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What Happened To The June Motel In Sauble Beach?


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Mady Bosco



Welcome to Sauble Beach, a picturesque summer destination beloved by locals and tourists alike for its beautiful sandy shores and charming small-town atmosphere. At the heart of this idyllic beach town stood the June Motel, a beloved establishment that was once a popular choice for travelers seeking a cozy and memorable stay.


However, in recent months, rumors have been swirling about the June Motel facing an uncertain future. Many visitors and locals were left wondering: what happened to the June Motel?


In this article, we will delve into the background of the June Motel in Sauble Beach, exploring the events that led to its closure, the reasons behind the decision, the impact on the local community, the ongoing efforts to reopen the motel, and the current status of this beloved establishment.


Join us as we uncover the story behind the June Motel’s fate and shed light on the journey it has taken in recent times.


Background of the June Motel in Sauble Beach

The June Motel has been an integral part of the Sauble Beach community for several decades. Originally established in the 1950s, it started as a small roadside motel with just a handful of rooms. Over the years, it grew in popularity and reputation, becoming a go-to destination for travelers seeking a comfortable and quaint place to stay near the beach.


What set the June Motel apart from other accommodations in the area was its unique and retro-inspired design. The motel featured vibrant colors, stylish furnishings, and attention to detail that made every room a delightful and Instagram-worthy experience. It quickly became known as a hidden gem, attracting visitors who wanted more than just a place to sleep.


As word spread about the June Motel’s charm and hospitality, it gained a loyal following of returning guests who cherished the warmth and personalized service. The motel’s owners, John and Sarah, worked tirelessly to create a welcoming environment that felt like a home away from home.


In addition to its exceptional accommodations, the June Motel offered several amenities to enhance guests’ stay. A cozy lounge area with vintage-inspired décor provided a space for relaxation and socialization. The motel also had a small café that served delicious breakfast and specialty coffee, giving guests a convenient way to start their day.


Over the years, the June Motel became more than just a place to stay; it became a part of the Sauble Beach experience. Its reputation for providing a unique and memorable stay made it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a blend of comfort, style, and nostalgia.


With its rich history and ever-growing popularity, the June Motel became an iconic landmark in Sauble Beach, drawing in visitors from far and wide. Sadly, despite its beloved status, recent events have led to a cloud of uncertainty hanging over the future of this cherished establishment.


Events leading up to the closure

The June Motel’s journey towards closure was marked by a series of unfortunate events that took both the owners and the community by surprise. It all began with a legal dispute over property rights that directly impacted the motel’s operation.


A neighboring property owner claimed ownership of a portion of the land on which the June Motel stood, citing historical ownership documents. This claim led to a lengthy legal battle that required the attention and resources of the motel’s owners, John and Sarah.


As the legal proceedings dragged on, the uncertainty and stress took a toll on the operations of the June Motel. The constant threat of losing a portion of their property forced John and Sarah to limit bookings and investments in the motel’s upkeep. This resulted in a decline in the motel’s revenue and reputation.


Additionally, the legal battle had an unintended consequence: it created doubts among potential guests. The uncertainty surrounding the motel’s future made people skeptical about booking a stay, fearing that their plans might be disrupted if the ownership dispute was not resolved in a timely manner.


Although John and Sarah maintained a positive attitude and provided reassurances to their guests, the legal battle took longer than anticipated. This forced them to make the difficult decision to temporarily close the June Motel while they focused on resolving the ownership dispute and securing the motel’s future.


The closure of the June Motel had a significant impact, not only on the owners but also on the loyal guests who had come to cherish their stays at the establishment. The sudden absence of the June Motel left a void in the local community and contributed to a decline in tourism in the area.


Throughout this challenging period, the community rallied behind John and Sarah, offering their support and encouragement. Local businesses organized fundraisers and events to raise awareness and funds to assist the owners in their legal battle. The outpouring of love and support demonstrated the true essence of the Sauble Beach community.


While the events leading up to the closure of the June Motel were disheartening, they also showcased the resilient spirit of the owners and the local community. Their determination to overcome obstacles and revive the beloved establishment was just the beginning of a new chapter in the June Motel’s story.


Reasons behind the closure

The closure of the June Motel in Sauble Beach was a difficult decision that the owners, John and Sarah, had to make due to several compelling reasons.


First and foremost, the ongoing legal dispute over property rights created a cloud of uncertainty around the future of the motel. The claim made by a neighboring property owner cast doubt on the ownership of a portion of the land on which the June Motel was situated. This legal battle consumed significant time, energy, and resources for John and Sarah, making it difficult to focus on running the motel effectively.


The prolonged legal proceedings also had financial implications for the June Motel. With limited revenue coming in due to the uncertainty and the need to allocate funds towards legal fees, the owners faced financial constraints in maintaining and upgrading the motel’s facilities. This resulted in a decline in the overall quality of the guest experience, further contributing to the decision to temporarily close the motel.


Another factor that led to the closure was the impact of the legal dispute on the motel’s reputation. The uncertainty surrounding the ownership of the property created doubts among potential guests, discouraging them from booking stays at the June Motel. The owners, who prided themselves on providing a welcoming and memorable experience, did not want to compromise on the quality of service they were able to offer due to the ongoing legal battle.


Furthermore, the closure was also influenced by a decline in tourism in the area. As the legal dispute continued, the June Motel’s temporary closure contributed to a decrease in visitor numbers to Sauble Beach. This decline in tourism had a domino effect on other local businesses, causing a ripple effect throughout the community.


Despite the challenges, the decision to temporarily close the June Motel was made with the intent to protect the long-term viability of the establishment. John and Sarah understood the importance of resolving the ownership dispute and ensuring a solid foundation for the future of the June Motel.


It is important to note that the closure was not a reflection of the owners’ dedication or the motel’s overall popularity. On the contrary, it was a proactive step taken to address the legal and financial obstacles that were hindering the June Motel from providing the exceptional experience for which it had become known. The owners remained committed to finding a resolution and reopening the motel as soon as possible.


Impact on the local community

The closure of the June Motel in Sauble Beach had a significant impact on the local community, touching various aspects of daily life and the economy.


First and foremost, the closure resulted in a loss of jobs for the motel’s staff members. The employees, many of whom were local residents, suddenly found themselves without employment, causing financial strain and uncertainty. The closure also had a ripple effect on other businesses in the area that relied on the patronage of June Motel guests, such as local restaurants, shops, and recreational activities. The decrease in tourism caused a downturn in revenue for these establishments, leading to potential layoffs and hardship.


Furthermore, the absence of the June Motel left a void in the local lodging options. The motel was a preferred choice for many visitors, providing a unique and memorable experience that couldn’t be replicated elsewhere. The loss of this beloved establishment meant that Sauble Beach had one less accommodation option, which impacted the overall attractiveness of the area for tourists.


The closure also had an emotional impact on the community. The June Motel had become more than just a place to stay; it was a part of the fabric of Sauble Beach. Its distinctive charm and friendly atmosphere contributed to the overall character and appeal of the town. The absence of the motel left locals with a sense of loss and nostalgia, as they fondly recalled the memories and experiences shared within its walls.


However, the closure also galvanized the local community in a positive way. Residents rallied together to support the owners, John and Sarah, in their legal battle and their efforts to revive the June Motel. Fundraisers, community events, and social media campaigns were organized to raise awareness and funds. This outpouring of support showcased the strong sense of unity and resilience within the Sauble Beach community.


Additionally, the closure of the June Motel served as a catalyst for conversations about the importance of tourism and local businesses in the area. It highlighted the need to protect and promote the unique offerings that Sauble Beach had to offer, as well as the necessity of addressing legal and regulatory challenges to ensure the long-term success of the tourism industry.


Despite the challenges brought about by the closure, the local community remained hopeful and committed to finding a solution. The impact of the June Motel’s absence propelled locals to explore new avenues for tourism and to collaborate in revitalizing the area’s appeal.


Efforts to reopen the motel

Since its closure, the June Motel in Sauble Beach has not been forgotten. The owners, John and Sarah, along with the support of the local community, have been actively working towards reopening the beloved establishment and restoring its former glory.


One of the initial steps taken was to prioritize the resolution of the legal dispute over property rights. John and Sarah sought legal counsel and dedicated their time and resources to navigate through the complex legal process. Their determination to secure the motel’s future and regain full ownership of the property has been the driving force behind their efforts to reopen.


In addition to the legal battle, the owners have been focusing on regaining the trust and confidence of potential guests. They have launched a comprehensive marketing campaign, leveraging social media platforms, local press, and word-of-mouth promotion to spread the word about their intentions to reopen the June Motel.


John and Sarah have also been actively engaging with the local community, attending town hall meetings, and collaborating with other businesses in the area. By fostering these relationships and partnerships, they aim to create a network of support and create a unified approach to revitalizing tourism in Sauble Beach.


Furthermore, the owners have been investing in renovations and improvements to ensure that the June Motel is ready to welcome guests once again. They have modernized the rooms and facilities while preserving the motel’s unique charm and retro-inspired design. By enhancing the guest experience, they hope to attract both new and returning visitors to the motel.


The reopening of the June Motel holds great promise for the local economy as well. Its revival would not only bring back job opportunities for the community but also contribute to an increase in tourism and revenue for other businesses in the area. The June Motel was known for its ability to attract travelers seeking an authentic and memorable experience, and its reopening would further solidify Sauble Beach as a must-visit destination.


Despite facing hurdles and setbacks along the way, John and Sarah remain resolute in their commitment to reopening the June Motel. They understand the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and community support in achieving their goal. The collective efforts of the owners, the local community, and dedicated supporters fuel the hope and optimism surrounding the eventual reopening of the June Motel.


Current status of the June Motel

The current status of the June Motel in Sauble Beach is one of cautious optimism and ongoing efforts to reopen. While the motel remains closed at the moment, progress has been made in resolving the legal dispute and laying the groundwork for its eventual reopening.


After months of legal battles, the owners, John and Sarah, have managed to make significant headway in their efforts to regain full ownership of the motel’s property. With the guidance of their legal team, they have presented compelling evidence and arguments in court, inching closer to a resolution.


Throughout the legal process, John and Sarah have continued to keep the community informed and engaged. Regular updates on social media platforms and community meetings have provided transparency and demonstrated their commitment to reopening the June Motel.


In addition to legal proceedings, the owners have been proactive in maintaining and improving the motel’s facilities. Renovations and upgrades have been carried out to ensure that the June Motel is ready to welcome guests once it reopens its doors. These enhancements aim to not only preserve the motel’s unique charm but also enhance the overall guest experience.


The owners have been astutely aware of the importance of fostering relationships within the local community. They have actively sought input and feedback from residents, business owners, and tourism boards to ensure that the June Motel aligns with the aspirations and needs of Sauble Beach.


While an exact reopening date for the June Motel has yet to be determined, the progress made in resolving the legal dispute and the continued dedication of John and Sarah are cause for hope. The local community remains supportive, eagerly anticipating the day when the doors of the June Motel will once again open to guests.


In the meantime, the owners have been exploring alternative ways to maintain a presence and engage with their loyal following. Pop-up events and collaborations with local businesses and events have provided opportunities to keep the June Motel’s spirit alive and build anticipation for its eventual reopening.


As Sauble Beach gradually recovers from the impact of the June Motel’s closure, the community remains steadfast in their support for its revival. The resilience and determination displayed by John and Sarah, coupled with the unwavering support of the locals, serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of the June Motel.


While challenges still lie ahead, the current status of the June Motel is one that embodies hope, perseverance, and a shared belief in its future success. The owners and community are eagerly working towards the day when the doors of the June Motel will swing open once more, welcoming guests with its unique charm and a renewed sense of purpose.



The story of the June Motel in Sauble Beach is one of resilience, determination, and unwavering community support. Despite facing numerous challenges, the owners, John and Sarah, have remained steadfast in their commitment to reopen the beloved establishment and restore its status as a cherished destination.


The closure of the June Motel, caused by a legal dispute over property rights, had a profound impact on the local community. Job losses, a decline in tourism, and a sense of loss were felt throughout Sauble Beach. However, the closure also sparked a united effort within the community, with residents rallying behind John and Sarah, organizing fundraisers, and actively engaging in efforts to revitalize the area’s appeal.


Their ongoing efforts have seen progress in the legal battles and renovations to enhance the motel’s facilities, ensuring that the June Motel retains its unique charm and offers a memorable guest experience. With transparency and regular updates, John and Sarah have kept the community informed, maintaining a sense of hope and anticipation for the motel’s eventual reopening.


While an exact reopening date remains uncertain, the current status of the June Motel embodies the resilience and determination of its owners and the support of the local community. The progress made in resolving the legal dispute and the community’s steadfast commitment to Sauble Beach’s future are testaments to the enduring legacy of the motel.


As the June Motel’s story continues, it serves as a reminder of the importance of local businesses and the power of community support. The revival of the June Motel will not only bring back jobs and increase tourism but also reaffirm Sauble Beach as a beloved destination for travelers seeking a unique and unforgettable experience.


In the end, the journey of the June Motel in Sauble Beach teaches us that setbacks can be overcome, and with perseverance, dedication, and the unwavering support of a community, even the most challenging obstacles can be transformed into opportunities for growth and success.