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Is Graz Worth Visiting? A Sustainable, Authentic, & Charming YES


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Bobbi Winters



Welcome to Graz, the charming and vibrant city nestled in the heart of Austria! With its rich history, sustainable initiatives, cultural attractions, and culinary delights, Graz is definitely worth a visit. This UNESCO World Heritage site combines old-world charm with modern innovation, making it a unique destination that caters to all types of travelers.


Graz has a fascinating history that dates back to prehistoric times. It became a significant trading center during the Middle Ages and has since flourished into a cultural and economic hub. Today, the city is known for its well-preserved architecture, including medieval castles, Renaissance palaces, and intricate Baroque-style buildings.


But what truly sets Graz apart is its commitment to sustainability. The city has been recognized as a European Green Capital due to its dedication to eco-friendly practices and initiatives. From its efficient public transportation system to its numerous bike lanes and pedestrian-friendly streets, Graz is a city that prioritizes sustainable living.


When it comes to cultural attractions, Graz offers a wealth of experiences. Start your journey at the iconic Schlossberg, a hill that provides panoramic views of the city. Explore the Kunsthaus Graz, a modern art museum that showcases innovative contemporary art. And don’t miss out on the Graz Opera House, which hosts world-class performances throughout the year.


Food enthusiasts will be delighted by Graz’s culinary scene. The city is renowned for its rich culinary heritage, with a mix of traditional Austrian dishes and international influences. Indulge in hearty Austrian specialties like schnitzel and strudel, or sample fusion cuisine at trendy local eateries. And of course, no visit to Graz would be complete without savoring a cup of the city’s famous pumpkin seed oil.


As you explore Graz, you will be enchanted by its charming neighborhoods. The historic Old Town, with its narrow cobblestone streets and colorful facades, is a delight to wander through. The Lend district, on the other hand, offers a more bohemian atmosphere with trendy cafes and boutiques. Each neighborhood has its own unique character and hidden gems waiting to be discovered.


If outdoor activities are your preference, Graz has plenty to offer. Take a leisurely stroll along the Mur River Promenade, or venture into the nearby Schöckl Mountain for hiking and panoramic views. The Lendplatz Farmers’ Market is also a must-visit, where you can find fresh local produce, regional delicacies, and handmade crafts.


For those who love shopping, Graz won’t disappoint. The city boasts a variety of shopping streets, from high-end fashion boutiques to eclectic vintage stores. Explore the bustling Herrengasse or the trendy Annenstraße and discover hidden treasures along the way.


When it comes to accommodation, Graz has options to suit every taste and budget. From luxurious hotels housed in historic buildings to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly hostels, you will find something that fits your needs. Stay in the heart of the Old Town for easy access to the city’s main attractions, or opt for a more tranquil location on the outskirts.


Getting around Graz is a breeze thanks to its well-connected transportation network. The city’s tram system and buses provide convenient access to all parts of Graz, making it easy to explore. You can also rent a bike and pedal your way through the city, enjoying the dedicated cycling paths.


With its captivating history, sustainable initiatives, cultural attractions, and culinary delights, Graz is a city that should be on every traveler’s must-visit list. Prepare to be charmed by the authenticity and warmth of this Austrian gem.


History of Graz

The history of Graz can be traced back to prehistoric times, with evidence of human settlements in the area dating as far back as the Stone Age. Over the centuries, Graz has grown from a small settlement into a thriving city with a rich cultural heritage.


In the Middle Ages, Graz emerged as an important trade center. Located at the crossroads of major trade routes between Italy, Hungary, and the rest of Europe, the city flourished with the influx of merchants and traders. It became a bustling hub for commerce and attracted artisans and craftsmen, resulting in the construction of magnificent medieval buildings.


One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Schlossberg, a hill that overlooks Graz. In ancient times, it served as a strategic defensive position, offering protection to the residents of the city. Today, you can reach the top of the Schlossberg via a funicular or by climbing the steps to be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of Graz.


In the Renaissance period, Graz experienced a cultural renaissance of its own. Under the rule of Archduke Ferdinand II, the city became a center of arts and sciences. The influence of Renaissance architecture can still be seen today in the splendid courtyards and palaces scattered throughout Graz.


During the Baroque era, Graz underwent a significant transformation, with many of its buildings being remodeled or rebuilt in the ornate Baroque style. The centerpiece of this architectural movement is the Graz Cathedral. Its beautiful interior, adorned with intricate stucco work and frescoes, is a testament to the city’s rich artistic heritage.


In the 19th century, Graz became an important cultural and educational center. The University of Graz was founded in 1585 and continues to be a prestigious institution today. This period also saw the construction of the Murinsel, a unique floating island designed by American artist Vito Acconci.


Graz has not only preserved its historic buildings but has also embraced modern architecture. One of the most striking examples is the Kunsthaus Graz, a contemporary art museum known for its futuristic appearance. This “Friendly Alien” has become an emblem of the city’s commitment to the arts.


Today, Graz is a UNESCO World Heritage site, recognized for its well-preserved medieval and Renaissance architecture. The city beautifully blends its rich history with modern developments, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere that attracts visitors from around the world.


Exploring the history of Graz is like stepping into a living museum. From the medieval alleys of the Old Town to the grandeur of the Schlossberg, every corner tells a story of the city’s past. Immerse yourself in Graz’s captivating history and discover the layers of culture that continue to shape this remarkable Austrian city.


Sustainable Initiatives in Graz

Graz has earned the title of European Green Capital for its commitment to sustainability and its innovative initiatives aimed at creating a greener and more environmentally friendly city. From transportation to waste management, Graz has implemented various strategies to reduce its carbon footprint and create a sustainable future.


One of the key sustainability initiatives in Graz is its efficient public transportation system. The city boasts an extensive network of trams and buses that provide convenient and reliable transportation options for residents and visitors alike. By encouraging the use of public transportation, Graz reduces traffic congestion and minimizes air pollution, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.


Cycling is also a popular mode of transportation in Graz, with a well-developed network of bike lanes throughout the city. Cyclists can easily navigate the streets, promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle. Additionally, Graz offers bike-sharing programs, making it even more accessible for residents and tourists to hop on a bike and explore the city on two wheels.


When it comes to waste management, Graz has implemented innovative strategies to minimize waste and promote recycling. The city has an extensive recycling program, encouraging residents to separate their waste into different categories such as paper, plastic, glass, and organic waste. Graz’s commitment to recycling is evident in the numerous recycling bins and containers placed throughout the city, making it easy for everyone to participate in the recycling efforts.


Graz is also a pioneer in renewable energy. The city has invested in solar power infrastructure and encourages the use of sustainable energy sources. Graz’s commitment to renewable energy can be seen in the numerous solar panels that adorn rooftops, harnessing the power of the sun to generate clean electricity.


In addition to its sustainable transportation and waste management initiatives, Graz is also focused on creating green spaces and preserving its natural environment. The city has a comprehensive park system, with beautiful gardens and green areas where residents and visitors can relax and connect with nature. Graz also prioritizes the preservation of its surrounding landscapes, ensuring that the natural beauty of the region is protected for future generations.


Through its sustainable initiatives, Graz sets an example for cities worldwide. It demonstrates that it is possible to balance economic growth and environmental consciousness, creating a city that is both livable and sustainable. Graz’s commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also enhances the quality of life for its residents and offers a positive experience for visitors.


As you explore Graz, take the opportunity to appreciate the city’s dedication to sustainability. From using public transportation to enjoying the green spaces, you can actively participate in Graz’s sustainability efforts and contribute to a greener future.


Cultural Attractions in Graz

Graz is a city brimming with culture and history, offering a wide range of attractions that will captivate any visitor. From architectural marvels to world-class museums, Graz is a cultural haven that promises a memorable experience.


One of the must-visit landmarks in Graz is the Schlossberg. This hill, located in the heart of the city, provides breathtaking panoramic views and is home to the iconic Clock Tower. Take a leisurely walk or hop on the funicular to reach the top and be rewarded with stunning vistas of the cityscape.


The Kunsthaus Graz is another cultural gem in the city. Known as the “Friendly Alien,” this futuristic art museum houses a diverse range of contemporary art exhibitions. Its distinctive architecture, with its biomorphic shape and blue acrylic bubbles, has made it an architectural icon in Graz.


For those interested in history and architecture, Graz offers a plethora of historical buildings. The Graz Cathedral, with its stunning Baroque-style interior, is a must-visit. The Mausoleum of Emperor Ferdinand II, situated in the Cathedral’s courtyard, is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture.


The Murinsel, a floating island designed by artist Vito Acconci, is a unique attraction that cannot be missed. This modern architectural marvel spans the Mur River and serves as a venue for concerts, exhibitions, and cultural events.


The Graz Opera House is another cultural highlight, showcasing world-class performances throughout the year. From opera to ballet, the Graz Opera offers a diverse program that caters to all tastes. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of a live performance in this beautiful historic venue.


The Graz Clock Tower is an iconic symbol of the city and one of its most recognizable landmarks. Climb the narrow spiral staircase to the top for a stunning view of Graz and gain insights into the tower’s history through the Clock Tower Museum.


In the heart of Graz’s historic center lies the Landeszeughaus, the world’s largest historic armory. This impressive museum displays an extensive collection of weapons and armor, showcasing the rich military history of the region.


For art enthusiasts, the Neue Galerie Graz is a treasure trove of modern and contemporary art. Featuring works from renowned Austrian artists, as well as international exhibits, the gallery offers a diverse range of artistic expressions.


As you explore Graz, you will encounter a myriad of sculptures and street art scattered throughout the city. From the playful street art of the Murinsel district to the thought-provoking sculptures of the Kunsthaus Graz, the city’s public art adds a touch of creativity and vibrancy to the streets.


Graz is a city that embraces its cultural heritage and offers a wealth of attractions that will inspire and fascinate. Immerse yourself in Graz’s vibrant cultural scene and discover the beauty and creativity that this Austrian gem has to offer.


Culinary Delights in Graz

Graz is not only a feast for the eyes but also a treat for the taste buds. The city’s culinary scene is a delightful mix of traditional Austrian flavors and international influences, with a range of dining options to satisfy every palate.


When it comes to Austrian cuisine, Graz offers a wide array of mouthwatering dishes. From classic Wiener Schnitzel, a breaded and fried veal or pork cutlet, to Tafelspitz, tender boiled beef served with horseradish and apple-horseradish sauce, you can indulge in the hearty flavors that have made Austrian cuisine famous.


Graz is also renowned for its exquisite pastries and desserts. Sample a slice of the iconic Austrian Sachertorte, a rich chocolate cake layered with apricot jam, or enjoy a warm Apfelstrudel, a traditional apple strudel served with a dollop of vanilla sauce or a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


For those seeking a taste of international fare, Graz offers a diverse range of culinary options. Explore trendy fusion restaurants that combine Austrian ingredients with global flavors, or savor the delicate flavors of sushi and sashimi at one of the city’s Japanese restaurants.


Graz is especially known for its pumpkin seed oil, a dark green oil made from roasted pumpkin seeds. This unique and flavorful oil is a staple in Austrian cuisine and adds a distinct taste to salads, soups, and even ice cream. Don’t forget to bring a bottle of this culinary treasure home as a souvenir!


As you wander through the city, be sure to visit the Lendplatz Farmers’ Market. Here, you can experience the vibrant atmosphere of a traditional Austrian market while browsing stalls filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, regional delicacies, and handmade crafts. It’s the perfect place to pick up ingredients for a picnic or sample local specialties.


Graz’s culinary scene is not limited to traditional dishes and local produce. The city also has a thriving café culture, with numerous charming cafes and coffee houses dotting its streets. Take a break from exploring and enjoy a cup of rich and aromatic Austrian coffee, accompanied by a slice of freshly baked cake or a delicate pastry.


For those interested in culinary experiences, Graz offers cooking classes and food tours that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the local food scene. Learn how to make traditional dishes from a skilled chef or explore Graz’s hidden culinary gems with a knowledgeable guide.


Whether you’re a food enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates good cuisine, Graz will not disappoint. Indulge in a culinary adventure and savor the flavors of Graz, where traditional Austrian fare meets international influences in a gastronomic delight.


Charming Neighborhoods to Explore

As you wander through Graz, you will encounter a city that is made up of distinct and charming neighborhoods, each with its own unique character. From the historic streets of the Old Town to the trendy and artistic vibe of the Lend district, these neighborhoods offer a glimpse into Graz’s diverse and vibrant culture.


The Old Town, or Altstadt, is the heart of Graz and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its narrow cobblestone streets, colorful facades, and historic buildings create a picturesque setting. Take a leisurely stroll through the Hauptplatz, the central square, and soak in the atmosphere of centuries-old architecture. Discover hidden courtyards, charming boutiques, and traditional Austrian restaurants serving up delicious local cuisine.


Just across the Mur River lies the Lend district, a bohemian neighborhood known for its creativity and artistic energy. Explore the bustling Mariahilferstraße, lined with trendy cafes, independent boutiques, and vintage shops. The Lendplatz Square is home to a vibrant farmers’ market, where you can find fresh local produce, regional delicacies, and handmade crafts.


The Gries district offers a mix of residential tranquility and lively activity. Strolling along the popular Annenstraße, you’ll encounter a variety of stores, galleries, and cafes. The district’s crown jewel is the Stadtpark, a beautiful park with lush green spaces, playgrounds, and a serene pond.


The Eggenberg neighborhood, located to the west of the city center, is home to the stunning Schloss Eggenberg. This Baroque palace and its surrounding gardens are a testament to Graz’s rich architectural heritage. Explore the lavish halls and enjoy the serenity of the palace gardens.


The St. Leonhard district, located near the Graz University of Technology, offers a mix of green spaces and student life. Take a walk in the nearby Stadtpark, where you can relax on the grass or enjoy a picnic. This neighborhood also has an array of cozy cafes and trendy bars that cater to the university crowd.


As Graz continues to evolve, new neighborhoods are emerging that offer a contemporary and modern atmosphere. The Reininghaus area, a former brewery site, has been transformed into a vibrant district with stylish loft apartments, trendy restaurants, and art galleries. This up-and-coming neighborhood showcases the city’s commitment to sustainable urban development.


Each neighborhood in Graz has its own distinct charm and unique offerings. From the historic ambiance of the Old Town to the artistic vibe of Lend, you will find a neighborhood that suits your preferences. Embrace the local atmosphere, explore hidden corners, and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures that make Graz’s neighborhoods truly special.


Outdoor Activities in Graz

Graz is not just a city of historic charm and cultural richness, but it is also surrounded by natural beauty and offers a plethora of outdoor activities for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. From scenic parks to hiking trails and cycling paths, there is something for everyone to enjoy in the great outdoors of Graz.


Start your outdoor exploration in the heart of the city along the Mur River Promenade. This picturesque riverside path is perfect for a leisurely stroll or bike ride. Take in the serene views, enjoy the fresh air, and discover the art installations that dot the path.


For those seeking more active pursuits, the nearby Schöckl Mountain is a paradise for hikers and mountain bikers. Just a short distance from the city center, Schöckl offers a variety of trails suitable for all skill levels. Embark on a hiking adventure through lush green forests, witness breathtaking views from the summit, or zip down the mountain trails on a thrilling mountain bike ride.


Graz also provides ample opportunities for water activities. The Mur River, which runs through the city, offers a unique experience for water lovers. Kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddleboarding are popular options, allowing you to explore the city from a different perspective. Join a guided tour or rent equipment and venture out on your own aquatic adventure.


If you prefer a more tranquil outdoor experience, head to one of Graz’s beautiful parks. The Stadtpark, located near the Graz Opera House, is a popular spot for picnics, relaxation, and leisurely walks. The park features well-manicured lawns, colorful flower beds, and playful fountains.


For a touch of botanical beauty, visit the Botanical Garden of Graz. This oasis of tranquility showcases a wide variety of plant species from around the world. Explore the themed gardens, relax in the serenity of the Japanese garden, or simply enjoy a peaceful moment surrounded by nature.


If you’re a golf enthusiast or want to try your hand at the sport, Graz has several golf courses available. Nurture your swing on well-maintained greens while enjoying the beautiful landscapes that surround the city.


In the winter months, when snow blankets the landscape, Graz becomes a hub for winter sports enthusiasts. Within a short drive from the city center, you can find ski resorts offering slopes for skiing, snowboarding, and tobogganing. Enjoy the thrill of gliding down the snow-covered slopes and embrace the winter wonderland right on Graz’s doorstep.


Graz’s outdoor activities provide a perfect balance to the city’s cultural attractions. Whether you’re seeking an adrenaline rush or a peaceful escape, Graz offers a range of options to suit your outdoor interests. Exploring the natural beauty surrounding Graz will not only invigorate your senses but also deepen your appreciation for this remarkable Austrian city.


Shopping in Graz

Graz is a shopper’s paradise, offering a diverse range of shopping opportunities to suit all tastes and budgets. From high-end fashion boutiques to eclectic vintage stores, Graz has something for everyone. Explore the city’s vibrant shopping streets and discover unique treasures along the way.


The Herrengasse is Graz’s premier shopping street and a hub for both international and local brands. Here, you’ll find upscale fashion boutiques, luxury designer stores, and renowned department stores. Stroll along the elegant street, admire the historic architecture, and indulge in a shopping spree.


Adjacent to the Herrengasse is the Sporgasse, a charming narrow street lined with independent shops and specialty stores. This hidden gem offers a more intimate shopping experience, with boutique fashion, artisanal crafts, and one-of-a-kind finds. Explore the hidden courtyards and discover unique pieces that will make your shopping experience truly memorable.


The Annenstraße, located in the Lend district, is a trendy street known for its alternative and bohemian vibe. Here, you’ll find a mix of vintage shops, second-hand stores, and trendy boutiques selling unique clothing, accessories, and home decor. Get lost among the vibrant street art and uncover hidden gems that add a touch of personality and style to your wardrobe.


If you’re a fan of local produce and regional specialties, don’t miss the Graz Farmers’ Market. Located in the Lendplatz Square, this bustling market offers a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and more. Sample local delicacies, pick up ingredients for a homemade meal, or browse handmade crafts and souvenirs.


Graz is also home to several shopping malls and shopping centers, offering a one-stop shopping experience. The Shopping Nord offers a mix of international brands, fashion stores, and a variety of services. The Citypark, located near the city center, boasts a wide range of shops, restaurants, and entertainment options under one roof.


If you’re looking for a unique shopping experience, Graz’s Advent Markets are not to be missed. During the Christmas season, the city is adorned with festive stalls selling crafts, gifts, and traditional holiday treats. Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere, sip on mulled wine, and find that perfect handmade gift for your loved ones.


Graz’s shopping scene extends beyond fashion and food. The city also offers specialty stores catering to different interests. Explore bookstores with a wide selection of literature, vinyl record shops for music enthusiasts, and art stores showcasing local talent. Graz’s diverse shopping options reflect the city’s creativity and embrace of individuality.


From luxury brands to vintage finds, Graz offers a shopping experience that caters to all preferences. So take your time, explore the various shopping streets and stop by the local markets, and indulge in the delights that Graz has to offer.


Accommodation Options in Graz

Graz offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. From luxurious hotels to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly hostels, you’ll find the perfect place to rest and recharge in this charming Austrian city.


For those seeking a touch of luxury, Graz boasts several high-end hotels that provide a lavish and comfortable stay. These hotels offer elegant rooms, top-notch amenities, and world-class service. Many are housed in historic buildings, adding an extra layer of charm and character to your stay.


If you prefer a more intimate and personalized experience, consider staying in one of the city’s charming guesthouses or bed and breakfasts. These accommodations often provide a homely atmosphere and are run by friendly hosts who can offer insider tips and recommendations.


Graz is also home to a variety of mid-range hotels that offer a balance between comfort and affordability. These hotels provide comfortable accommodations, convenient amenities, and a central location, making them ideal options for travelers looking for a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.


For budget-conscious travelers or those seeking a social atmosphere, hostels in Graz are a popular choice. These accommodations offer shared dormitories or private rooms at affordable rates. Hostels often have common areas where guests can socialize, share travel stories, and make new friends.


An alternative option for those who seek a unique experience is to stay in a traditional Austrian guesthouse or farmhouse. These accommodations are located on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Enjoy the tranquility of nature, savor homemade breakfasts, and experience genuine Austrian hospitality.


Another popular accommodation choice in Graz is renting an apartment or holiday home. This option provides more space and flexibility, allowing you to immerse yourself in the local culture and live like a local. Renting an apartment is a great option for families or those planning an extended stay in the city.


Regardless of your chosen accommodation, Graz offers excellent public transportation connections, making it easy to access the city’s attractions from any part of town. Whether you prefer the convenience of staying in the city center or the tranquility of the outskirts, there’s an option that will suit your preferences.


When planning your stay in Graz, consider the location, amenities, and your budget to find the perfect accommodation that meets your needs. Rest assured, no matter where you choose to stay, Graz’s warm hospitality will make you feel at home and enhance your overall experience in this enchanting Austrian city.


Transportation in Graz

Graz offers a convenient and efficient transportation system, making it easy to navigate the city and explore its many attractions. Whether you prefer public transportation or prefer to get around on foot or by bike, Graz has options to suit every traveler’s preference.


The city’s tram and bus network is the backbone of Graz’s public transportation system. The well-connected routes ensure easy access to all parts of the city, including major attractions, shopping districts, and residential areas. Trams and buses run frequently, and the schedules are reliable, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for getting around.


Graz also has an extensive network of bike lanes, making cycling a popular mode of transportation. The city is relatively flat and bike-friendly, allowing you to explore Graz’s streets and neighborhoods at your own pace. Bicycles can be rented from various bike sharing programs and rental shops throughout the city.


If you prefer to explore Graz on foot, the city is pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained sidewalks and a compact layout. Many of the main attractions, shopping areas, and green spaces are within walking distance of each other, making it easy to navigate and discover the city’s hidden gems by foot.


For those arriving by train, the Graz Hauptbahnhof (main train station) is a major transportation hub, with connections to domestic and international destinations. From the train station, you can easily access the city center and other parts of Graz through public transportation options.


Driving in Graz is feasible but may not be the most convenient or necessary option for most visitors. The city center has pedestrian-only zones and limited parking spaces, making it more practical to use public transportation or alternative modes of travel. However, if you choose to rent a car, there are parking facilities available both in the city center and in the outskirts.


When it comes to getting to and from the Graz Airport, there are convenient transportation options available. Bus services connect the airport to the city center, allowing passengers to reach their destination comfortably and effortlessly.


Graz’s transportation system is well-integrated, providing seamless connections between different modes of travel. The Graz Mobile app is a handy tool that provides real-time information on public transportation schedules, routes, and ticket options, helping you plan your journey efficiently.


As you explore Graz, consider using a combined ticket that allows unlimited travel within a set period. This is a convenient option for those planning to use public transportation frequently during their stay.


Whether you choose to ride the tram, hop on a bus, cycle through the city, or explore on foot, Graz’s transportation options ensure that you can easily navigate the city and uncover its treasures. Enjoy the convenience and accessibility of Graz’s transportation system as you explore this beautiful Austrian city.



Graz is truly a gem nestled in the heart of Austria. With its rich history, sustainable initiatives, cultural attractions, culinary delights, and charming neighborhoods, the city offers a captivating blend of old-world charm and modern innovation.


Exploring Graz is like stepping into a living museum, where medieval architecture coexists with contemporary art installations. From the iconic Clock Tower and the magnificent Graz Cathedral to the innovative Kunsthaus Graz, the city’s cultural attractions are sure to leave a lasting impression.


Graz’s commitment to sustainability is commendable, making it a role model for cities worldwide. The efficient public transportation system, extensive bike lanes, and focus on renewable energy showcase Graz’s dedication to creating a greener and more livable environment.


When it comes to culinary experiences, Graz is a delight. Indulge in traditional Austrian dishes, sample international flavors, and don’t forget to taste the famous pumpkin seed oil. Graz’s food scene is a reflection of the city’s cultural diversity and creativity.


The charming neighborhoods of Graz each have their own unique character and attractions to offer. From the historic streets of the Old Town to the trendy vibe of Lend, there is always something new to discover around every corner.


Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do in Graz, with scenic parks, hiking trails, and water activities to enjoy. Take advantage of the city’s beautiful landscapes and engage in outdoor adventures that will invigorate the senses.


Shopping in Graz is a delight, with a range of options to suit all tastes and budgets. From upscale fashion boutiques to vintage stores and local markets, you’ll find everything you need and more.


Getting around Graz is a breeze, thanks to the efficient public transportation system and pedestrian-friendly streets. Trams, buses, bicycles, and walking offer convenient and eco-friendly ways to explore the city and reach its attractions.


From luxurious hotels to cozy guesthouses and budget-friendly hostels, Graz provides a variety of accommodation options to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences.


In conclusion, Graz is a city that seamlessly blends history, culture, sustainability, and modernity. Its authenticity, charm, and warm hospitality make it a destination worth visiting. Experience the old-world charm, savor the culinary delights, immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural scene, and explore the beauty of Graz’s neighborhoods and outdoor spaces. Whether you have a few days or a few weeks, Graz will captivate your heart and leave you with lasting memories.