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8 Romantic Getaways In Littleton, Colorado


by Mandi Avant


Littleton, Colorado, nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, is a picturesque and charming destination for romantic getaways. With its historic downtown, scenic parks, and proximity to outdoor adventures, Littleton offers a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement for couples seeking a romantic escape. Whether strolling hand in hand along the tree-lined streets, savoring a candlelit dinner with mountain views, or embarking on outdoor adventures, Littleton sets the stage for unforgettable romantic experiences. In this article, we'll explore eight enchanting and romantic getaways in Littleton, Colorado, each offering its own unique allure and opportunities for couples to create cherished memories together. So, pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and get ready to immerse yourselves in the romance and beauty of Littleton, Colorado.

The Manor House at Ken-Caryl Ranch

Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, The Manor House at Ken-Caryl Ranch offers a picturesque and romantic getaway in Littleton, Colorado. This historic venue features stunning architecture, lush gardens, and breathtaking mountain views, providing an idyllic setting for weddings, special events, and romantic escapes. Couples can immerse themselves in the timeless elegance of the Manor House while savoring intimate moments amidst the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park, often referred to as a hidden gem of Colorado, is a haven for nature enthusiasts and couples seeking a romantic retreat. With its striking red rock formations, extensive trail system, and diverse wildlife, the park provides an enchanting backdrop for leisurely strolls, picnics, and photography sessions. Visitors can revel in the tranquility of the park's natural wonders, including the iconic Fountain Valley Overlook, which offers panoramic views of the dramatic rock formations and lush valleys.

Chatfield State Park

Chatfield State Park is a scenic oasis that beckons couples to indulge in outdoor adventures and romantic escapades. Boasting a sprawling reservoir, verdant meadows, and an array of recreational activities, the park invites visitors to partake in activities such as boating, horseback riding, and camping. Whether enjoying a leisurely lakeside picnic or embarking on a serene hike along the park's picturesque trails, couples can bask in the serenity and beauty of this natural haven.

The Littleton Museum

Immerse yourselves in the charm of the past at The Littleton Museum, where history comes to life amidst captivating exhibits and meticulously preserved artifacts. This living history farm and museum complex offers a captivating journey through the region's heritage, providing a delightful and educational experience for couples. From exploring historic structures to interacting with farm animals, visitors can relish the opportunity to step back in time and create cherished memories together.

Hudson Gardens

Hudson Gardens, a horticultural paradise spanning 30 acres, beckons couples to revel in the splendor of its vibrant flora and enchanting landscapes. With a diverse collection of gardens, including the Rose Garden and the Monet Garden, this idyllic sanctuary offers a romantic setting for leisurely strolls and intimate gatherings. Whether admiring the blooming flowers, attending outdoor concerts, or simply savoring quiet moments by the serene ponds, couples can find solace and romance in this botanical haven.

The Melting Pot

Indulge in a delectable and intimate dining experience at The Melting Pot, a renowned fondue restaurant that sets the stage for romantic culinary adventures. With its cozy and elegant ambiance, this dining establishment offers a unique opportunity for couples to savor a shared dining experience, dipping delectable morsels into savory fondues and enjoying decadent desserts. The restaurant's warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with its exquisite menu offerings, creates an ideal setting for romantic celebrations and special occasions.

Breckenridge Brewery Farm House

Nestled in the heart of Littleton, the Breckenridge Brewery Farm House provides a charming and laid-back retreat for couples seeking a blend of rustic charm and culinary delights. Boasting a spacious beer garden, a welcoming taproom, and a delectable menu featuring locally sourced ingredients, the farm house offers a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for couples to unwind and savor craft brews and farm-to-table fare. Whether enjoying a leisurely afternoon on the expansive patio or partaking in a brewery tour, couples can relish the laid-back ambiance and flavorsome experiences at this beloved establishment.

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

For couples seeking a unique and immersive cinematic experience, The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Littleton presents an ideal destination for movie enthusiasts and romantics alike. This innovative theater combines the magic of movies with exceptional dining and beverage options, allowing couples to enjoy a captivating film while relishing gourmet meals and handcrafted cocktails. With its cozy seating, state-of-the-art screens, and diverse film offerings, the cinema provides an alluring setting for memorable date nights and shared moments of cinematic enchantment.


Littleton, Colorado, offers a plethora of romantic getaways that cater to diverse preferences, ensuring an unforgettable experience for couples. Whether it's exploring the historic downtown, indulging in outdoor adventures, or savoring delectable cuisine, Littleton provides the perfect backdrop for romance. From charming bed and breakfasts to scenic hikes and cultural attractions, this vibrant city has something for every couple seeking a romantic escape. With its captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and modern amenities, Littleton is an ideal destination for couples looking to rekindle their romance or celebrate a special occasion.


Q: What are some romantic activities to enjoy in Littleton, Colorado?
A: Couples can partake in a variety of romantic activities in Littleton, such as strolling through the historic downtown, embarking on scenic hikes, enjoying a leisurely picnic at a local park, or savoring a romantic dinner at one of the city's charming restaurants.

Q: Are there any romantic accommodations in Littleton, Colorado?
A: Littleton offers a range of romantic accommodations, including cozy bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, and charming lodges, providing couples with the perfect retreat for a romantic getaway.