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Top Things to do in Manchester, England


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Mohanan Nivedita

Photo by Lan Livesey on flickr 1 - Top Things to do in Manchester, England

Manchester is the 7th biggest city in England and if you and your loved one are football fans in search of the best things to do in England, then traveling to Manchester should be on the top of your things to do in England list. Spend your time in Manchester UK by checking out stylish Gothic architecture at the John Rylands Library.


John Rylands Library

This library in Manchester, UK is more like a castle or cathedral. FIFA aficionados should visit the National Football Museum, located close to the Manchester metropolitan university. Manchester Museum displays works of archaeology, anthropology and natural history. The Museum is owned by the University of Manchester, in England. 


Something for Everyone

Manchester England is a vibrant city with swanky cafes, bars and restaurants, art galleries, popular music and cutting edge architecture. For inquisitive travelers always searching for what to do next and what is there to do around my location, Manchester UK has a lot to offer. The train from London to Manchester is 2 hours and 45 minutes.


Get started on your journey, look up the Manchester England map and locate countryside mall movies or watch Manchester by the sea online to gain confidence and start exploring the Manchester United Kingdom like a local.


The best-preserved homes in all of Britain are in this city!

Photo by william-mccue on unsplash


Getting Oriented – Where is Manchester located?

For all those in search of where is Manchester located, Manchester is located in the northwest of England, about half an hour across the Pennines from Yorkshire.


If you are traveling from London to Manchester then the best time to travel is between June and August. There are many things to do in Manchester. We recommend a visit to Manchester UK as that’s when the weather is warm and the city is packed with cultural events.


Here’s a rundown on the top things to do in Manchester


Top Things to do in Manchester

National Football Museum

Photo by Cameron-Barnes- on unsplash


Build Your Football IQ At The National Football Museum

Witness the Manchester football spirit at the National Football Museum London. The two teams that play at the Premier League of Manchester England national football team are- Manchester United and Manchester City.


Love for Football

The National Football Museum is located in the Urbis building which is the city center’s ultra-modern exhibition building. The National Football Museum season tickets are a great way to show your support, save money and share your passion for the beautiful game.


With these National Football Museum season tickets, you get a free kids meal and priority seating at Hard Rock Café Manchester which is among the famous restaurants near National Football Museum and 15% off on any Q-park car parking near National Football Museum.


See National Football Museum

Manchester National Football Museum has partnered with Q-mark, car parks. So, visitors do not have to worry as Q-park is the designated spot for national football museum parking. National football museum Manchester is the world’s largest museum devoted to this sport and is free.


Discover the birth of England football at the National Football Museum hall of fame with various football exhibition and experiences. Head over to the walk of fame and find out more about the England football national team. People often ask the National Football Museum which keeps Fifa collection is located in which country?


Football Fever Forever

It’s definitely England, Manchester, that started the fever of football. Drop into Cafe Football Manchester and taste the very essence of football in their menu. Grab a bite at this Cafe National Football Museum. It’s a fun and relaxed dining influenced by the spirit of the game.


Get a souvenir from the National Football Museum shop and be acquainted with the National museum events as well. The National Museum had a Micheal Jackson statue which was removed over time.


John Ryland's Library

Photo by Magnus on Flickr


Live A Harry Potter Moment At The John Rylands Library

Visiting this gothic library, the most famous libraries in Manchester is one of the top things to do in Manchester London. The John Rylands Manchester Library exterior features beautiful gothic-style architecture, gorgeous vaulted ceilings, soft illumination, and ornate archways.


A Library Like No Other

With Victorian gothic decorations, this library is known for “John Rylands Library harry potter scene.” John Rylands Library Manchester England is an architectural wonder that evokes a similar atmosphere to the Hogwarts Library. Between 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM from Tuesday to Saturday and 12:00 Noon to 5:00 PM from Sunday to Monday are John Ryland’s opening timings. Come over and be part of a historical journey.


History & Recreation

The John Rylands Library events include the historical significance of the Peterloo Massacre of 1819, Street wisdom event, a talk by Hillary Gallo on the Manchester history amongst others. John Rylands Library tours start at 3:00 PM every Wednesday and Friday. You can also grab a quick bite at the John Rylands Library Cafe, Enriqueta, that serves coffee, tea and a selection of cakes. Medieval manuscripts and early printed texts are also available at the John Rylands Library Manchester England.


Time Travel To The Age Of The Tyrannosaurs And Mummies At The Manchester Museum

With a collection of 4,500,000 items from all around the world, there are many things to do in Manchester England when you are at the Manchester Museum. Featuring many galleries such as fossils, the ancient world, and world culture, the Manchester Museum opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day.


Museum of Manchester

The Museum of Manchester, England, houses permanent collections of taxidermy, pottery, and Egyptian mummies. Once you have explored this wonderful museum, get a quick bite at the Manchester Museum Cafe. The Manchester Museum price to enter is £4.95 adults, £3.95 concessions, under-16s free with an adult.


Enjoy Museum Events

Some of the Manchester Museum events include weekly tours, vivarium museum tours which have a collection of live reptiles, frogs and amphibians. Stan the T.Rex, the Manchester Museum Dinosaur is a must see as it has well-preserved skeletons of an infamous dinosaur and the world’s best tyrannosaurus rex skull.


The Manchester England museum address is Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9PL. The Museum is also known for its Egyptian collection. Manchester Museum Egyptian statues are twenty in number including mummies and 16,000 art artifacts.


Power Hall, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester



See The Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry captures the role that Manchester has played in the field of science and technology over the years through various displays and exhibitions on areas such as transport, power, and computing.


Special Train Ride

A train ride showcasing the booming transport industry, demonstrations of original machines used over the last 300 years. Scientific experiments, virtual reality booths, and games are most of the fun and educational Museum of Science and Industry exhibits. There are many things to do in Manchester at this museum. The museum has a number of activities to keep both families and adults entertained.


Learn Manchester’s Heritage

The Museum of Science and Industry offers interesting and insightful learning about the city and industry, and most of all, touches upon the important aspects of science in Manchester’s heritage, even today. The Museum of Science and Industry Manchester opening times are from 10 AM – 5 PM. The entry is free, charges may apply for certain cultural events and exhibitions.


Visit The People’s History Museum

Have you ever encountered a Museum dedicated to people and their work? Now you have, the People’s History Museum celebrates the history of working people. This certainly is one of the most unique things to do in Manchester. The People’s History Museum collections features items from workplace, entertainment and recreational items of interest. Learn about Manchester’s trade unionism, welfare and football culture here.


Art Gallery

Photo by Vita Studen on flickr


Immerse Yourself In Art History

The Manchester Art Gallery is located in Manchester’s City Centre. Manchester is endowed with many beautiful museums cropping up all over the city. If you are an art lover then this is the place you ought to be, adorned with 13,000 works of art over 200 years, this National Art Gallery Manchester England has paintings by artists such as Gainsborough, Turner, and Pissarro. Manchester Art Gallery opening hours are from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.


Free to Enter

The entry is free to this Museum of Art. Visit Manchester Art Gallery Whitworth, located at the University of Manchester with a park-like setting features Van Gogh, Picasso, European Old Master, Pre-Raphaelite paints, drawings by Rosetti, Millais, William Blake, Holman Hunt, and Brune-Jones.


Manchester’s Best

The legendary artist, L.S Lowry’s largest public collection is stored here making this one of the best things to do in Manchester. There are free half-hour tours of the Lowry exhibition every day from noon until 2:00 PM. The gallery also hosts regular events and workshops. Finish your visit with a meal at the Manchester cafe and head to see Manchester’s skyline at the Manchester Town Hall.


Manchester Cathedral

Photo by Michael-d-Beckwith-on -Unsplash


Stay Stunned At Manchester Cathedral

Drown yourself in ancient architecture at the Manchester Cathedral in Manchester, England. Come over to the Manchester Cathedral Visiting Center and learn more about the history of Manchester. Every structure has a significance attached to it.


Right from the stone used to build the Manchester Cathedral floors which are full of small fossils to the wood carvings on the shelves of the Cathedral. Collect more Manchester Cathedral facts on the Hanging Bridge which was the original entrance to the church.


Plenty To Eat Nearby 

The Manchester Cathedral opening hours are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM. After soaking in the history of Manchester City, head towards a restaurant near Cathedral Gardens Manchester. You can grab a bite at Property Tea, the modern tearoom at Manchester Cathedral, that serves an impressive selection of teas alongside some delicious hand-crafted cakes. Explore more fun things to do in Manchester by visiting the Manchester Cathedral, address: Victoria St, Manchester M3 1SX, UK


Manchester Old Trafford

Photo by Stacey MacNaught on flickr


A Vist To Good Old Trafford

Calling all Football fanatics, a visit to good Old Trafford Stadium is one among the best things to do in Manchester, London. Old Trafford is home to Manchester United FC. With a capacity of 74,994, it is the largest and most iconic stadium in the country. Walk in the footsteps of football legends by booking an Old Trafford tour for a unique experience through the football grounds, backstage and into the on-site museum.


Man-United Gear

Head to Old Trafford shop at the Manchester United store for official merchandise. If you are looking for restaurants near Old Trafford, come over to the Manchester United Red Cafe which serves burgers, pizzas and mixed grills. Getting from Old Trafford to Manchester airport takes around 15 minutes by cab.


Royal Exchange

Photo by Barry Marsh on flickr


Shop At The Royal Exchange London 

Royal Exchange Manchester is one of the city’s best entertainment, shopping and theatre complexes. While the architecture is beautiful, however, the highlight is the Royal Exchange Manchester theatre story. The theatre produces hundreds of shows every year across a range of genres.


Britain’s Best Shopping

Manchester City is very fashion conscious. Royal Exchange Manchester history dates back to late 1566, when it was a trading stock center.  Today, it is Britain’s best shopping center. Some of the popular Royal Exchange, Manchester shops include Affleck, Barton Arcade, and a few Victorian markets.


Eat British Cuisine 

Apart from fashion, the Royal Exchange London has a number of cafes and restaurants. You can load up on the cultural aesthetic of the place. Watch the show and head to Rivals and Bars. The restaurant at the Royal Exchange Manchester serves quality British cuisine.


Manchester Bridgewater Hall

Photo by Alan Stanton on flickr


Grove to the Music

Manchester vies with London as Britain’s capital of youth culture. Many famous indie, rock and pop bands started their musical journey here. As a result, Manchester was known as the clubbing capital of England.


Listen to Manchester Bands

Some other Manchester bands include Joy Division, The Smits, Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Oasis. They all became famous and rose to the top of the charts throughout the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Popular music venues in Manchester City’s that have to be in your things to do in Manchester list, include Manchester Arena, Lowry at Salford Quays amongst others. Visit the Bridgewater Hall for more classical music.


There you have it, a list of all the fun things to do in Manchester. Have a great holiday!