Why Do You Need Bed Bug Spray In Your Travel Kit?

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Having bed bug spray in your travel kit is an essential part of travelling smart, although many may not think about that. If you are curious why it is so, ask yourself: have you ever woken up whilst travelling covered in pesky bites? 


Bed bugs are small insects that, like us, like to spend time in a bed. Unlike us, however, they are usually active during the night. The other catch to them is that they infest even impeccably clean mattresses and sheets, not only those that missed a visit to the launderers. 


So, a bed bug spray will keep these nasty bugs away during your travels. More importantly, it may prevent you from bringing a bunch of stowaways in your luggage back home.


What Do Bed Bugs Look Like And How Can A Bed Bug Spray Help You?


Bed bugs are insects we may easily confuse for carpet beetles. They live in groups which are sometimes very large.

Bed bugs, Bed Bug Spray
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Appearances And Habits of Bed Bugs


If you wonder what do bed bugs look like, they are brownish, flat critters that you may mistake for apple seed from a distance. Once fed, though, they swell and become red.


As implied before, they sleep during our waking hours and feed when we sleep. Aside from that, they have nothing in common with fictional creatures we call vampires. If they had, bed bug spray would be of little use, right?


You can easily confuse the bite of a bed bug to that of a mosquito. Unlike those flying insects, however, they are harmless since they don’t transmit diseases. 


No one likes feeling itchy and uncomfortable, and bed bug sprays are amongst the most efficient means of preventing them. Before you decide to whip out your bed bug spray from your kit, do make sure to check if your mattress is infested with these bugs.


Also, keep in mind that they like to hide in crevices, cracks, and seams of furniture, so check these places as well.


Inspection And Bed Bug Spray Application


How do you check for bed bugs? Inspecting the bed is a reliable method of identifying the presence of bed bugs. Dark specks barely larger than any full stop in this article are indication enough.


Presence of a pale yellow substance, cast away by nymphs (immature bed bugs), is another piece of solid proof.


When you find signs like these, it is a strong indication that you need a bed bug spray. You may need a couple of them, in fact, since these insects tend to develop resilience to a particular spray.


The next step is spraying or misting the mattress according to instructions until it gets damp. Focus on folds, seams, and tufts. Before remaking the bed, allow the mattress to dry.


Bed bugs bite exposed skin. Since wearing armour for protection is impractical at best, think about bringing some of the bed bug sprays and appliances listed below.


1. SayByeBugs Spray


SayByeBugs is one of the most well-known bed bugs sprays in the market. The SayByeBugs spray is an efficient exterminator of bed bugs. Ticks and fleas become collateral damage if they find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.  


SayByeBugs Spray, Bed Bug Spray
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The spray is effective against crawling insects, as well.


SayByeBugs is made of natural components. Therefore, the spray leaves no toxic residues after application which keeps pets and children perfectly safe.


Bed bug treatment with the spray includes mattresses, pillows, linens, and everything else. Still, test the SayByeBugs bed bug spray before spraying since the formula contains oils that may stain certain surfaces.


If you find unwanted guests in your bed, use this spray twice a day wherever you suspect they may be hiding. Don’t forget to treat your luggage or any other potential means of transport for resourceful bed bugs. Not even the travel kit.



2. Bedlam Plus Bed Bugs Spray


If you like taking long trips away from home, you might just have to deal with bed bugs at one point in your trip. That’s where Bedlam Plus bed bug spray makes a grand appearance. Better be safe than sorry!


Bedlam Plus Bed Bugs Spray, Bed Bug Spray
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Some sprays for bed bugs may be effective only against nymphs and adults whilst leaving eggs be. Bedlam Plus eliminates all of them, including the possibility of deja vu in a few months along the way.


This insecticide also eliminates ticks, lice, moths, carpet beetles, fleas, and some insects that like the taste of humans.


Apply the spray on mattresses, linens, pillows, and other potentially infested places. Before you buy this bed bug spray, note that it has a strong odour. Therefore, you should air a room well before lying in bed.


Also, the effectiveness of Bedlam Plus bed bug spray lasts around two weeks. That means that the spray will kill many bed bugs shortly after the initial spraying. However, the more time passes, the less effective it is in killing the residual bugs.


Sick bugs wandering around as if they just left some pub where they serve bad ale will be the confirmation. Hence, use Bedlam Plus again after two weeks to keep eliminating bed bugs.


3. Harris Bed Bug Killer


Harris Bed Bug Killer is a very effective bed bug spray against the bugs you catch in the open. However, we can’t say that for those remaining in hiding.


Harris Bed Bug Killer, Bed Bug Spray
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This insecticide combines the benefits of SayByeBugs and Bedlam Plus sprays, leaving no odours and leaving no residual effects. You can spray even delicate materials with Harris Bed Bug Killer since it won’t leave stains after use.


Another pro of this product is that you don’t need to go for a long walk after the bed bug treatment. As soon as the liquid dries, which is in about a few minutes, you can continue using the room.


The product is efficient for containing the spreading of bed bugs due to the prolonged residual effect which lasts a few weeks. Still, make sure to use the bed bug spray daily in the beginning, according to the instructions, before switching to two times a week.


Harris Bed Bug Killer has a little complicated setup which may annoy you at first. Also, think about combining this bed bug spray with diatomaceous earth by Walmart for the best results.


4. Ortho Home Defense


The Ortho spray is an affordable addition to your travel kit since it won’t leave you penniless just before the trip. The insecticide is quite effective in eliminating bed bugs and killing their eggs.


Bed bug killer, Bed Bug Spray
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Since this bed bug spray is odourless, you won’t have to pinch your nose with a peg. The insecticide leaves no traces after use, so you can spray any surface or material with the Ortho Home Defense Bed Bug Killer.


The battery-run wand is a convenient addition to this product. It allows you to apply the liquid evenly on infected surfaces. If your pets travel with you, keep them away after the bed bug treatment until everything dries. The drying process typically lasts a few hours.


Aside from being a bed bug killer, Ortho is a flea eliminator. According to some reviews, fleas remembered some urgent business elsewhere upon the bed bug treatment with the Ortho spray.


5. Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer


If you are an eco-conscious person who prefers using only products with natural substances, Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer should be your first choice. The insecticide is a potent one, killing bed bugs and eggs upon contact.


Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer, Bed Bug Spray
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The Eco Defense spray doesn’t contain any chemicals, poisons, or pesticides whatsoever. Therefore, it is perfectly safe for use around children and pets. Containing only natural components, such as plant oils, it releases only mild scents that won’t irritate your nose.


You won’t have to deal with stains on sheets, mattresses, and pillows since Eco Defense Bed Bug Killer has a non-staining formula.


Since this bed bug spray doesn’t have residual effects, it isn’t suitable for widespread infestations. Which leads us to its other major downside – the insecticide eliminates bed bugs only through direct contact.


Due to these facts, you should use the spray only in combination with other products, such as diatomaceous earth, for a prolonged effect.


So, Which One Is For You?


Consider bringing a few sprays in your travel kit since bed bugs might develop certain resilience to bed bug products if treated poorly. Furthermore, it would be beneficial if you notify the hotel personnel about the infestation.


Finally, consulting a professional exterminator has its merits but doesn’t work for most travellers because of the nature of their stay.


If you need a potent insecticide that eliminates the infestation quickly, consider using Bedlam Plus. Note, however, that this bed bug spray has an odour. So, if you have a pretty sensitive nose, maybe choose one with a milder smell.


Harris and Eco Defense bed bug sprays are OK with the insects you catch off guard in the open. For a more effective solution, you need to use them with other products, such as diatomaceous earth by Walmart.


SayByeBugs eliminates various insects besides unwanted bed inhabitants. Still, use this one with care to avoid inconveniences like staining appliances and sheets.


Supposing you are content with eliminating bed bugs and fleas without a possibility of staining the materials, the Ortho bed bug spray will do great.


Maybe you don’t like the prospect of sharing a bed with anyone. If so, think about securing a sleeping bag.

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