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What Happened To Sherwood Court Motel Miami Beach


by Nydia Cerda



Welcome to the story of Sherwood Court Motel, a once-thriving establishment nestled in the heart of Miami Beach. With its charming architecture and prime location, it was a go-to destination for travelers seeking a comfortable and affordable stay. However, as time passed, Sherwood Court Motel underwent a transformation that ultimately led to its closure. In this article, we will dive into the history of Sherwood Court Motel, explore the reasons for its closure, and discuss its current state and future plans.


Sherwood Court Motel had a rich history dating back to the early 1950s. Originally a small boutique motel, it quickly gained popularity among tourists looking for a quiet and budget-friendly place to stay. Over the years, it expanded its facilities and added modern amenities, attracting a loyal customer base.


Despite its initial success, Sherwood Court Motel faced numerous challenges that contributed to its ultimate closure. One significant factor was the changing landscape of the hospitality industry. With the rise of online booking platforms and the increasing popularity of larger hotel chains, smaller establishments like Sherwood Court Motel struggled to keep up with the competition.


Another factor that impacted Sherwood Court Motel was the changing preferences of travelers. With the advent of luxury resorts and high-end accommodations, the demand for budget motels started to decline. Travelers were willing to pay more for a luxurious experience, which meant that low-cost motels like Sherwood Court Motel were no longer in high demand.


Moreover, the deteriorating condition of the motel’s infrastructure also played a role in its closure. Years of wear and tear took a toll on the building, making it difficult to maintain and repair. As a result, the motel began to lose its appeal to guests who were seeking a comfortable and well-maintained place to stay.


In the next section, we will delve into the changes in ownership that impacted Sherwood Court Motel over the years. Stay tuned to learn more about the fascinating journey of this iconic Miami Beach establishment.


History of Sherwood Court Motel

Sherwood Court Motel was founded in the early 1950s by Thomas and Margaret Johnson. Located just a few blocks away from the pristine shores of Miami Beach, it quickly became a popular destination for travelers seeking an affordable and comfortable place to stay.


Originally a small boutique motel with only a handful of rooms, the Johnsons had a vision of creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere for their guests. With their dedication and hard work, Sherwood Court Motel expanded its facilities over the years to accommodate more guests and offer additional amenities.


Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Sherwood Court Motel thrived as a favorite choice for budget-conscious travelers. Its central location allowed guests to easily explore Miami Beach’s vibrant cultural scene, beautiful beaches, and bustling nightlife.


The motel’s unique architectural design, reminiscent of mid-century modern style, attracted attention and added to its charm. The inviting courtyard, adorned with lush greenery and a sparkling swimming pool, served as a gathering place for guests to relax and socialize.


With friendly and attentive staff, Sherwood Court Motel quickly earned a reputation for its exceptional customer service. Guests were delighted by the warm and welcoming atmosphere, creating a sense of home away from home.


As Miami Beach continued to grow in popularity as a vacation destination, Sherwood Court Motel enjoyed a steady influx of guests throughout the 1980s and 1990s. However, as the new millennium approached, the hospitality industry began to undergo significant changes.


The rise of online travel agencies and the increased accessibility of online booking platforms revolutionized the way people made travel arrangements. Larger hotel chains with prominent online presence started to dominate the market, leaving smaller motels like Sherwood Court struggling to compete.


Despite the challenges, Sherwood Court Motel maintained its commitment to providing affordable accommodations and personal service. However, the changing preferences of travelers, who were increasingly drawn to high-end resorts and luxurious accommodations, gradually took its toll on the motel’s occupancy rate.


After decades of operation, Sherwood Court Motel faced financial difficulties and a decline in guest bookings. Ultimately, in 2012, the motel was forced to close its doors, marking the end of an era for this beloved Miami Beach establishment.


In the next section, we will explore the reasons that led to the closure of Sherwood Court Motel and the subsequent changes in ownership. Stay tuned to discover more about the motel’s journey.


Reasons for Closure

The closure of Sherwood Court Motel was not an overnight decision but rather a culmination of various factors that gradually impacted its viability. Below are the primary reasons that led to the unfortunate closure of this once-beloved Miami Beach establishment.


1. Changing Market Dynamics: The hospitality industry experienced a significant shift with the advent of online booking platforms and the rise of larger hotel chains. Travelers began relying heavily on these platforms, which favored larger accommodations with more amenities and brand recognition. As a result, smaller motels like Sherwood Court struggled to attract guests and sustain profitability.


2. Decline in Demand for Budget Motels: As consumer preferences shifted, there was a growing demand for more luxurious accommodations. Travelers were willing to spend more to indulge in upscale resorts and hotels, which offered a wide range of facilities and services. In contrast, budget motels like Sherwood Court faced declining demand as guests sought out more upscale experiences.


3. Deteriorating Infrastructure: After decades of operation, Sherwood Court Motel faced wear and tear that proved challenging to address. The aging building required frequent maintenance and repairs, leading to higher operational costs. The financial burden of maintaining the motel’s infrastructure, coupled with declining revenues, contributed to the decision to close its doors.


4. Intense Competition: The competitive landscape in the Miami Beach hospitality industry became increasingly fierce. Newer establishments, boasting modern amenities and eye-catching designs, emerged to capture the attention of discerning travelers. With limited resources to invest in renovations and upgrades, Sherwood Court Motel struggled to compete and attract guests in a market saturated with innovative competitors.


5. Economic Challenges: The global economic recession during the late 2000s had a significant impact on the travel industry. Many individuals and families were forced to tighten their budgets, resulting in reduced travel and discretionary spending. Sherwood Court Motel felt the brunt of this economic downturn, as potential guests opted for more affordable lodging options or postponed their travel plans altogether.


While these factors played a crucial role in the closure of Sherwood Court Motel, it’s important to recognize the motel’s enduring legacy and the memories it created for the countless guests who passed through its doors. In the next section, we will delve into the changes in ownership that occurred following the closure of Sherwood Court Motel. Continue reading to discover the motel’s journey beyond its closure.


Changes in Ownership

Following the closure of Sherwood Court Motel, the property went through a series of changes in ownership as different investors sought to revitalize and repurpose the site. These changes reflected the ongoing transformation of the Miami Beach area and its evolving real estate market.


After the motel’s closure in 2012, a local real estate development company purchased the property with plans to demolish the existing structures and build a luxury condominium complex. However, due to financing challenges and a slowdown in the real estate market, the project never came to fruition.


In 2015, a new group of investors emerged and acquired the property with the intention of transforming it into a boutique hotel. Recognizing the charm and history associated with Sherwood Court Motel, the new ownership aimed to preserve the motel’s mid-century modern architectural elements while updating the facilities to meet modern standards.


Under this new ownership, Sherwood Court Motel went through an extensive renovation process. The guest rooms were redesigned and refurbished with contemporary furnishings and amenities, while still maintaining the retro-inspired aesthetic that made the motel unique.


Unfortunately, before the renovation project could be completed, the investors faced unexpected financial setbacks and were unable to secure additional funding. As a result, the project once again came to a halt, and the property was put up for sale.


Since then, Sherwood Court Motel has changed hands multiple times, with different investors expressing varying visions for the property. Some have explored the possibility of transforming it into a mixed-use development, while others have considered converting it into a boutique hostel or condominiums.


As of now, the future of Sherwood Court Motel remains uncertain, with the property still awaiting a definitive redevelopment plan. The changes in ownership reflect the challenges and complexities of navigating the real estate market and finding a viable and sustainable purpose for this iconic Miami Beach landmark.


While the fate of Sherwood Court Motel hangs in the balance, its history and cultural significance continue to resonate with the local community and former guests. It stands as a reminder of the ever-changing landscape of Miami Beach and the ongoing efforts to preserve the city’s unique character amidst a rapidly evolving urban environment.


In the next section, we will explore the current state of Sherwood Court Motel and any renovation plans that may be in store for the property. Stay tuned to learn more about the latest developments surrounding this storied establishment.


Current State of Sherwood Court Motel

As of the present, Sherwood Court Motel remains vacant and in a state of suspended animation. The property stands as a nostalgic reminder of its glory days, with its mid-century modern architecture and vintage sign drawing the attention of passersby.


While the motel itself is no longer operational, the surrounding community still holds fond memories of Sherwood Court Motel and its place in Miami Beach’s history. The motel’s distinctive features, such as the courtyard and swimming pool, continue to captivate the imagination of those who remember the vibrant atmosphere it once had.


The current owners are actively seeking a viable redevelopment plan that can breathe new life into the property. Despite several attempts by different investors in the past, securing the necessary financing and finding the right balance between preservation and modernization has proven to be a challenging task.


The potential for Sherwood Court Motel’s future lies in finding a vision that honors its heritage while meeting the demands of today’s travelers. With Miami Beach being a thriving destination, there is still hope that the property can be repurposed to cater to the evolving needs of tourists and locals alike.


Preservation groups and local heritage organizations have expressed an interest in seeing Sherwood Court Motel restored and recognized as a historic landmark. The unique architectural style and cultural significance of the motel make it a prime candidate for preservation efforts, ensuring that its legacy endures in the face of ongoing development.


While the current state of Sherwood Court Motel may be one of uncertainty, the potential for its transformation is undeniable. The motel’s prime location in Miami Beach, combined with the intrinsic appeal of its retro aesthetics, presents an opportunity for creative and forward-thinking individuals to reimagine its purpose.


In the next section, we will discuss any renovation plans that have been proposed for Sherwood Court Motel. Stay tuned to learn more about the potential future of this iconic Miami Beach establishment.


Renovation Plans

Over the years, various renovation plans have been proposed for Sherwood Court Motel with the aim of restoring its former glory and bringing it back to life. These plans have sought to strike a delicate balance between preserving the motel’s unique character and transforming it into a modern and inviting destination. While the specific details of these renovation plans may vary, they all share a common goal of revitalizing Sherwood Court Motel and creating a renewed sense of purpose for the property.


One proposed renovation plan involves preserving the motel’s mid-century modern architecture while updating the interior to meet the needs and expectations of contemporary travelers. This could entail renovating the guest rooms with modern amenities, refreshing the common areas, and enhancing the landscaping to create a more inviting atmosphere.


Another renovation concept focuses on transforming Sherwood Court Motel into a boutique hotel with a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness. This plan envisions using eco-friendly materials, implementing energy-efficient systems, and incorporating green spaces to promote a sense of wellness and nature within the property.


In addition to the physical renovations, some plans also include incorporating unique experiences and amenities to attract a wider range of guests. This may involve collaborating with local artists and designers to showcase their work within the motel, establishing partnerships with nearby businesses to offer exclusive perks to guests, or creating a curated program of events and activities to enhance the overall guest experience.


Despite the multiple renovation plans that have been proposed, the execution of these projects has been met with challenges, such as securing funding and obtaining necessary permits. The changing real estate market and the evolving needs of travelers have added complexity to the process, requiring careful consideration and feasibility assessments.


Ultimately, the goal of any renovation plan for Sherwood Court Motel is to transform it into a unique and enticing destination that honors its history while embracing the desires of modern travelers. By breathing new life into the property, the hope is to create a memorable and enriching experience for guests and contribute to the preservation of Miami Beach’s cultural heritage.


While the specific details of the renovation plans remain uncertain, the potential for Sherwood Court Motel to undergo a transformative renovation is a testament to its enduring appeal and the importance of preserving its legacy. As stakeholders continue to explore possibilities, the future of Sherwood Court Motel holds the promise of a renewed and vibrant presence in Miami Beach’s hospitality scene.


In the next section, we will discuss the impact of the closure and potential renovation of Sherwood Court Motel on the local community. Stay tuned to learn more about the significance of this iconic establishment beyond its walls.


Impact on the Community

Sherwood Court Motel’s closure and potential renovation have had a significant impact on the local community and the wider Miami Beach area. As an iconic establishment with a rich history, the motel holds a special place in the hearts of residents and former guests, making its future a matter of public interest.


The closure of Sherwood Court Motel has left a void in the community, as it was not only a place of accommodation but also a gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The motel’s courtyard and swimming pool were often bustling with activity, fostering a sense of community and connection among its guests.


Furthermore, the closure of Sherwood Court Motel has had economic implications for the surrounding businesses and service providers. The motel’s presence contributed to the local economy through guest spending on dining, shopping, and entertainment. With its closure, these businesses have experienced a decline in foot traffic and revenue, leading to a ripple effect on the overall economic vitality of the community.


However, the potential renovation of Sherwood Court Motel offers a glimmer of hope for the community. The revitalization of the property could bring back the vibrancy and economic activity the motel once generated. By creating a renewed destination, the renovated motel has the potential to attract visitors, generate employment opportunities, and boost local businesses with increased foot traffic.


Beyond the economic impact, the preservation of Sherwood Court Motel holds cultural and historical significance for the community. The mid-century modern architecture and retro aesthetic of the motel represent a bygone era of Miami Beach’s development, evoking nostalgia and a sense of heritage. The renovation plans, if executed thoughtfully, could preserve these elements while also adding a contemporary twist, further enriching the community’s cultural landscape.


Moreover, the renovation of Sherwood Court Motel has the potential to create new opportunities for collaboration and expression within the community. The incorporation of local artwork, partnerships with nearby businesses, and curated events can foster a sense of pride and engagement among residents, creating a renewed sense of community spirit.


As the fate of Sherwood Court Motel continues to unfold, the impact on the community remains at the forefront of considerations. The potential revival of this iconic establishment has the power to invigorate the local economy, preserve cultural heritage, and reignite a sense of community pride.


In the concluding section, we will reflect on the journey of Sherwood Court Motel and its place in the evolving landscape of Miami Beach’s hospitality industry. Stay tuned to discover the final thoughts on this storied establishment.



Sherwood Court Motel, with its rich history and iconic presence in Miami Beach, has undergone a transformative journey. From its humble beginnings as a small boutique motel to its closure and potential future renovation, the motel’s story reflects the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry and the ever-changing preferences of travelers.


The closure of Sherwood Court Motel was a result of various factors, including changing market dynamics, a decline in demand for budget motels, deteriorating infrastructure, intense competition, and economic challenges. These challenges, coupled with the evolving landscape of Miami Beach, presented obstacles that impacted the motel’s viability.


However, Sherwood Court Motel’s story does not end with its closure. It has seen changes in ownership, numerous renovation plans, and ongoing efforts to find a sustainable and purposeful future for the property. The potential for a successful renovation lies in striking a balance between preserving its heritage and appealing to the desires of modern travelers.


The impact of Sherwood Court Motel’s closure extends beyond its physical boundaries and reaches into the local community. It has left a void in the community, affecting the local economy and community spirit. However, the potential revival of the motel through renovation holds promise for rejuvenating economic activity and fostering cultural and historical preservation within the community.


As stakeholders continue to navigate the complexities of the real estate market and the demands of contemporary travelers, the future of Sherwood Court Motel remains uncertain. Yet, its legacy and the memories it created for residents and former guests endure, leaving an indelible mark on Miami Beach’s history.


Whether Sherwood Court Motel undergoes a successful renovation or finds another purpose, its journey serves as a reminder of the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry and the importance of preserving cultural heritage in the face of progress. It stands as a testament to the resilience and adaptability of businesses in the ever-changing world of travel and tourism.


As the story of Sherwood Court Motel continues to unfold, it remains a symbol of the past, present, and future of Miami Beach. It represents the memories of guests, the aspirations of owners, and the enduring spirit of a community that cherishes its distinctive landmarks.


In the end, the legacy of Sherwood Court Motel transcends mere bricks and mortar. It is a testament to the power of hospitality, community, and the indomitable human spirit.