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Taling Chan Floating Market In Bangkok – All You Need To Know


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Ljiljana Gacic

Hats on a floating market
Photo by Russ Bowling on Flickr

Are you planning to visit Thailand? If you don’t have Bangkok Floating markets included in your itinerary, then you will be missing out an authentic Thai experience.


Getting to know Thai culture and having an opportunity to interact with the locals might be the highlight of your trip.  You will realize that Thailand is much more than white sand beaches if you go on a floating market tour in Bangkok.


Crowded floating market

Photo by Holiday Point on Flickr


What Makes The Taling Chan Floating Markets Special?

The Taling Chan floating market is the best floating market in Bangkok for those who want to save time. It is situated only 12 kilometres outside the city.


However, the Taling Chan floating market doesn’t only revolve around floating boats. There are also stalls and big dining areas. Unlike other Bangkok floating markets, this Thai attraction is much smaller which makes it cosier and warmer.


What makes the Taling Chan the best floating market in Bangkok are its two parts: a mainland one and a floating one.


Taling Chan boat ride

Photo by Karl Baron on Flickr


The Taling Chan Floating Market Entrance

The Taling Chan floating market is not that popular among tourists. Therefore, the entrance to the market is much less fascinating than in some other markets. You only find a green plastic roof sheltering flowers and gardening equipment.


However, take a couple of steps further and you will be impressed with the lively atmosphere, varieties of fruits, vegetables, and snacks.

Fruit sellers Taling Chan Floating Market

Photo by Alpha on Flickr


The Mainland Taling Chan Market Is A Heaven For Those With A Sweet Tooth

Taking a stroll between the stalls, carrying Thai snacks and desserts can give you a great experience. The snacks are really popular for being delicious. Don’t forget to try Khanom Bueang at Mae Peak. However, this part of the market offers a lot more, rather than just satisfying your sweet tooth.


There are plenty of stalls that offer affordable handmade products. You can also get some artificial jewellery to remind you always of your visit to Thailand.


In addition to all this, you can also enjoy listening to live Thai music that simply makes the atmosphere more vibrant.


Taling Chan boats

Photo by Karl Baron on Flickr


What To Do In The Taling Chan Floating Section?

The floating part of the Taling Chan floating market is wonderful since it gives you the chance to enjoy Thai culture at its best. Renting a boat is cheap and the price depends on the number of people.


You can watch vendors prepare food in wooden boats. Some boats serve traditional Thai meals such as Pad Thai and Som Tam yet you can still turn to grilled fresh seafood like crabs and cockles.


Grilled blood cockles and mussels on the Taling Chan floating market

Photo by Alpha on Flickr


Going On A Taling ChanTour Through The Canals

You can easily buy tickets that will take you on an adventure through the canals with the help of several floating market tours in Bangkok. 


You can see Buddhist temples and authentic Thai houses to see the lives of several people living by the water.


Floating restaurant Taling Chan floating market

Photo by Ninara on Flickr


How To Get There?

The address of the Taling Chan floating market is 324 Chakphra Rd, Bangkok. Get your google maps on and grab a taxi since this the most easiest way.


However, you can always get a BTS to Wongwjan Yai Station first and then take a taxi. It would take another 17 minutes to reach there by road.


Finally, getting a bus ride for about an hour can be interesting too. If you want to enjoy the scenery, don’t be reluctant this is the best choice you would be looking for. 


Taling Chan Floating Market Opening Time

Taling Chan floating market

Photo by Paul_the_Seeker on Flickr


The Taling Chan floating market’s opening time is 8 am to 5 pm. They are open only on weekends. So plan your visit carefully.

You should get there by 10 am because it wouldn’t be really hot and crowded.Around 11 am, restaurants get busy but you should keep going down to the canals to see the less busy areas.


Catfish in the canal

Photo by Alpha on Flickr


Feed The Fish

The locals will encourage you to feed the fish. Don’t just politely refuse because they are doing it for a reason. Thai people believe that feeding the fish brings good karma.


Bring Cash

Even though most tourists are used to credit cards, you should bring cash to the Taling Chan floating market. You can’t pay with your credit cards to the local vendors. 


What Makes Floating Markets In Thailand So Popular?

A lazy Sunday afternoon in Thailand

Photo by Richard on Flickr


It’s true that every floating market in Thailand has become a touristy place. However, that doesn’t mean it’s an underwhelming experience. Bangkok markets are an amazing Thai attraction since they offer a unique experience.


Floating markets are also popular with the locals who want to experience the culture of riverside shopping.


What’s more? You can learn a lot about how Thai people used to live. In the past, travelling by boat and exchanging goods that way was the centre of economic activities. This was a very popular means of trade.


Why You Should Visit A Floating Market?

Locals in Thailand

Photo by Russ Bowling on Flickr


If you just google ‘Floating markets Thailand’, you will see an array of incredible images that will spark your imagination.


Just imagine yourself on a small boat, buying authentic Thai spices, food, and handmade products found on small boats.


You can get most of these products in Bangkok markets too. However, getting them on the best floating market in Bangkok is an unforgettable moment.


Other Floating Markets In Bangkok?

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Photo by xiquinhosilva on Flickr


Most Bangkok floating markets are situated outside the city, so you need to be prepared for some extra travel time. Remember that you still have to be there early in the morning to get fresh products.


Whichever Bangkok floating markets you decide to visit, you won’t make a mistake, because it’s an incredible experience.


It is difficult to choose only one as the best floating market in Bangkok because they are all special. Some other floating markets in Bangkok are 

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

If you are into crowded places, then you might want to visit the Damnoen Saduak floating market.

Bang Kachao

Exploring the canals solo is possible if you go to the Bang Kachao. They also call it Bangkok’s Green Lung as it is situated among coconut and papaya trees.


Amphawa Floating Market

Seafood fans will be thrilled with a visit to the Amphawa floating market. The vendors in small wooden boats sell everything from squid to oysters.


However, if you are still wondering which floating market tour in Bangkok, you shouldn’t miss, then our first is definitely for  Taling Chan floating market. Visiting this market can make your vacation memorable and unique. Don’t leave Thailand without going to the best floating market in Bangkok. You will cherish this experience a lot since it will help you understand Thai culture and tradition much better.