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Things To Do In Brighton, England


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Deanna

brighton england
Photo by achiltsi on Pixabay

Once a humble fishing village, Brighton is now a vibrant town known for its pebbled beach and chalk cliffs. It boasts the best seaside experiences in England. Other than its brilliant beaches, Brighton is also known for being an artsy and stylish city. With tons of cultural attractions, you’ll always find something to do in this upbeat city! In fact, there are iconic local events and festivals held every season.


Since Brighton earned its claim to fame through its gorgeous beach resort, it is the perfect city for both sports enthusiasts and the laidback traveler. For those who enjoy hitting up the clubs, you’d be pleased to know that Brighton is often dubbed the party capital of England — and for good reason, too. From beach raves to sun-bathing, Brighton has plenty to offer the young and the young at heart. Check out our list of top things to do in Brighton, England!



Enjoy some amusement park fun at Brighton Pier

brighton pier

Photo by CGP Grey on Wikimedia Commons


Brighton Pier is one of the best places to be with family and friends. This entertainment hub offers plenty of things to do. For starters, it features amazing arcades and fabulous rides that are sure to excite anyone. Moreover, there are rides catered to the elderly as well. This makes Brighton Pier ideal for family day trips!


Adrenaline junkies can look forward to rides like the Turbo Coaster or the Booster. Feeling a little peckish after all those rides? There are many food stalls lined up at Brighton Palace Pier. They sell a variety of food ranging from the classic fish and chips to doughnuts. Head down to Brighton Pier to have a whale of a time today!



Go shopping at The Lanes

the lanes brighton

Photo by Jwslubbock on Wikimedia Commons


The Lanes is a shopping haven bursting with culture and character. The area is designed in a maze-like fashion with many alleyways. There is a wide array of shops that fill these alleyways. Some of these shops are boutique shops that sell quirky trinkets. Other than that, you can even find vintage record stores and elegant homeware stores.


There are also many cafes in the area. Drop by one of these charming cafes if you’d like to grab a quick bite! The Lanes is an eclectic blend of arts and culture. With so many things to do in Brighton, we daresay that this is definitely one of our must-see places. Explore every nook and cranny of The Lanes while you’re in Brighton!



Play mini-golf at Globalls

glow in the dark globalls brihgton

Photo by Steve Collis on Flickr


Globalls puts a quirky twist on the typical minigolf courses you’d usually see. This unique mini golf course is splashed in neon-colored lights that glow in the dark. With its electrifying colors, adults and children alike are sure to enjoy their time here. Globalls can be divided into five themed sections. These sections are Tropicana, Jurassic, Easter, Halloween and Christmas.


Once you step into Globalls, you’ll find a myriad of neon-colored animal and dinosaur statues. These statues were painted by local Brighton artists. Globalls is opened daily and requires a small admission fee of £5.50 per person per round. It’s also fully air-conditioned, making it perfect to visit any time of the year. Grab your family and friends to have a wonderful time at Globalls in Brighton!



Admire Brighton’s breathtaking views at British Airways i360

british airways i360

Photo by David Merrett on Flickr


Revel in the best views of Brighton at British Airways i360! British Airways i360 is an observation tower that stands at 162-meters. Its name derives from the full 360-degree panorama that it has to offer. The glass viewing pod can even carry up to 200 people at one time. Upon stepping into its spacious glass viewing pod, you’ll be glided up and greeted by unobstructed views of Brighton. From up there, you can spot iconic landmarks and some of the artworks on rooftops.


You can even see Brighton’s gorgeous coastline which stretches from the Seven Sisters cliffs to the Isle of Wight. British Airways i360 also offers visitors the option to wine whilst admiring the stunning views. You can indulge in a drink from the South Coast’s highest bar, Nyetimber Sky Bar. Don’t miss out on the chance to catch the best Brighton views at British Airways i360!



Visit the Brighton Naturist Beach

brighton naturist beach

Photo by Clem Rutter and Rochester Kent on Wikimedia Commons


After a long day at Brighton Pier, head over to Brighton Naturist Beach. The beach is within walking distance from Brighton Pier. In fact, Brighton Naturist Beach is Britain’s most accessible naturist beach as it is located within Brighton’s central area. It was also the first public naturist beach to be opened in the United Kingdom in 1980. Enjoy the liberating experience of visiting a naturist beach while you’re in Brighton. It will certainly make for an interesting experience that’ll be fun to share with friends!



Marvel at the architecture of Royal Pavilion

royal pavilion brighton

Photo by Qmin on Wikimedia Commons


The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a gorgeous palace with beautiful architecture. It was a former royal residence that was built as a seaside pleasure palace for King George IV. The Royal Pavilion’s regal grandeur is accentuated by visual elements borrowed from India and China. It is often viewed as one of the more exotic buildings in the British Isles.


Many review websites have dubbed Brighton’s Royal Pavilion as a must-see destination. You can purchase tickets to enter the Royal Pavilion for £15.00. Children from the ages of 5 to 18 will only need to pay £9.00. There are also family packages available on the Royal Pavilion’s website. Additionally, most individual tickets are usually 10% cheaper if bought online! Buy your tickets to admire the grandiosity of the Royal Pavilion in Brighton!



Feed animals at The Llama Park

llama park brighton

Photo by MilborneOne on Wikimedia Commons


Brighton’s Llama Park are home to adorable llamas, alpacas and reindeers among others. It is located in Ashdown Forest. Visitors can purchase food to feed the animals, allowing for closer interaction with the animals. The Llama Park is a well-rounded and wholesome destination. While the animals are the main attraction, the coffee shop and restaurant there are also fantastic. They’re known for their cream teas and Sunday roast lunches.


Admission fee to the Llama Park costs £7 for adults. However, it costs £6 for children, senior citizens and disabled visitors. The Llama Park also offers attractive family packages. Don’t forget to drop by the gift shop as well! If you’re an animal lover, you should definitely visit the Llama Park in Brighton!



Enjoy some action-packed fun at Laserzone

laser tag brighton

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels


Everyone should have a laser tag experience at least once in their lives. Laserzone is the ideal place to go for gatherings with family or friends. Its arena features audio visual effects that enhance the laser tag experience. Furthermore, since the minimum age requirement is 6-years-old, the equipment is lightweight. This is to ensure that the equipment is comfortable to be used by young children.


One session of laser tag at Laserzone lasts approximately 20 to 30 minutes. This includes pre-game briefing and setting up of equipment. After each session, you can compare scorecards with everyone else in the group to see who came out on top. Ticket prices vary on different days so be sure to check Laserzone’s website for more details!



Take a ride on Volk’s Electric Railway

volk's electric railway brighton

Photo by Les Chatfield on Wikimedia Commons


Built in 1883, Volk’s Electric Railway is the world’s oldest electric railway. It is the first train to carry passengers across the seafront at Brighton. It can carry 80 passengers to and fro. Volk’s Electric Railways runs for around a mile along the Brighton seafront between Aquarium station and Black Rock. It is open to the public between Easter period and September. So, if you’d like to hop on for a ride, be sure to plan your trip accordingly!


Tickets cost £4.90 for a return trip for adults. For children from the ages of 3 to 15, it costs £3 for a return trip. Discounts are also available for group bookings!



Learn about this history of Brighton Fishing Museum

brighton fishing museum

Photo by Simon Burchell on Wikimedia Commons


Brighton Fishing Museum is an independent museum that was established in collaboration with the local fishing community in 1994. At this Brighton museum, you can learn about how the town transformed from a humble fishing village to the iconic seaside resort that it is today. The exhibitions here include displays of fishing boats and artifacts. To enhance the learning experience, there’s even an audio presentation that showcases fishing folks singing. The Brighton Fishing Museum is brimming with the local fishing community’s rich history.


It is opened daily from 10.30 am to 5 pm. Admission to Brighton Fishing Museum is free as well! However, do note that weather conditions may affect its operating hours. So, contact the museum office beforehand just in case!



Zip through the sky at Brighton Zip

brighton zip

Photo by C.Suthorn on Wikimedia Commons


Brighton Zip will definitely win the hearts of thrill seekers. It is a 300-meter dual zip wire that runs along Brighton Beach and is the longest zip wire across the South Coast. With the dual zip line, you can ride the zipline alongside someone. This way, you can even race against each other!


Another attraction at Brighton Zip is its 24-meter drop zone. At the Drop Zone, customers will experience a straight drop from 24 meters from the platform. You can try it out if you’d like to experience the freefall sensation.


Prices for a single ride on the zip wire costs £18 whereas a ticket for the Drop Zone costs £9.50. Have a great time at the Brighton Zip with your family and friends!



Have a good laugh at Komedia

komedia brighton

Photo by Kate Fisher on Wikimedia Commons


Komedia is a live entertainment venue in Brighton that showcases a wide array of arts and entertainment programs. These programs range from music performance to comedy acts. This premier entertainment site hosts the best of the best – from in-house stand-up comedians to international performers.


The best part is that it even has a kitchen. You can look forward to enjoying your show with freshly cooked food. The food are available at most of Komedia’s seated shows. There are plenty of things to do and see at Brighton’s Komedia. Don’t forget to check its website for the latest events!



Theatre Royal Brighton

theatre royal brighton

Photo by Ian Muttoo on Wikimedia Commons


Theatre Royal Brighton is one of the oldest theatres in England. It often showcases quality plays and other programs such as ballet shows and children’s shows. What’s also interesting is that many of its productions are also in various parts of the building. There have been productions put up even in dressing rooms!


If you’re planning on visiting Brighton in the summer, you’re in luck. Theatre Royal Brighton holds backstage tours throughout summer so visitors can immerse themselves in the behind-the-scenes action. Prices vary according to each program, so be sure to check online if you’d like to find out more.



Admire the beautiful sunrise at West Pier

west pier brighton

Photo by Christerajet on Wikimedia Commons


Brighton’s West Pier was once regarded as the pride and joy of the seaside resort. Built by Victorian civil engineer Eugenius Birch, the pier is now left with architectural remains that are a ghostly reminder of its past after it suffered strong winds, fires and a storm. Even though it has lost its shine and lustre, the West Pier continues to be a sight for sore eyes. To this day, it is still considered a famous Brighton icon. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially during sunrise!



The Painting Pottery Cafe

painting pottery cafe brighton

Photo by marcelkessler on Pixabay


The Painting Pottery Cafe in Brighton is a family-friendly place that’s great for those with young children. However, it’s loved by people of all ages and its fantastic reviews online are a testament to that. At the Painting Pottery Cafe, you can paint ceramics or try your hand at pottery. Whatever it is, you get to go home with something that’s been uniquely handcrafted by you.


Head down to The Painting Pottery Cafe in Brighton today!



Brighton Marina

brighton marina

Photo by Dominic Alves on Flickr


Brighton Marina is the largest marina in the United Kingdom. It is lined with plenty of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants. Besides having food and retail services, Brighton Marina is also a popular entertainment hub. It has a bowling alley, casino and a glow-in-the-dark golf course.


If you’re into water activities, you can learn how to sail or jet ski here. Otherwise, you can simply enjoy a casual stroll along the harbour. With so many things to do here at Brighton Marina, you’ll be spoilt for choice! Spend an exciting day at Brighton Marina today!



Experience the sea life at Sea Life Brighton

sea life brighton

Photo by Glen Bowman on Flickr


Opened in 1872, Sea Life Brighton is the oldest operating aquarium in the world. That makes it nearly 150-years-old. Even more impressive than that is the fact that it houses more than 150 different sea creatures. These creatures range from sharks to seahorses. In 2019, Sea Life Brighton opened a new area as well. In this area called “Day and Night”, visitors can experience the ocean life as it transitions from day to night. This is especially informative as they can learn how different marine animals behave over a 24-hour period.


There are various types of ticket packages being sold at Sea Life Brighton. Check out Sea Life Brighton’s website online to view the pricing for each package!