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Why Marina Beach In Chennai Is A Must-Visit?


Modified: August 3, 2021

by Vivette Kajal

Lovely Sunset in Marina Beach
© Pixabay

Marina beach, the word itself brings a lot of memories and happiness in the minds of locals and tourists, who have always stormed the area, whenever they got a chance to. 


Those childlike moments of splashing waves at each other, catching a glimpse of the golden sun as it gently kisses the waves to bid adieu for the day and the local vendors offering mouthwatering salted mangoes, colourful kites and chirpy toys are scenes that are engrained in our minds forever. Likewise, these deeply etched memories can never be erased at any cost. 


Beaches have always been the stress busters for many. Nothing can beat a profound moment, sitting by the shore and listening to the subtle noise of the waves chasing each other. Along with these waves come a puddle of nostalgia that makes us yearn for more, ahh.. that’s what we call absolute bliss!


With Marina beach, nothing has pretty much changed, let it be the colourful kites, local vendors or the mouthwatering salted mangoes. Similarly, it is the best place to be in if you are dying to devour some capsules of nostalgia to let your footloose and relax for the day.


Perhaps, there is a reason why this favourite beach has been really obstinate in not accepting the modernism that slowly swept across India.


Why Is Marina Beach Famous?

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Seen @ Marina Beach, Chennai


Marina Beach is known to the world as the second longest beach in the world. Rich in history and carving a name for its own worldwide, this beach is definitely a wonder for many. Sprawling elaborately at a long stretch of 12 km, encompassing the powdery golden sands and frothy water, Marina Beach in Chennai plays a significant role in the city’s existence.


It is one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Due to this sheer reason, many buildings have been constructed around the beach, since it would be easy to direct people while commuting to their destinations. Also, getting a glimpse of the beautiful sea when people are meticulously attending to their chores can equally lighten the fatigued minds. 


Best Time To Visit Marina Beach

Chennai is famous as the hotspot of simmering heat in southern India. Therefore, beware if you have decided to slide your feet down in Marina beach at noon. You will be blindfolded by the boiling temperature. Also, you will begin to perspire relentlessly, which can ultimately result in a very bad state of mind and failing health. We are sure that’s not what you want when you visit the most popular beaches in India, the Marina beach. 


Try to visit Marina beach in the mornings to feast your eyes to the enchanting sunrises. If you are not an early bird, you needn’t be upset. Anytime between morning 8 am to 10 am should do you only good. You can even accompany hundreds of people who try to nourish their soul with their daily morning jogs and exercises at the beach. By the time the sun peeps in, it is very difficult to even walk through and relish the beauty of this lovely Chennai beach. 


Months from November to January are still better since the weather doest grip you with seething heat.  You can afford to take a stroll in and around the beach anytime during these months. 


How Marina Beach Entertains You?


Grab Some Street Food

Tasty Indian Chaat

© wikimedia commons


There are so many things to do in Marina beach. It is home to a wide variety of south Indian culinary delights. If you aren’t that conscious in getting your hands dirty, make sure to get it from the local vendors who assure only the best of chaats (favourite snack of Indians), fried fish, colourful cotton candies and much more. The vendors are the source of joy for many weekenders and tourists who are well-acquainted with the beach since their childhood. 



See The Historical Statues

Chennai Labour Statue, Marina Beach

© wikimedia commons


A striking feature of the Marina beach in Chennai is the numerous statues that have been constructed at length over the past. Chennai’s Promenade road breathtakingly features these statues. Each mould has a story if its own to narrate and take you back to the history of the land.


The history lovers can never afford to miss this place that has its very own charm and beauty. These statues are also a reminder of the geniuses who sculpted them very immaculately, yet goes uncredited most of the times. 



Visit The Aquarium

Fishes in an Aquarium

© pexels


The beach aquarium is a must-visit for families with kids. This place enthrals kids to a much higher level.


From the super cute tiny sea creatures to the large fishes that easily meander inside the glass walls, this place is a must-visit if you are in Marina beach.


The sight of tiny tots gazing at the ceiled walls with so much of amazement and curiosity is not a rare scene at all inside the aquarium. 


This aquarium also holds credit for being India’s first aquarium. 


Nowadays, the aquarium is less crowded due to the VGP Marine Kingdom that has been constructed in Chennai. It is one of the newest addition in the city. India considers this as one of the best aquariums. The VGP Marine Kingdom claims to be a serious rival to other international aquariums across the world. 



Take A Horse Ride

Evening sunset horse ride

© wikimedia commons


If you are keen on embracing a small adventure, hop onto a horse. A nice horse ride alongside the shores of Marina beach in Chennai makes you wish life had a pause button too.


Slowly unveiling the small joys of life by taking a bumpy ride on the horse makes you feel that this Chennai beach has a lot more to experience, which words might fail to explain, given any amount of time. 



Climb Up The Chennai Lighthouse

Chennai lighthouse

© sowrirajan s, flickr


The Chennai lighthouse is open to tourists in the daytime. The entrance fee is very nominal. The charges for adults are Rs10 and children Rs 5. Foreigners have to pay Rs 25 as an entry fee. Therefore, you needn’t worry about splurging at all to reach the top. 


Once you reach the highest point, you get a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Chennai city. The best time to enjoy the view would be certainly evenings. Expect a long queue that can get quite tiring after a while. But the wait is definitely worth the view.


So, if you are in Chennai, never miss the most popular Marina Beach that can help you unwind from a tiring day. Cherish the lapping waves and witness the beauty of nature by settling on the cosy golden sands of Marina.