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Explore 10 Amazing Cities In Egypt


Modified: January 3, 2024

by Yasin Wajeeha

Image by shady shaker from Pixabay

Egypt is a land of unparalleled charm and spellbinding beauty with its trackless deserts of dunes dazzling in the rays of a blazing sun. It has a unique culture, which dates back to very early human civilizations. Be all ears as you are about to be glued to the magnanimous atmosphere of Egypt, the region of wonders.


Here are the most fascinating cities in Egypt that will eradicate your clinomania and will dig out the traveler from inside you.



Visit Egypt’s Capital, Cairo


Image by Roderick Eime on flickr.


It is the sprawling capital of Egypt. It has the privilege of being one of the most visited cities not only in Egypt but also in the world. This ancient Egyptian city is a city of enchantment and mystics. It’s a combination of beautiful and crazy. You will find a glorious history within the hustle and bustle and overcrowdedness of the city that spans centuries. Cairo is a megacity, which is a portrayal of modern Egypt.


This buzzing Egyptian capital has the top tourist attractions. For example, there’s the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx, Museum, Al-Azhar Mosque, Khan Al Khalili Bazaar, and Bab Zuweila.


The Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx is a must-see attraction on everyone’s itinerary. These funerary temples have never ceased to amaze the tourists. Despite the intense heat and sandy atmosphere, the pyramids are paid tribute by thousands of backpackers interested in observing the ancient mythology and once a dynamic, blooming civilization.


EGY, Azhar

Image by lapping from Pixabay.


Also, the Egyptian Museum has staggering and a smorgasbord of antiques from the earliest of times, making it a top tourist attraction. It’s a place that will require a lifetime to grasp the profound knowledge and wisdom it holds within. Here, you will be awe-stricken by the sheer majesty of the ancient mummies and texts. Also, the Tomb of Tutankhamun Gallery is a must-visit exhibit.


The Al-Azhar Mosque is the earliest surviving ancient mosque in Modern Egypt. Interestingly, it is the oldest University in the Muslim world, making it a hub of wisdom and cultural exchange. Also, if you’re a shopaholic, you won’t want to miss a visit to Khan Al Khalili Bazaar. A labyrinthine of old stone alleyways, this mystical place of shopping is a chasm of wonders. Also, it’s the best place in Cario to pick souvenirs.



Visit The Colorful City Of Aswan


Image by KHGraf from Pixabay.


This city of Egypt is an eclectic mix of modernity and antiquity. The Modern Egyptian hub of growth is famous for its plethora of tourist spots. The aurora of this city will take your breath away. It is a relaxed and calm town as compared to the Egyptian capital.


Hold on to a Felucca (a traditional sailboat) as you are about to witness the top tourist attractions in the city. They are River Nile, Elephantine Island, and the Abu Simbel Ruins.


The Nile River is a renowned river that holds many tales and stories in itself. The photogenic shimmering of the river in the setting sun will astound you. Also, this ancient Egyptian city has the gift of this mesmerizing river attracting many tourists every year.



Image by Wiki Commons.


Not far from the Nile River lies Elephantine Island; a spot of land with colorful, brightly patterned mud-brick houses and palm trees. Here, it houses botanical and verdant gardens of exotics plants of Asia and Africa.


Located in the city of Aswan is the Abu Simbel Ruins. It’s a combination of ancient architecture and modern-day engineering. There are mammoth size temples that create an idyllic setting in the sun.


Additionally, helping to generate a decent amount of power to the city, the Aswan High Dam lies on the Nile. The scenic view of the Nile at the sunrise or sunset from the Dam is an iconic moment to grasp.  It’s something you’d want to cherish for the rest of your life.



Explore The Ancient City Of Alexandria


Image by WikiCommons.


This port city was once home to a lighthouse ranking in the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This ancient Egyptian city lets the tourists witness astonishing and magical places besides the attractions in Cairo, the capital. Alexandria is a blend of an ancient and modern Egyptian city. Alexandria’s top attractions include Fort Qaitbey, Kom-el-Dikka, Pompey’s Pillar and Montazah Garden.


Fort Qaitbey holds great significance as it is where the Pharos lighthouse of Alexandria is situated. Once part of the seven wonders, this lighthouse is now a historic site. Also, the fort’s stone-walled chambers and rocky alleys portray the importance of this fort in ancient times against invaders.


Image by Dan Lundberg on flickr.


From the age of the Roman Empire, Pompey’s Pillar is in the southwest region of the city. However, today there are just the remnants of the pillar. Also, along with the pillar remnants is a Serapeion temple; a place that once stored sacred manuscripts.


For those who love greenery, Egypt is not only heat and sand. The Montazah Gardens is a calm oasis for peace lovers situated in the middle of the city. It is a lush green haven of tall dates and palm trees, vibrant colored and blossoming flowers and a royal courtyard. This garden is a perfect depiction of modern Egypt.



Head To The Magical Land Of Siwa


Image by Vyacheslav Argenberg on flickr.


Referred to as a piece from heaven, this patch of lush wonderland lies in the middle of a sandy desert. The area casts a spell on the travelers to make them continuously return. A beauty in a city of Egypt, it overflows with palms, olives, and shady lanes.


The top tourist attractions of this city are Mountain camp Hot spring and Taziry Eco Lodge. Mountain camp Hot spring is a place of serenity and collateral excitement. Here, you can dive in the sparkling pool of hot water that is exceptionally beneficial for your body and skin. Additionally, it is a much-loved destination in Modern Egypt.


Just as famous, Taziry Eco Lodge is made entirely in the mountain with freshwater swimming pool and hot spring dip. This is the most remarkable place of Siwa, which attracts tourists like a magnet.



Tour The City Of Port Said

Egypt port

Image by Wiki Commons.


Port Said is among the topmost essential cities in Egypt. The city astounds the tourists with its romantically crumbling, magnanimous architecture and photogenic sunset of the Red sea. Here, you can walk along the raised waterfront footpaths and gaze at the busy port and ships cruising by. This mixture of a Modern yet ancient Egyptian city will blow you away when the moment of idyllic charm comes.


The top tourist attractions in the city are Suez Canal, El-Nasr Museum of Modern Art and Pizza Pino Restaurant. At the Suez Canal, take advantage of this unique historical and natural beauty. This artificial canal connects almost all Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea. Also, this is one of Egypt’s famous landmarks.


Port Said

Image by AlexKapunkt on pxhere.


Also in Port Said lies the El-Nasr Museum of Modern Art. If you want a splash of culture during your trip to Egypt, you should visit this fantastic museum. The unique attribute of this museum is its constant updates of fresh work from local painters. This enhances the quality of the art. The museum also has an Obelisk monument to pay tribute to Egypt’s war heroes. This is the perfect depiction of modern Egypt and its evolving culture.


Traveling can get your appetite running. So when in Port Said, drop by Pizza Pino Restaurant.  A heavenly place, this culinary house has a diversified menu of scrumptious eatables and tantalizing taste.



Have A Luxurious Time In Luxor

colossi of memnon Egypt

Image by zolakoma on flickr.


This city is truly a league of its own. It is an ancient Egyptian city, which is dominated by the famous ruins of Pharaonic age. Among the oldest cities in Egypt after Cairo, the city is often called the open-air museum. This is due to the presence of several ruins. It is the hub of archaeological sites and excavation areas. The top tourist attractions in the city are the Valley of Kings, Temple of Karnak, Luxor Museum, and Colossi of Memnon.


The Valley of Kings is a site located in between the rocky escarpments. It is a breathtaking site filled with history, mystique, and deep reverence. There are lovely, vivid, and detailed wall paintings. The tombs open on a rotation system to preserve the paintings as much as possible.

Egypt Outdoor

Image by cattan2011 on flickr.


Also, the temple of Karnak is Luxor’s most astonishing and fantastic feat. It is a vast collection of religious structures. The colossal pillars and archaic architecture is a masterpiece that cannot be found in any other ancient Egyptian city.


The Luxor Museum in Luxor also has all the valuable exhibits of the Egyptian history. Here, you will find the glorified mummies in their coffins along with ancient texts of hieroglyphics. Additionally, the votive tablets are found here in this Ancient Egyptian city.


Also in Luxor, Colossi of Memnon has enormous statues carved out of yellow stone quarried in the hills. They are the representation of Roman Gods in ancient times.



Relax In Hurghada

Hurghada EG

Image by Simona Scolari on flickr.


A coastal resort with blue skies, sandy beaches, warm breezes, and cold water, this is one of Egypt’s modern Egyptian cities. This town is famous for its coffee with a unique blend of Egyptian taste. Its top tourist attractions are the Straits of Gubal, Desert Jeep Expeditions, and Camel Rides and Astronomical Nights.


Straits of Gubal consist of a narrow strip of water between the Red Sea coast and the western shore of the Sinai Peninsula is a perfect spot for scuba diving. If you love underwater activities, then this place is made for you. There is also wreckage of a cargo ship from World War II which can be explored by interested tourists.


 The Desert Jeep Expeditions is a perfect outdoor activity. On this expedition, you can explore the sandy desert while riding in special jeeps. The vehicle will take you deep into the heart of the sand monster and will dig out an explorer that may have been hidden deep within you.


Camel Rides are a fun way to roam around the beautiful city and sit back and enjoy the view. Likewise, when the sun sets,  astronomical nights are magical. You can gaze upon the starry night sky of the Hurghada city, which is part of modern Egypt. You’ll definitely be amazed at the wonders of the clear night sky.



See Egypt’s History In Al-Fayoum

Al Fayoum City

Image by Book tours from http://whitesharkegypt.com


One of the ancient cities in Egypt, legend has it that people of this city used to worship crocodiles. So, the city Al Fayoum is also known as Crocodilopolis. It has multiple UNESCO world heritage sites that can pique the interest of tourists. The top tourist attractions in this ancient Egyptian city are Wadi-al-Hittan, Wadi Rayyan, Lake Qarun, and Fayoum Pottery School.


Wadi-al-Hittan is an archaeological haven for tourists as it is home to the earliest found whale fossils. Additionally, there are fossils of basilosaurus; a water predator. Wadi Rayyan is a waterfall valley present in an ideal location where one lake drains into the other. Similarly, Lake Qarun is a family picnic spot for tourists to cool down their worries. The lake is dotted with plenty of cafes and restaurants, which provide the best local food you can have.


Situated in this city is also Al Fayoum Pottery School; a modern-day art and pottery school. Famous for its pottery and clay art, it’s a perfect example of ancient knowledge blending with flourishing modernism. The school trains both children and adults to master the Art of pottery.



Take In The Wonderful Scenery In Dahab

Egypt Dahab

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay.


This ancient Egyptian city lies on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula looking onto the clean waters of the Red Sea. It is originally a Bedouin fishing village. The place is quiet and serene, where you can enjoy solitude and calm. A tourist attraction, Blue Hole is the best diving spot in all of Egypt. A gaping sinkhole that drops straight down, it’s a perfect spot to challenge your guts and fuel your adventure spirit.


Eel Garden has the infamous, notorious eels that cover the entire seabed along with humongous coral boulders with barracudas. It is a perfect underwater wonderland in modern Egypt. The canyon is also among the popular diving areas among the tourists. The canyon is a long, narrow trench that runs parallel to the reef.



See The Beauty Of Al-Qasr

Egypt Mud Temple

Image by JvL- on flickr.


It is an ancient medieval town that is in the desert region of Egypt. This ancient Egyptian city must be on your list while visiting. The city is made entirely of mud bricks. You can see the Dakhla Oasis as a top tourist attraction. Dakhla Oasis is considered to be the most beautiful Oasis of Modern Egypt. It has over five hundred hot springs.


These are the best cities in Egypt along with their top tourist attractions that you must visit. The place has a rich culture that gets more exciting and unique on every visit. So what are you waiting for? The adventure of a lifetime awaits you.