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Best Truck Bed Tents For An Easy Camping


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Vivette Kajal

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent
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Are you looking for a nice place to spend your night while you are truck camping or fishing? Do casual tents seem too awkward and uncomfortable? Then let’s help you with it. In this article, you will know how you can survive with truck bed tents while you are camping. Having a truck bed tent might be the solution to get a great and healthy sleep.


What Are Truck Bed Tents?

This truck tent is designed to fit in the bed of a pickup truck. That way, truck bed tents give you a comfortable sleep instead of laying down on the ground, moving every 5 minutes, due to the hard rocks and stones that appear to be on every place you put your head-on.


Why Select Truck Bed Tents While Camping?

Truck bed tents may significantly improve your night experience while camping. This is because of the extremely good mobility and comfort they come with.


With a truck bed tent, you are in control of what is underneath your tent. Another great thing is that it creates a comfortable and more secure area for your night rest.


One of the main advantages why most of the people prefer such truck tents are, they can escape from searching the right spot to mount their standard pop up tents. With a truck bed tent, you effortlessly put your tent on the bed of your truck tent camper. 


Which Size Will Suit You The Best?

When it comes to purchasing the best truck tent for your truck bed camping, you should be aware of a couple of things. Usually, truck tents are designed for trucks, yet there are a lot of variations designed to fit those in SUVs too.


The size of the bed in your truck is really important since the majority of pickups have different sizes.


Now, let’s investigate further on the features you want in your truck bed tent. Let’s see which truck bed will make your truck bed camping more fun.


Height and length are essential factors to be considered. If you happen to be a tall individual and if you like to stretch while sleeping, consider a truck tent with absolutely big size.


If you prefer higher truck tents, nothing should be stopping you from getting one. This is because you find them in all kinds of sizes. Likewise, keep in mind that the height and length for selecting the truck tent should depend on the size and length of the bed inside your truck. 


Smaller beds wouldn’t have enough space to fit in bigger or extra-large tents. But do not fret, there are small tents available in the market too. 


Best 5 Truck Bed Tents 

Here, we shall help you in knowing the different truck bed tents available in the market. You can select the one that suits your needs and likes.



Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Great Truck Tents

© Ebay


This truck tent is a great option to buy if you want to sleep peacefully and comfortably after a long tiring day.


The good thing about this truck tent is that it has incredible ventilation created by 4 windows and a large door. The interior has a great size of 5’5” and it is just perfect and comfortable enough for two people.


This one comes with a 1-year warranty and friendly customer care service. It’s incredibly easy to set up.


Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is available on Amazon for $ 179.



Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Gray

Comfortable tents

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This is another super option you can go with if you have any plan for camping.


Out of all the other options available in the market, only the Sportz truck tent, has a comfortable sewn-in floor.

There are only 2 windows for this truck bed tent. The advantage of this tent is that it has a high ceiling and a 5.6 feet headroom.


It is really easy to set up, and the space inside this bed tent is large enough to cover the needs of two people.


Buy Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Gray from Amazon for $269.99.



Sportz CAMO Truck Tent

Metallic Truck

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This particular truck bed tent is really attractive. It blends well with nature and helps you have a nice and comfy night.


There is ample space for two people because of its 5.7 feet height. This bed is known for providing great comfort and convenience.


The ventilation here is again on a very high level. That’s because of the two ceiling vents and the three significantly large windows. The setup process may take up to 10 minutes.


This truck bed tent comes with a 1-year warranty. 


Buy Sportz CAMO Truck Tent from Amazon for $290.18.



Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent

Spacious tents inside trucks

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This tent can be used in any season and it is highly recommended by so many truck bed camping users.


It has been designed with an extra layer to withstand heavy rainfall and storms.


Two people fit perfectly inside this tent. There is ample space inside this tent because of its height of (5.5 feet). This one is particularly light and weighs only 19.7 pounds.


Buy Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent from Amazon for $269.99.



Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent


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This is a great option you should stick with if you wish to turn your truck into a truck tent.


It is comparatively easy to assemble this one. You feel safe in this high-quality and durable bed tent.


This one likewise has great ventilation and two people can comfortably rest inside this without any issue.


It’s very light and weighs only 11 pounds. We highly recommend getting this one for camping because it is known to be really good and lasting.


This one is priced at $269 and you can get it delivered from Amazon.


Buy Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent from Amazon for $99.99.


Pros And Cons In Using A Truck Bed Tent

We do not have any intention of overwhelming you with plenty of pros and cons. Let’s help you in getting the facts right. Also, we hope that these pros and con’s of truck bed tents will help you make the right decision.



Cheaper than a typical and conventional canopy setup.

Easy to set up and much lighter than other types of tents

Effortless to remove while switching back to the regular pickup truck mode.



Poor weather-resistance.

Most of the truck bed tents are known to be less adjustable

Can only be used with pick up trucks


When making a decision, make sure you consider all the pros and cons and then follow through with the options that suit your needs best. If you find yourself traveling with family most of the time, consider investing in a pop-up tent instead as they are another convenient option.