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St Kitts Cruise Port Guide, Things To Do, Shore Excursions


Modified: December 27, 2023

by Darsie Thaxton



Welcome to the beautiful island of St. Kitts, nestled in the eastern Caribbean Sea and renowned as one of the premier cruise destinations in the region. With its captivating mix of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture, St. Kitts offers an unforgettable experience for cruise ship passengers.


As you step off your ship at the St. Kitts cruise port, you will be greeted by the warm tropical breeze and the friendly smiles of the locals. The island’s stunning landscapes, from pristine beaches to lush rainforests, provide the perfect backdrop for a day of exploration and relaxation.


St. Kitts boasts a colorful history that dates back centuries. From the colonial era to the sugar cane industry, remnants of its past can still be seen in the well-preserved forts, historic sites, and charming architecture. The island’s culture is a vibrant mix of African, European, and indigenous influences, which is reflected in its cuisine, music, and festivals.


Whether you’re a sun-seeking beach lover, an adventure enthusiast, a history buff, or a shopaholic, St. Kitts has something to offer everyone. With a wide range of activities and attractions, you can customize your day to suit your preferences and make the most of your time on the island.


In this St. Kitts cruise port guide, we’ll take you through the top things to do in St. Kitts, including beaches and water activities, historic sites and landmarks, outdoor adventures and nature exploration, as well as shopping and dining options. Additionally, we’ll provide insights on popular shore excursions that will allow you to experience the best of what the island has to offer.


So, prepare to embark on a memorable journey as we unveil the wonders of St. Kitts. Grab your sunscreen, put on your walking shoes, and get ready for a day filled with adventure and relaxation in this Caribbean paradise.


Overview of St. Kitts Cruise Port

Located in the capital city of Basseterre, the St. Kitts cruise port is a bustling hub for cruise ship passengers from around the world. As your ship docks at Port Zante, you’ll immediately notice the vibrant atmosphere and the range of amenities available to make your visit enjoyable.


The port area is designed with the comfort and convenience of tourists in mind. Here, you’ll find a variety of duty-free shops, restaurants, and bars where you can indulge in some retail therapy or sample local cuisine and tropical cocktails. Additionally, the port offers modern facilities, including currency exchange services, ATMs, and Wi-Fi access.


Upon disembarking, you’ll have various transportation options to explore the island. Taxis are readily available at the port and offer a convenient way to reach popular attractions and beaches. Alternatively, you can opt for organized shore excursions offered by your cruise line, which provide guided tours and activities tailored to your interests.


St. Kitts is a relatively small island, measuring just 23 miles long and 5 miles wide, making it easy to navigate and explore in a single day. Whether you prefer to venture out on your own or join a guided tour, you’ll have ample opportunities to discover the island’s treasures.


When planning your visit to St. Kitts, it’s important to note that the island operates on Atlantic Standard Time (AST), which is 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST). Cruise ship schedules are typically synchronized with the local time, so it’s essential to check the departure time of your ship to ensure a timely return.


Another point to consider is the currency used on the island. The official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), but US dollars are widely accepted. However, it’s always advisable to have some local currency on hand for small purchases or in case cash is preferred.


The climate in St. Kitts is tropical, with warm temperatures year-round. The dry season, which runs from December to April, is the most popular time for visitors due to its lower humidity and minimal rainfall. However, even during the wet season, which occurs from May to November, rainfall is typically short-lived, and the island’s lush vegetation benefits from the occasional showers.


Now that you have a general overview of the St. Kitts cruise port, let’s delve into the top things to do on the island and make the most of your visit.


Top Things to Do in St. Kitts

When it comes to exploring St. Kitts, there are numerous activities and attractions that are sure to captivate your senses and create lasting memories. From relaxing on pristine beaches to immersing yourself in the island’s rich history, here are some of the top things to do in St. Kitts:

Beaches and Water Activities

St. Kitts is home to some of the most picture-perfect beaches in the Caribbean. From the golden sands of Cockleshell Beach to the tranquil shores of South Friars Bay, there’s a beach to suit every preference. Relax under the shade of palm trees, swim in crystal-clear waters, or indulge in water sports such as snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding.

Historic Sites and Landmarks

Immerse yourself in the rich history of St. Kitts by exploring its historic sites and landmarks. Visit Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at the impressive 17th-century fortress that offers panoramic views of the island. Explore Romney Manor, once a sugar plantation and now home to beautiful botanical gardens and the Caribelle Batik workshop. Don’t miss Independence Square in Basseterre, where you can learn about the island’s struggle for freedom.

Outdoor Adventures and Nature Exploration

For those seeking adventure, St. Kitts offers an array of outdoor activities. Hike through the rainforests of the Central Forest Reserve, home to diverse flora and fauna, and discover hidden waterfalls along the way. Embark on a thrilling zipline adventure that allows you to soar through the treetops and enjoy breathtaking views. If you’re a nature lover, take a catamaran cruise to the nearby sister island of Nevis, where you can explore its unspoiled beaches and lush landscapes.

Shopping and Dining in St. Kitts

Indulge in a shopping spree at Port Zante or along the main shopping street in Basseterre, where you’ll find a variety of duty-free shops offering jewelry, clothing, and local souvenirs. Treat your taste buds to the flavors of St. Kitts by sampling local dishes such as goat water, stewed conch, and coconut-infused seafood. Wash it all down with refreshing island cocktails or a glass of locally brewed beer.

Shore Excursions from St. Kitts Cruise Port

If you’re looking to explore beyond the immediate vicinity of the cruise port, consider taking a shore excursion to fully experience the wonders of St. Kitts. Options range from catamaran cruises to nearby islands, ATV tours of the island’s rugged terrain, and even swimming with dolphins. These guided excursions offer a convenient way to explore multiple attractions in a single day while ensuring a seamless return to your cruise ship.


With its idyllic beaches, fascinating history, and thrilling activities, St. Kitts truly has something for everyone. Whether you choose to relax and unwind or embark on an adventurous journey, your time in St. Kitts will undoubtedly be filled with unforgettable experiences.


Beaches and Water Activities

St. Kitts is blessed with an abundance of breathtaking beaches that offer both relaxation and exhilarating water activities. Whether you’re a sun seeker or an adventure enthusiast, you’ll find the perfect beach to suit your preferences. Here are some of the top beaches and water activities in St. Kitts:

Frigate Bay Beach

Frigate Bay Beach is located on the southeastern side of the island and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Its calm, turquoise waters and soft, golden sands make it an ideal beach for swimming and sunbathing. Relax under the shade of swaying palm trees, rent a beach chair and umbrella, or take a leisurely stroll along the shoreline. The beach is also lined with beach bars and restaurants where you can grab a refreshing drink or enjoy a delicious meal with a view of the ocean.

Cockleshell Beach

Cockleshell Beach, situated on the southern tip of St. Kitts, is renowned for its pristine beauty and relaxed atmosphere. This tranquil beach offers stunning views of nearby Nevis and is fringed by coconut palm trees and sea grape plants. Spend the day swimming in the crystal-clear waters, lounging on the powdery white sand, or indulging in water activities such as snorkeling or kayaking. For a unique experience, pay a visit to the famous Reggae Beach Bar, located right on the beach, where you can enjoy a refreshing drink and savor local Caribbean cuisine.

South Friars Bay

South Friars Bay is a peaceful and serene beach located on the western coast of St. Kitts. The pristine waters of this lagoon-like bay are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Grab a beach chair and umbrella, provided by the local beach bars, and unwind as you soak up the sun. On weekends, the beach comes alive with live music and beach parties, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Indulge in delicious seafood and refreshing drinks at the beachside restaurants and bars, and enjoy the picture-perfect views of the Caribbean Sea.

Water Activities

In addition to lounging on the beach, St. Kitts offers a wide range of exciting water activities. Snorkeling enthusiasts can explore the colorful coral reefs and marine life found in the surrounding waters. Join a snorkeling tour or rent gear from beachside vendors to discover the underwater wonders of the island. For a more adventurous experience, try your hand at paddleboarding or kayaking and explore the coastline at your own pace. Jet skiing and parasailing are also popular choices for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a unique perspective of the island.


Whether you prefer to relax on the sand, explore the vibrant marine life, or get your adrenaline pumping with thrilling water activities, the beaches of St. Kitts offer a little slice of paradise for every beach lover. So, grab your sunscreen and towel, and get ready to experience the beauty and tranquility of St. Kitts’ beaches.


Historic Sites and Landmarks

St. Kitts has a rich and fascinating history that is reflected in its numerous historic sites and landmarks. From impressive fortresses to beautifully preserved plantation houses, exploring these sites will take you on a journey back in time. Here are some of the top historic sites and landmarks to visit in St. Kitts:

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

A visit to Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park is a must for history buffs. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a remarkable feat of engineering and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding area. Built by the British in the 18th century, the fortress served as a defensive stronghold and protected the island from potential invasions. Explore the well-preserved ramparts, cannons, and tunnels and learn about the island’s colonial past at the museum. The panoramic views from the fortress provide an incredible backdrop for photo opportunities.

Romney Manor and Caribelle Batik

Located in the village of Old Road, Romney Manor is a historic estate that offers a glimpse into St. Kitts’ colonial past. Wander through the lush botanical gardens and admire the centuries-old saman tree, known as the “Tree of Life.” Within the estate, you’ll find Caribelle Batik, a workshop where traditional Caribbean batik fabrics are produced. Witness the intricate process of creating these colorful textiles and browse the shop for unique souvenirs to take home.

Independence Square

Visit Independence Square in the heart of Basseterre, which holds great significance in the island’s history. This historic square was once a slave market but later became a focal point for political gatherings and celebrations. Explore the nearby Georgian-style courthouse and the Immaculate Conception Co-Cathedral, a beautiful church featuring stunning stained glass windows. The square is often a hub of activity, with local vendors selling crafts and fresh produce, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere.

St. Kitts Railway

For a unique historic experience, take a ride on the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, known as “the sugar train.” This narrow-gauge railway takes you on a scenic journey around the island, offering stunning views of the coastline, sugar cane fields, and lush landscapes. The train follows the original path of the former sugar cane industry, and knowledgeable guides provide commentary on the island’s history and culture along the way.


By exploring these historic sites and landmarks, you can gain a deeper understanding of St. Kitts’ intriguing past and its significance in the Caribbean region. So, step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich history that has shaped the island’s culture and identity.


Outdoor Adventures and Nature Exploration

St. Kitts is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers, offering a plethora of outdoor activities and opportunities for exploration. From hiking through lush rainforests to zip-lining through the treetops, there’s no shortage of thrilling experiences to embark on. Here are some of the top outdoor adventures and nature exploration activities in St. Kitts:

Hiking in the Central Forest Reserve

The Central Forest Reserve, located in the heart of St. Kitts, is a haven for hikers and nature enthusiasts. This protected area comprises dense rainforests, gushing waterfalls, and diverse wildlife. Lace up your hiking boots and venture along the various trails, such as the Valley of Giants, which takes you through towering trees and offers a chance to spot native birds, monkeys, and even green vervet monkeys. Don’t miss the breathtaking views from the top of Mount Liamuiga, the highest peak on the island.

Zip-Lining Adventure

If you’re seeking an adrenaline rush and a unique perspective of the island, zip-lining in St. Kitts is the perfect activity for you. Fly through the treetops, taking in panoramic views of the rainforest, the Caribbean Sea, and the neighboring island of Nevis. Professional guides will ensure your safety as you navigate the thrilling zip lines and suspension bridges, creating an unforgettable adventure high above the ground.

Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling

Explore the pristine waters of St. Kitts and its surrounding islands by joining a catamaran cruise. Sail along the coastline, taking in the scenic beauty and enjoying the gentle sea breeze. Anchor at secluded coves and dive into the crystal-clear waters to snorkel among vibrant coral reefs teeming with tropical fish. Some catamaran cruises also offer the chance to swim with friendly sea turtles, providing an up-close and personal encounter with these fascinating creatures.

Horseback Riding along the Beach

Experience the beauty of St. Kitts from a different perspective by embarking on a horseback riding adventure along the beach. Immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere as you trot along the shoreline, feeling the gentle caress of the sea breeze. Marvel at the idyllic scenery and enjoy the serenity of the moment as you explore remote beaches and scenic trails on horseback.


With its lush landscapes and exhilarating activities, St. Kitts offers endless possibilities for outdoor adventures and nature exploration. From hiking through tropical rainforests to zip-lining through the trees, there’s an activity to suit every level of thrill-seeking. So, embrace the beauty of nature and get ready to create unforgettable memories as you discover the outdoor wonders of St. Kitts.


Shopping and Dining in St. Kitts

When it comes to shopping and dining, St. Kitts offers a delightful array of options to satisfy every taste and preference. Whether you’re looking for unique souvenirs, high-end fashion, or delectable local cuisine, the island has something to offer. Here’s a guide to shopping and dining in St. Kitts:

Shopping in St. Kitts

Port Zante, located at the St. Kitts cruise port, is a popular shopping destination for visitors. Explore the duty-free shops and browse a wide range of products, including jewelry, watches, clothing, accessories, and local handicrafts. From renowned designer brands to locally made treasures, you’ll find plenty of options to take home as a reminder of your time in St. Kitts.


When venturing beyond the cruise port, head to Basseterre, the capital city of St. Kitts, for more shopping opportunities. Along the main shopping street, you’ll find a mix of local boutiques, souvenir shops, and street vendors selling arts and crafts. Don’t forget to check out Amina Craft Market, where you can find intricately woven baskets, handmade ceramics, and other unique locally crafted items.


If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, visit Romney Manor and Caribelle Batik. In addition to exploring the historic estate, you can witness the process of creating vibrant and colorful batik fabrics. Take home a piece of St. Kitts by purchasing a unique batik garment or accessory, each handcrafted with care.

Dining in St. Kitts

St. Kitts is a culinary gem with a wide range of dining options to suit all tastes. The island’s cuisine is a delectable fusion of African, Caribbean, and European flavors, offering a variety of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds.


For a true taste of the Caribbean, indulge in local specialties such as goat water, a flavorful goat meat stew, or stewed conch, a popular seafood dish. Seafood lovers will also enjoy the wide variety of fresh fish and lobster preparations available at many restaurants.


Basseterre and the Frigate Bay area are known for their assortment of dining establishments, ranging from small local eateries to upscale restaurants. Enjoy waterfront dining at popular spots like Salt Plage or The Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can savor fresh seafood while taking in picturesque views of the Caribbean Sea.


No visit to St. Kitts is complete without trying the island’s signature drink, a “Brimstone,” made with local rum, fruit juices, and a hint of spice. Local beers, such as Carib and Stag, are also popular choices to accompany your meal or to enjoy while lounging on the beach.


Whether you’re in the mood for casual beachside dining, traditional Caribbean cuisine, or international flavors, St. Kitts is sure to delight your palate with its wide range of culinary offerings.


So, take some time to explore the shops and restaurants of St. Kitts, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and flavors of the island.


Shore Excursions from St. Kitts Cruise Port

When visiting St. Kitts on a cruise, there are numerous shore excursions available that allow you to explore the island and its surrounding areas in depth. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, there’s a shore excursion to suit every interest. Here are some popular options for shore excursions from the St. Kitts cruise port:

Nevis Island Exploration

Embark on a short ferry ride from St. Kitts to Nevis, the sister island, and discover its scenic beauty and rich history. Tour the island’s charming capital, Charlestown, with its Georgian-style buildings and historic sites. Explore the lush botanical gardens at the internationally renowned Montpelier Plantation, or simply relax on the pristine beaches. This excursion offers a chance to experience the unique character and tranquility of Nevis.

Volcano Trek and Rainforest Adventure

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and an up-close encounter with nature, a volcano trek and rainforest adventure is a thrilling option. Embark on a guided hike up Mount Liamuiga, the dormant volcano that dominates the St. Kitts skyline. Marvel at the lush vegetation and diverse wildlife as you make your way to the summit. Once there, take in panoramic views of the island and have the opportunity to explore the volcanic crater. This excursion is perfect for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

St. Kitts Scenic Railway Tour

Step aboard the St. Kitts Scenic Railway, also known as the sugar train, for a delightful journey around the island. This historic narrow-gauge railway allows you to sit back and relax as you take in the stunning coastal views, rolling sugar cane fields, and charming countryside. Listen to informative commentary as you pass through villages and witness the island’s natural beauty. It’s a unique way to explore the island and learn about its history and culture.

Catamaran Sail and Snorkeling

Experience the beauty of St. Kitts’ turquoise waters on a catamaran sail and snorkeling excursion. Sail along the coastline, enjoying the scenic views and gentle breeze. Anchor at prime snorkeling spots, where you can immerse yourself in an underwater paradise teeming with colorful coral reefs and tropical marine life. Snorkeling equipment is provided, and experienced guides ensure your safety and offer insights into the marine ecosystem.

Historical Basseterre Heritage Tour

Explore the vibrant capital city of Basseterre on a historical heritage tour. Visit the city’s iconic landmarks, including Independence Square, the Berkeley Memorial Clock Tower, and the ancient Circus roundabout. Learn about the island’s colonial past as you visit well-preserved historic buildings, such as the Georgian-style Government House and the picturesque St. George’s Anglican Church. This excursion is perfect for those who want to delve deep into the island’s history and culture.


These are just a few examples of the shore excursions available from the St. Kitts cruise port. Whether you prefer nature exploration, historical immersion, or aquatic adventures, there’s a shore excursion that will allow you to make the most of your time on the island. Choose the excursion that aligns with your interests and embark on an unforgettable journey through the beauty and culture of St. Kitts.



St. Kitts is truly a gem in the Caribbean, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. Whether you’re visiting the island on a cruise or spending an extended vacation, there are countless experiences waiting to be discovered.


From the moment you step off the ship at the St. Kitts cruise port, you’ll be greeted by the warm hospitality of the locals and the stunning landscapes that surround you. Explore the top attractions, such as the impressive Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park, the lush rainforests of the Central Forest Reserve, and the historic sites in Basseterre. Immerse yourself in the island’s culture through local cuisine, traditional music, and the colorful festivals.


St. Kitts also offers an array of outdoor adventures, from hiking through magnificent trails and zip-lining through the treetops to relaxing on golden sandy beaches and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters. The choice is yours, whether you prefer thrilling activities or tranquil relaxation.


Don’t forget to take advantage of the shopping opportunities in St. Kitts, where you can find unique souvenirs, local crafts, and duty-free items. And when it comes to dining, savor the flavors of the Caribbean with mouthwatering seafood, signature dishes, and refreshing tropical beverages.


For those on a cruise, the shore excursions from the St. Kitts cruise port provide a convenient way to explore the island’s highlights and venture further afield. Whether you choose to visit the enchanting sister island of Nevis, hike a volcano, sail along the coastline on a catamaran, or embark on a historical tour, these excursions offer a deeper understanding of the island’s diversity.


In conclusion, St. Kitts is a captivating destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, cultural immersion, or simply a taste of paradise, this Caribbean gem will not disappoint. So, pack your bags, prepare for an unforgettable journey, and let St. Kitts weave its magic on you.