Guide To Choosing Women’s Sorel Snow Boots For Extreme Weather

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The common thoughts of a holiday is book a flight, pack the bags, and get ready to get lost and explore. While some are busy planning their OOTD (outfit of the day), comfort always neglected.


And one of them is footwear. Believe it or not, a pair of comfortable and sturdy shoes can make or break your adventure. In packing a good pair of snow boots for your winter holiday, we curated top 9 Sorel snow boots for you. Also, guides on choosing some of the best of Sorel collection to stay comfortable and stylish.


How to Choose Your Winter Snow Boots

Overall when choosing the best snow boots to be your reliable buddy during the cold weather, one must consider the following:

  • Insulation – Can the footwear keep you warm? It should have a high-quality insulation material that can make you stand cold weather while making the most of your adventure.
  • Water-resistance – Does it have excellent water resistance to keep your feet and legs dry from walking non-stop?
  • Comfort – Does it feature over the top footbed materials that will make you say that “these boots are indeed made for walking.”
  • Style – And of course, it should be fashionably pleasing in a sense that the style can match your wardrobe and go with different fashion trends. 



Caribou Snow Boots

SOREL Caribou Winter Boots
©Official photo of SOREL


If you’re those who have wide feet, this snow boots is perfect for you. Although it is not as fashion-forward as other snow boots, SOREL Caribou has a good reputation for working impressively in heavy snow conditions.


Its best-selling feature includes waterproof materials and seam-sealing and removable ThermoPlus™ inner boot, which provides warmth, comfort, and protection during the cold chilly weather. If you want your feet to stay warm even during the extreme conditions, this snow boots assured only the best!



Joan of Arctic

SOREL Joan of Arctic Boot
©Official photo of SOREL


Business Insider hailed the SOREL Joan of Arctic Boots as the “best tall snow boots”. Not only it’s fashionable but equally functional and durable at the same time. This mid-calf snow boots can keep you dry and comfortable amidst the frosty condition. The faux fur adds a layer of comfort and style too. This snow boot comes in six different colors (Black, Quarry, Caramel Brown, Dark Stone, Sea Salt, and Cattail), which can surely go with your Instagram-worthy OOTDs. 




SOREL Cumberland Winter Boots
©Official photo of SOREL


This SOREL Cumberland Boot is perfect for the cold and snowy weather as it comes with a waterproof thermal rubber shell, faux fur, and thick fiber lining. The base added extra height to withstand the thick snows and the texapore shell make sure it’s water-repellent but breathable at the same time. The base is styled with patterned texture to avoid accidental slips and falls from the wet surface.  



Snow Angel

SOREL Snow Angel boots
©Official photo of SOREL


This ankle boots’ name may sound soft and sweet, but it’s built for extreme weather conditions. While other SOREL boots are made with 100 grams of insulation technology, the Snow Angel doubled the amount. Hence, making this snow boots one of the warmest among many other SOREL boots. It keeps your feet warm even though it’s not a high snow boot. Plus, it is perfect for strolling, running, and playing around during snow season. 



Explorer Joan

SOREL Explorer Joan Boots
©Official photo of SOREL


Want a snow boot for wide feet but is longing for the comfort of a sneaker? This SOREL Explorer Joan Boot got you covered. This genius crossover over features a waterproof leather-and-suede with faux fur collar just like your favorite ankle boots. It also has a footbed that’s as comfortable as your reliable sneakers. If you don’t believe it keeps your feet warm, try it, we can assure it does its job even though it might look a little underwhelming.



Slimpack II Lace

Slimpack II Lace Boot - Guide To Choosing Women's Sorel Snow Boots For Extreme Weather
©Official photo of SOREL


This heavy-duty snow boot is perfect for light to heavy rains and casual occasions. The SOREL Slimpack II Lace Boots has been tagged as the “best stylish winter snow boots” by many reliable sources. Its full-grain leather upper and wool felt collar which will surely keep your feet protected while still looking fashionably cute. It’s microfleece lining also saves you from worrying from blisters, making it comfortable for a long stroll under the rain or wet surface.




Joan Rain Tall

©Official photo of SOREL


Show off your love for the timeless and classic SOREL Joan Rain Tall boots. It may look like a classic rugged equestrian riding style boots but it’s perfect for winter wear. It’s made of vulcanized rubber partnered with breathable mesh lining to make sure your feet breathe when trekking in deep snow. There’s also wet traction molded on the outsole of these boots. Pair it with your ski pants, jeans or leggings, this boot goes well with literally anything. 



Lolla Tall II 

SOREL Lolla™ Tall II
©Official photo of Sorel


Who says that wet and snowy weather exempts you from being stylish? This SOREL knee-high snow boot is every woman’s best friend especially when you’re looking for a more sophisticated yet fashionable look in the chilly winter. Don’t need to worry about getting wet as the Lola Tall II Boot features a waterproof technology and promotes comfort with its soft footbed. The soft-buckles on the side adds a layer of elegance without neglecting comfort. The straps were made to secure your feet and to promote foot-support.



Women’s Emelie Conquest Waterproof Boot 

Women's Emelie Conquest Waterproof Boot
©Photo by Official SOREL product page


The women’s Conquest Boots is probably the “best snow hiking boots” that is ever made. SOREL describes this boot as “rugged” and durable” that can last for years, even when used under extreme weather conditions. It features 400 grams of insulation technology that will surely make you feel warm, secure, and protected while doing something under extreme cold weather. 


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