Purse Organizers For The Female Traveller

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Photo by Oleksandr Pidvalnyi from Pexels

When you’re travelling, the last thing you want to do is to dig through your purse for your documents or even your lip gloss. You want to have fun and that means being as organized as possible. By using a purse organizer, you’ll be able to fend of that frustration and simply enjoy your time.


But like so many things in this world, there are so many brands and models to choose from. So how do you choose? In this guide, we are going to help you out with that.


We’re going to discuss what makes a good purse organizer for the female traveller. We’ll also look at some of the best brands out there. Before you start packing, let’s get started with how to choose the right purse organizer for you and your travel needs.


What Makes A Good Purse Organizer?

When it comes to buying the best purse organizers for the female traveller, you need to know more about your choices. You definitely wouldn’t want to regret your purchase later on.


We came up with some of the key factors that you need to consider when choosing your purse organizer insert.



Purse organizer inserts are usually constructed of one of two materials. You either have nylon or felt. Each has its own good and bad points.


  • Felt: This material is soft and is easy to dye, which means that you get a wide variety of colours available too. This also means it’ll match the inside of your purse and won’t be obtrusive or obvious. These models usually have more constructed walls and offer more shape.
  • Nylon: This material is cheap and light. Purse organizers constructed from this material offer a good sturdy shape, but not nearly as many colours. This isn’t necessarily a problem but it’s something you need to think about.
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You need to think about the size of your handbag and choose accordingly. Purse organizers usually come in SM-XL. The actual dimensions will be somewhere on the site or packaging. This means that you can make sure that it will fit comfortably inside your handbag.



You’re getting this purse organizer to stay organised on your trips. So thinking about what you carry and how many pockets you need is a major consideration. Another thing to think about under this factor is how much you carry in your purse. If you don’t carry much, a purse organizer with tons of packets may just be a waste of space.



This has less to do with the size of the purse and more about the type of purse you are dealing with. For instance, you’ll need to consider if you’re using a clutch or hobo. The bag also may have different pockets of different depths.


Its design also has to do with the colour and pattern of the organizer. When choosing the organizer, you want one that will work with the colour palette of your purse both the exterior and the interior.



The structure of the purse in which you intend to put the organizer is important to consider as well. Some bags are floppy and some are way more structured. Ensuring that your purse organizer compliments the main body’s structure is key to maintain the functionality of the purse.


Best Brands

Now you have an idea of what to look for when you begin your hunt for the perfect purse organizer for your travels. Which one is good for you? The best brands available today have multiple models.


Have a look at the brands and use your discretion on which model best suits your travel needs.


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Ztjuo is one of the best brands making purse organizers. Their design team is dedicated to bringing you style and practicability in whatever model you go with.


Typically designed to have a great shape. It’s also lightweight while still giving you pocket options that will suit whatever bag needs you to need. They even designed one specifically for backpacks which is great for any traveler during their days of exploration.




Dahlia not only makes one of the sturdiest purse inserts but jewellery as well. They pride themselves of fashionable pieces that will stand the test of time and also highly functional. These purse organizers are great for totes.




Belianto is determined to bring you the highest quality felt handbags and handbag organizers. Taking the very simple idea of the purse organier and elevating it to a higher level with distinctive fashion and attention to detail, any traveler would be happy to have this as their organising tool. Their products also include totes and handbags.




Vercord focuses on ensuring that your purse is organised . This attention to detail has made them one of the best-selling handbag organizers in Amazon. Vercord offers solid and prints in many different patterns and colours that will suit your bag.




Gearonic is the only company on our list that makes purse organizers and inserts specifically for the female travellers of the world. Their big organizer can even be used as a bag itself and offers a multi-pocket organizer that will allow you to stay ready for whatever adventure you have.




Using high-grade materials to construct their purse organizers, Lexsion offers multiple models to meet your every need. They design organizers for purses, totes, pocketbooks, and backpacks.


That makes this brand a great option from any female traveller out there. This is especially true if you need just a little help keeping your passport handy and easy to find.




The last brand on our list is Bridawn. It offers an easy to use and a well-crafted option for keeping your purse organized and travel-ready. This company offers many styles from clutch to large bag organizers.


Easy to switch from purse to purse, the Bridawn purse organizer is one of the best options on the market today.


Why You Need A Purse Organizer

Most of us find it hard to keep our bags from being bottomless pits of ‘never going to find those keys again’. The bigger the purse, the harder it is to keep organised. And when you’re traveling, this is a nightmare that you just don’t need. Because of this, the humble purse organizer was invented. 


Here are a few reasons why you need a purse organizer:


  • You want all you stuff easy to get to while you stand in line at that museum. 
  • Your bag could eventually lose shape and your purse organizer will help to keep that from happening
  • Lastly, as you are travelling and moving from one bag to another for your daytime and nighttime attire, it’ll be easy to stay organised while simply moving that insert from bag to bag.
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Final Thoughts

The best purse organizers for female travel may very well come exclusively from these seven brands. But that is only our opinion. We certainly hope that by giving you a look at these women’s purse organizers and a guide to how to choose the right one, you now feel less stressed about your decision.


After all, having a purse that is organised will help you get through those security checks and passport lines much faster. Plus, when travelling, you will want easy access to your camera and wallet.


The organisation afforded you as you travel the world will make your trip that much sweeter. So now all that’s left to do is grab your passport, book your flight, and head out there to see this great big world while making memories that will last you a lifetime.


With the right purse organizer, you can now pack these must-have toiletries for your trip!

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