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Exploring London Without the Weight of Your Luggage: A Guide to Radical Storage Locations


by Sunny

Exploring London Without the Weight of Your Luggage: A Guide to Radical Storage Locations

When planning a visit to London, tourists usually list places to see. However, they often forget about such a banal thing as luggage. At the same time, exploring the city while carrying a heavy suitcase is highly inconvenient. This is where storage lockers will come to your aid. Let’s find out where you can find them.

Why Such Facilities Are Useful

London is a city like no other, with a rich history, vibrant culture and entertainment, and a wealth of shopping and dining options. Whether you’re a one-day visitor or stay in the city between trains, London is a must-visit destination that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.


London is a bustling city with millions of visitors annually, making it a hub of activity and entertainment. However, as in any big city, carrying heavy luggage can be challenging, especially navigating crowded streets and congested transport systems.

Luggage storage is the perfect way to solve the problem. It is safe and convenient. Simply leave your bags at one of the many locations around the city, and you’ll enjoy the adventure without unnecessary load. You can store your bags for as long or as short as you like, making it a great option for those on the go or between accommodations.

Where to Find

Where do most city trips start? Of course, from the station. Therefore, you can find London luggage storage close to the main train stations.

  • Victory Station. Perhaps this is one of the most famous points for travelers because this is where tourists who want to look at Buckingham Palace and the famous Westminster Abbey come. Unsurprisingly, a convenient luggage storage facility is next to the station.
  • Euston station attracts visitors from Wales, Scotland, and the northwest regions of England. King’s Cross Station and Resident Park are nearby. To help you explore these places without the burden, take advantage of the storage facilities near the station.
  • King’s Cross. Many tourists use this station as it is close to some of London’s most famous nightlife. Obviously, fun activities are impossible with a heavy suitcase, so using luggage storage is the best option.
  • Paddington Station. This place is interesting. It has three main attractions: an antique wall clock, a monument to the architect Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who designed the station, and a memorial to the railway soldiers who died during the First World War. The storage room allows you to inspect everything or explore nearby locations thoroughly.
  • St Pancras Station. Usually, our story about St Pancras begins with a mention of Harry Potter. This huge building appeared in the film when Ron and Harry, having missed the train, flew to Hogwarts in an old car. However, people interested in the British capital or who have mainly visited it most likely know about this place without movie clues. Don’t let heavy luggage stop you from exploring the famous Meeting Place sculpture or the enormous clock.
  • Waterloo Station. This is the busiest railway station in London and all of England. The station is in the Lambeth area (south of the River Thames). The station was trendy among horse racing fans from the very first days. Nowadays, entertainment is available through performances by street musicians, singers, and actors. All these attractions won’t be fun if you lug around your luggage.

Of course, the list of places to leave your luggage for storage does not end with train stations. Similar facilities are available near all major attractions.

Itinerary for a Short-Term Visit

If you are short on time, a properly constructed route is crucial. We suggest starting at Westminster tube station. Coming out of it, you will immediately see the main attractions of Britain that are familiar to all people. On the other side of Westminster Bridge is the famous London Eye. You can see the guard change every day from April to August at 11.30 (at other times — every other day). A sea of tourists come there to see the royal guards. And if you come in advance (half an hour, or better yet, an hour), you won’t have to admire this ceremony from behind other people’s backs.


Along the Mall, you will reach the heart of the British capital: Trafalgar Square. Nelson’s Column, with lions guarding it, is London’s second main attraction. On the square, you’ll find the National Art Gallery, which is worth a visit to admire Van Gogh’s Sunflowers and other famous masterpieces of world painting. Entry to the gallery is free. Then you can walk along the famous shopping streets, Regent’s Street and Oxford Street, with an obligatory stop for a photo at Piccadilly Circus.


If you plan to spend little time in London, it is essential to plan the optimal route in advance. It is also worth deciding in advance where you will leave your luggage. It is best to find storage facilities near the train station. This way, you will immediately travel lightly, and on the way back, you will pick up your bags without unnecessary delays. With such careful preparation, a trip to the capital of Great Britain will bring you only positive emotions.