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What Replaced The Desert Inn In Las Vegas


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Masha Justus





Nevada's shimmering oasis, Las Vegas, is renowned for its ever-evolving skyline, where iconic resorts rise and fall in the blink of an eye. One such legendary establishment, the Desert Inn, held a storied place in the city's history before making way for a new era of opulence. This article delves into the rich past of the Desert Inn and explores the grand transformation that took place on its hallowed grounds.


The Desert Inn stood as a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip for over five decades. Its allure captivated visitors from around the globe, drawing them into a world of luxury and entertainment. However, as the sands of time continued to shift, the fate of this esteemed institution became intertwined with the city's unyielding quest for reinvention.


Join us on a journey through the annals of Las Vegas history as we unravel the captivating tale of the Desert Inn and the extraordinary spectacle that arose in its wake. From the grandeur of its inception to the spectacle of its demise, and the magnificent rebirth that followed, this narrative unveils the remarkable evolution of a Las Vegas landmark.



History of the Desert Inn

Amidst the desert sands of Las Vegas, the Desert Inn emerged as a beacon of luxury and entertainment. Opening its doors on April 24, 1950, this illustrious resort swiftly became a playground for the elite, attracting Hollywood royalty, renowned entertainers, and affluent patrons seeking refuge from the mundane.


Conceived by the visionary entrepreneur Wilbur Clark, the Desert Inn epitomized opulence and grandeur, boasting lavish accommodations, extravagant entertainment, and a world-class casino. Its iconic signature, a neon-lit, revolving rooftop, became an emblem of the city’s burgeoning extravagance, setting the stage for the glamour and allure that would define Las Vegas for decades to come.


Throughout its illustrious history, the Desert Inn played host to a myriad of significant events, including high-stakes gambling tournaments, extravagant galas, and performances by legendary entertainers. The resort’s allure extended beyond the confines of its opulent halls, permeating popular culture and solidifying its status as a symbol of Las Vegas’s ostentatious charm.


As the years passed, the Desert Inn underwent several expansions and renovations, further cementing its status as a premier destination for luxury and entertainment. However, the winds of change were relentless, and the once-revered establishment found itself on the precipice of a new chapter, one that would redefine the very landscape of the Las Vegas Strip.


Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the captivating saga of the Desert Inn, tracing its rise to prominence and the eventual denouement that paved the way for an extraordinary transformation.



Demolition of the Desert Inn


Despite its illustrious history and enduring legacy, the Desert Inn eventually succumbed to the relentless march of progress. As the dawn of the new millennium approached, the iconic resort faced an uncertain future, overshadowed by the emergence of larger, more extravagant establishments that sought to redefine the Las Vegas skyline.


In a poignant turn of events, the Desert Inn closed its doors on August 28, 2000, marking the end of an era that had indelibly shaped the city’s identity. The decision to shutter the resort sent ripples through the Las Vegas community, evoking a sense of nostalgia and reverence for the bygone days of splendor and extravagance.


With the closure of the Desert Inn came a profound realization that its hallowed grounds would soon be the site of a monumental transformation. In an awe-inspiring display of modern engineering, the resort’s iconic towers were imploded on October 23, 2001, bidding a bittersweet farewell to an architectural marvel that had graced the Las Vegas skyline for over five decades.


The demolition of the Desert Inn marked the end of an era, yet it also heralded the dawn of a new chapter in the city’s history. The vacant expanse left in the wake of the implosion stood as a testament to the impermanence of even the most iconic landmarks, underscoring the ever-changing nature of Las Vegas’s architectural tapestry.


As the dust settled and the echoes of the implosion faded into memory, the stage was set for a spectacular rebirth that would redefine the very essence of luxury and sophistication on the Las Vegas Strip. Join us as we unravel the remarkable evolution that arose from the remnants of the Desert Inn, ushering in a new era of opulence and grandeur.



The Wynn Las Vegas

From the ashes of the Desert Inn rose a breathtaking marvel that would forever alter the Las Vegas skyline. The Wynn Las Vegas, a testament to opulence and innovation, emerged as a beacon of extravagance on the hallowed grounds of its predecessor. Conceived by the visionary entrepreneur Steve Wynn, this architectural masterpiece redefined the very essence of luxury and sophistication in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip.


On April 28, 2005, the Wynn Las Vegas welcomed the world into a realm of unparalleled grandeur and magnificence. The resort’s opulent facade, adorned with cascading waterfalls and lush greenery, heralded a new era of architectural splendor, captivating visitors with its unrivaled elegance and allure.


Stepping into the Wynn Las Vegas, guests were enveloped in a world of unbridled luxury and sophistication. The resort’s meticulously designed interiors, adorned with exquisite artwork and sumptuous furnishings, served as a testament to the unwavering commitment to unparalleled opulence and refinement.


Beyond its lavish accommodations, the Wynn Las Vegas beckoned patrons with an unparalleled array of entertainment and culinary experiences. From world-class dining establishments to captivating performances by renowned entertainers, the resort epitomized the pinnacle of indulgence and extravagance.


As the sun set over the shimmering Las Vegas skyline, the Wynn Las Vegas transformed into a radiant spectacle, captivating onlookers with its enchanting displays of light and sound. The resort’s commitment to unparalleled grandeur and innovation solidified its status as a paragon of modern luxury, setting a new standard for opulence in the bustling heart of the city.


Join us as we embark on a journey through the resplendent halls of the Wynn Las Vegas, unraveling the captivating saga of its rise to prominence and the indelible mark it has left on the illustrious tapestry of Las Vegas history.




The tale of the Desert Inn and the remarkable transformation that ensued stands as a testament to the ever-evolving nature of Las Vegas, where the legacy of the past intertwines with the promise of a radiant future. From its inception as a bastion of elegance and extravagance to its poignant demise and the resplendent emergence of the Wynn Las Vegas, this narrative encapsulates the enduring spirit of reinvention that defines the city’s illustrious history.


As the Desert Inn faded into memory, the Wynn Las Vegas rose from its ashes, a radiant testament to the unwavering commitment to opulence and innovation. The resort’s opulent splendor and unrivaled sophistication have solidified its status as a paragon of modern luxury, captivating visitors from every corner of the globe.


Today, the legacy of the Desert Inn lives on in the resplendent halls of the Wynn Las Vegas, where the spirit of elegance and grandeur continues to thrive. The evolution of this iconic location serves as a poignant reminder of the city’s unyielding dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury and entertainment, ensuring that Las Vegas remains a beacon of opulence and allure for generations to come.


Join us as we continue to unravel the captivating tapestry of Las Vegas’s storied past, where the echoes of history resonate alongside the vibrant promise of tomorrow, forever intertwining the legacy of the Desert Inn with the resplendent allure of the Wynn Las Vegas.