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Why You Must Pack Tiger Balm When You Travel


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Raymon D.

2373349 - Why You Must Pack Tiger Balm When You Travel

Travelling, after all, isn’t pleasant at all times. It always comes with some discomfort that you have to go through. Although travel experiences have become more comfortable and easier today compared to decades ago, you may still face the brunt of motion sickness or other travel-related discomforts such as back and neck pain or sprain after tripping on a hike. As a traveller, feeling discomfort is one thing you had to deal with immediately so you can still enjoy the rest of your trip! One of the favourites among the ointments/balms used by people who are fond of travelling is the Tiger Balm, considered by many as the “Jack of all Trades” for its many uses. So when you’re thinking of a trip, don’t forget to pack Tiger balm in your duffle bag. We know how valuable your selfie stick is to you, and as are those money belts, but you can’t image travelling without this amazing balm! 


Tiger Balm is known for its soothing effects that even Lady Gaga tagged it as a “backstage must-have.” Thanks to the combined ingredients such as camphor, menthol, cajuput oil, and clove oil, a pack of Tiger Balm is filled with aroma and pleasant scent. Its fragrant odour gives every traveller his much-needed aromatic experience.


Tiger Balm Is A Multi-Purpose Hero

Man on couch massaging his forehead

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash


While Tiger Balm is a must-have while travelling, it is also one of the most used home remedies for pain. This ointment product can treat many kinds of pains you suffer. Known by many names such as analgesic balm, soothing balm, and essential, Tiger Balm has become a staple of medicine cabinets for years. In fact, this over-the-counter ointment is selling about 70 million jars every year worldwide. It comes in a gel, oil, and cream. For travellers, White Tiger Balm is a perfect match for all types of discomfort. A jar of this “miracle ointment” is being produced by the Haw Par Corporation Ltd in Singapore, although it has been recorded that Tiger Balm was founded in China in the 1870s.


Tiger Balm Is A Travel Essential

Young Man Traveler with backpack relaxing outdoor.

Photo by Ijeab on Freepik


Tiger Balm is a travel essential because it offers a total solution for travellers who experience nauseous feelings and pain during their trips. It’s an easy find it’s being traded in drugstores all over the world. It has also a quite tight and portable package so you can just place it in one of the pockets of your duffel bag or mini backpack!


If you’re curious about how this helps you when you’re travelling, we listed down the many ways how Tiger Balm can help you make the best out of your travel experience! Remember to test the product first on a small area of your skin to check if it will create an allergic reaction. If it doesn’t irritate your skin after a few minutes, then you should be good to use Tiger Balm.



Excellent For Headaches


Chinese man having headache

Photo by Freepik


Whether you have a recurring migraine or just having a bad headache, Tiger Balm is a must-have in your mini-backpack when travelling! You don’t want tension headaches to keep you from enjoying a walk and travel around your dream destination! Tiger Balm is an excellent and a fast-acting remedy for any type of headaches. Applying a small amount of gel to your forehead gives you a cool aroma that will eventually take the headache away. Be careful not to apply near the eyes as you would not want to have another pain!



Beats Motion Sickness

Man waiting for a train ride

Photo by Denys Argyriou on Unsplasj


Not everyone is a fan of riding ships, boats, and airplanes, we know. And sometimes, it is not enough to just have a motion sickness patch to deal with the agonizing experience! Tiger Balm is a good use for soothing motion sickness symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. When these happen on you while you’re travelling, it only takes Tiger Balm on your lips to cast the burden away!



Gives You Good Sleep

Man is asleep in cozy white bed at night

Photo by Yanalya on Freepik


If you’re having difficulty sleeping while cruise travelling or while you’re on an hours-long flight, Tiger Balm is a must-have a for you! Its scent provides a calm sensation through your nostrils. Apply a small amount in your nostrils and you shall have calm and better sleep!



Freshens The Air

Traffic Jam in a busy city

Photo by Freepik


Travelling to urban cities means you have to deal with pollution and unpleasant odour of crowded streets. However, with a Tiger Balm on your backpack’s pocket, you can experience a fresher air passing through your nose! You can also dab a bit under your nostrils if you happen to chance upon a smelly bus ride. This multipurpose ointment should work its magic for you!



Fights Mosquito & Bug Bites

Mosquito macro photography

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While Tiger Balm is a perfect insect repellent, you actually can just use it as such inside your bedroom, and not while you camp in the woods or while you hike a tropical mountain. Mosquito and bug bites are common when you’re travelling for a more adventurous itinerary, and Tiger Balm is really a must-have. To take away the itchiness, rub an ointment to the affected area and you should be fine!



Soothes Muscle &  Joint Pains

Woman touching her back due to pain

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You can avoid the high hotel rates and stress at the same time, but feeling muscle and joint pains, especially when you’re travelling either through bus, plane, or ships, are inevitably tormenting. These kinds of muscle pains include neck pain, back pains, rheumatic pain, and lower leg pain, among others. Apply Tiger Balm on the affected area for a soothing experience.



Helps With Colds & Flu

woman blowing her nose with tissue

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When the weather in a place you’re travelling to isn’t too friendly for you and you start to nurse colds, Tiger Balm helps you deal with a stuffy nose, chest congestion, coughs, and flu symptoms. This magical ointment gives your lungs and noses soothing effects as it also helps you have a good sleep. Put balm on your chest and massage it until you can feel the heat.


Comfort Is A Must In Travelling

White Tiger Balm Product

Photo from Tiger Balm Website


As a traveller, you know very well that it pays to feel relaxed whenever possible. As feeling discomfort can be unavoidable sometimes, having Tiger Balm in your mini-backpack gives you the confidence that no amount of discomfort can stop you from creating a memorable travel experience. Now go to your nearest drugstores and grab a Tiger Balm just in time for your travel! If you could not find one in your nearest area, it’s available on many eCommerce sites.