sports courts, a fitness center, and other amenities and activities. They also conduct poolside activities that will allow your children to have fun with others, while you enjoy your time at the pool or in the spa.


divi village golf resort's impressive amenities

A photo from Booking


3. Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price: US$ 450-550 for two adults per night

Divi Village Golf and Beach Resort is a four-star hotel located at The Links where the nine-hole golf course is. It is recommended for family travelers because they have spacious rooms that can accommodate four to six persons. Their all-inclusive package includes daily meals from three restaurants and bars and access to various amenities as well as recreational activities like water activities and the golf course.


Barcelo Aruba's pool area with a lot of palm trees

A photo from Booking


4. Barceló Aruba

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 470-570 for two adults per night

Barceló Aruba, formerly known as Occidental Grand Aruba, also occupies Aruba’s Palm Beach. In their all-inclusive package, you will just have to perch in their natural-style pool with two hydro massages and enjoy sports activities such as tennis, beach volleyball, water polo, water aerobics, diving classes, scuba diving class, snorkeling, and evening entertainment shows. They also have six restaurants and three bars to satisfy any of your cravings every day.


three flamingos in front of the cottages in Renaissance Island

A photo from Marriot’s website


5. Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price: US$600-700 for two persons per night

A Marriott property in Aruba, the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino is the best all-inclusive resort near the airport. It offers daily meals from nine restaurants and bars, and access to the pool, beach, spa, fitness center, salon, and night entertainment. It has two categories, The Renaissance Marina Hotel (for adult travelers only) and Ocean Suites (for family travelers). This four-star hotel is the only resort with an exclusive private beach in Aruba, also called the Instagram-worthy, Flamingo Beach


a spacious room with quick access to the beach

A photo from Tamarijn Aruba’s website


6. Tamarijn Aruba

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 675-775 for two persons per night

The Tamarijn Aruba is a sister property of Divi properties. Similar to the Divi chain of properties, Tamarijn tops the list of recommended all-inclusive resorts in Aruba as they bag the 2019 Travellife’s Gold Certificate of Excellence. This hotel is seated in a more than two-kilometer long beach that gives all of their guests the spacious and breathtaking view of the ocean from their patios. They offer an all-inclusive package that will allow you to dine and drink in any of their ten restaurants and eight bars, and access their pools, water sports, weekly water aerobics, yoga, and Zumba classes, and other amenities and activities.


Recently, they also started offering group or private bike tours to famous tourist spots in Aruba such as Boca Catalina and the California Lighthouse.


the pool view at Divi Aruba during night time

A photo from Divi Aruba’s website


7. Divi Aruba

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 725-825 for two persons per night

Divi Aruba is a multi-awarded Divi property that holds the 2019 Travellife’s Gold Certificate of Excellence and Islands all-inclusive Award. This reputable beachfront hotel attracts all types of vacationers because aside from their impressive interiors, it’s also the nearest Divi property to the Alhambra Casino. In their all-inclusive package, guests will be able to dine and drink in any of the ten restaurants and eight bars and enjoy the hotel amenities and activities. Indeed, guests have a wide range of activities to fill their everyday schedule!


full view of the Hotel Riu Palace Aruba and its impressive pool

A photo from Riu’s website


8. Hotel Riu Palace Aruba

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 670-770 for two persons per night

The Hotel Riu Palace Aruba, another topnotch hotel located in Palm Beach, also offers an amazing all-inclusive package. Aside from the amenities that you can use, they also offer dining options in five restaurants that specialize in different international cuisines and a full-service spa at Renova Spa.


the view of the pool and the beach from the beachfront restaurant in Hotel Riu Antillas

A photo from Riu’s website


9. Hotel Riu Palace Antillas

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$ 600-700 for two persons per night

Nestled across Hotel Riu Palace Aruba, Hotel Riu Palace Antillas is an adult-only hotel. This hotel invites honeymooners to relax and have fun with their all-inclusive package. This package will allow them to freely use their amenities as well as the restaurants, spa, and salon. They also offer different recreational activities like windsurfing, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, golfing, cycling, and casino gambling as well.


a modern Machebo resort room with patio overlooking the beach

A photo from Booking


10. Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa

  • Approximate all-inclusive resort price range: US$730-830 for two adults per night

Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is a modern island interior hotel in Aruba. Similar to the mantra of their founder, Ike Cohen, their all-inclusive package focuses on the dining experience of the travelers. They believe that it’s during meals when the vacation’s meaningful memories are exchanged. So it’s important to have a good meal to share with. Good thing, Manchebo’s all-inclusive package has dining experience at Ike’s Bistro, Pega Pega Cafe & Beach bar, Chophouse, Omakase Sushi Bar, and one dinner off-property (for visitors staying for more than four nights).


Travel For Less With All-Inclusive Packages in Aruba

Choosing which all-inclusive Aruba resort to book can be tricky. Most all-inclusive resorts have the same amenities and offer the same activities. Perhaps what sets Divi Village Golf Resort apart is that you won’t need any extra cost to play golf. Since it’s already included in their all-inclusive package. Or, the Renaissance Marina Hotel and Hotel Riu Palace Antillas might appeal to you more because they are adult-only hotels. So for sure, you will be able to enjoy the vibrant crowd and berserk nightlife. Or, you might prefer the Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa because they vouch for the quality of their meals.


Whichever hotel you choose, the all-inclusive packages offered by different Aruba hotels have little to no difference. Their common goal is to provide you the best Caribbean vacation that you will never forget and will keep on coming back. So, with their outstanding customer service and impressive hotel amenities, you’ll surely be captivated with their Caribbean spell.