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Things To Do In Tbilisi, Georgia: Tbilisi Travel Guide


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Sibbie Casares



Welcome to Tbilisi, the vibrant capital city of Georgia. Nestled in the Caucasus Mountains, Tbilisi is a charming destination that effortlessly blends the old with the new. With its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning architecture, there are plenty of things to see and do in this enchanting city.


Tbilisi’s Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and traditional architecture, is a must-visit. Lose yourself in the maze-like alleys and discover historic landmarks such as the Sioni Cathedral and Metekhi Church. The Narikala Fortress, perched high above the city, offers breathtaking panoramic views of Tbilisi and is a great spot for photography.


As you stroll along Rustaveli Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the city, you’ll be captivated by the mixture of modern buildings, traditional shops, and cultural institutions. Don’t miss the iconic Bridge of Peace, a futuristic pedestrian bridge adorned with thousands of LED lights that illuminate the night sky.


A visit to Tbilisi is incomplete without exploring the Holy Trinity Cathedral, one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Its golden dome and stunning mosaics are a sight to behold. If you’re seeking a moment of tranquility, head to the Tbilisi Botanical Garden, a lush oasis with a diverse collection of plant species.


Immerse yourself in Georgia’s fascinating history at the National Museum of Georgia. From ancient artifacts to contemporary exhibitions, the museum offers a comprehensive overview of the country’s culture and heritage. After a day of exploration, indulge in the flavors of Georgian cuisine at local restaurants, where you can savor dishes like khinkali (dumplings) and khachapuri (cheese-filled bread).


A visit to Tbilisi wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the famous Abanotubani Sulphur Baths. Relax and rejuvenate in the warm, mineral-rich waters as you soak up the therapeutic benefits. For breathtaking views of the city, take a cable car ride to Mtatsminda Park, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll, picnic, or even hop on thrilling rides.


For a unique shopping experience, explore the hidden treasures of the Dry Bridge Market. From vintage Soviet memorabilia to antique jewelry, there’s something for everyone. If you’re a fan of performing arts, catch a show at the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater, known for its magnificent performances and striking architecture.


Just a short drive from Tbilisi lies Mtskheta, an ancient UNESCO World Heritage Site and former capital of Georgia. Explore the historic Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and the Jvari Monastery, both significant landmarks in Georgian history. Another cultural gem is the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, where you can step back in time and discover traditional Georgian village life.


Learn more about Tbilisi’s fascinating past at the Tbilisi History Museum, located in a picturesque 18th-century building. From archaeological artifacts to interactive exhibits, the museum provides an engaging glimpse into the city’s evolution.


As night falls, Tbilisi comes alive with its vibrant nightlife scene. From trendy bars to underground clubs, there’s something for every taste. Experience the local music and dance traditions, and join in the merriment.


Whether you’re a history buff, a food lover, or an adventure seeker, Tbilisi welcomes you with open arms. With its charm, rich heritage, and warm hospitality, this Georgian gem promises an unforgettable experience.


Explore Old Town

One of the highlights of visiting Tbilisi is exploring the captivating Old Town. Step back in time as you wander through its narrow cobblestone streets, lined with colorful houses, charming cafes, and artisan shops. The Old Town, also known as the historic district, boasts a unique blend of architectural styles, reflecting the city’s diverse influences throughout the centuries.


Start your exploration at Freedom Square, the central hub of Tbilisi, and make your way towards the winding streets of the Old Town. Head towards the iconic Sioni Cathedral, a symbol of the city’s religious heritage. Step inside to admire its beautiful frescoes and intricate carvings, and soak in the peaceful ambiance.


Next, visit the Metekhi Church, perched on a hilltop overlooking the Mtkvari River. Admire the stunning views of the cityscape and the majestic Narikala Fortress from this vantage point. Explore its interior, adorned with ancient frescoes and religious relics.


As you continue your journey through the Old Town, don’t miss the Anchiskhati Basilica, the oldest surviving church in Tbilisi. Marvel at its simple yet elegant design and observe the local faithful at prayer.


One of the most picturesque spots in the Old Town is the charming Shardeni Street. Lined with art galleries, boutiques, and cozy cafes, it’s a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll and soak up the local atmosphere. Take a moment to relax at one of the sidewalk cafes and indulge in Georgian cuisine, paired with a glass of locally produced wine.


Another must-visit destination in the Old Town is the Rezo Gabriadze Theater and Clock Tower. Known for its unique puppet shows and whimsical design, this architectural gem is a delight to explore. Catch a performance and be enthralled by the creative storytelling and masterful puppetry.


End your exploration of the Old Town at the Bridge of Peace. Designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, this modern architectural marvel connects the old and new parts of the city. Admire the scenic views of the river and the illuminated bridge at night, creating a magical atmosphere.


Exploring the Old Town of Tbilisi is like stepping into a time capsule, where history, culture, and tradition converge. Lose yourself in its winding streets, admire the unique architecture, and immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of this historic district.


Visit the Narikala Fortress

Perched high above the city, the Narikala Fortress is an iconic landmark that offers breathtaking panoramic views of Tbilisi. With a history spanning over 1,500 years, this ancient fortress holds great significance in the city’s past and serves as a symbol of strength and resilience.


To reach the fortress, you can either take a leisurely hike up the hill or hop on the cable car for a more convenient option. As you ascend, the view becomes more and more mesmerizing, giving you a sneak peek of what awaits atop. Once you reach the fortress, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning vista of the entire city, with the Mtkvari River flowing peacefully below.


As you explore the Narikala Fortress, you’ll come across remnants of ancient fortification walls, towers, and defensive structures. The fortress has witnessed numerous battles and invasions throughout its history, serving as a stronghold for various ruling powers. Its strategic location made it an essential defensive structure, protecting the city and its inhabitants from threats.


One of the highlights of visiting Narikala Fortress is the chance to explore the St. Nicholas Church, a small chapel nestled within its walls. Step inside this centuries-old church and marvel at its beautiful frescoes and religious artifacts. Take a moment to offer a prayer or simply soak in the serene atmosphere.


For the adventurous souls, consider trekking up to the highest point of the fortress, where you’ll find the imposing statue of Mother Georgia, locally known as “Kartlis Deda.” Towering above the city, this statue represents the resilience and strength of the Georgian people. From this vantage point, you can enjoy commanding views of Tbilisi and the surrounding mountains.


For photographers, the Narikala Fortress is a haven for capturing stunning shots of the cityscape. Whether you visit during the day or at sunset, the panoramic views and the juxtaposition of the ancient fortress with the modern cityscape are sure to leave you in awe.


As you descend from the fortress, consider taking a leisurely stroll along the historic walls of Old Tbilisi. Enjoy the picturesque views, snap some photos, and absorb the history that hangs in the air. The Narikala Fortress is a window into Tbilisi’s past and a testament to the enduring spirit of this remarkable city.


Take a Stroll along Rustaveli Avenue

Rustaveli Avenue is the main artery of Tbilisi, bustling with life, cultural landmarks, and a vibrant atmosphere. Named after the famous medieval Georgian poet Shota Rustaveli, this avenue is a must-visit for anyone exploring the city.


Start your journey at the iconic Freedom Square, located at the eastern end of Rustaveli Avenue. This vibrant square serves as a meeting point and is adorned with statues and fountains. Take a moment to admire the impressive building of the Tbilisi City Assembly, which dominates the square with its grandeur.


As you walk along Rustaveli Avenue, you’ll be captivated by the architectural diversity that lines the street. Marvel at the neoclassical and art nouveau buildings, which stand alongside modern structures, creating a unique blend of old and new. The facades of the buildings tell stories of history, culture, and the ever-evolving nature of the city.


One of the notable landmarks along Rustaveli Avenue is the Georgian National Museum. Housed in a beautiful neo-Renaissance building, the museum is a treasure trove of artifacts, showcasing Georgia’s rich history and culture. Explore the various exhibits, ranging from ancient archaeological finds to contemporary art pieces.


Continuing your stroll, you’ll come across the Opera and Ballet Theater, an architectural masterpiece that mesmerizes visitors with its elegant facade. Known for its stunning performances and world-class productions, the theater is a cultural hub and a testament to Tbilisi’s thriving arts scene.


Further down the avenue, you’ll find the Georgian Parliament building, a symbol of the country’s democracy and political evolution. Admire the grand architecture and witness the peaceful demonstrations and gatherings that often take place in front of the building.


As you explore Rustaveli Avenue, take the opportunity to visit some of the city’s renowned art galleries, showcasing the works of both local and international artists. From contemporary exhibitions to traditional Georgian art, there’s something to suit every artistic taste.


Indulge in some retail therapy at the various boutiques, fashion stores, and souvenir shops that line the avenue. From trendy clothing to traditional Georgian crafts, you’ll find unique items to take home as mementos of your visit.


When hunger strikes, there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and street food vendors along Rustaveli Avenue. Sample delicious Georgian delights such as khinkali (dumplings), khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), and traditional Georgian sweets.


For a moment of relaxation, take a break at one of the leafy parks along Rustaveli Avenue. Vake Park, located towards the northern end, offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Enjoy a picnic, go for a jog, or simply sit back and soak up the peaceful ambiance.


Whether you’re interested in history, arts, shopping, or simply taking in the vibrant atmosphere, a stroll along Rustaveli Avenue is an essential part of any visit to Tbilisi. Immerse yourself in the energy of the city, explore its cultural landmarks, and create lasting memories.


Check out the Bridge of Peace

Situated in the heart of Tbilisi, the Bridge of Peace is a modern architectural marvel that has become an iconic symbol of the city. Designed by Italian architect Michele De Lucchi, this pedestrian bridge stretches over the Mtkvari River, connecting the old and new parts of Tbilisi.


As you approach the Bridge of Peace, you’ll be struck by its unique and futuristic design. Made entirely of steel and glass, the bridge features a sleek and curvaceous form that stands in contrast to the surrounding traditional architecture. It is adorned with thousands of LED lights that illuminate the night sky, creating a magical ambiance.


Take your time to walk across the bridge and marvel at the stunning views it offers. On one side, you’ll be able to admire the historic architecture of the Old Town, with its charming rooftops and ancient churches. On the other side, the modern buildings of the new cityscape come into view, showcasing the dynamic growth and development of Tbilisi.


As you stroll along the bridge, you’ll notice the glass panels underfoot, which provide a unique perspective of the flowing river beneath you. The bridge’s design allows for uninterrupted views, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the Mtkvari River and surrounding landscape.


For photographers, the Bridge of Peace offers endless opportunities for capturing stunning shots. Whether you visit during the day or in the evening when the bridge is illuminated, you’ll be able to capture the perfect shot that showcases the bridge’s architectural elegance and its seamless integration into the cityscape.


The Bridge of Peace is not only a visual spectacle but also a symbol of unity and reconciliation. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of connecting different parts of the city and fostering harmony among its diverse residents.


At night, the Bridge of Peace comes alive with its vibrant lights, creating a magical atmosphere. Take a moment to soak in the beauty of the bridge and the surrounding area as you watch the lights dance and reflect off the shimmering river below.


Don’t forget to explore the area around the bridge as well. The neighborhood is filled with trendy cafes, restaurants, and shops, offering a variety of culinary delights and local crafts. Grab a coffee or a delicious Georgian snack and enjoy the view from one of the waterfront establishments.


Whether you’re exploring the city during the day or night, a visit to the Bridge of Peace is a must. Immerse yourself in the beauty of this architectural marvel, appreciate the panoramic views, and experience the sense of harmony that it represents in this enchanting city.


Visit the Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi

The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi, also known as Sameba or Tsminda Sameba, is a magnificent symbol of Georgian spirituality and one of the largest Orthodox churches in the world. Situated on Elia Hill, its golden-domed grandeur dominates the city’s skyline, making it a must-visit destination for religious and cultural enthusiasts alike.


The construction of the Holy Trinity Cathedral began in 1995 and was completed in 2004. The architectural design draws inspiration from the traditional Georgian Orthodox style, with a blend of modern elements. The exterior is adorned with intricate carvings and beautiful mosaics, showcasing the superb craftsmanship of Georgian artisans.


Step inside the cathedral and prepare to be awe-struck by its immense size and exquisite interior. The vast nave is filled with golden iconostases, frescoes, and religious artifacts, all meticulously crafted and adorned with intricate details. The fragrant scent of incense fills the air, creating an atmosphere of reverence and tranquility.


As you explore the cathedral, you’ll come across numerous chapels, each dedicated to different saints and significant events in Georgian history. Take the time to admire the stunning iconography and learn about the rich spiritual traditions of the Georgian Orthodox Church.


Adjacent to the main cathedral is the Patriarchal Residence, where you may have the opportunity to witness a religious service or participate in an enlightening discussion with the clergy. Don’t hesitate to engage with the locals and gain a deeper understanding of the significance of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Georgian culture and tradition.


For panoramic views of Tbilisi, make your way up to the cathedral’s observation deck. From this vantage point, you’ll be treated to breathtaking vistas of the city, with its mix of traditional and modern architecture spread out before you.


Every year, on the day of the Holy Trinity, the cathedral hosts a festive religious procession, attracting thousands of pilgrims and visitors. This vibrant celebration showcases Georgian religious fervor and provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the country’s rich spiritual heritage.


When visiting the Holy Trinity Cathedral, remember to dress modestly and respectfully, as it is an active place of worship. Women should cover their heads with a scarf and men should remove their hats as a sign of respect.


The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi is a testament to the deeply rooted faith and cultural pride of the Georgian people. Whether you are religious or simply appreciate stunning religious architecture, a visit to this majestic cathedral is an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a lasting impression.


Discover the Tbilisi Botanical Garden

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by immersing yourself in nature at the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. Located on the southern slope of the Sololaki Range, this lush oasis is a haven of tranquility and natural beauty.


The Tbilisi Botanical Garden covers an area of over 128 hectares and is home to a diverse collection of plant species from Georgia and around the world. As you make your way through the garden’s pathways, you’ll encounter a stunning array of flora, from colorful flowers and fragrant herbs to towering trees and exotic plants.


Take a leisurely stroll along the winding trails and let the fresh scents and vibrant colors of the garden enchant your senses. Admire the blooming rhododendrons, gaze up at the majestic magnolia trees, and seek out the exotic blooms in the various sections of the garden.


One of the highlights of the Tbilisi Botanical Garden is the beautiful Orangerie, a glasshouse filled with citrus trees and other tropical plants. Step inside this peaceful retreat and bask in the lush greenery and the fluttering of colorful butterflies.


For panoramic views of the city, make your way to the upper sections of the garden. From here, you can admire the breathtaking vista of Tbilisi’s skyline and the Mtkvari River flowing through the heart of the city.


The Tbilisi Botanical Garden also offers a chance to learn about the rich flora of Georgia. Visit the local plant collection, which showcases the country’s native species and their significance in Georgian culture and traditional medicine. From medicinal herbs to rare endemic plants, this section provides a deeper understanding of Georgia’s natural heritage.


Throughout the year, the garden hosts various events, including flower festivals, educational programs, and guided tours. Check the schedule to see if any special events coincide with your visit, as they offer unique opportunities to engage with the local flora and learn from knowledgeable botanists.


When you need a break from exploring, find a peaceful spot within the garden to relax and unwind. Pack a picnic and enjoy a meal surrounded by nature, or simply find a bench and soak up the serenity of the surroundings.


Located in close proximity to the famous sulfur baths of Abanotubani, the Tbilisi Botanical Garden provides a perfect opportunity to combine the healing properties of nature with a visit to the historic baths. Soak in the warm, mineral-rich waters and rejuvenate your senses before continuing your exploration of the garden.


Whether you’re a nature lover, a botany enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil escape, the Tbilisi Botanical Garden offers a serene respite from the urban buzz. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, take in the fragrant scents, and let the peaceful ambiance of the garden rejuvenate your spirit.


Explore the National Museum of Georgia

Immerse yourself in the fascinating history and culture of Georgia by visiting the National Museum of Georgia. Located in Tbilisi, this prestigious institution is a treasure trove of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the rich heritage of the country.


The National Museum of Georgia houses an extensive collection that spans thousands of years, from prehistoric times to modern-day. As you explore the museum’s halls and galleries, you’ll encounter ancient archaeological finds, intricate jewelry, ornate religious artifacts, and captivating artworks.


One of the museum’s highlights is the Archaeology Gallery, which displays artifacts from Georgia’s early civilizations. Marvel at the intricately carved stone tools, pottery, and jewelry that offer insights into the ancient cultures that once thrived in the region.


The Treasury Gallery is a must-visit for those interested in Georgian goldsmithing and royal regalia. Admire the gleaming crowns, intricately designed jewelry, and ceremonial objects that reflect the opulence and craftsmanship of past rulers.


For art enthusiasts, the Fine Arts Gallery showcases a rich collection of Georgian and international artworks. From medieval religious icons to contemporary masterpieces, the gallery presents a comprehensive overview of Georgia’s artistic heritage. Don’t miss the works of renowned Georgian artists such as Niko Pirosmani, famous for his vibrant and expressive paintings.


The museum also hosts temporary exhibitions, introducing visitors to various aspects of Georgian history, culture, and contemporary art. Check the schedule to see if any special exhibitions align with your visit and delve deeper into specific themes or artistic movements.


As you navigate through the museum, take the time to appreciate the architecture and design of the building itself. The National Museum is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building, originally constructed as the Caucasian Viceroy’s Office during the Russian Empire. Admire the grandeur of the façade and the elegant interiors as you move from one gallery to another.


For a unique interactive experience, visit the Museum of Soviet Occupation, a dedicated section within the National Museum. This exhibit chronicles the tumultuous period of Soviet rule in Georgia and provides firsthand accounts of the hardships faced by the Georgian people during that time.


Before leaving, make sure to visit the museum shop, where you can browse a selection of books, souvenirs, and traditional Georgian crafts. Support local artisans and take home a piece of Georgian culture as a memento of your visit.


Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an art lover, or simply curious about the rich heritage of Georgia, a visit to the National Museum of Georgia is a must. Immerse yourself in the stories of the past, admire the remarkable artifacts, and gain a deeper appreciation for the cultural tapestry that makes Georgia so unique.


Taste Georgian Cuisine at Local Restaurants

A visit to Tbilisi wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the mouthwatering delights of Georgian cuisine. Known for its bold flavors, unique ingredients, and rich culinary traditions, Georgian cuisine is a true gastronomic delight that will leave you craving for more.


One of the best ways to experience the authentic flavors of Georgian cuisine is by dining at local restaurants. From cozy family-run eateries to trendy establishments, there are plenty of options to satisfy your culinary cravings.


Start your gastronomic journey by trying khinkali, Georgian dumplings that are a true delight. These juicy, meat-filled parcels are traditionally made with pork, beef, or a combination of the two. Take a bite and savor the burst of flavorful broth that awaits you.


Khachapuri, a must-try Georgian specialty, is a cheese-filled bread that comes in various regional varieties. Whether you prefer the Adjarian khachapuri, shaped like a boat and filled with melted cheese and a whole egg, or the Imeretian khachapuri, a flaky and cheesy delight, you won’t be disappointed.


No Georgian meal is complete without a taste of the famous Georgian wine. With a wine-making tradition that dates back thousands of years, Georgia produces a wide range of unique and flavorful wines. From the robust reds to the crisp whites and amber-colored qvevri wines, be sure to raise a glass and toast to the culinary wonders of Georgia.


Don’t miss out on trying the fragrant and flavorful shashlik (kebabs), which are typically made with marinated chunks of meat (often pork or lamb) grilled to perfection. Served with freshly baked bread and traditional Georgian sauces, shashlik is a meat lover’s dream come true.


For those seeking vegetarian options, Georgian cuisine has plenty to offer. Try pkhali, a dish made from finely chopped vegetables mixed with walnuts and spices, often served as an appetizer. Or sample lobio, a hearty bean stew seasoned with garlic, herbs, and spices.


To truly immerse yourself in the culinary culture of Georgia, consider taking a food tour or a cooking class. These experiences provide the opportunity to learn about the traditions and techniques behind some of Georgia’s most beloved dishes, as well as taste an array of delectable treats along the way.


When dining at local restaurants in Tbilisi, you’ll not only enjoy mouthwatering meals but also experience the warm hospitality of the Georgian people. The friendly locals are always eager to share their culinary traditions and make sure you have a memorable dining experience.


As you explore the city, keep an eye out for hidden gems off the beaten path, where you’ll find traditional restaurants serving up authentic Georgian cuisine. Trust the recommendations of locals or venture into the streets filled with the aroma of sizzling meats and freshly baked bread.


Georgian cuisine is a true feast for the senses, with its tantalizing flavors, vibrant colors, and hearty portions. So, be prepared to indulge in a gastronomic adventure that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the culinary wonders of Georgia.


Relax at the Abanotubani Sulphur Baths

Experience the ancient tradition of healing and relaxation at the Abanotubani Sulphur Baths in Tbilisi. Located in the historic district of Old Town, these iconic baths have been a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation for centuries.


The Abanotubani district is renowned for its natural hot springs, which are rich in sulfur and famous for their therapeutic benefits. Georgian legend holds that the city of Tbilisi was founded after King Vakhtang I Gorgasali discovered the healing properties of the hot springs while hunting in the area.


Step into the tranquil world of the Abanotubani Sulphur Baths and immerse yourself in the soothing mineral-rich waters. The baths offer a range of bathing options, from private rooms to shared bathhouses, each providing a unique experience.


Upon arrival, you’ll be guided to a private room or allocated a designated space in a communal bathhouse. The rooms are adorned with traditional décor, creating a cozy and serene ambiance. As you enter the bathing area, you’ll notice the distinctive domed ceilings and marble walls, transporting you to a bygone era.


Choose from a variety of bathing options, including hot baths, cold baths, or a combination of both. The water, naturally heated by the underground hot springs, is believed to have numerous health benefits, including improving circulation, relieving muscle tension, and promoting overall well-being.


In addition to the hot baths, you can also indulge in other relaxing treatments, such as massage or exfoliation. Trained masseurs and therapists will ensure that you receive a tailored and blissful experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


The Abanotubani district is also home to the famous sulfur bathhouses with their distinctive dome-shaped roofs. These bathhouses are an architectural marvel and have become iconic symbols of Tbilisi. As you wander through the district, soak in the atmosphere and admire the intricate designs of the bathhouses.


After your bathing experience, take some time to relax and unwind in the designated relaxation areas. Breathe in the soothing steam and savor the peaceful ambiance as you reflect on the rejuvenating effects of the mineral waters.


Before leaving, don’t forget to try the traditional Georgian tea, often served at the baths. Sip on this fragrant and invigorating beverage, known for its soothing properties, and savor the moment of tranquility.


The Abanotubani Sulphur Baths offer a unique opportunity to connect with centuries-old healing traditions and escape the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re seeking physical rejuvenation or simply a peaceful retreat, these renowned baths provide a serene haven in the heart of Tbilisi.


Enjoy Panoramic Views from Mtatsminda Park

For breathtaking panoramic views of Tbilisi, a visit to Mtatsminda Park is a must. Perched on top of Mtatsminda Hill, this picturesque park offers stunning vistas of the city, along with a range of attractions and activities for all ages to enjoy.


You can reach Mtatsminda Park by taking the funicular, a nostalgic cable railway that transports you up the hill while providing stunning views along the way. As you ascend, watch Tbilisi unfold beneath you, with its colorful rooftops, historic landmarks, and the meandering Mtkvari River.


Once you arrive at Mtatsminda Park, prepare to be captivated by the sweeping views that span across the city and its surrounding landscapes. From various viewpoints, you can take in the mesmerizing vista of Tbilisi’s skyline, with its mix of architectural wonders and natural beauty.


For an even more extraordinary experience, head to the Ferris wheel, one of the park’s iconic attractions. As you slowly ascend, you’ll be treated to a bird’s-eye view of the city, allowing you to appreciate its sprawling expanse and the breathtaking contrast between the urban setting and the lush greenery that surrounds it.


After soaking in the panoramic vistas, immerse yourself in the various activities and entertainment options that Mtatsminda Park has to offer. Indulge your adventurous side with thrilling rides, such as roller coasters and carousels, or challenge yourself at the arcade games and amusement stalls.


If you prefer a more leisurely experience, take a gentle stroll through the park’s beautifully landscaped gardens. The fresh mountain air and tranquil surroundings make it an ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic with family or friends.


For a culinary treat, Mtatsminda Park is home to several restaurants and cafes where you can dine with a view. Enjoy a meal while gazing out at the sprawling cityscape below, or savor a cup of coffee on a terrace overlooking the picturesque scenery.


Another notable attraction within Mtatsminda Park is the St. David’s Church, a charming and photogenic Orthodox church. Step inside to admire the beautiful interior adorned with intricate frescoes and religious icons, and take a moment for quiet reflection.


Before you leave, don’t forget to visit the handicraft market, where local artisans display their handmade crafts and traditional Georgian souvenirs. Support local businesses by picking up unique gifts to commemorate your visit to Mtatsminda Park.


With its breathtaking views, fun-filled attractions, and serene ambiance, Mtatsminda Park offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re seeking panoramic vistas, thrilling rides, or a leisurely escape from the city, a visit to this enchanting park will leave you with lasting memories of Tbilisi’s natural beauty.


Discover the Hidden Treasures of Dry Bridge Market

For a unique shopping experience in Tbilisi, head to the vibrant and eclectic Dry Bridge Market. Located near the Dry Bridge, this open-air flea market is a treasure trove of antiques, vintage items, handmade crafts, and collectibles.


As you stroll through the market, you’ll be captivated by the myriad of stalls and displays showcasing a wide range of products. From old Soviet-era memorabilia and vintage clothing to antique furniture and traditional Georgian crafts, there’s something to pique the interest of every shopper.


One of the highlights of the Dry Bridge Market is the vast selection of antique and vintage items. Browse through intricately crafted jewelry, unique pieces of art, time-worn books, and vintage photographs that tell stories of the past. Take your time to explore the stalls and engage with the friendly vendors, many of whom are passionate collectors themselves.


If you’re a lover of art, be sure to check out the local artists who display their work at the market. You’ll find a variety of paintings, sketches, and other art pieces, each with its own distinctive style and meaning. Discover a hidden gem and support local talent by purchasing a piece of artwork to adorn your home.


For those seeking traditional Georgian crafts, the market offers an array of handmade items. From intricately woven rugs and embroidered textiles to hand-painted ceramics and woodwork, you’ll find unique pieces that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Georgia. These handmade treasures make for wonderful souvenirs or gifts to bring back home.


Exploring the stalls of Dry Bridge Market is like embarking on a treasure hunt, where unexpected gems can be found at every turn. Keep your eyes open for unusual and one-of-a-kind items that would add character to your home or serve as memorable mementos of your visit to Tbilisi.


Aside from the items for sale, the vibrant atmosphere of the market is worth experiencing in itself. Engage in friendly haggling with the vendors, strike up conversations with fellow shoppers, and immerse yourself in the lively energy of this bustling marketplace.


If you’re feeling peckish, you’ll find food stalls and vendors selling snacks and street food delicacies. Take a break from your shopping spree and sample some Georgian treats, such as freshly baked bread, savory pastries, or the famous khachapuri – cheese-filled bread that is sure to satisfy your taste buds.


Whether you’re a collector, an art enthusiast, or simply curious about local markets, the Dry Bridge Market offers a unique and enchanting experience in Tbilisi. Lose yourself in the stalls, delve into the rich history of the items on display, and come away with unexpected treasures that carry the spirit of Georgia.


Visit the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater

For a memorable cultural experience in Tbilisi, step into the world of performing arts at the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater. Located in an exquisite building on Rustaveli Avenue, this renowned institution is a testament to Georgia’s rich artistic heritage.


The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater, also known as Tbilisi Opera House, showcases an impressive repertoire of operas, ballets, and other musical performances. Its stunning architecture and opulent interior set the stage for unforgettable evenings of world-class performances.


As you enter the theater, you’ll be greeted by the grandeur of its neoclassical façade and lush interiors adorned with chandeliers and intricate decorations. Take a moment to admire the architectural details and soak in the elegant ambiance before the curtains rise.


The theater hosts performances by talented opera singers, ballet dancers, and musicians, who captivate audiences with their exceptional artistry. From classic ballets like Swan Lake and Romeo and Juliet to operatic masterpieces like Carmen and La Traviata, each performance is a mesmerizing spectacle of talent, storytelling, and emotion.


For opera enthusiasts, the Georgian National Opera Theater offers a unique opportunity to witness the power and beauty of the human voice. The passionate arias, duets, and ensembles resonate in the majestic theater, transporting you into the world of the characters and their stories.


The ballet performances at the theater are equally breathtaking, featuring graceful movements, stunning costumes, and intricate choreography. Be swept away by the artistic prowess of the dancers as they bring to life iconic ballets like The Nutcracker and Giselle, or immerse yourself in contemporary works that push the boundaries of the art form.


Attending a performance at the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater is not just about the artistic excellence on stage – it’s also about immersing yourself in the vibrant cultural scene of Tbilisi. The theater is a meeting point for art lovers, both locals and visitors, who gather to appreciate and celebrate the performing arts.


Before the performance or during intermission, indulge in the elegant atmosphere of the theater’s grand foyer. Enjoy a glass of champagne, mingle with fellow theater-goers, and soak in the anticipation and excitement that fills the air.


To secure your seat for a performance, it’s recommended to check the theater’s schedule and purchase tickets in advance. Whether you’re an avid opera fan, a ballet lover, or simply seeking a remarkable cultural experience, a visit to the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater promises an unforgettable evening of artistic excellence and timeless beauty.


Take a Day Trip to Mtskheta

Just a short drive from Tbilisi lies the ancient city of Mtskheta, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Georgia. A day trip to Mtskheta is a journey back in time, as you explore its rich history, iconic landmarks, and sacred sites.


Start your day by visiting the Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, a masterpiece of Georgian medieval architecture. This stunning cathedral, dating back to the 11th century, is the spiritual heart of Georgia and a significant pilgrimage site. Admire its grandeur, intricate carvings, and beautiful frescoes as you step inside. Legends claim that the cathedral houses the robe of Christ, adding to its sacredness.


Next, make your way to the Jvari Monastery, perched on a hill overlooking Mtskheta. This 6th-century monastery offers panoramic views of the city and the confluence of the Mtkvari and Aragvi rivers. The Jvari Monastery is not only a religious site but also a symbol of the adoption of Christianity in Georgia. Marvel at its simple yet elegant design and soak in the tranquil ambiance.


In Mtskheta, you’ll find the Samtavro Monastery. This peaceful retreat houses a beautiful church, as well as the graves of King Mirian and Queen Nana, who were instrumental in bringing Christianity to Georgia. Take a moment to stroll through the monastery’s lush gardens and reflect on the spiritual significance of the site.


After immersing yourself in the rich religious heritage of Mtskheta, explore the vibrant streets lined with shops and cafes. Browse the traditional craft stores and pick up souvenirs such as handmade jewelry, ceramics, or embroidered textiles. Don’t forget to sample some delicious Georgian cuisine at one of the local restaurants, where you can savor traditional dishes made with fresh and authentic ingredients.


If you have time, consider visiting the Mtskheta History and Ethnography Museum, which provides a deeper insight into the history and culture of the region. Learn about Mtskheta’s role as the ancient capital of Georgia and discover archaeological finds that shed light on the city’s past.


As you wander through the streets of Mtskheta, take a moment to soak in the charming atmosphere and the sense of history that permeates the town. Admire the traditional wooden balconies, colorful facades, and the welcoming smiles of the locals.


When planning your day trip to Mtskheta, keep in mind that it is best to visit during weekdays, as weekends can be crowded with tourists. Consider hiring a local guide to enhance your experience and gain deeper insights into the city’s history and cultural significance.


A visit to Mtskheta is a journey to the cradle of Georgian civilization. Immerse yourself in its rich heritage, explore its sacred sites, and experience the profound spirituality that permeates this ancient city.


Explore the Open Air Museum of Ethnography

Immerse yourself in the traditional culture and heritage of Georgia at the Open Air Museum of Ethnography in Tbilisi. Situated on a picturesque hillside overlooking the city, this unique museum showcases the diverse traditions, architecture, and lifestyle of different regions in Georgia.


The Open Air Museum of Ethnography features over 30 traditional rural homes and buildings, carefully preserved and reconstructed to represent various ethnographic regions of Georgia. As you wander through the outdoor museum, you’ll step back in time and gain a deeper understanding of the country’s rich cultural tapestry.


Each dwelling in the museum represents a different time period and region, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the architectural styles, craftsmanship, and design elements that define each area. From traditional peasant houses and noble residences to barns, churches, and workshops, you’ll encounter a wide range of structures that bring the past to life.


Inside the preserved homes, you can admire authentic furniture, household items, and traditional textiles, which provide insights into the daily lives and customs of Georgia’s diverse communities. The knowledgeable museum guides are often dressed in traditional attire and are ready to share fascinating stories and anecdotes about the exhibits.


As you stroll through the museum, you’ll also discover beautifully manicured gardens, where local plants and flora are cultivated to reflect the natural environment of each region. Take a moment to appreciate the stunning landscapes and enjoy the peaceful ambiance as you soak in the serenity of the surroundings.


Throughout the year, the Open Air Museum hosts various cultural events and festivals, providing the opportunity to witness traditional Georgian folk dances, music performances, and craft demonstrations. These vibrant celebrations deepen your connection to the rich heritage and customs of the Georgian people.


Aside from the historic structures and cultural displays, the museum offers panoramic views of Tbilisi and its surrounding landscapes. From the hilltop vantage point, you can marvel at the stunning vistas, taking in the fusion of nature and urban development that defines the cityscape.


The Open Air Museum of Ethnography is a true gem for those interested in the preservation and celebration of Georgian culture and tradition. It provides a glimpse into the country’s rural past and offers an escape from the modern world into a realm of timeless beauty and authenticity.


When visiting the museum, wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking on uneven surfaces. It’s also recommended to bring water and sunscreen, especially during the summer months. Take your time to explore, interact with the exhibits, and appreciate the remarkable efforts made to preserve the cultural heritage of Georgia.


A visit to the Open Air Museum of Ethnography is an opportunity to connect with the roots of Georgian culture, witness traditional craftsmanship, and gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s diverse traditions. Step into the past and discover the vibrant tapestry of Georgia’s cultural heritage amidst the tranquil beauty of the outdoor museum.


Visit the Tbilisi History Museum

Journey through the fascinating history of Tbilisi at the Tbilisi History Museum, located in a picturesque 18th-century building in the heart of the city. This museum offers a captivating glimpse into the rich and varied past of Georgia’s capital, showcasing artifacts, documents, and interactive exhibits that bring the city’s history to life.


The Tbilisi History Museum, also known as the Karvasla Museum, takes visitors on a chronological journey, starting from the ancient origins of the city and continuing through to the present day. Explore the archaeology section, where you’ll find artifacts from prehistoric settlements and ancient civilizations, providing insight into the early inhabitants of the region.


As you proceed through the museum, you’ll encounter exhibits dedicated to different historical periods, such as the Middle Ages, the Mongol invasion, and the subsequent centuries of Persian, Ottoman, and Russian influence. Learn about the significant events, rulers, and cultural developments that shaped the city’s identity.


The museum’s display of maps, photographs, and documents provides a visual narrative of Tbilisi’s evolution, illustrating how the city transformed over time. Understand the influences of various empires, the growth of religious and cultural institutions, and the changing urban landscape through these historical artifacts.


One of the highlights of the Tbilisi History Museum is its collection of ethnographic items, showcasing the traditional costumes, crafts, and everyday objects of the diverse ethnic groups that have called Tbilisi home. These exhibits offer a glimpse into the lives and customs of the city’s inhabitants throughout history.


Engaging interactive displays allow visitors to explore historical sites, take virtual tours of Tbilisi’s architectural wonders, and delve deeper into the stories of remarkable individuals who shaped the city’s past. These interactive elements bring history to life and make the museum experience both educational and entertaining.


Throughout the year, the Tbilisi History Museum hosts temporary exhibitions that delve into specific aspects of the city’s history, such as art movements, significant events, or prominent figures. Check the museum’s schedule to see if any special exhibits coincide with your visit, as they offer additional insights into Tbilisi’s vibrant past.


Before leaving, take a moment to relax in the museum’s courtyard and soak in the ambiance of this historic building. Admire the architectural details and appreciate the preservation of a piece of Tbilisi’s own history within the museum’s walls.


As you exit the Tbilisi History Museum, you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the rich tapestry of the city’s history, its cultural heritage, and the stories of the people who shaped it. The museum provides a valuable glimpse into Tbilisi’s past and offers a fascinating window into the city’s present identity.


Enjoy the Vibrant Nightlife in Tbilisi

When the sun sets, Tbilisi comes alive with its vibrant and diverse nightlife scene. From trendy bars and stylish clubs to live music venues and cozy pubs, the city offers something for everyone to enjoy after hours.


Start your evening by exploring the charming streets of the Old Town, where you’ll find an array of atmospheric wine bars and cocktail lounges. Sip on a glass of renowned Georgian wine or try signature cocktails that fuse local flavors with international influences. Immerse yourself in the relaxed ambiance as you unwind and mingle with locals and fellow travelers.


For a taste of Georgia’s traditional music and dance culture, head to one of the many live music venues scattered throughout the city. Listen to the soulful melodies of Georgian folk music or groove to the energetic beats of modern bands. These performances offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich musical heritage of the country.


If you’re in the mood for a lively and energetic atmosphere, take a trip to the electric neighborhood of Fabrika. This converted Soviet-era sewing factory has been transformed into a creative hub filled with trendy bars, clubs, and art spaces. Join the hip crowd, dance to the beats of local DJs, and soak up the artistic and alternative vibe of the venue.


For those seeking a more sophisticated setting, Tbilisi boasts several upscale rooftop bars that offer panoramic views of the cityscape. Sip on handcrafted cocktails while taking in the breathtaking vistas of Tbilisi’s illuminated skyline. These rooftop venues combine style, elegance, and stunning views for an unforgettable night out.


Tbilisi’s nightlife is not limited to just bars and clubs; the city also hosts a variety of cultural events and performances after dark. Check out the schedules of theaters and concert halls for plays, ballets, operas, and musical performances. Immerse yourself in the world of performing arts and witness the talents of local and international artists.


As you navigate through the vibrant nightlife scene of Tbilisi, don’t forget to sample the diverse and delicious street food offerings. From freshly baked khachapuri to savory kebabs and mouthwatering pastries, the food stalls and vendors scattered around the city will satisfy your late-night cravings.


As with any nightlife experience, it’s important to stay safe and be aware of your surroundings. Tbilisi is generally a safe city, but it’s still wise to take normal precautions, such as keeping an eye on your belongings and choosing reputable venues.


With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse venues, and welcoming locals, Tbilisi offers an unforgettable nightlife experience. Whether you prefer relaxing with a glass of wine, dancing the night away, or immersing yourself in cultural performances, the city has something to cater to every taste. Embrace the lively spirit of Tbilisi and create memories that will last a lifetime.



Tbilisi, the vibrant capital city of Georgia, is a destination that captivates visitors with its rich history, diverse culture, and stunning architecture. From exploring the charming streets of the Old Town to admiring the panoramic views from Narikala Fortress, there is an abundance of sights and experiences waiting to be discovered. The city offers a blend of old-world charm and modern allure, with its traditional houses mingling with contemporary buildings along Rustaveli Avenue.


Immersing yourself in the local culture is incomplete without indulging in the delicious flavors of Georgian cuisine. From traditional dishes like khinkali and khachapuri to the unique wines produced in the region, every bite and sip is a celebration of Georgia’s culinary excellence.


Tbilisi is a city that appreciates and showcases its rich artistic heritage. The Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theater, along with the Open Air Museum of Ethnography, provide opportunities to witness the country’s performing arts and immerse oneself in the traditions of its diverse regions.


During a visit to Tbilisi, take a moment to relax at the Abanotubani Sulphur Baths, where the warm mineral-rich waters offer a rejuvenating escape. And don’t forget to explore the surrounding areas, such as Mtskheta, with its UNESCO-listed landmarks, and the breathtaking panoramic views from Mtatsminda Park.


As night falls, Tbilisi’s vibrant nightlife scene comes alive. Experience live music performances, trendy bars, and cultural events that showcase the city’s artistic prowess and create lasting memories. The open-air markets, like Dry Bridge Market, offer a unique shopping experience with their array of antiques, vintage items, and traditional crafts.


Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a food lover, an art aficionado, or simply someone seeking a unique travel experience, Tbilisi welcomes you with open arms. With its charm, rich heritage, and warm hospitality, this Georgian gem promises an unforgettable visit. Let Tbilisi weave its magic, leaving you with memories and stories that will be cherished for years to come.