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Halloween In Amsterdam


by Marylou Hembree



Welcome to Amsterdam, the vibrant and culturally rich capital city of the Netherlands. Known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and world-renowned art museums, Amsterdam is a city that effortlessly blends tradition with modernity. While Halloween is traditionally celebrated in countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, it has gained popularity in Amsterdam in recent years, offering both locals and tourists a unique and exciting way to embrace the spooky season.


Halloween in Amsterdam provides a captivating experience for all ages, with a variety of events, parties, and activities to choose from. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker looking for haunted attractions or a family seeking a fun-filled day out, Amsterdam has something for everyone during this bewitching time of year.


Throughout this article, we will explore the fascinating history of Halloween in Amsterdam, the most popular Halloween events and parties, family-friendly activities, and even some haunted locations to visit. We’ll also provide tips on where to find the best costumes and decorations, and highlight some traditional Halloween treats that you can indulge in. So get ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Halloween in Amsterdam.


History of Halloween in Amsterdam

The origins of Halloween can be traced back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, which marked the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter in Ireland, Scotland, and parts of mainland Europe. It was believed that on the night of October 31st, the boundary between the living and the dead became blurred, allowing spirits to roam the earth. To ward off these spirits, people would light bonfires and wear costumes.


In Amsterdam, Halloween was not widely celebrated until the last few decades. It was mainly seen as an American holiday and was not traditionally part of Dutch culture. However, with the influence of popular culture and globalization, the holiday has gained popularity and now enjoys a significant presence in the city.


The rise of Halloween in Amsterdam can be attributed to various factors. One of the key influences is the increasing number of international residents and expats from countries where Halloween is widely celebrated, such as the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. These individuals bring their traditions and customs with them, sharing them with the local community and contributing to the growth of Halloween festivities in Amsterdam.


Additionally, the city’s vibrant and creative atmosphere has embraced Halloween as an opportunity for artists, performers, and businesses to showcase their talents and offer unique experiences. From elaborate costume parties to haunted attractions and immersive theater performances, Halloween in Amsterdam has become an exciting and innovative celebration.


While Halloween in Amsterdam may have started as a foreign concept, it has evolved into an inclusive celebration that brings people from different cultures and backgrounds together. It is a time when Amsterdam’s streets come alive with spooky decorations, and the spirit of Halloween can be felt throughout the city.


Popular Halloween Events in Amsterdam

Amsterdam offers a plethora of thrilling and entertaining Halloween events that cater to various interests and preferences. Whether you are in search of bone-chilling scares or prefer a more light-hearted celebration, you will find something to suit your Halloween spirit in the city. Here are some of the most popular Halloween events in Amsterdam:

  1. The Amsterdam Dungeon Halloween Special: The Amsterdam Dungeon, a live-action theatrical attraction that takes visitors on a journey through the dark and eerie history of Amsterdam, offers a Halloween Special during the spooky season. Prepare to be immersed in chilling stories, spine-tingling experiences, and encounters with ghouls, ghosts, and other creatures of the night.
  2. Fright Nights at Walibi Holland: Located just outside of Amsterdam, Walibi Holland transforms into a haunted theme park during the Halloween season. Fright Nights features haunted mazes, scare zones, and thrilling roller coasters that will leave you screaming for more. It’s a must-visit for adrenaline junkies and horror enthusiasts.
  3. Amsterdam Halloween Festival: This multi-day festival takes place at various venues across the city and offers a diverse range of Halloween-themed events. From costume parties and club nights to live performances and haunted tours, the Amsterdam Halloween Festival has something for everyone.
  4. Zombie Walk Amsterdam: For those who enjoy participating in unique and interactive events, the Zombie Walk Amsterdam is a must-attend. Participants dress up as zombies and join a horde of the undead as they parade through the streets of Amsterdam. It’s a fun and unforgettable experience that brings together people of all ages.

These are just a few examples of the many Halloween events that take place in Amsterdam. Be sure to check local event listings and websites to find out about other exciting happenings and activities during the Halloween season. Whether you want to dance the night away in a spooky costume party or test your bravery in a haunted house, there’s no shortage of thrilling options to celebrate Halloween in Amsterdam.


Halloween Parties and Nightlife

Amsterdam is renowned for its vibrant nightlife scene, and Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to experience the city’s energetic party atmosphere with a spooky twist. From extravagant costume parties to immersive themed club nights, there are numerous Halloween parties and nightlife events that cater to all tastes. Here are some of the top Halloween parties and nightlife experiences in Amsterdam:

  1. Pacha Halloween Party: Pacha Amsterdam, one of the city’s premier nightclubs, hosts an epic Halloween party each year. With world-class DJs, extravagant decorations, and a live entertainment lineup, this event promises an unforgettable night of dancing and revelry.
  2. Supernatural Festival: This annual Halloween-themed electronic music festival takes place at the Amsterdam RAI convention center. With multiple stages, impressive light shows, and an array of renowned DJs, Supernatural Festival is a paradise for electronic music enthusiasts looking to celebrate Halloween in style.
  3. Haunted House Party at AIR Amsterdam: AIR Amsterdam, a popular nightclub in the city center, transforms into a haunted house for Halloween. Complete with spooky decorations, eerie performers, and thrilling music, the Haunted House Party offers a unique clubbing experience with a creepy twist.
  4. Costume Parties at Melkweg and Paradiso: Melkweg and Paradiso, two iconic music venues in Amsterdam, host a variety of Halloween-themed costume parties featuring live performances, DJs, and themed events. These parties attract a diverse crowd and offer a mix of music genres to suit different tastes.

It’s worth noting that many clubs and venues in Amsterdam require pre-purchased tickets for Halloween parties, so it’s advisable to plan ahead and secure your spot in advance. Additionally, be sure to embrace the Halloween spirit by donning creative and elaborate costumes – the more imaginative, the better!


With its bustling nightlife and diversity of party options, Amsterdam provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable Halloween celebration. Whether you prefer a large-scale music festival, a stylish club night, or an intimate gathering with friends, you’ll find a Halloween party in Amsterdam that suits your taste and ensures an evening of thrilling entertainment.


Halloween Activities for Families

Halloween isn’t just for adults – it’s a time when families can come together and create lasting memories. Amsterdam offers a range of family-friendly Halloween activities that are perfect for kids and parents alike. Here are some delightful Halloween activities for families to enjoy in Amsterdam:

  1. Amsterdam Halloween Parade: The Amsterdam Halloween Parade is a highlight of the city’s Halloween celebrations and a fantastic event for families. Watch as hundreds of participants dressed in creative costumes parade through the streets of Amsterdam, showcasing their spooky and imaginative outfits. Join the crowds to soak up the festive atmosphere and join in the fun!
  2. Pumpkin Carving Workshops: Get into the Halloween spirit by attending a pumpkin carving workshop with your family. These workshops provide a great opportunity to learn the art of carving pumpkins into unique designs. Many places throughout Amsterdam offer these workshops, providing the tools and coaching needed to create your very own jack-o’-lantern masterpiece.
  3. Haunted House Experiences: Amsterdam boasts a few haunted attractions that are family-friendly and provide a thrilling adventure for the whole family. From haunted mazes to interactive storytelling experiences, these attractions offer a balance between spooky thrills and family-friendly entertainment.
  4. Halloween Movie Nights: Cozy up with your family for a Halloween-themed movie night. Visit one of Amsterdam’s cinemas or outdoor screens that offer special screenings of family-friendly Halloween movies. Grab some popcorn, snuggle under cozy blankets, and enjoy classic Halloween films or animated favorites.

In addition to these organized activities, taking a stroll through Amsterdam’s neighborhoods during Halloween can be a delightful experience. Many houses and shops are decorated with spooky decorations, creating a festive and enchanting atmosphere. Encourage your little ones to dress up in their favorite costumes and go trick-or-treating in the designated areas where shops and businesses welcome children with treats.


Remember to prioritize safety during Halloween activities. Ensure that costumes are visible at night by adding reflective materials or using glow sticks, and accompany young children when trick-or-treating. It’s also a good idea to check the schedule of events and activities in advance to plan your family’s Halloween adventures in Amsterdam.


With its family-friendly atmosphere and a variety of engaging activities, Amsterdam is the perfect destination for families to celebrate Halloween and create cherished memories together.


Haunted Locations in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, with its long and storied history, is said to be home to several haunted locations. These places have intrigued locals and visitors alike with their eerie stories and paranormal experiences. If you’re a fan of the supernatural, here are some haunted locations in Amsterdam that are rumored to be haunted:

  1. Amsterdam Dungeon: The Amsterdam Dungeon, with its theatrical recreations of the city’s dark history, is known for its spooky atmosphere. Many have reported feeling chills or witnessing unexplained phenomena during their visit. It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s haunted past.
  2. The Flying Dutchman: This legendary ghost ship is said to haunt the canals of Amsterdam. According to folklore, the ship is a spectral vessel that can only dock and make contact with the living once every seven years. Tales of sighting the ghostly ship have circulated for centuries, adding a touch of mystery to the city’s waterways.
  3. The Krasnapolsky Hotel: This historic hotel located on Dam Square is rumored to have its fair share of paranormal activity. Guests and staff have reported strange occurrences, from flickering lights to inexplicable sounds and ghostly apparitions. Brave souls looking for a spooky experience can even book a room and spend the night.
  4. Ancient Churches: Amsterdam is dotted with beautiful old churches, some of which are said to be haunted. The Oude Kerk and Westerkerk are known for their ghostly legends and unexplained phenomena, including sightings of shadowy figures and eerie whispers. Explore these ancient religious sites to uncover their haunting stories.

While some people may dismiss these stories as mere folklore, others have claimed to have had spine-chilling encounters or experienced strange happenings in these locations. Whether you believe in the supernatural or not, exploring these haunted places adds an air of mystery and intrigue to Amsterdam’s rich cultural heritage.


If you’re fascinated by the paranormal, consider taking part in a ghost tour or joining a guided walk that delves into Amsterdam’s haunted history. These tours provide an opportunity to learn more about the city’s ghostly legends and experience its haunted locations firsthand.


But remember, during your visit to these haunted locations, be respectful of the property, follow any rules or guidelines set forth by the owners, and approach the supernatural with an open mind.


Costume and Decoration Shopping in Amsterdam

When it comes to Halloween, finding the perfect costume and decorating your home with festive adornments is all part of the fun. Fortunately, Amsterdam has plenty of options for costume and decoration shopping. Whether you’re looking for a scary ensemble or a whimsical costume, or want to transform your home into a haunted haven, here are some places to explore for all your Halloween shopping needs:

  1. Kinkerstraat: Located in the vibrant Oud-West neighborhood, Kinkerstraat is a bustling shopping street known for its wide range of stores. Here, you’ll find several costume shops that offer an extensive selection of Halloween costumes for all ages. From classic witches and vampires to trendy pop culture-inspired outfits, you’re sure to find something that suits your style.
  2. Kalverstraat: Amsterdam’s most famous shopping street, Kalverstraat, is home to several large department stores and specialty shops. During the Halloween season, these stores stock up on a variety of costumes, accessories, and decorations. Browse through the aisles to find the perfect costume that allows you to become your desired Halloween character.
  3. Art Shops and Thrift Stores: For those looking for unique and DIY costume options, Amsterdam is dotted with art shops and thrift stores. These stores offer a treasure trove of materials, accessories, and secondhand clothing that can be creatively transformed into one-of-a-kind costumes. Let your imagination run wild and embrace the joy of crafting your own Halloween ensemble.
  4. Markets: Amsterdam is famous for its markets, and they can be a great option for finding Halloween decorations. The Albert Cuyp Market and Waterlooplein Flea Market often have stalls selling an assortment of spooky decorations, from jack-o’-lanterns to cobwebs and skeletons. Explore these markets to discover unique items that will add to the haunted ambiance of your home.

In addition to physical stores, online retailers also offer a wide range of Halloween costumes and decorations. Websites like Bol.com and Party365.nl provide a convenient option for browsing and ordering Halloween supplies from the comfort of your own home.


Remember, Halloween shopping is not just about the items you buy, but the creativity and imagination you bring to the process. Whether you choose to purchase a pre-made costume or prefer to assemble your own, the goal is to have fun and embrace the spirit of Halloween.


So, get into the Halloween spirit, unleash your creativity, and let Amsterdam’s costume and decoration shopping options help you bring your Halloween vision to life.


Traditional Halloween Treats in Amsterdam

Halloween is not only a time for costumes and decorations, but also a time to indulge in delicious treats. While Amsterdam may not have a long-standing tradition of Halloween-specific treats, there are still plenty of treats to enjoy during this festive season. Here are some traditional Halloween treats you can find in Amsterdam:

  1. Stroopwafels: These sweet and chewy caramel-filled waffle cookies are a beloved Dutch treat. The combination of crunchy waffle layers and gooey caramel creates a delightful texture and flavor that can be enjoyed year-round, including during Halloween. Look for specialty shops or street vendors selling fresh stroopwafels for an irresistible treat.
  2. Appeltjes van Oranje: Literally translated as “little orange apples,” these bite-sized treats resemble small apples and are made from a combination of marzipan and citrus flavors. These treats are commonly enjoyed during the fall season, making them a perfect addition to your Halloween treat collection.
  3. Suikerbrood: Suikerbrood, meaning “sugar bread,” is a traditional sweet bread that is often served for breakfast or as a treat during festive occasions. It is made with yeast, sugar, and cinnamon, giving it a wonderfully sweet and aromatic flavor. Have a slice of suikerbrood as a tasty Halloween morning treat or enjoy it with a cup of hot chocolate on a chilly autumn evening.
  4. Poffertjes: Poffertjes are mini Dutch pancakes that are loved by locals and visitors alike. These fluffy pancakes are made with a special pancake batter and cooked in a special pan with small round molds. Traditionally served with butter and powdered sugar, poffertjes make a delightful treat for Halloween parties or as a comforting snack during the fall season.

While these treats may not be exclusively associated with Halloween, they are enjoyed throughout the year in Amsterdam and can be a delightful addition to your Halloween celebrations. Additionally, you can always add a Halloween twist to these traditional treats by decorating them with spooky designs or using Halloween-themed toppings and sprinkles.


Of course, Halloween is also a time for indulging in classic treats like chocolate, candy, and other confections. Many grocery stores and specialty candy shops in Amsterdam stock a wide variety of Halloween-themed sweets during the season, making it easy to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Whether you choose to enjoy traditional Dutch treats or opt for classic Halloween goodies, make sure to savor the flavors and share them with friends and family during your Halloween festivities in Amsterdam.


Safety Tips for Halloween in Amsterdam

As you embrace the festivities of Halloween in Amsterdam, it’s important to prioritize safety for yourself, your family, and others. Here are some essential safety tips to ensure a fun and secure Halloween experience:

  1. Plan and Communicate: Before heading out for any Halloween activities, make a plan and communicate it with your group or family members. Discuss the route, designated meeting points, and any safety precautions that need to be followed.
  2. Visibility: Decorate costumes with reflective tape or add glow sticks to enhance visibility, especially if you plan to be out after dark. Use flashlights or carry portable LED lights for added visibility and to navigate through dimly lit areas.
  3. Stay on Designated Paths: Stick to well-lit and designated pedestrian paths or sidewalks when trick-or-treating or attending outdoor events. Be cautious of traffic and remind children to stay close to adults or walk in groups.
  4. Be Respectful: Remember to always respect private property and follow any rules or guidelines set by event organizers or hosts. Avoid trespassing and only visit houses with porch lights on or those participating in the trick-or-treating tradition.
  5. Inspect Treats: Remind children not to consume any treats until an adult has inspected them. Discard any unwrapped or suspicious-looking candies. If you have dietary restrictions or allergies, be extra cautious and read labels carefully.
  6. Fire Safety: If using candles for jack-o’-lanterns or other decorations, ensure they are placed in stable and fire-proof containers. Keep them away from flammable objects and never leave lit candles unattended.
  7. Costume Safety: Choose costumes that are flame-resistant and fit appropriately to prevent tripping hazards. Avoid obstructive masks or opt for face paint instead. Comfortable footwear is essential for walking and navigating crowded areas.
  8. Supervision: Ensure that young children are always accompanied by a responsible adult. Keep a close eye on them during trick-or-treating or any public events to prevent accidents or becoming separated in the crowd.
  9. Emergency Preparedness: Carry a fully charged mobile phone for emergencies and program important numbers, such as emergency services and a designated contact person. Familiarize yourself with nearby medical facilities in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  10. COVID-19 Precautions: Check local guidelines and follow any specific COVID-19 safety measures that may be in place during Halloween in Amsterdam. This may require wearing masks, practicing social distancing, or participating in smaller, outdoor events.

By following these safety tips, you can ensure a memorable and secure Halloween experience in Amsterdam. Remember, safety should always be a priority while enjoying the festivities and spooky fun of Halloween.



Halloween in Amsterdam is a time of excitement, creativity, and community spirit. Over the years, the city has embraced the Halloween tradition, adding its own unique flair to the festivities. From haunted attractions and costume parties to family-friendly activities and delicious treats, there is something for everyone to enjoy during this bewitching time of year.


As we have explored, Amsterdam offers a range of experiences for Halloween enthusiasts. Whether you’re intrigued by the city’s haunted history, excited to immerse yourself in thrilling parties and nightlife, or looking forward to creating lasting memories with your family, Amsterdam has it all.


However, as you partake in the Halloween celebrations, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and respect for others. Planning ahead, ensuring visibility, supervising children, and adhering to safety guidelines will help ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all.


As the streets of Amsterdam come alive with spooky decorations and costumes, take the time to immerse yourself in the Halloween spirit. Explore the haunted locations, indulge in traditional treats, and shop for the perfect costume and decorations to fully embrace the festive ambiance.


Whether you are a local resident or a visitor to the city, Halloween in Amsterdam offers a unique and exciting way to celebrate and create lasting memories. So, put on your most creative costume, gather your loved ones, and get ready to embrace the enchanting world of Halloween in Amsterdam.


Remember, Halloween is a time to have fun, be respectful, and celebrate the spirit of the season. So go forth, explore, and enjoy the magic of Halloween in the breathtaking city of Amsterdam!