National Parks

Top 10 Adventurous Things to Do In Nepal

Nestled between the cultural giants of India and China, Nepal is a land where even the most common destinations are considered exotic. Home to eight of the ten tallest mountains on Earth, Nepal straddles the mighty Himalaya Mountains. These peaks are certainly the largest draw for visitors. However, in its historic cities, fertile valleys and […]

Explore Wisconsin’s Top 10 State Parks

Are there any national parks in Wisconsin? If you know how beautiful the Badger State is, the answer might surprise you. One of the strangest things about America’s national park system is that it’s unevenly spread.   Some states, like California for example, brim over with national parks. Famous places like Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua […]

Exercise 10 Hiking Trails In Connecticut

While Connecticut is a small state, it packs a punch with its variety of trails that visitors and locals can enjoy. There are hundreds of miles of trails that provide a range of explorations. For example, you can enjoy a brief stroll with your pooch or undertake a taxing and rugged hike through the hills. […]

20 Best National Parks You Must Visit In Europe

This guide to the best national parks in Europe brings you from the wild valleys of the Carpathians, through Arctic tundra, and down to the stunning Alps of Austria and beyond. Along the way, you’ll encounter chamois and elk, see crashing waterfalls and more. Of course, there’s oodles of adventure in the biggest national park […]

10 Best National Parks In Australia

Australia is a country that’s filled with sweeping, stunning landscapes. There are lush tropical jungles, endless mountains, and barren landscapes that look like they belong on another planet. The landscape is part of what draws travellers to this hot, ancient country. And it’s definitely what you’ll remember most when you return home after your trip. […]

Top Monuments And National Parks In Colorado, USA

Prepare to be wowed by the sheer wealth of national parks in Colorado. Yep, this great cut-out of the Western United States is among the wildest places in the USA. For starters, the Rocky Mountain National Park peaks upwards here. It’s laden with all the snow-dusted ridges, fir woods, and glimmering alpine lakes you’d expect […]

Isalo National Park in Madagascar – All You Need To Know

Images of furry and adorable ring-tailed lemurs normally come to mind when mentioning Madagascar!   While you will certainly spot the national animal of Madagascar getting its groove on, Isalo National Park has more awe-inspiring sights to discover.   Nestled in the southwest of the Fianarantsoa Province, Isalo National Park is soaked in rich biodiversity […]

Top 11 Things To Do In Rotorua, New Zealand

A sovereign island country in the Pacific Ocean, New Zeland is made up of two land masses and small islands. Its distinct biodiversity of animal and plant life is one amazing thing that helps create its natural beauty. Also, there are many New Zealand points of interest. For example, tourists can visit popular sites where […]

Admire 10 Breathtaking Waterfalls in Ohio

For outdoor enthusiasts searching for natural attractions in Ohio,  exploring some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the Midwest should be considered. Many of these waterfalls are great for swimming. Also, surrounding the area, tourists can take wonderful hikes through flourishing vegetation. The spring brings the heaviest water flow from the winter snowmelt making for […]

Gardens In South Africa That Everyone Must See

South Africa offers some of the most magnificent gardens in the world. They’re home to many indigenous and endangered plants and wildlife. The remarkable display of flora and fauna makes the gardens top attractions all-year round. If you’re looking to experience South African tourism, visiting these gardens is a great way to do it.    […]