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The 5 Best Places For African-Americans To Travel


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Kimberlyn Guenther



Traveling is an incredible opportunity to explore new cultures, experience breathtaking landscapes, and create lasting memories. For African-Americans, travel can also be an opportunity to reconnect with their roots, celebrate their heritage, and explore destinations that offer unique experiences tailored to their interests. Whether you’re seeking vibrant urban cities, rich historical sites, or a deeper connection to African heritage, there are several destinations that cater to the specific needs and interests of African-American travelers.


In this article, we’ll explore the five best places for African-Americans to travel. These destinations offer a combination of cultural significance, historical importance, and enriching experiences that celebrate African diaspora. From iconic cities in the United States to far-flung destinations in the Caribbean and Africa, these locations provide a diverse range of opportunities for African-American travelers to connect with their heritage and immerse themselves in unique cultural experiences.


From exploring the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement in Atlanta, Georgia, to diving into the vibrant jazz scene of New Orleans, Louisiana, these destinations offer a rich tapestry of history, culture, and experiences. We’ll also discover the allure of Washington, D.C. as the political and cultural capital of the United States, and explore the vibrant and colorful island of Jamaica. Finally, we’ll journey to Cape Town, South Africa, where African-American travelers can explore their ancestral roots and immerse themselves in the stunning natural beauty of the region.


So, whether you’re a history buff, a lover of vibrant cities, or simply looking for a unique adventure, these five destinations offer unforgettable experiences that celebrate African-American culture and heritage. Join us as we embark on a journey through these amazing places and discover the best places for African-Americans to travel.


Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia, is a city steeped in rich African-American history and culture, making it an ideal destination for African-American travelers. Known as the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta offers a range of historical sites and museums that pay tribute to the struggle for racial equality.


One of the must-visit attractions in Atlanta is the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site. This site encompasses several important landmarks, including Dr. King’s childhood home, the Ebenezer Baptist Church where he preached, and the King Center, which serves as a tribute to his life and legacy. Visitors can explore exhibits that chronicle the Civil Rights Movement and gain a deeper understanding of Dr. King’s pivotal role in shaping history.


In addition to its historical significance, Atlanta also boasts a vibrant arts and culture scene. The city is home to numerous theaters, music venues, and art galleries that showcase African-American talent and creativity. The Hammonds House Museum, for example, is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of art by African-American artists. Visitors can view a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional artwork that reflects the African diaspora experience.


For a taste of Atlanta’s thriving culinary scene, be sure to explore the city’s soul food restaurants. From famous spots like Busy Bee Cafe to hidden gems like Paschal’s Restaurant, you’ll find mouth-watering dishes that celebrate the flavors of the South. Indulge in classics like fried chicken, collard greens, and peach cobbler, and experience the warmth and hospitality that Atlanta is known for.


Lastly, Atlanta offers plenty of outdoor activities for those seeking fresh air and natural beauty. Piedmont Park, located in the heart of the city, is a sprawling green space where you can enjoy picnics, jogging, or leisurely walks. The Atlanta BeltLine, a former railway corridor turned multi-use trail, is another popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. Rent a bike and explore the art installations and vibrant neighborhoods along the BeltLine.


With its rich history, vibrant culture, and thriving arts scene, Atlanta is a destination that offers a multitude of experiences for African-American travelers. From exploring the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement to indulging in delicious soul food, this city has something for everyone. Plan your trip to Atlanta and immerse yourself in the culture and history that makes this city so special.


Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C., the capital of the United States, is a city that holds significant historical and cultural importance for African-Americans. With its iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and vibrant neighborhoods, Washington, D.C., offers a wealth of experiences that celebrate African-American heritage.


A key attraction for African-American travelers in Washington, D.C., is the National Museum of African American History and Culture. This museum tells the story of African-Americans from their African origins to the present day, highlighting their contributions, struggles, and achievements. Explore the exhibits that cover topics such as slavery, the Civil Rights Movement, and the arts, and gain a deeper understanding of the African-American experience.


Another must-visit landmark is the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, located on the National Mall. This powerful monument pays tribute to the iconic civil rights leader and serves as a reminder of his enduring legacy. Take a moment to reflect and admire the memorial’s inspirational quotes and the majestic statue of Dr. King.


Beyond the historical sites and museums, Washington, D.C., also offers vibrant neighborhoods that showcase African-American culture and creativity. Head to the U Street Corridor, historically known as “Black Broadway,” and explore its lively music scene. Catch a show at the historic Howard Theatre or visit the Bohemian Caverns Jazz Club to immerse yourself in the sounds of jazz, blues, and soul.


When it comes to cuisine, Washington, D.C., offers a diverse array of options that reflect the city’s multicultural fabric. For a taste of soul food, head to well-known spots like Oohhs & Aahhs or Georgia Brown’s. Alternatively, explore the city’s thriving food truck scene and sample dishes from various cultural backgrounds, including Caribbean, African, and Ethiopian.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the outdoor attractions that Washington, D.C., has to offer. Take a stroll or bike ride along the scenic National Mall and admire the iconic monuments, such as the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. Visit the beautiful gardens and parks, like Meridian Hill Park or the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, for a refreshing break from the bustling city streets.


Washington, D.C., is a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, and vibrant communities, making it an exceptional destination for African-American travelers. Explore its museums, immerse yourself in its neighborhoods, and savor its diverse cuisine. Whether you’re interested in history, arts, or simply experiencing the vibrant atmosphere, Washington, D.C., offers countless opportunities to celebrate African-American heritage.


New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana, is a city renowned for its rich cultural heritage, lively music scene, and vibrant celebrations. For African-American travelers looking to immerse themselves in the unique blend of cultures that define New Orleans, this city offers a one-of-a-kind experience.


One of the most iconic attractions in New Orleans is the historic neighborhood of Tremé. Known as one of the oldest African-American neighborhoods in the United States, Tremé is a hub of music, culture, and history. Visit the New Orleans African American Museum to learn about the contributions of African-Americans to the city’s vibrant cultural landscape.


The music scene in New Orleans is unparalleled, and African-American musical traditions have played a pivotal role in shaping the city’s identity. From jazz and blues to gospel and soul, music resonates in every corner of New Orleans. Explore the famous Preservation Hall, where you can soak in the soulful tunes of traditional jazz, or stroll through the French Quarter and listen to street performers playing their heart out.


For a taste of authentic New Orleans cuisine, African-American travelers can savor the flavors of traditional Creole and soul food. From gumbo and jambalaya to fried catfish and red beans and rice, the culinary delights of New Orleans will leave you craving for more. Don’t forget to try the city’s iconic beignets, deep-fried pastries dusted with powdered sugar, at the famous Café du Monde.


New Orleans is also celebrated for its vibrant and festive culture, with Mardi Gras being the epitome of this spirit. Participate in the annual Mardi Gras celebrations and join the vibrant parades, where mesmerizing floats, colorful costumes, and lively music take over the streets. Experience the joy and camaraderie as the city comes alive with energy and revelry.


Lastly, immerse yourself in the unique architectural charm of New Orleans. Explore the historic neighborhoods, like the Garden District and the French Quarter, with their picturesque colorful buildings, lush courtyards, and intricate ironwork. Admire the beautiful St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square and take a leisurely stroll along the grand Oak-lined streets of St. Charles Avenue.


New Orleans is a city that ignites the senses and captivates the soul. With its rich cultural heritage, vibrant music scene, delectable cuisine, and lively celebrations, it offers an immersive experience for African-American travelers. Embrace the distinctive and vibrant spirit of New Orleans and create unforgettable memories in this captivating city.



Jamaica, the vibrant Caribbean island known for its stunning beaches, reggae music, and warm hospitality, offers African-American travelers a unique opportunity to connect with their roots and celebrate African diaspora culture.


One of the highlights of visiting Jamaica is exploring its historical sites that showcase the island’s African heritage. A visit to the historic town of Falmouth provides insight into the island’s colonial past and its role in the transatlantic slave trade. Explore the Georgian-era buildings and take a guided tour of the William Knibb Memorial Church, which played a significant role in the abolitionist movement.


African influence is deeply embedded in Jamaican music, particularly reggae. Visit the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston to learn about the life and legacy of the legendary reggae artist. Immerse yourself in the rich musical culture by attending live performances at venues like the Trench Town Culture Yard, where Bob Marley and other renowned musicians started their careers.


Delve into the Rastafarian culture, which emerged in Jamaica and has become a symbol of Jamaican identity. Pay a visit to the Bobo Shanti village in Bull Bay or the Rastafari Indigenous Village in Montego Bay to gain a deeper understanding of the Rastafarian faith, its customs, and its impact on Jamaican society.


Jamaica’s natural beauty is unparalleled, with pristine beaches, lush mountains, and cascading waterfalls. Embark on a journey to Dunn’s River Falls, a magnificent waterfall where you can climb the natural terraces and take a refreshing dip in the pools. Explore the biodiversity of the Blue Mountains, home to the world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee and offering breathtaking hiking trails.


Indulge in the vibrant flavors of Jamaican cuisine, which combines African, European, and Indigenous influences. Try traditional dishes such as jerk chicken or pork, ackee and saltfish, and curry goat. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a refreshing glass of Jamaican rum or a delicious fruit punch.


Lastly, take the time to connect with the friendly and welcoming locals, who will make you feel at home in Jamaica. Engage in conversations, embrace the laid-back island lifestyle, and immerse yourself in the warm and inviting culture that defines this beautiful Caribbean destination.


From its rich history to its captivating music, stunning natural landscapes, and delectable cuisine, Jamaica offers a unique and immersive experience for African-American travelers. Discover the cultural vibrancy of this island paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, located at the southern tip of South Africa, is a city that effortlessly blends natural beauty, cultural diversity, and a profound history rooted in the African continent. For African-American travelers, Cape Town offers a unique opportunity to explore their ancestral roots and engage with the rich and complex history of South Africa.


A visit to Robben Island is a must when in Cape Town. This UNESCO World Heritage site served as a political prison during the apartheid era and former President Nelson Mandela was held captive here. Take a guided tour led by former political prisoners and learn about the struggles and triumphs of the anti-apartheid movement, gaining a deeper understanding of the fight for equality.


For a cultural immersion, explore the Bo-Kaap neighborhood. Known for its colorful houses and rich Cape Malay culture, Bo-Kaap offers a unique blend of African, Asian, and European influences. Visit the Bo-Kaap Museum to learn about the history of the community and its Islamic heritage, and indulge in the delicious flavors of Cape Malay cuisine.


Cape Town is also home to District Six, an area that holds significant historical importance for South Africa’s Coloured community, many of whom are of mixed-race descent. Take a walking tour to learn about the forced removals that took place during the apartheid era and listen to personal stories of resilience and community spirit.


Explore the natural wonders of Cape Town, starting with Table Mountain. Take a cable car or hike to the summit for panoramic views of the city and coastline. Another must-visit destination is the Cape Point Nature Reserve, where you can witness the dramatic meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Take a leisurely drive along Chapman’s Peak Drive and be awed by the breathtaking coastal views.


To further explore your African heritage, venture to townships such as Langa or Khayelitsha. Engage with locals, visit community projects, and gain insights into daily life in these vibrant neighborhoods. Support local artisans by purchasing handmade crafts that celebrate African creativity and craftsmanship.


Cape Town has a thriving food scene that reflects the city’s cultural diversity. Indulge in a Cape Malay curry, sample traditional South African braai (barbecue), or try the local delicacy of biltong (dried cured meat). Pair your meals with South African wines, which are renowned worldwide for their quality and diversity.


Immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and culture of Cape Town. Engage with the locals, explore the diverse neighborhoods, and uncover the intricate tapestry that makes this city so captivating. Cape Town offers a transformative experience that celebrates African heritage and leaves a lasting impression on African-American travelers.



In conclusion, these five destinations – Atlanta, Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Jamaica, and Cape Town – offer remarkable experiences for African-American travelers seeking to explore their heritage, celebrate their culture, and embrace their roots. From the historical significance of Atlanta and Washington, D.C., to the vibrant music scene of New Orleans and the African influences of Jamaica and Cape Town, each destination provides a distinct and authentic experience.


Atlanta and Washington, D.C., stand as testaments to the struggle for civil rights and equality, offering opportunities to delve into African-Americans’ fight for justice and equal rights. Museums, historic sites, and cultural landmarks provide a glimpse into the past and honor the contributions of African-Americans in shaping these cities and the nation as a whole.


New Orleans offers a unique fusion of African, French, and Creole cultures, celebrated through its music, cuisine, and vibrant festivals. The city’s rich African heritage is interwoven in its jazz, blues, and soul music, and its historical neighborhoods provide a glimpse into the lives of African-Americans throughout history.


Jamaica, with its reggae music, Rastafarian culture, and natural beauty, offers a vibrant and immersive experience for African-American travelers. The island’s history, cuisine, and warm hospitality provide a deeper connection to African roots and the Caribbean diaspora.


Cape Town, South Africa, serves as a powerful destination for African-American travelers seeking to connect with their ancestral heritage and engage with South Africa’s tumultuous history. The city’s historical sites, cultural diversity, and stunning landscapes create a transformative experience that celebrates African culture and inspires reflection.


Whether you’re interested in history, music, cuisine, or simply immersing yourself in vibrant cultures, these five destinations provide an array of experiences for African-American travelers. Celebrate your heritage, explore your ancestral roots, and create lasting memories as you embark on an unforgettable journey through these remarkable places that honor and embrace African diaspora.