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15 Best Ski Goggles That Are Stylish And Durable in 2020


Modified: December 27, 2023

by David Jefferson

Front shot of ski goggles over helmet
©Photo by ivabalk from Pixabay

Ski goggles don’t just complete your entire ski outfit. They serve many purposes. In fact, reliable ski goggles are just as important as your other ski equipment. They help you see better during a blizzard and protect your eyes from the glaring snow on sunny days. All these and more make owning the best ski goggles worth the added dollars. 


When picking the best ski goggles, how do you sift through the most suitable ski goggles? Should you go for the best price or the most popular brand? Should you prioritize durability or style? You’d be happy to know that there’s a wide variety of goggles out there that offers both. You no longer have to sacrifice style for your gear’s longevity.


Before you head to a ski resort, here are 15 of the best ski goggles where durability meets style. Depending on the price, style, and other details, there should be one to suit you perfectly. If you ever need more help to choose a ski goggle, here’s the comprehensive guide to help you make a better choice.


Budget Ski Goggles


1. Giro Blok Goggle

Giro Blok goggles in black/vivid onyx

Photo from Amazon


Price: Starts at $100 

Frame size: Medium/Large 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Reasonable price with overall great performance

Cons: Relatively basic, only one lens included 


From the skiing equipment to the lift ticket expenses, skiing can be an expensive sport. Good thing there are excellent options for ski goggles that are at least half the price of those on top of the line. Giro Blok Goggle is among the best ski goggles if you’re on a budget. Featuring medium to large frames, Giro Blok offers edge-to-edge visibility that you can’t enjoy on other cheaper brands. 


Giro Blok goggles ensure seamless performance when worn over helmets. This means exceptional fit and hassle-free function. When it comes to the look, Giro comes with a classic yet sleek design with a full-frame and cylindrical lens. 


For a reasonable price and impressive features, Giro Blok is among the best ski goggles on the market. 


2. Smith Squad XL ChromaPop

Smith Squad XL Snow Goggle Black w/ ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror and CP Storm Rose Flash Lens

Photo from Amazon


Price: $130 

Frame size: Large 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Huge visibility, ChromaPop lenses, friendly price

Cons: Overkill in size especially for skiers and snowboarders with medium-sized faces 


Smith ski goggles are designed to work and look better together. Among the best ski goggles in their budget-friendly range is the Squad XL ChromaPop. As its name implies, Squad XL boasts a large lens, giving you a massive field of vision. Aside from that, Squad XL is designed with a ChromaPop lens that allows you to enjoy a fog-free and crystal-clear view. The oversized frame comes with a silicone-backed strap. Despite its massive size, Smith Squad XL maintains a low profile because of its reasonable price.


Squad XL ChromaPop is among the best goggles that fit well with helmets. It also comes with two lenses, adding more value to its price.   


3. Smith Project Goggles

Smith Optics Project Snow Goggles Charcoal w/Red Sol-X Mirror Lens

Photo from Amazon


Price: $65 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Budget-friendly, a great starter goggle

Cons: Entry-level optics, not as durable as other budget-friendly goggles


If it’s your first time skiing and you’re not even sure if you’ll pursue it in the long-term, it’s recommended that you start with something cheap. One of the best ski goggles that offers style and simple features is the Smith Project. For only $65, you get to enjoy performance goggles for fuss-free skiing. The Project is among the go-to options for weekend adventurers or day-trippers who want inexpensive goggles. 


Built with a flexible urethane frame, the goggles fit well on any face. It’s also compatible with most helmet types. The Project comes with a cylindrical ventilated lens, giving you fog-free and clear vision. If you’re looking for budget skiing goggles over glasses, the Project is OTG-compatible.  


4. Zeal Portal Frameless Ski Goggles

Zeal Portal ski goggle in Alchemy Mirror

Photo from Amazon


Price: $99.95 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Additional Sky Blue Mirror lens, brilliant magnetic lens changing system

Cons: Costly replacement polarized lenses, only offers a 2-year warranty


Another budget-friendly goggle is Zeal Portal. It features a simple rimless design, and it is mostly loved for its secure lens swap system. Its Rail Lock System (RLS) makes it easy to seamlessly and quickly slide and lock the goggle lens into place. The magnet system not only secures the lens but also keeps ice and snow out. 


Aside from RLS, Zeal Portal has 30% Visual Light Transmission (VLT). This goggle has anti-fog, UV rays filter, optimal color filtration, among others. If you need more convincing, all Portal goggles come with a free lens in Sky Blue. This color is perfect in low light conditions. 


5. Anon Relapse Goggles

Anon Relapse Goggle in Black Frame Sonar Silver Lens

Photo from Amazon


Price: $120 

Frame size: Medium/large 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Comes with bonus lens, over-the-glass compatible

Cons: Fogging can be an issue


What makes the Anon Relapse goggles a great choice is how it’s reasonably priced without sacrificing important features. Built with Zeiss lenses, expect nothing less than exceptional clarity. The Relapse also features Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI), which secures MFI compatible masks and reduces fog buildup.


Relapse is among the wide selection of Anon goggles perfect for beginners or intermediate skiers. It’s simple yet stylish and comes with some of the necessary features, giving you an extra bang for your buck. 


6. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro

OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles PRO in Camo/Grey

Photo from Amazon


Price: $60.99 

Frame size: Large 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Budget price, OTG design, helmet compatibility

Cons: Lacks VLT 50% option, interior lens reflection not the best 

When speaking of the best ski goggles, many always think about the ones with the highest price tags. Interestingly, there’s a wide selection of ski goggles that are within a friendly rate. OutdoorMaster Ski Goggles Pro is priced below $100, but packs feature like those of the pricey ones. The Ski Goggles Pro comes with a frameless design paired with a large spherical lens for unobstructed and clear views. The goggles also include an interchangeable lens system, allowing you to swap for day/night lenses and lenses for different weather conditions. Built with OTG design, you can comfortably wear the Ski Goggles Pro with your prescription glasses.


Med-Range Ski Goggles


7. Oakley Fall Line Prizm XM

Oakley Fall Line XM in Factory Pilot Progression

Photo from Amazon


Price: $190-$200 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Toned-down size, interchangeable lenses, med-range price

Cons: Only comes with 1 lens


Oakley is known to produce some of the most stylish and durable sports eyewear—including Oakley goggles. Among its offerings of the best ski goggles, its Fall Line Prizm XM goggle is a great option. 


Coming in a medium-sized frame, the Fall Line snugly fits under most helmets. Its bold frameless style gives it a sleek look and provides more visibility. It comes with a wide strap lined with silicone, allowing for a comfortable fit. In true Oakley style, the Prizm lenses offer seamless control of the light transmission. This feature allows for all-day comfort and enhanced visibility.


8. Dragon X2

Dragon X2 goggles in LumaLens Gold Ion ​+ LumaLens Amber

Photo from Amazon


Price: $220 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Triple-layer face foam with hypoallergenic lining, helmet-compatible, comes with 2 interchangeable lenses

Cons: Too easy to remove the lens


With a mid-range price tag, Dragon X2 offers more than its super sleek look. Unlike other brands that only boast of appearance, Dragon 2 is packed with features that make sense. X2s come with high-quality polycarbonate lenses with scratch and anti-fog coating. This works hand-in-hand with its Unidirectional Airflow System, which prevents fogging. The Dragon X2’s anti-fog coating is 200% better than the standard coat. This is one of the reasons why it’s among the best ski goggles on the market. 


9. Oakley Flight Deck

Oakley Flight Deck goggles in Matte Black​/Prizm Rose

Photo from Amazon


Price: $170-$210 

Frame size: Large 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Massive view, quality optics

Cons: Comes with one lens only, works with old lens change system


Oakley Flight Deck Prizm is among the best ski goggles with large frames. Aside from its massive frame for the best views, it comes with a rimless lens for unobstructed vision. It is also one of the best ski goggles that offers the largest fields of view. 


The Flight Deck lens is designed with anti-fog coating and HDPolarized lenses for 100% UV filtering. With Oakley’s Prizm lens, you are guaranteed to enjoy crisp views and enhanced performance. Aside from that, the Flight Deck still comfortably fits most helmets despite its large size.


10. Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop with Flash Lens

Smith I/O Mag Snow Goggle Black w/ ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror and CP Storm Rose Flash Lens

Photo from Amazon


Price: $240 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Snug fit, ChromaPop lens

Cons: Not the best interchange system 


Among the many competitive Smith ski goggles, the I/O Mag is a crowd favorite. These goggles feature excellent optics and pack one of the best ventilators. Aside from its clean look, it fits very comfortably. 


Designed with ChromaPop, the I/O Mag promises crisp views even in a wide range of conditions. Wearing these Smith goggles lets you see the small details even in low light. If you’re a serious and professional skier, this one’s perfect for you. 


Smith I/O Mag ChromaPop comes in 3 different frame sizes.


11. Dragon NFX2 Goggles

Dragon NFX2 Goggles in Split​/LumaLens Green Ion ​+ LumaLens Amber

Photo from Amazon


Price: $180-$200 

Frame size: Medium 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Good price, quick-changing lenses 

Cons: Average optics


Dragon raises the bar higher with the Dragon NFX2. As with the Dragon X2, the NFX2 also has tri-foam technology that offers superior comfort. Meanwhile, its Polyurethane Frame makes it adapt well at all temperatures. 


Built with patented frameless technology, Dragon NFX2 offers unobstructed views in the game. Changing lenses is also not an issue as it allows for quick and easy swaps.  


Premium Ski Goggles


12. Oakley Airbrake XL Prizm

Oakley Airbrake XL Goggles in Factory Pilot White​

Photo from Amazon


Price: $240-$280 

Frame size: Large 

Lens shape: Spherical


Pros: Big field vision, premium quality lens

Cons: Pricier than the competition


Among premium ski goggles, Oakley’s Airbrake is among the best-sellers. Its low-key frame is designed for full helmet compatibility. Meanwhile, the large spherical lens ensures fantastic peripheral vision. Add to this Oakley’s Prizm technology, which gives you crisp and clear views without the need to squint in bright light. 


13. Smith Optics 4D Mag

Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggle in Red Rock

Photo from Amazon


Price: $280 

Frame size: Medium/large 

Lens shape: Toric


Pros: Improvement in downward visibility

Cons: Curved lower section of the lens is prone to scratches and damage 


Smith ski goggles always catch attention, and the Optics 4D Mag made a big entrance in 2020. While it has all the important goggle features, what makes it outstanding is its lens shape.  Called the BirdsEye Vision, the lens curves inwards at the lower portion. This is said to open up downward visibility by 25%. This is a perfect choice for professional skiers who frequent difficult terrains. 


Smith Optics 4D Mag also boasts AirEvac technology to reduce fogging. Built with a ChromaPop lens, you get to enjoy views in greater detail. 


14. Zeal Hatchet

Zeal Optics Hatchet in Dark Night with  Phoenix Mirror lens

Photo from Amazon


Price: $279 

Frame size: Medium/large 

Lens shape: Cylindrical


Pros: Easy lens swaps, extra lens, wide lens options

Cons: Can be expensive, not the most flexible goggles


The feature that the best ski goggles in 2020 are proud of is the system for fast and easy lens swaps. The Zeal Hatchet comes with a patent-pending Rail Lock System that allows you to do just so. Aside from that, the rimless design paired with a cylindrical lens makes for one cool-looking ski goggles. With 30% VLT, you are protected from harmful UV rays. 


The Hatchet comes with an extra Sky Blue lens. You also have 3 lens options: Optimum, Optimum Polarized, and Optimum Polarized Automatic.


15. Anon M4 Toric MFI

Anon M4 Toric MFI Goggles

Photo from evo


Price: $300 

Frame size: Large 

Lens shape: Toric


Pros: Intuitive design, toric lens, magnetic facemask integration 

Cons: Hefty cost


Coming at a hefty price of $300, the M4 Toric belongs to the Anon goggles family that boasts excellent optics. It’s also very user-friendly despite its large size. The Anon M4 Toric offers an incredible helmet-to-goggle fit without sacrificing a clear vision. 


Designed with a toric lens, it gives improved vision at all angles. Aside from that, these goggles also have a Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI) that helps make the facemask and the goggle seal seamless. 


Tips On How To Pick The Best Ski Goggles


Know the types of ski goggles: Depending on your preference and type of skiing activity, pick between a spherical and cylindrical lens. You also need to consider the lens tint. While the tint can match your outfit, this will also determine how much light your goggles will filter. 

Know your budget: Picking the best ski goggles also entails thinking about how much you’re willing to spend for snow gear. Research on the price range of ski goggles and pick the rate you’re comfortable spending. 

Pick the right size: Don’t buy ski goggles without trying it on. Adjust the strap to your head and make sure it fits comfortably. Also, make sure that it fits with or without a helmet. 

Check ski goggle features: If you intend to ski regularly, you might as well get more out of your ski goggles. Research about the features and styles that will suit your needs. There are skiing goggles you can wear over prescription glasses and those that flexibly fit with helmets. What is VLT in goggles? It’s the amount of light that can pass through the lens and reach your eyes. This is another feature you might want to check before buying a ski goggle. Green-tinted goggles are also a crowd favorite. These goggles filter some blue light and reduce glare without sacrificing visual clarity. 

Understand the warranty and return policy: This is important when purchasing high-end ski goggles. Most stores will only allow you to return undamaged goggles without scratches. Some brands only have 1 or 2 years of warranty. 


Ready To Own Your A Ski Goggle?


No matter your budget and experience level, there’s a perfect pair of ski goggles for you. While interchangeable lenses are a favorite feature today, there are other excellent features to look out for. All these make for a comfortable and safe skiing experience. Picking can be tricky as there are a lot of brands to choose from. Hopefully, this list of the best ski goggles in 2020 should help you decide.