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7 Best Cycling Routes In Hampton, Virginia


by Cindelyn Rourke


Hampton, Virginia, nestled along the picturesque Chesapeake Bay, is a haven for cycling enthusiasts seeking scenic routes and diverse terrain. From waterfront trails to historic neighborhoods, Hampton offers an array of cycling routes that cater to riders of all skill levels. Whether you're a leisurely rider or a seasoned cyclist, the city's charming landscapes and rich history provide the perfect backdrop for unforgettable biking adventures.

In this article, we'll explore the 7 best cycling routes in Hampton, Virginia, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and recreational opportunities. Whether you're drawn to the tranquil shores of the bay, the allure of historic sites, or the vibrant energy of urban pathways, Hampton's cycling routes promise an enriching and invigorating experience. So, dust off your helmet, pump up those tires, and get ready to embark on a cycling journey through the captivating landscapes of Hampton, Virginia.

The Virginia Capital Trail

Spanning 52 miles from Richmond to Jamestown, the Virginia Capital Trail offers a picturesque and historic cycling experience. This well-maintained trail winds through lush forests, charming farmland, and alongside the scenic James River. Cyclists can immerse themselves in the rich history of Virginia while enjoying a smooth and well-marked path. The trail is perfect for both leisurely rides and more challenging cycling adventures, making it a must-visit for cycling enthusiasts exploring the 7 Best Cycling Routes in Hampton, Virginia.

The Colonial Parkway

Connecting Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, the Colonial Parkway provides a serene and captivating cycling route. With its tree-lined roads and stunning views of the York River and James River, cyclists can relish the beauty of the Virginia coastline. The route also offers access to historical sites, including the Jamestown Settlement and the Colonial National Historical Park, adding an enriching cultural dimension to the cycling experience.

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Stretching for three miles along the vibrant Virginia Beach oceanfront, the boardwalk offers a delightful cycling route with refreshing sea breezes and panoramic ocean views. Cyclists can revel in the lively atmosphere, passing by restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. The boardwalk is a popular destination for both locals and tourists, providing a dynamic and invigorating cycling experience along the 7 Best Cycling Routes in Hampton, Virginia.

The Elizabeth River Trail

Meandering through Norfolk, the Elizabeth River Trail presents a diverse and captivating cycling route. Cyclists can explore the city's waterfront, lush parks, and historic neighborhoods while enjoying stunning views of the Elizabeth River. The trail offers a perfect blend of urban exploration and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for cyclists seeking a multifaceted and engaging ride.

The Dismal Swamp Canal Trail

Nestled in Chesapeake, the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail offers a unique and tranquil cycling experience. This scenic route winds through the lush and serene landscapes of the Great Dismal Swamp, providing a peaceful retreat for cyclists. The trail's flat terrain and well-maintained paths make it accessible to riders of all levels, inviting them to immerse themselves in the natural splendor of the 7 Best Cycling Routes in Hampton, Virginia.

The Newport News Park Bikeways

Encompassing over 30 miles of paved and natural trails, the Newport News Park Bikeways offer a diverse and expansive cycling network. Cyclists can explore woodlands, meadows, and a picturesque 5,000-acre park, encountering abundant wildlife along the way. The bikeways cater to various cycling preferences, from leisurely rides to more adventurous excursions, ensuring a fulfilling and immersive experience for riders.

The Capital Trail

Connecting Richmond and Williamsburg, the Capital Trail provides a scenic and well-maintained cycling route. Spanning 52 miles, the trail offers a captivating journey through diverse landscapes, including woodlands, farmlands, and historic sites. Cyclists can savor the natural beauty of Virginia while relishing the seamless and enjoyable riding experience along the 7 Best Cycling Routes in Hampton, Virginia.


Exploring the cycling routes in Hampton, Virginia, offers an exhilarating experience for both novice riders and seasoned cyclists. From the scenic beauty of the Virginia Capital Trail to the historical significance of the Colonial National Historical Park, each route presents a unique blend of natural splendor and cultural heritage. Whether you seek a leisurely ride or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, Hampton's diverse cycling trails cater to all preferences. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and cycling-friendly infrastructure, Hampton, Virginia, stands as a premier destination for cyclists of all levels.


Q: Are the cycling routes in Hampton suitable for beginners?
A: Yes, Hampton offers a variety of cycling routes suitable for beginners, including the scenic trails along the Virginia Capital Trail and the peaceful paths in the Sandy Bottom Nature Park.

Q: Are there bike rental options available in Hampton, Virginia?
A: Yes, visitors can easily rent bicycles from several local shops and rental services in Hampton, making it convenient for travelers to explore the cycling routes without bringing their own bikes.