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10 Best Things To Do In Innsbruck, Austria


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Tabinda M.

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Sitting amidst the gorgeous Alpine Alps, the Austrian city Innsbruck is every skiing-enthusiasts dream. There are so many things to do in Innsbruck and it’s best to plan your trip ahead of time so you get the most out of it. Innsbruck is renowned for its winter sports facility and is, therefore, the perfect place to plan an action-packed, thrilling vacation. We’re talking cable car rides, ski-jumping, tobogganing and more! But even if you’re after more of a relaxing trip, Innsbruck has you covered.


With its colorful ancient architecture, rich cultural history, gigantic snow-capped mountains, and endless scenic views, the city has a lot to offer for both adventurers and history buffs alike. If you’re planning a vacation to Innsbruck, be sure to keep your options open and check out some of these ideas on the 10 best things to do in Innsbruck, Austria.



Enjoy A Bite At A Cafe At Old Town

Old town buildings and cafes

Photo by Andrew Dupont on Flickr


A must-visit location, Altstadt is the town center of Innsbruck and is a popular tourist spot. Old Town offers a touch of both the modern and the ancient.  And seeing it firsthand is definitely one of the many cool things to do in Innsbruck. Beautiful buildings as old as 500 years have been carefully preserved and stand tall and proud in Old Town, Innsbruck.


The medieval details of these buildings provide an interesting glimpse into the past of the city. And with modern cafes and classy restaurants all around, Old Town offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee or have a nice lunch at one of the many restaurants. You can experience fine dining right in Old Town once you’ve had your fill of exploring the stunning architecture that is unique to Innsbruck.



Experience The Nordkettenbahnen (Cabel Car Ride) 

Red cable car and snowy mountains

Photo by Maarten Duineveld on Unsplash


Nordkette is one of the highest peaks overlooking Innsbruck and a cable car ride is one of the best things to do in Innsbruck and probably the best way to experience the magnificent beauty of this viewpoint. If you’re a nature-freak, then you must not miss out on this one. The jaw-dropping scenery from the top featuring snow-covered Austrian Alps and birds-eye-view of the city below is a breathtakingly humbling experience. The ride is only 20 minutes long but the views are all worth it.


In between the various stops, there is plenty more to see and do. Certain stops provide views of skiers speeding down the slopes; other stops have cafes that you can eat at. If you stop at one of the cafes, be sure to try out the apple strudel at the Chalet Cafe, it’s pretty tasty!



Go Skiing At Olympia SkiWorld

Man skiing on the snow

Photo by Simschmidt on Pixabay


There are plenty of things to do in Austria, but when you’re in Innsbruck, you just have to go skiing at the Olympia SkiWorld. Innsbruck weather is perfect for this kind of activity from November to April.


If you have a whole day to spare and you find yourself wondering what to do in Innsbruck with the time you have left, SkiWorld is a fantastic location. Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies would be blown away by this skiing haven. However, be sure you plan your trip between November and April months. Innsbruck weather gets cold during these months and the snowfall is ample.



Get A Selfie In Front Of St. Anne’s Column In Maria-Theresien-Strasse

Buildings surrounding the column

Photo by Andrea Don on Pixabay


One of the things to do in Innsbruck is to experience the busy street life in the city. And Maria-Theresien-Strasse is the best place to do that. Maria-Theresien-Strasse has several 17th and 18th-century buildings and plenty of cafes and restaurants you can eat at. The location also features the famous St. Anne’s Column that you can take a picture in front of.


Maria-Theresien-Strasse really is a great place to wander around and explore the architecture of Innsbruck and you should definitely add that to your list of things to do in Austria.



Witness A Bergiesel Ski Jump

Bergisel Ski Jump

Photo by Steven Yu on Pixabay


Seeing the Bergisel Ski Jump is definitely among the top best things to do in Innsbruck. If you aren’t exactly the adventurous type and you’re asking what to do in Innsbruck, witnessing the Bergisel Ski Jump is an enjoyable activity that you can watch from a safe distance. Moreover, the place has great views that you can enjoy while sipping a warm cup of coffee at one of the cafes there.



Explore The Tyrolean Folk Art Museum 

White museum building

Photo by Werner Satzger on Unsplash


Open from 9 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening, the Tyrolean Folk Art Museum is a good location for those interested in exploring the historical side of Innsbruck. The museum has many wood-paneled rooms from the Gothic as well as the Renaissance period which are a must-see. Moreover, there are many cultural artifacts of the Tyrolean area that are displayed within the museum.


This museum definitely makes the list of cool things to do in Innsbruck. Seeing this collection up close and personal is a fairly interesting experience and kind of makes you wonder what life was like in Innsbruck so many years ago.



Plan A Day Trip To Swarovski Crystal Worlds

Fountain and grass

Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash


Established back in the year 1995 by an Austrian company completing the first 100 years of its operations, Swarovski Crystal Worlds is the perfect place to hang out with family and friends on a day trip. Swarovski Crystal Worlds features a museum as well as plenty of shops that travellers can buy stuff from.


The cool thing about Swarovski Crystal Worlds is that it also features a lush green garden that is a sight to behold with a giant fountain that is a great spot to get a picture in front of. When planning for your trip, put a day aside for Swarovski Crystal Worlds and add it to your list of things to do in Innsbruck. 



Soak In Innsbruck’s History At The Imperial Palace

Hofburg white building with green dome

Photo by Glynnismorgan on Flickr


Hofburg is considered as one of the three culturally significant buildings within Innsbruck, Austria. Hofburg used to serve as a royal palace in the past. There’s plenty to see and learn at the imperial palace. The palace was built back in 1400 and has a great minimalistic white exterior with green domes contrasting the overall structure.


The palace is home to 5 different museums each offering an in-depth look into the history and cultural past of Austria. For those interested in the history of Austria, seeing the imperial palace is definitely one of the best things to do in Innsbruck.



Check Out The Triol Panorama Painting 

Paintings hanging in a museum

Photo by Letiha on Pixabay


If you’re like one of us art geeks out there, viewing the Tirol Panorama in all its glory is definitely one of the best things to do in Innsbruck. Tirol Panorama is a 360-degree painting that depicts the Battle of Bergisel with intricate detail. This painting is actually located at the same place where the battle was fought so history enthusiasts should definitely check this place.



Snap Pictures At The Golden Roof

Golden Roof building in Innsbruck

Photo by Benchtalks on Unsplash


While this isn’t exactly the kind of place you hang out at, the Golden Roof is definitely a sight to behold and probably one of the many popular things to do in Innsbruck amongst tourists. If you haven’t guessed it already, the Golden Roof is basically a building that has a golden roof. The Golden Roof building is located near the Old Town area and is worth the visit, particularly if you want to get a few pictures taken with a cool background. 


And there you have it! 10 best things to do in Innsbruck, Austria. Make sure you do your research and plan your trip according to your personal interests so that you have the best experience.


Where Is Innsbruck? Learn More…

Colorful buildings and river

Photo by Jacqueline Macou on Unsplash


Innsbruck is a great travel destination. But where is Innsbruck exactly and why should you care about it? Innsbruck is a beautiful city located in Austria. It is the capital of Tyrol, which is a western state in Austria. Innsbruck is known for a lot of things around the world including its stunning imperial architecture and amazing skiing resorts.


Since the majority of Austria is covered with snow-covered mountains, the weather gets pretty cold in the winter in Innsbruck as well. The summers are warm with cool nights. The winter is definitely good weather to travel to Austria, particularly if you are planning to ski while you are there. Skiing is one of the most popular things to do in Innsbruck. Other popular tourist destinations within Austria include Vienna and Salzburg


Getting to Innsbruck is easy and the Innsbruck Airport is definitely the obvious first choice. Innsbruck is also located really close to the University of Innsbruck. In fact, the University of Innsbruck is barely 30 minutes away from Innsbruck Airport on public transport. Public transport is pretty safe and easy to use with plenty of busses and trams running through the city.