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10 Things You Should Know Before Going To Placencia, Belize


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Sarah Foley

The stunning places dotted across the countries of Central America house the most splendid natural scenery in the world – and Placencia, Belize is a great example of the matter. Armed with stretches of enchanting Belize beaches, entrancing sunsets, quaint streets, and exuberant mangrove-fringed lagoons, the peninsula promises an unforgettable retreat, ready to blow away the cobwebs of your usual routines in life. 


Heading to Placencia, Belize? Here is the essential information you need to know before setting forth on your journey towards the dwelling of unspoiled marvels. 



Placencia, Belize Is A Small Village With Big Offerings

Beautiful colorful houses in the town of placencia, belize

©Photo by Adobe Stock

Placencia, Belize is a famous place for hearty adventurers searching for coastal wonders from Belize mainland. It is a small, quaint fishing village that is unofficially regarded as the capital of the Placencia Peninsula. Measuring approximately 16 miles long, the place mightily stands on the southeastern Carribean coast of  Belize and is an amazing reservoir of natural landscapes and thrilling activities known to man.


This lovely seacoast village is home to the best beaches found in Central America, and they’re ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving, or just chilling along its golden-sand shores. There are also numerous resorts with unique beachfront amenities scattered across the perimeters of the place to boot. To make things more interesting, you can find the neighboring Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System which is the second-largest coral reef in the world fringed with more or less 200 Cayes or small islands.  


Placencia, Belize has a laid-back atmosphere, making it a perfect getaway for serene-seekers and nature lovers. In fact, it lives up to the rule of “no shirt, no shoes, no worries,” which means the dress code is always casual even during events. 


Since the region of Placencia is narrow, you can only circumnavigate the whole place on a golf cart or bicycle. Just be sure to stock up on gas if you opt using a golf cart so you won’t have any problem running out of it in the middle of your journey as gas stations are hard to spot when you’re in the middle of the village. 



Belize Is Visa-Free To US Residents

Visa stamped on white surface

©️Photo by VIN JD from Pixabay


We all know that obtaining a visa is not as easy as when you were applying for your passport. The process can be difficult at most times as there are restrictions and laws for security and legal liability that are deemed necessary to follow. Failure to undergo the proper protocol throughout the application will result in visa denial, which means restarting the entire process all over again.


Some countries are also visa-free, saving you from the rigorous and time-consuming process of visa application. However, Belize is a different story. In 2018, the government of Belize officially announced that individuals with a valid U.S.A or Schengen Treaty on their passports, as well as those with a valid U.S residency, don’t have to apply for a visa to enter Belize. 


On the other hand, travelers who need to acquire a visa to enter the country must obtain them prior to coming to Belize. This is usually aided by your travel agent or the hotel or resort you have booked for your visit to the country. 


You can call these numbers if you have questions regarding your visa to Belize:


Belize Immigration and Nationality Department Belmopan, Cayo District Belize, Central America Telephone ++ 501-822-2423 

Fax: ++ 501-822-2662



Don’t Forget To Pack The Essentials

Black luggage packed with travel items

©️Photo by Hubble on Unsplash


So you’re done processing your travel documents to Belize. What next? Time to bring out your suitcases and start packing your things! 


Here is a list of things you should pack before heading out to Belize:


Clothes & Footwear

  • T-shirts, tank tops, and long sleeves shirts
  • Shorts or skirts
  • Dresses
  • Swimsuits
  • Jacket or raincoat 
  • Sun visor and sunglasses
  • Scarf or bandana
  • Underwear and socks
  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes
  • Beach sandals or flipflops



  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and body soap
  • Deodorant
  • Cosmetics
  • Face and Beach Towels

Important Documents

  • Identification cards such as driver’s license etc.
  • Passport with more than 6 months validity
  • Credit and debit cards

Touristsecrets tip: Make sure you pack with you photocopies of your documents, both digital and in hardcopy.


Health Essentials

  • Traveler’s first-aid kit
  • Insect repellant lotion
  • Pain reliever and medicines for fever, cough, colds, and stomach aches
  • Sunscreen 


  • Smartphone and chargers
  • Flashlight
  • Travel pillow, eye masks, and earplugs
  • Travel apps for direction and money conversion.



Placencia, Belize’s Weather Is Ideal All-Year Round!

Two people enjoying the water from the falls

©️Photo by Briona Baker on Unsplash


Traveling to Belize but no idea when to book your flight? Belize is a tropical country, which means the water is good all year. However, the best time to visit the country is from late November to mid-April since this is tagged as Belize’s dry season. During this period, the blue sky is clear, the days are sunny, and there is almost no rain. 


You can still visit Belize during the wet or monsoon season, from mid-May to mid-November. Be prepared, however, that rainy days are longer in this period and the possibility of having tropical storms or hurricanes is high.



Belize Is Generally Safe For Tourists

Two foreign men conversing with a Belizean man.

©️Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash


When traveling to foreign countries, the primary concern of visitors is safety. It’s difficult to revel yourself in the beauty of the place when at the end of the day, you’ll end up losing some of your items or worse, getting hurt. Luckily, Belize is generally a safe place for tourists. The country is mostly rustic in nature and it is inhabited by less than 400,000 residents.


While there is no guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen in Belize, tourists are advised to remain vigilant and practice good personal security such as keeping a close eye on your valuables at all times and not wandering to unfamiliar streets without any companion.



There Are Many Budget Hotels With Spectacular View

Chabil Mar Resort

©️Official Photo from Chabil Mar Belize Resort Official Facebook Page


Placencia, Belize is home to many lovely resorts with premier amenities and services. You can stay at one of the luxury resorts in the town proper or spend the night at a private island such as Ray Cay Island Resort. However, if you are traveling on a budget and would prefer a budget-friendly accommodation without sacrificing the quality of your stay, you can opt to Miramar Apartments or Harry Cozy Cabanas. 


Top Belize Resorts


Top Belize All-Inclusive Resorts



Lobster Is The Main Staple Of Placencia

Rumfish Y Vino Original Dish

©️Official Photo from Rumfish Y Vino Official Facebook Page


If you’re craving some authentic plates of seafood, Placencia is definitely the best place to go. Seafood is abundant and inexpensive in the region. In fact, lobster is the leading staple of the place and it even has a dedicated annual festival to celebrate its copiousness.


Your tastebuds will delight in a myriad of lobster recipes including lobster ceviche, lobster pies, lobster fajitas and other mouthwatering dishes worthy of a five-star rating. 



Water or Land Adventures, Placencia Is Spilling With Fun.

Scuba Divers Exploring The Sea in Placencia, Belize

©️Photo by skeeze from Pixabay


Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a laid-back adventurer, Placencia is teeming with exciting ventures that are ready to take your breath away. It is also home to many of Belize’s feats. Here are some of the things you can do to make the most out of your stay in Placencia. 


Stroll Along Placencia Village’s Main Streets

One of the best ways to admire Placencia is by sauntering along the village’s main thoroughfare. You can chill under a coconut tree while enjoying an ice cream or check out the little shops and buy souvenirs. Not only will you have the opportunity to witness the soothing ambiance of the place, but you will also encounter and befriend the locales of the village. 


Get In Touch With Nature Through Placencia’s Local Attractions

Don’t pass up your chance to explore the beauty of Placencia on land. The place simply overflows with natural land attractions that you shouldn’t miss. For instance, you can visit the Village Hopkins and get in touch with vibrant Garifuna culture and heritage. The Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary and Jaguar Preserve, the world’s first Jaguar Preserve, is also a must-visit in Placencia as it boasts the grandeur of wildlife and even the Maya culture.


Do you foster a love for jungle trips? If yes, the trail along the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and see for yourself the remarkable Big Drop Falls. The water is so cool, you’ll never want to get out of it. Bird watching is also included as you string along the path towards the end. 


Get The Most Out Of The Crystal Clear Water

Coral Reef, Belize - Colorful Barrier Reef Photo

©Photo by Adobe Stock


Your trip to Placencia, Belize wouldn’t be completed without hitting the waters of the Caribbean Sea. The peninsula touts the bluest and clearest water in the world, including an abundant life underwater. You can witness the opulence of their sea life by scuba diving, snorkeling, and even fishing. However, if you do not feel like dipping your body into the water, you can opt to a boat ride around the Monkey River and spot some of Belize’s sheltered animals, including monkeys, birds, crocodiles, iguanas, and more. Plus, you’ll get to taste some of Belize’s jungle goodies such as sugar cane. 


Touristsecrets tip: Placencia is best to visit during the months of April to June. This happens to be the whale shark season so there is a chance of you spotting whale sharks while riding a boat or even snorkeling and scuba diving. 


Visit The Cayes

Placencia, Belize Silk Cayes Marine Reserve on barrier reef. Snorkelers enjoy calm clear waters and abundant sea life Gulf of Honduras, Caribbean.

©Photo by Adobe Stock


The Cayes are among Belize’s treasured gems. Many of them sit atop the temperate waters of the peninsula, with a few surrounding Placencia. You can take a boat ride towards Laughing Birds, Queens Cayes or Silk, and other lovely islets and the journey towards these magnificent islands is already reward itself. Your heart will be full of dazzling inky skyline and flecks of gold emanating from the tepid blue seawater. 


There are a million things to do when you arrive in the cay. You can swim around the sparkling blue waters, take a lunch or dinner in one of its restaurants, or just ride a bike and navigate the nooks and cranny of the place. Trust us, it is totally worth it!


Bask On The Sandy Beaches

You can always relax and bury your toes in the warm sandy beaches of the village after the beauty of the village for the day. Regardless of the time, it is always the best activity when your energetic spirit drops and you start to crave a beer or a cup of coffee. 



There Are Many Transportation Options To Placencia

Pick-up Truck at Placencia, Belize

©️Photo by Ronald Plett from Pixabay


Placencia is a leading beach destination in Belize with land, sea, and air transportation options. However, the easiest and most popular choice island transit. The village stands around 160 miles from Belize City and there are plenty of services offering superb transfers to make sure you reach Placencia in comfort and style.  


Shuttle Bus

Taking the shuttle bus is the most popular way of getting to Placencia for many reasons: it is cost-effective, two shuttle services run every day from Belize City to Placencia at convenient times, and you’ll get to see the lush scenery of mangrove forests and sparkling waters as you trail along the road. Plus, the trip only takes about 3.5 hours. A great time to travel indeed.


Car rental

At the Belize International Airport, Belize City, and the Placencia Airstrip, there are several car rental agencies you can choose from. However, the service doesn’t come cheap. The average car rental for a day costs more or less $100 USD and there are only limited choices when it comes to vehicles.



Riding is a taxi another alternative when traveling to Placencia. However, the cost may come a little higher compared to other options so make sure to get your haggling skills at work and negotiate for the price before the trip.


Domestic Flight

Traveling in a rush? You can always catch a flight to Placencia from the two local airlines in Belize: Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. The flight time is about 45 minutes and sometimes it stops on different airstrips to pick up or drop off passengers. 



Capture Instagrammable Photos On A Hammock

Colorful hammocks hanged together in Placencia, Belize

©️Photo by Charles Leslie from Pixabay


What better way to admire Placencia than resting on a hammock and savoring the sweet embrace of the ocean breeze. It is the iconic activity of the region with an immense Instagrammable aura and location to add to your feed and please your followers.


Finals Words

That’s it! We wish you good luck on your adventure to Placencia, Belize and remember to enjoy every bit of your trip. Visit this article to discover must-visit places in Belize


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