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What Is The Best Souvenir From Amsterdam


Modified: December 28, 2023

by Jo Ann Summers



When visiting Amsterdam, one of the most vibrant and culturally rich cities in the Netherlands, it’s only natural to want to bring back a piece of the experience as a souvenir. Whether you’re looking for something traditional, delicious, or unique, Amsterdam offers a wide range of options to suit every taste. From iconic tulips to delectable stroopwafels and world-famous cheese, there is an abundance of choices when it comes to selecting the best souvenir.


Amsterdam is known for its picturesque canals, historic architecture, and a bustling artistic and cultural scene. As you explore the city, you’ll discover a myriad of opportunities to immerse yourself in Dutch traditions and culture. The souvenirs you choose will not only remind you of your time in Amsterdam but also allow you to share a piece of the Netherlands with friends and family back home.


In this article, we will explore some of the best souvenirs to consider when visiting Amsterdam. From the classic tulips and stroopwafels to the unique Delftware and Amsterdam Gin, we will take a closer look at each option, highlighting their significance and why they make for a perfect keepsake.



When it comes to iconic symbols of the Netherlands, tulips are at the top of the list. The Netherlands is world-renowned for its stunning tulip fields and the annual Tulip Festival held in Amsterdam. Bringing home a bundle of tulips or even tulip bulbs is a delightful way to capture the essence of Dutch horticulture.


Tulips have a rich history in the Netherlands, dating back to the 17th century when tulip mania gripped the country. Today, the Dutch continue to cultivate and export tulips, offering a diverse range of colors and varieties. You can find freshly cut tulips at local markets, flower shops, or even order them online to be delivered to your doorstep.


For a longer-lasting souvenir, consider purchasing tulip bulbs. The bulbs can be neatly packed and make for an easy item to transport home. Simply plant them in your garden, and you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your time in Amsterdam as they bloom year after year.


Do keep in mind any restrictions on transporting plants or bulbs across borders, as some countries may have regulations in place to prevent the spread of plant diseases or pests. It’s always a good idea to check with the appropriate authorities or consult with your travel agent to ensure you can take your tulip bulbs home without any issues.



No visit to Amsterdam would be complete without indulging in the delightful treat known as stroopwafels. These thin, chewy waffle cookies have a layer of sweet caramel syrup sandwiched between them, creating a perfect balance of crispness and gooey goodness.


Stroopwafels have a long-standing tradition in Dutch culture and are enjoyed as a morning or afternoon snack, often accompanied by a cup of coffee or tea. The best way to experience the authentic taste of stroopwafels is to buy them fresh from a local bakery or at one of the many street markets in Amsterdam. You’ll often find vendors making them on the spot, with the warm aroma filling the air.


To bring home this delectable souvenir, you can purchase packaged stroopwafels from supermarkets, specialty shops, or even souvenir stores. They come in various sizes and packaging options, from individually wrapped cookies to decorative tins or gift boxes.


Stroopwafels also make an excellent gift for friends and family, as they are a unique and delicious representation of Dutch cuisine. Just be sure to check the expiration date to ensure their freshness, as homemade or freshly baked stroopwafels have the best taste and texture.


If you’re fortunate enough to visit during the winter holiday season, keep an eye out for the larger-sized stroopwafels designed to fit on top of a warm cup of hot chocolate or coffee. These “koekjes” can be placed on the rim of your mug, allowing the steam to soften the cookie and melt the caramel filling. It’s a cozy treat that will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.


Whether you indulge in them yourself or share them with loved ones, stroopwafels are a beloved and tasty souvenir that truly captures the essence of Dutch culture and culinary delights.



When it comes to cheese, the Netherlands is a true paradise for cheese lovers. Dutch cheese is renowned worldwide for its exceptional quality and diverse range of flavors. As you stroll through the streets of Amsterdam, you’re bound to come across cheese shops offering a delightful selection of cheeses to sample and purchase.


One of the most popular and iconic Dutch cheeses is Gouda. This creamy and semi-hard cheese is named after the city of Gouda, located in the South Holland province. Gouda cheese comes in various forms, ranging from young and mild to aged and robust, with different flavors and textures to suit every palate.


Visiting a traditional cheese market in the Netherlands is an experience not to be missed. Although Amsterdam does not have its own cheese market, you can still find numerous shops that specialize in offering a wide variety of Dutch cheeses. The shopkeepers are often passionate about their craft and will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect cheese based on your preferences.


When choosing cheese as a souvenir, consider the shelf life and transportation. It’s best to opt for vacuum-sealed packages or wax-coated cheeses that can withstand the journey home without spoiling. Additionally, some cheeses may require refrigeration, so be mindful of any storage requirements to ensure the cheese remains fresh and delicious.


Aside from Gouda, you’ll find other popular Dutch cheeses such as Edam, Maasdam, and Leiden. Each has its own distinctive characteristics and flavors, making them unique gifts to bring back from your Amsterdam adventure.


To truly appreciate the flavors, consider pairing the cheese with a local beer, wine, or a traditional Dutch snack like mustard, pickles, or bread. This will enhance the tasting experience and allow you to savor the rich and creamy notes of the cheese.


Whether you’re a connoisseur of cheese or simply enjoy its delectable taste, bringing home a selection of Dutch cheeses will not only provide you with a culinary delight but also serve as a reminder of the incredible flavors and heritage of the Netherlands.



One of the most distinctive and beloved souvenirs from Amsterdam is Delftware, also known as Delft Blue. Delftware is a form of pottery that originated in the city of Delft in the 17th century and has become synonymous with Dutch craftsmanship and artistry.


Delftware is characterized by its blue and white hand-painted designs, inspired by the white and blue Chinese porcelain that was highly prized at the time. The intricate patterns often depict scenes from Dutch folklore, landscapes, windmills, and tulips, reflecting the country’s rich cultural heritage.


Amsterdam is home to numerous shops specializing in Delftware, where you can find a wide range of items to choose from. Traditional Delftware pieces include decorative plates, vases, tiles, and figurines. These exquisite pieces make for unique and timeless souvenirs that can add a touch of elegance and history to any home.


When selecting Delftware, you may consider its intended purpose and size. Smaller items like tiles or magnets are perfect for decorating your own space or as small gifts. Larger pieces such as vases or plates can become statement pieces in your home or as a special gift for someone dear.


It’s worth noting that Delftware can vary in quality and authenticity. To ensure you’re purchasing genuine Delftware, look for the distinctive “Delft Blue Hand Painted” mark on the piece. This mark guarantees that it was crafted in the Netherlands and adheres to the traditional methods of production.


While traditional Delftware is predominantly blue and white, contemporary variations with colorful designs have also become popular, providing a modern twist on this timeless art form.


Bringing home a piece of Delftware not only supports local artisans but also allows you to cherish a piece of Dutch culture and history. Displayed on a shelf or used as a functional item, Delftware serves as a beautiful reminder of your time in Amsterdam.


Amsterdam Gin

For those who appreciate fine spirits, Amsterdam offers a unique and flavorful souvenir in the form of its renowned Amsterdam Gin. Distilled with a blend of botanicals, including juniper berries, coriander, angelica root, and citrus peels, Amsterdam Gin represents the city’s rich history and craftsmanship.


Gin has a long-standing connection with the Netherlands, as it was believed to have been created by the Dutch in the 17th century. Amsterdam, in particular, has played an important role in the gin trade, with its famous distilleries producing high-quality spirits.


Amsterdam Gin is known for its smoothness and balanced flavor profile, making it a favorite among gin enthusiasts. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into classic gin cocktails such as the timeless Gin and Tonic or the iconic Negroni.


To bring home this delightful souvenir, visit one of the local distilleries or specialty liquor stores scattered throughout Amsterdam. Many of these establishments offer guided tastings, allowing you to learn about the different botanicals and distilling techniques that contribute to the unique character of Amsterdam Gin.


When selecting a bottle of Amsterdam Gin, consider opting for smaller sizes that adhere to transportation regulations and are easier to pack and carry. You can also find gift sets or sampler packs that allow you to experience a variety of flavors and expressions of Amsterdam Gin.


For an added touch, consider pairing your bottle of Amsterdam Gin with a selection of artisanal tonic waters or botanical bitters. This way, you can recreate the perfect cocktail experience at home and share the flavors of Amsterdam with friends and loved ones.


Amsterdam Gin not only makes for a fantastic souvenir but also provides an opportunity to explore the rich history and craftsmanship of the city. Bring a taste of Amsterdam back with you and enjoy the smooth and aromatic notes of this exceptional spirit whenever you choose to indulge.



When it comes to transportation in Amsterdam, bicycles reign supreme. Known as the “Bicycle Capital of the World,” Amsterdam offers an extensive network of bike paths and a deep-rooted cycling culture. It’s no surprise that bicycles make for a unique and practical souvenir that captures the essence of the city.


Exploring Amsterdam by bike is not only efficient but also allows you to immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Renting a bicycle during your visit gives you the freedom to navigate the narrow streets, cruise along the canals, and discover hidden gems at your own pace.


As a souvenir, you can bring home a piece of Amsterdam’s cycling culture by purchasing a bicycle-themed item. This can range from bicycle-themed clothing, accessories, or even miniature bike models. Keep in mind that transporting a full-sized bicycle may be impractical or subject to certain restrictions, so opt for smaller, easier-to-carry items instead.


Another option is to consider bike-related artwork. Amsterdam is home to many talented artists who create stunning pieces celebrating the city’s cycling culture. From paintings to prints and photographs, these artworks can be a beautiful addition to any space and serve as a reminder of the vibrant spirit of Amsterdam.


If you’re passionate about cycling and want to invest in a high-quality bicycle, Amsterdam also offers a range of reputable bike shops. Here, you can find a wide selection of bicycles, from classic Dutch-style bikes to sleek city commuters and electric bikes. Purchasing a bicycle allows you to bring home a practical souvenir that you can continue to enjoy for years to come.


Remember, when cycling in Amsterdam or any other city, always prioritize safety and be familiar with local cycling rules and etiquette. If you’re not comfortable cycling in a bustling city, you can still embrace the spirit of cycling by purchasing a bicycle-themed item or supporting local artists who capture the beauty of Amsterdam’s cycling culture.


Whether you choose to bring home a tangible bicycle memento or opt for bicycle-themed accessories or artwork, celebrating Amsterdam’s cycling culture through a souvenir is a wonderful way to remember your time in this bike-friendly city.


Cannabis-related products

When it comes to cannabis, Amsterdam is world-famous for its relaxed laws and coffee shops where you can legally purchase and consume marijuana products. While cannabis itself is not permitted as a souvenir, there are other cannabis-related products that you can consider bringing back from Amsterdam.


One popular option is cannabis-themed merchandise. You can find a variety of items like t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and accessories adorned with cannabis leaf designs or witty slogans. These items allow you to celebrate Amsterdam’s unique cannabis culture without directly involving the substance itself.


Another option is cannabis-inspired beauty and wellness products. Amsterdam is home to many natural skincare and wellness brands that incorporate hemp seed oil as a key ingredient. Hemp seed oil is derived from the cannabis plant and is rich in beneficial properties, such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Products like lotions, balms, and soaps make for nourishing and eco-friendly souvenirs.


For those interested in the cannabis culinary scene, you can explore cannabis-infused food and beverages. While marijuana edibles are not legal for sale to tourists, you can find a wide range of non-psychoactive hemp-based food products. Hemp seeds, hemp oils, and CBD-infused snacks are available in specialty food shops and offer a unique taste of Amsterdam’s cannabis culture.


It’s important to note that customs regulations regarding cannabis-related products vary from country to country. Before purchasing and transporting these items, familiarize yourself with the rules and restrictions of your home country to avoid any legal issues.


Ultimately, cannabis-related souvenirs from Amsterdam serve as a reminder of the city’s progressive attitude and cultural significance surrounding marijuana. Just remember to respect the laws and regulations of your home country and the places you visit.


Diamond Jewellery

Amsterdam is renowned for its thriving diamond industry, making it a perfect destination to find exquisite diamond jewellery. The city is home to a multitude of diamond cutting and polishing factories, where skilled craftsmen transform raw stones into dazzling works of art.


When shopping for diamond jewellery in Amsterdam, you’ll have access to a wide range of options, from engagement rings and wedding bands to necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, timeless design or a modern and unique piece, Amsterdam offers something to suit every taste and budget.


One of Amsterdam’s famous diamond districts is located in the Museumplein area, where you can find numerous reputable jewellers. These establishments offer certified diamonds and guarantee the authenticity and quality of their products.


When purchasing diamond jewellery as a souvenir, keep in mind factors such as the 4Cs – cut, clarity, color, and carat weight – which determine the quality and value of the diamond. An informed jeweller will guide you through the selection process, helping you find the perfect piece that meets your desires and requirements.


Another unique option to consider is a custom-designed piece. Many jewellers in Amsterdam offer bespoke services, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery piece that reflects your style and personal story. This ensures that your souvenir will hold sentimental value and serve as a cherished memento of your time in Amsterdam.


Regardless of the type of diamond jewellery you choose, always ensure that you receive proper certification and documentation for your purchase. This will guarantee the quality and authenticity of the diamonds, providing you with peace of mind.


Diamond jewellery from Amsterdam not only represents exceptional craftsmanship but also serves as a timeless symbol of love, elegance, and sophistication. Whether it’s for yourself or a special someone, a piece of diamond jewellery can be treasured for years to come, serving as a tangible reminder of your Amsterdam experience.


Dutch Design

Amsterdam is a hub of creativity and innovation, and one of the best souvenirs you can bring home to commemorate your visit is a piece of Dutch design. Dutch design is known for its clean lines, functionality, and minimalist aesthetic, making it highly sought after worldwide.


When it comes to Dutch design, you’ll find a diverse range of products to choose from. From furniture and lighting to home accessories, fashion, and even graphic design, Amsterdam offers a treasure trove of unique and stylish creations.


You can explore Amsterdam’s trendy concept stores and boutiques to discover a plethora of design items. Look for products from well-known Dutch designers and brands like Droog, Moooi, Studio Job, and HAY. These items often reflect a harmonious blend of form and function, showcasing the Dutch commitment to practicality without compromising on style.


In addition to physical products, you can also consider purchasing prints or posters featuring iconic Dutch design pieces or artistic interpretations of Amsterdam’s landmarks. These can be easily transported and displayed in your home as a meaningful reminder of your time in the city.


Another option is to visit design museums and galleries in Amsterdam, such as the Stedelijk Museum and the Dutch Design Week exhibition. These institutions showcase the works of renowned Dutch designers and offer opportunities to purchase limited edition pieces or design-related books and publications.


By bringing home a piece of Dutch design, you not only acquire a beautifully crafted item but also support local artisans and designers. Dutch design captures the essence of Amsterdam’s creative spirit and allows you to infuse your own space with a touch of contemporary elegance and craftsmanship.


Whether it’s a carefully curated piece of furniture, a stylish fashion accessory, or an eye-catching print, Dutch design serves as a lasting souvenir that reflects the unique blend of creativity, functionality, and aesthetic excellence that Amsterdam is renowned for.



As you conclude your visit to the beautiful city of Amsterdam, it’s time to choose the perfect souvenir to encapsulate your memories and experiences. Whether you’re drawn to the iconic tulips, delectable stroopwafels, world-renowned cheese, or exquisite Delftware, Amsterdam offers a wide array of options to suit every taste and interest.


For those looking for a taste of Amsterdam’s unique culture, Amsterdam Gin and cannabis-related products capture the city’s progressive spirit. Meanwhile, bicycles symbolize Amsterdam’s cycling culture and provide a practical and eco-friendly way to remember your time in the city.


If you seek something with elegance and timeless beauty, Dutch diamond jewellery showcases the exceptional craftsmanship and elegance that the Netherlands is renowned for. And for those who appreciate modern aesthetics, Dutch design pieces offer a stylish and functional souvenir that reflects Amsterdam’s creative spirit.


As you select your souvenir, keep in mind the transportation regulations and customs restrictions that may apply to certain products. It’s also essential to balance your personal taste and preferences with the cultural significance of the chosen souvenir.


Ultimately, the best souvenir from Amsterdam is one that brings a smile to your face whenever you see it, evoking fond memories of your time in this vibrant city. Whether it’s a tangible item or a lasting memory etched in your heart, your chosen souvenir will serve as a tangible connection to the rich heritage and experiences you encountered during your visit to Amsterdam.


So, whether you opt for a bouquet of tulips on your kitchen table, a piece of Delftware gracing your living room shelf, or a diamond sparkling on your finger, your Amsterdam souvenir will forever hold a special place in your heart, reminding you of the beauty, culture, and wonders of this remarkable city.